Twin Flame ( Sacred lovers) Weekly Reading -3rd-9th October 2016; Awakenings, Patriarchal illusions & Feminine responsibility.

The terms masculine & feminine are used here to describe energetic templates & are not necessarily limited to those identifying as male or female. Also, the term twin flames refers in this case to the highest vibrational frequency of divine love (love typically expressed in a empath’s/healers relationship) & therefore is usually also applicable to soul mates of this kind, & not just limited to those with a belief, or identification with this term.

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Main theme, (Four of wands), What is occurring for both twins – Two of cups, Feminine – Justice, Queen of wands, King of wands, Masculine – Eight of swords, King of swords, The devil.

Numerological break down calculation – 3 – Creation, manifestation, communication, Birthing – 9 Resolution, karmic closure, Closing chapters, Healing abandonment consciousness, Duty & service to others through past experiences.

With the main theme being the four of wands, it appears that both sacred lovers this week are consumed with thoughts about the future, and establishing solid foundations for the future. Perhaps this arrives in the form of thoughts about marriage, settling down, long term goals, & the way that we would like to sculpt our future based on our long held dreams about what the future should look like. Both lovers are enduring their own forms of powerful awakenings, & the two of cups arrives to suggest that the main theme of their awakenings is based on balance – Well duh! Ofcourse it is, after all balance & inner alchemy is the entire goal of sacred love itself. The two of cups is also harmony between lovers, perhaps there has been much thought or discussion about what is fair & what an equal, or sustainable partnership consists of. Divine lovers – the sacred two, and what the two can build together. With the devil card on the side of the masculine, I interpret that perhaps he may be having a little difficulty with the ‘two’ part – perhaps this is an issue once again of the third party situation & challenging belief systems that he holds about the way that love & partnership should be cultivated. He is definitely exploring themes this week of the dark masculine – the masculine archetype that is the shadow, associated with abuse, internal conflict, & control issues. Yes, this may appear as if he is experiencing a dark time & is plummeting, but he is actually elevating himself & his consciousness, as the feminine fully steps into her role as the divine feminine, & holds open the door & the sacred space for him to heal & spiritually evolve. 

Establishing a family dynamic has lately played heavily on the minds of both twins, & this is because as we draw closer to our mission, we are more determined that ever to leave a lasting legacy through the birthing of the third energy – whether this is creatively, or through the physical manifestation of a child. Our mission has existed on a spiritual level for the longest time, & right now, the feminine in particular is concerned with physical manifestation, & perhaps this is why the notion of getting love right & love being fair, stable & just is more important to her than ever! I mean, who in this day truly wants to bring a child into this world on shaky grounds?

Questions are raised about which way to turn, as both twins delve deeply into their subconscious, & attempt to retrieve their truth. It appears with the queen of wands, & the king of wands that the feminine has experienced some type of spiritual awakening through sexual, or creative stimulation. Something about her feels more powerful this week, even though she still has her doubts about if the masculine can make it through & show up for her – somehow, this is not concerning her too much, what is really drawing her attention this week is the part that she plays in the action of the masculine. Internal balance is the goal – because AHA! She has finally realised, that self love, is the basis of all romantic connections & their validity. 


So, it goes, in nourishing herself & recognising that her power can lie with her being this awakened, sensual,  enlightened & powerful being, she can beckon the masculine to her. And believe me, love is coming – even if he has to fight the desert rains to get there, (& he is currently doing something pretty similar), it is the divine feminine energy that guides, heals & leads a man back to his soul.. She is remembering this, & he may be fighting this, because patriarchy has taught him that he needs to take the lead – which he does, in many ways, but this is just one of those things that he will have to learn – to release control, to know that the divine is the true hero here, not him, at least, not for now. 

Unification, with the grand,great spirit is the ultimate practice this week & it appears that the feminine may be taking this merging a little better because she has been doing shadow work & trying to heal actually for quite a long time now. Remember that the masculine is fairly still new to this type of healing, soul searching & honesty with self. It has only recently been introduced & he needs time to accept what these changes mean. For him, his shadow self has helped him to survive in a world that constantly challenges his masculinity, so he begs the question, what should happen if i should release these walls? Won’t I be more vulnerable?

With the Justice card, & the queen of wands on the side of the feminine, she has borrowed much soul truth from the recent New moon in Libra – the energy of Lilith, the rebellious, sexually awakened feminine is rising through her like the Phoenix. Even if the masculine does make an offer of love to her, if she deems it not enough, or it does not meet the height of the current seat at which she sits upon, she will reject it. Because she is now balanced enough to know that it is not about the lover, but about the love that you receive. 

The eight of swords relates to his ancestral karma & stress associated with trying to break free from & challenge these old concepts that exist within him. He is overthinking a LOT this week & he is trapped between what he has been programmed to believe that he desires & should have, & what the feminine is asking him to be & rise up to. The queen of wands is the torch that she holds for him to see into his own darkness, yet she does not do so in such a judgmental way, rather she says, ‘Look, see..All that you could be!’

With the King of swords opposing the queen of wands, there is a beautiful exchange in feminine & masculine energy continuing this week…The queen of wands has her head in the clouds, she exists with God, & she easily illuminates the path of others just through her being, & her vibrational resonance..This week, she leads the masculine even deeper into the depths of his soul, whilst he teaches her to be grounded, & balanced in her masculine side.

‘The masculine pulls the woman down, (to earth), whilst the feminine pulls the masculine up ( to higher realms), until they both find one another existing in the middle – the balance of two extremes’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.


A role reversal means seeing things from the point of view of one another. This cures ancestral karma because a lot of our family’s karma is rooted in abandonment, & specifically, the way that we perceive we have both been abandoned, or neglected by the opposite sex.

The king of swords is the masculine being pushed to achieve a state of mental maturity, when his mind does finally clear, he will be more forward thinking & less ruled by the little self. He will come to acknowledge that his duty is about service to others & the desires of his little self will actually hold him back in this mission. There is shedding to do, but it is truly up to him how much of his shadow self he is ready to let go of, & how much of it he actually perceives to be of nuisance. 

The queen of wands & The king of wands is the feminine constantly tapping into the birth of the third energy to create & excel – say whatever you would like about the feminine, but right now, she is ever the opportunist! Lol

This is the ultimate shattering of patriarchal illusions & directly deals with the wounds that have been set in place by societal programming & expectations. The feminine is healing her core wound – abandonment, through emotional deprivation, whilst the masculine works on his core wound – abandonment, through psychological deprivation – the face of strength that he has had to wear, that caused him to want to exist only in his mind, because it was less painful, than existing consciously, in his entire self.

The justice card is all about fairness, so the feminine actually heals the masculine by not judging him harshly – she truly understands this week that he is going through this battle & he is not directly trying to hurt, or abandon her – this comes with recognising that the abandonment that she perceives is an ancient lie told to her, by her.She has this vision of love – but it has to be fair, & it has to be give & take, & stepping into this self confidence & belief about who she is will most certainly enable her to attract her soul vibrational mate – whether this is, or isn’t the person that she once thought it may be.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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The sacred marriage, ‘twin flames’, why my book has taken on a new term, and what my love has taught me. Book sample. 


Viviane and Merlin Resting in the Forest – Gustave Dore– it is a widely held belief that Viviane was Merlin, the famous magician’s unreported sacred partner, with whom he cultivated the balance of energies (masculine+feminine), needed to manifest his marvellous abilities. She shared with him everything that she knew, becoming a willing background advisor to him. She allowed him to take, ‘the spot light’. And this never bothered her once. She was unconcerned with taking credit for that which came so naturally to her. Her credit came from his unconditional love and gratitude to her.

Cinderella Anneh-bu

The term, ‘twin flame’, has become somewhat of a fallacy, even a fantasy. From contradictory statements, to paradoxical articles, superstition, disbelief, misinformation, and chaos, most of what we have come to associate with the term, ‘twin flame’, is lengthy, and prolonged pain.
And there is nothing ‘divine’, nor sacred about this type of agreement, nor this type of arrangement. Because of the colourfulness, and new age tales about the twin flame Union, many people seek to align themselves with the term, completely watering down, and trivialising the significance, of such divine Union.
For this purpose, I believe that the best term for this Union, in replacement, is ‘the sacred marriage’, or ‘divine union’, as I feel that this allows more mobility, sovereignty, and individuality, and does not limit nor narrow the experiences of those who share this type of spiritual relationship, to a set of supposed categories, and experiences.
Yes, indeed this type of Union consists of many levels and stages of development, growth, and understanding, and a push, and pull effect for overall balance, that may be perceived in the traditional sense as, ‘the separation stage’.
But labelling this type of love only adds limitations, false hope, further confusion, dissolution with self, and does not pay homage to the term, ‘sacred’, which means ‘to set apart’.

The very potion that adds divinity to any type of sacred marriage, is the notion that it exists only between the two persons who encounter it. It cannot successfully be articulated, or interpreted, even if many have undergone their own sacred marriages. No two experiences are the same. And it has become far too easy to attribute border line abusive relationships with the label, ‘twin flame’.

Indeed, the typical symptoms fit this narrative. Distance – withdrawal – unpredictability. You name it, but it should be noted – there is nothing sacred about abuse.

Sacred lovers do not treat one another harshly when awakened to the reality of the Union. 

The sacred lover who assumes the role of the masculine energies, is likely to be indeed suffering from an inactivity, or low activity of their chakra system, blocked heart chakra, (manifesting as withdrawal, commitment issues, fear of intimacy), blocked throat chakra, (difficulty with expression that may likely manifest as timidity, shyness, reluctance to make progress), along with other types of complications.

However, even in this instance, the masculine energies in this sacred Union would rather withdraw, in order to gather themselves, than continue to hurt their love, whilst confusing themselves. Under no circumstance do they purposefully inflict hurt.

Both souls attached to a sacred marriage, would have committed pretty destructive, and tasteless acts in their former years, (for transmutation purposes), but upon awareness of the existence of their holy counterpart, they understand the depth of emotion, and wish to bring no harm. This is the activation of the heart chakra. 

Please keep this in mind when deciphering whether you are dealing with a sacred marriage, or a messy karmic attachment. Karmic attachments, or ‘false twins’, as they are so commonly referred to, tend to draw energy, and strength from toying with your emotions. They tend to be vampiric, using your source of energy, and divine light to fuel their own lack of internal satisfaction.

The divine marriage counterpart however, actually becomes weak, and witnesses their energy deplete if they were to ever cause you pain. As they are your soul mirror, they feel your pain on a deep level. It becomes their pain. Often, this is why they will withdraw entirely when they become aware of the complexity, and intensity of the sacred Union. They fear that they have two left feet. And anything they do will not be good enough in your eyes, and that they will inevitably somehow mess up, as they have been doing their entire lives.
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