Why a woman’s menstrual cycle is the absolute best time of the month! 

Yes, you most certainly read that headline correctly! Just in case you were wondering if you had somehow jumbled up the placement of the words, you have not, and you have just stumbled upon a page that thoroughly celebrates not only women, but all of the glorious facets that come along with them!

Now I am not talking about doing anything too ‘kinky’, or unorthodox here like going out and shouting to the world that you are on your menstrual cycle, (whilst providing evident proof), but as we welcome home the divine feminine, I believe that it is only right that we challenge, and replace old, patriarchal, mysogynistic, religious systems that regarded women, and their monthly visits as ‘disgusting’, or ‘unholy’.

Much of the documentation that has been written about women, and their bodies during this time was constructed around patriarchal, misinformed, and down right women-bashing ideologies! None of which were rooted in concrete fact, but were simply apart of a male dominated, self righteous coo that was occurring on a wider scale to discredit, and dethrone women.

(If you would like to know more about the displacement of women in social and cultural hierarchies, there is plenty of information available on the Internet about the establishment of ‘the new world’).

There is even religious scripture that attempts to indicate that the reason some women suffer painful menstrual cramps is because Eve was the cause of the fall from Eden – yes as ridiculous as it sounds, this has been used to justify both child bearing pains, and menstrual cramps. The belief that women are by nature, both faulty, and unholy.

So if it were indeed to be true this perception, then why would it be that God would still choose such unrighteous souls to behave as vehicles for new souls incarnating on to this earth? Wouldn’t that in turn mean that each soul in passing through her, would too inherit some of her uncleanliness, and unholiness? Therefore rendering all of man kind by default unclean, and unholy? Though made in ‘his’ image?

And why is it that this very same unholy act of menstruating is the very same occurrence associated with the ability to keep us healthy enough to even bear children?

Indeed, if you look at it this way, then in-fact, the menstrual cycle is not only an inclination of health, but also a requirement of it. We have all heard of the issues of women suffering from bulemia, anorexia, and a host of other bodily issues, who can not, and in fact, do not experience their monthly cycles. The correlation here is, if their bodies were in ‘healthier’, more nourished States, then naturally, it would do what comes naturally to a vitalised source, and behave in accordance.

And, I am sure we have also all heard of the women who experience menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, and report that upon ingesting certain foods, such as sugar, dairy, or meat, their cycles, only intensify in both pain, and flow. So why exactly is this?

Well the belief is, that instead of being seen as an act of uncleanliness, and dirtiness, a woman’s menstrual cycle is actually the time when she is undergoing intense cleansing, rejuvenation, and detoxifying processes.

It is believed that attached to, or within the blood that is lost, are also any remains of sexual debris (unwanted sexual energy, or DNA associated with previous partners), and also any unhealthy foods, thoughts, or ill health that is stored within the womb of the woman. This is similar to mucus in a sense, which also transforms toxins out of the body when a person is experiencing a cold, or a flu.

So of course it would make sense that upon ingesting foods of low vibration, or of a parasitic nature, the body produces a thicker flow, and more pressure to cleanse, thus resulting in the magnified pain, and flow.

Much trauma and spiritual energy is located in the centre of a woman’s womb. This is the very reason why sexual assaults and invasions carry such impactful psychological, and spiritual disruption. The menstrual cycle is simply a way to even out the score, allow women a chance every month, to be reborn.

Whilst of course, reminding us of our never ending connection to nature, the divine, and the earth. I mean, you only have to keep up with the moon cycles to know how connected we are, most women’s menstrual cycles roughly, or very accurately co-respond to either the full moon, or the new moons appearance.

Flowing goddess of love and light.

There is also a wide spread belief, along with scientific research that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, she is most attractive to men. This is because her skin is said to develop a healthy glow, as she is currently (shedding old skins), and her hips are said to appear wider, which has always been known to drive the male species crazy!

Embrace your inner goddess, and natural earth connection!

Take care of yourself during your period. Do the things that you enjoy.

Stop, be still, and be present with your body.

If you find that you are more emotional, or irritable than usual, perhaps you are only experiencing the symptoms of emotions that you have been suppressing, or ignoring in the previous month(s).
Blessed be my sacred moon beams ~

In order to love, and to come to terms with everything that it means to be woman, and to celebrate womanhood, it is important to understand the intricate workings behind the facets of womanhood.

Undoing centuries of internalised misogyny about women, and women’s bodies, probably won’t happen right away, but there are smaller steps to take, for instance, finding empowerment, in the parts about womanhood that were previously deemed ‘taboo’, or ‘undesirable’ by patriarchal teachings.

PMS is nothing to be ashamed, nor silenced about. It is, in my interpretation, a mini dark night of the soul, in which we are allowed to cleanse, and purge ourselves of any emotional afflictions hoarded during that month. Their arrival, and piercing of the surface should be monitored, take the time to slow down, and listen to what your sadness/frustration/anger, is truly trying to tell you. Where is it coming from? What can you do to pay homage to it?
This also provides an amazing opportunity to monitor our health, as foods that contain artificial, or unnatural hormones will induce PMS in us, that is out of our ordinary range of emotion. The more intense your PMS is, the more you must pay attention to the regulation of your body.

The degree to which a woman’s period is painful, indicates how powerful her inner nature supposedly is, and the level of pain to which she can endure.

It is incredibly important for sufferers of Dysmenorrhea to take great care of themselves during their time of menstruation, and to experiment with, and find coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. In cultures outside of the West, women take the time during menstruation to be separated from the village/community, and honour their wombs with sacred ritual, and care giving. It is considered a blessed time in which the woman is most connected both to her psychic, and intuitive knowing, and can bring back valuable knowledge for her community.




Armand Baltazar – photo credits.

Because Dysmenorrhea tends to begin so early on in the menstruation stage, alot of sufferers can feel as if they have been robbed of their childhood, or that they have had their innocence taken away from them particularly early. I identify with going through this process particularly early, (at the age of 11), and i remember feeling like this was not something that i could discuss with my peers, as they would not understand, (many of them had no started their periods, and the ones who had, did not experience so much pain).

Scientists, and medical professionals are still unsure as to why this pain even exists, and many theorise that it is something to do with a lack of oxygen travelling through, and to the womb, (fallopian tube) during the time of menstruation. Whatever theory you may have heard about painful periods, i do not believe that this period, (pardon the pun), should be so painful, or so disdainful. If society do not view it important enough to find natural, or long lasting relief for these symptoms, then i believe that it is up to us as women, to experiment with different techniques, and bring this healing knowledge fourth to the rest of us.

Whilst discussing ‘periods’, still remains taboo, regardless of the fact that, discussion of, admiration for, and exploration of, the female body remains one of the main interests of general society, we are still alienating, and segregating women from the access to  all aspects of themselves, and their wholeness.

Women should not have to play up to the societal expectations of them as sexual, and visually stimulating beings, whilst cowering away in shame, and discontent when addressing other areas of womanhood, and what it means to be ‘seen’, in relation to womanhood. Periods will continue to occur, until the time of menopause. It is time that we stop hiding this portion of femininity in secrecy, and teaching future generations of women coming into their own, that they are from offset of puberty, somehow more shameful, and burdensome.



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