What is the twin flame mission? The sacred lover..

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What is a twin flame?Many people say that a twin flame is the other half of your soul – but I do not subscribe to this theory, because I do not believe that any soul is incomplete. Rather, a twin flame is a fellow healer who shares the same energetic vibration with you. Usually, one twin will incarnate into a masculine essence, and be extremely masculine (hyper masculine), whilst the other embodiment, will incarnate into a feminine essence, and be extremely feminine, to the point of imbalance.

The reason for this is because, the objective of both of these individuals is to find and gain balance between their two polar energies.
They are both heaven and hell. They are both light and dark. They are simultaneously feminine, AND masculine – all at the same time. This is what makes them so unique. This is the energy of God. God is not one, or the other, for God is all – creation (the masculine, and the feminine, which gives birth to the third energy, (the holy trinity).

The feminine aspect of these individuals is their ability to interpret information by tapping into their intuition, effortlessly, and their high levels of creative ability. The masculine aspect of them, is all in their analytical, and intellectual thought pattern. When they discover through one another how to harmonise the two, they can become a real force to be reckoned with.

What happens after you have met your twin flame? In the short time after you have met your twin flame, your life will appear as if it is falling apart, or is if you are losing control of things. And this is because, likely – you are. Your twin flame is sent to rearrange your life in a way that will almost cause it, and yourself to be unrecognisable. Likely, at the time that you met your twin, you were alive, but not really living – almost in a sea of motionless. However, when the awakening of meeting your twin begins, you will be forced to deal with many of the things that you have been unwilling to look into. This is what the shattering of your illusions, ego self, belief systems, and thought patterns looks and feels like.

How will you know if you have met your twin flame?The ancestral karma will be so ripe in the both of you, you will not question that your family history or cultural/societal beliefs have MUCH to do with this.This individual will definitely mimic the side of the family karma that you must heal.

Does everybody have a twin flame?

No… Not everyday does. But this is okay. Trust me, this is not some fairy tale love story that sets ‘twins’ apart as some sort of idealised love that no one can ever attain. Not everybody has a twin flame, because not everybody needs a twin flame. Generally, most people can either find their own balance energetically, go on to do so at some point in their adult lives, or are raised already having this balance instilled inside of them, do not have as much generational baggage, or do not have a mission that is dedicated towards transmutation, and awakening of the masses. There are certain life path numbers, astrological placements, family lineages, and cultural dynamics that are chosen to be apart of the twin flame mission – for a specific purpose. Let’s just put it this way, if we were in the ancient days, all twin flames would be selected at a very young age to be trained as priests, or monks, or the local witch doctors(medicine men). They stand apart. Though they spend many years of their life not truly believing this..

Be cautious of teachers who show you tips on how to attract your twin flame, or videos that claim to do the same. There is no way to ‘attract’ your twin flame.  Your twin flame shows up in your life exactly when they are supposed to show up, at the right time that you both require the specific lessons that are to be taught. You do not attract them through some hocus pocus meditation. You are on the same vibration as them. So, if you wish to attract them, become attractive to yourself. If you are suffering with self esteem issues, and money issues, then your twin is likely also dealing with the same, and may not be in the best frame of mind or energy to unite. That is just the way that it is. You focus on yourself, and work on your building? And they will be doing the same..

Yes it is a beautiful love, but it is purposeful, just as much as it can be romantic. We must not forget the PURPOSE. This is bigger than us. This is all about transmutation. Not only for us, but also so that we may teach the collective how to do the same. There is much toxicity and negative karmic debris in the genetic line of twin flames, and often, they are on their last life times here, and must correct a lot, if not all of this before their final ascension, (should they choose not to re/incarnate as advanced healers, or way showers once more).Twin flames are about the mission.. The mission of unconditional love, of healing the masses, of healing themselves, of coming into the perfect place, position, and energetic alignment necessary to carry out their great work.They are angels on earth – but they come with their own set of Devils.- Cindy Anneh-bu.”

Copyright Cindy Anneh-bu 2016 ©Taken from my up coming twin flame based book.
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General Weekly Reading – 16th-22nd January 2017;The sacred mother/ The process, the precision, and the poignancy of inner child healing.


Main theme, (The sun), Queen of wands, The star, Four of cups, Six of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 16th 1 – new beginnings, inspirational energy, action, drive, determination//6 – care giving, family, community, healing, inner child work (6+1) a new beginning for the family =  (7) – Lessons learnt through hardship, enhanced perception//intuition//harnessing the mind of God-22nd – The MASTER builder, working on establishing solid firm foundations, using creativity to bridge a gap between self, and others.

There is a very strong emphasis on feminine energy this week, and the profound healing that is experienced when the feminine leads with this type of self evaluation, and understanding. Yes, for the most part, this will relate to a woman, or women specifically who are taking charge in their healing journeys, and triggering others to heal, but f or many, it can also symbolise the part in the divine masculine, that is feminine energy, that is awakening, taking centre stage, and becoming more comfortable with itself.. Likely, if this is the case for the masculine energy, this realisation of this once dormant part of himself, was triggered, or made manifest through an external feminine source – it may have been a lover, a mother, a sister, or all of the above… Either way, the feminine is shining through in a particularly strong way this week. The feminine energy present in all of us, is really coming to understand itself, as the feminine energy embodied by the woman, is finally coming to understand her mission, and take her place as the divine being that she is. Her mission essentially revolves around awakening others to their own truth, and holding a torch light for them to see into their subconscious mind – reflected by the star card.. This card also represents the sun sign of Aquarius, which is all about bringing knowledge, healing, and other worldly views to the planet. 

People are awakening to spirituality, because of this energy that the feminine is openly pouring into multiple spaces at once. She gets to see her work, and the fruits of her efforts this week. She is beginning to realise who she has touched this week. She may be getting a message, or messages from people of the past getting back in contact, telling her, ‘Thank you for the time that you helped me.. Thank you for your words, your presence, your energy, your time’.

The sun card introduces the strong undertones of masculine healing. As the moon card represents the feminine, this card, represents the masculine, and the sun in the image shining down on him to become his true self, is the power of the queen of wands, who is this light nurturing, and nourishing all that she reigns down upon. Perhaps she has allowed him to realise that there is this whole other side to him, that he is free to reveal to the world and others. She is accepting of him, this more feminine, care free side of himself, that may not necessarily fit into traditional, or stereotypical ideals of what it means to be a man, or to be masculine. This offers the freedom to be more in touch with himself, and with his creativity. 

This is a very, very strong week for healing, carrying through the powerful messages, and themes that we experienced through last weeks Full moon in Cancer energies. A lot of memory recreation happens this week signified by the 6 of swords.. Healing, on a mental level, as we travel to a more calm, and peaceful state of mind. The kind of peace that is only achieved when we have pierced through our darkness, as the star card suggests. The sun is the conscious mind, and being the main theme, relates to us bringing our shadows to the light.. This is all our traumas, and our deepest fears that have  recently been dragged to the surface so that we have no other option but to face them, deal with them, and conquer them. The inner demons that never sleep, even when you do. Look at the image on the star card.. This woman is pouring water, (energy, knowledge, and vitality), into the earth, (masculine energy), and into the water, (feminine energy). This speaks of the healing, and the realisations that are occurring currently to bring us balance. On an earthly level, we are integrating lessons that we have learnt about money, finances, work, and the home, whilst on a spiritual level, we are working to enhance our intuition, and our creative fruits..

The sun card is the element of Christ consciousness this week, all about the re-emergence, and the rebirth after our persecution, and Crucifixion. You have to die, in order to be reborn a more connected version of yourself.. And keeping in fashion with biblical reference, after this transformation, it was the women that Jesus revealed himself to. You may feel more drawn this week to explore Jesus, or his teachings, as the dark night of the soul, is all about this process of transformation, and transition/ascension to a higher state. 

The four of cups is the situation that brought you recently, this drama, or this ‘karma’. So, you cannot see that a fresh cup, a new beginning, a new template, a new opportunity is being given to you by the divine’s grace, if you cannot tear yourself away from looking at the rubble that this experience left. This experience wanted to TEACH YOU.  Why would you put up with this situation? Why would you let things get so far? So bad? Because.. You were refusing to honour yourself, to see yourself, to be true to yourself, to witness yourself with the eyes that the divine witnesses you with. You did not recognise yourself, as the sun card represents himself. All the work that went in, and continues to go in to healing from this situation, will be brought back to the light in a creative way.. It IS the light. The darkness, IS the light. Only after over coming your trials will you truly come to understand this. 

There is passion, and purpose this week in saying, ‘I am going to own myself.. JUST as I am.. WITH all of my wounds, JUST as my gifts are, AND, I am divorcing trauma’… Moving away from power struggles, and re-integrating into a community, is all that this process is about. See this article here that speaks of re-integration.


If you are not seeing a way out at this point, which the four of cups may suggest, then you are simply not looking clearly enough. Take this opportunity. See it for what it is. You may be asking too many questions, or trying to THINK your way through to your healing, instead of just feeling it through. Questions such as, ‘How is this going to work? How am I going to go about this?’ should be abandoned from your mind.  It is about a feeling, a knowing, not a thought, that will come through excessive analysing. You will know, when this door//opportunity is just opened for you, just granted to you.


Themes relating to sexual abuse, particularly for the feminine energy may be brought up for healing this week, or may have recently been triggered, so that the feminine can make peace with them, and no longer allow them to stunt her self image..

See here for articles relating to the divine feminine, and healing through sexual trauma-





The sacred whore, and the divine mother, are the exact same template – just polarised versions of a dual perspective.. And acknowledging this, is granting SO much peace, and strength to the feminine this week, in order to reclaim her power. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, BOTH healed Christ. Look at the image in the star card.. The figure appears almost naked,  yet she wears white which symbolises purity, and virginity. It almost appears as if somebody has torn her dress, yet she does not look victimised.. Straight away, she knows what to do, guided by the star, she proceeds to pour her knowledge back into the earth. She is a healer, because she has been broken.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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