Full moon in libra – A balance between extremes, chasing natural highs.

Full moon in Libra -A balance between extremes.


11th April 2017.

Numerological significance – The number 11 is much like a door way, or a connection to a higher state of being. Where ever the number 11 appears, so does an awakening, and an opportunity for us to learn even more about ourselves through past lessons. The number 11 can sometimes be lessons learned through pain, more often than not, and it can highlight to us where we may be out of balance, and sync with ourselves, or those who mirror aspects of us.

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Libra ruling balance, co-operation & harmony reminds us of the justice card in the taro.
Getting things in order financially, laying the soil, & the groundwork for what is to come.

Libra in terms of relationships can see us engaged in further self analysis.

In order to create a sense of equilibrium, we need to understand the part that we play.

It is almost as if time freezes, & the offset of mercury retrograde causes even further engagement in self observation.
Finding yourself in a meditative state does not always have to mean sitting on the floor w/ your legs crossed, & your index finger curved towards your thumb.

Meditation can be the thoughts that come to you when you refrain from acting on your impulses.

If your relationships have adopted a similar narrative for a while, then this full moon inspires you to assess why.
You may be triggered by, or encounter an experience that allows you to see where your peace is being shaken, or war models within you that make peace, internally & externally, difficult to maintain.

Logical thinking & critical analysis allows us to make mental improvements that benefit our emotional experiences.

The ultimate yin & yang, the libra is able to make unbiased decisions.

This full moon could highlight to us areas in our lives where we need to maintain balance between our escapism, and or idealism. Idealism is very different from escapism, because idealism can conjure plans, recipes, and ideas for greatness, whereas escapism can become the place that we go to to hoard all of these grand inventions, without ever actually seeing them through.

It could be time with this full moon illuminating to put yourself first, and focus on your own better interests, however, you are also reminded how going it alone can be performed to your own detriment. You will need the support and help of others along the way, however this manifests, it is important not to shut the world out. Co-operation is needed. You may not be best friends with everybody in the world, but this does not mean that you should not have allies.

Do not let your professional work suffer because you chase emotional highs in love. Perhaps it is highlighted to you how often you allow romantic relationships to get the better of you because you make them the sole basis of your own happiness.

However, since Libra is so keen on relationships, you are being guided to find the right balance, between catering to yourself, and not shutting yourself off from those who wish to cater to you.

As full moons focus on releasing, you may want to sift through the ways that you hold on to any resentment towards others, or any relationships that you could be holding on to that need to be altered so that there is more balance involved. Maybe you are too co-dependent, maybe you are too unattached, and this full moon is showing you that.

Pleasure, beauty, and grace is needed to appreciate life, but once again, we are also asked to consider that there are more trying times in life that will also require navigation. It is important to be able to remain clear headed and level headed enough not to be taken under by every slight occurrence, or every emergence of trouble.

Full moon releasing ritual –

You will need a journal to complete this ritual that I have come up with for this full moon in Libra.

Seeing as Libra rules balance, fairness, and justice in relationships, and areas of life pertaining to a community, or social group, single out one of your past relationships this week to analyse.

Write down the name of the individual you wish to analyse, and why you have chosen them. This works better if this was an ex that you were in love with.

Write about your feelings for them now.

Write about your feelings for them during the relationship.

Write about your feelings for them after the relationship had ended.

What made it end?

How did you react to it ending?

How did they react to it ending?

And what was your NEXT relationship like?

Likely, the person you would have chosen is somebody who had quite a significant impact on your life, and you may be thinking of them now.

Once you have journaled these things down, you also need to journal and recite to yourself that you release all of the painful lessons associated with this relationship, including some of the beliefs that it left you with about love.

You may write a letter of forgiveness to them, or even a note if you do not wish to divulge so much energy to them. Once this is completed, you may either burn, or rip up the note, signifying your willingness to depart from whatever energy the experience stored within, and for you.

Repeat as you see fit. – Perhaps there are few people you need to do this with.

Thoughts//affirmations to consider –

I am not the same person as I was when I loved this person.

I am not somehow less deserving of harmonious relationships than anybody else.

Though I am not faulty, I am willing to take an open and honest look at myself.

If I harm or misunderstand others, I do so to myself, therefore, I try to be objective when I need to be.

Happy full moon 🔮

Seek Cindy 2017 ©

General Weekly Reading – 6th-12th February 2017; The Taming of the shrew- The healthy ego vs the unhealthy ego. 

Main theme – (Strength), Empress, 6 of wands, 9 of pentacles, 2 of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 6 – Family, home, maternal feelings, love, the lovers, compassion, healing, community, empathy – 12 (1+2) = 3, Manifestation, communication, creativity, community, family, integration. 6 + 3 = 9 – Completion, healing of past wounds, wounded healer, humanitarianism, resolution.

The taming of the shrew; Shrew definition – a small mouse-like insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes. (Meekness or timidity metaphor).

2.a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

It is no coincidence that the strength card chose to make an appearance at this time considering that the main feature of this week is the powerful full moon in Leo!

The energy of Leo takes us into the energy of boldness, physical appearance, & the presence that we hold in relation to taking up space.

Thus, Leo inspires us to take a closer look at our ego. Check out my full moon in Leo article for more details. 


The ego can be your bestfriend, or your worst enemy, dependent upon how aware, and conscious you can become of it. Too much – and You turn into the hungry narcissist, always searching for validation, & raging or misbehaving when you do not get it. This weekly reading in particular suggests a rather strong message from the feminine, as the strength card depicts a powerful woman who has learned to conquer her inner beast, & the empress card which Expresses all the feminine could be once her ego is balanced.

The empress is the energy that we invest in ourselves, in order to create surroundings that are supportive of our individual energetic expression. No more are the days that we seek to look outward for others to validate us, or to provide us with the essentials to create our own destinies.

Birth, and creation are signified here in a major way in combination with the expressive energies that the full moon in Leo asks that we tap into. The empress can be symbolised by the sprouting of beautiful, bountiful flowers, that have seen the test of time, or reached their peek. 

If there is anything in particular that we have been sitting on, fearful to do, or uncertain of, this may be the week that we conclude that we are ready, either to take that next step forward, or to put out a creative project that has fully developed. Perhaps an energy is born within us this week, that sustains us, and allows us to watch over the growth of something new, becoming more responsible, and conscious in order to be able to nurture it, and ourselves.

The 9 of pentacles speaks of a time where things reach fruition. This full moon presents a powerful time for manifestation, & accumulation, despite new moons typically being the phase for manifestation. The number 3 could be abundant in our sightings this week, with Valentine’s Day around the corner inspiring us to fall in love with life again.. Spring is around the corner, and it is nearing time for us to present to the world what our darkness has taught us. There is much to share, and to offer, and it is reinforced with the 6 of wands that if we place in our best efforts, we will reap luxuries, and rewards.

This could be a time to plant seeds – seeds of thought in order to build new habits. The 6 of wands represents the individual who returns from battle, after a lengthy fight against external, and internal forces. 

There could perhaps be a job promotion this week, the promise of a new endeavour, or a chance to maximise our financial security. The strength card asks that we do not let our ego get the best of us. Perhaps we are asked to humble ourselves towards our own struggles, & the struggles of others. We may be growing more compassionate, & understanding, as we learn just how much conflict is apart of the greater picture in life.

The two of swords sees us on the brink of monumental change. Perhaps we are asked to choose a direction, and or a destination. This may be the difference between choosing a new path, or remaining stagnant. It is easy at times of great change to grow fearful when we do not know what quite to expect, but the empress suggests timing is an important factor in manifestation. You have to experience all of the seasons, to truly know the abundance of the entire cycle.

A pivotal point is reached in which we must choose a destination, & choose to surrender a part of ourselves. Free will is still always, a very big factor.

The feminine energy could have a huge week of transition at this time. Being made more aware of her current or past placements in relationships. The empress could encourage us all to build a home within ourselves before seeking accommodation elsewhere. It is imperative to know who you are at this point – especially if you have spent a life time being confused, or fearful of persecution consciousness.

Realise that royalty is at your feet, years of patriarchal conditioning and bashing have just attempted to narrow your path. Even masculine energies have much to learn about the feminine this week! Perhaps a mother figure, a mother that they have made of a woman, (if they are male), highlights to them the true vision of the woman.

The 6 of wands is definitely a journey about being in search of heroism – wherever that may take us. A consciousness arises to do things with more tact, & to find better, healthier coping mechanisms.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2017.

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading 9th-15th January 2017; The end to procrastination, the integration of new habits, and heights previously unseen.


Main theme – The chariot, What is occurring for both twins – 9 of pentacles, Masculine – Two of swords, Eight of wands, Three of wands, Feminine – The emperor, Two of wands, Page of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 9th – Childhood wounding, past life patterns, leaving pains of the past behind, creating something that allows you to channel your pain, healing others whilst healing yourself, profound creative work – 15th – (6) – Family issues, family karma, being apart of, or accepted into a community, children, maternal affairs, and bonding.

The main theme presenting itself as the chariot cards talks of forward movement, progress, and acceleration in the lives of both twins. Being a major arcana, this definitely points to transition, and change in terms of a life style movement, or alteration. Previous procrastination is abandoned, as the energy of determination is kicked into gear, and both twins attempt to gain control of their lives. This is conscious manifestation, realising that for the past few years, your life actually has not been steered by you at all, but in-fact by your unconscious decisions, presenting itself as your ‘karma’. 

There is a sense of clarity now, about what must be done, so likely, the fog of the previous few months have cleared, or is beginning to clear. It appears there were spiritually binding forces at work before, making twins feel as if they could not move forward for some reason, no matter how much they tried to strike change. An ending to cyclical behaviour is marked by a desire to step out of routine, in a very New year, new energy – esque fashion! A desire for change, and balance is the quickest motivator to enable us to choose a destination, and choose it fast..

The 9 of pentacles represents things coming together on a physical level. Perhaps there is a move to a new location, the desire to acquire financial gains through new career changes. The chariot in conjunction with the 9 of pentacles suggests that if our current career offers us no satisfaction, we are more determined than ever now to fall into alignment with an occupation that fulfills us. If you have planted a seed of growth, whether in the form of a project, investment, or job application, expect to hear good news about this, as change comes fast your way.

Knowing what you want, is getting what you want. This is proven time, and time again with creative visualisation, and the energy, and the efforts that we place towards success. Having your eye on the prize makes it so much easier to conjure that which you desire, so make sure to map out a plan of what you envision, a step by step guide that offers a focus to work toward.. Your karma is shifting toward a state of accomplishment, and achievement now. No looking back is required now, for you have taken all that the past has to offer. There is also no need to wait for confirmation, you are your own confirmation – so make those necessary adjustments, if there is anybody that you need to chase up about final details, do so. Do not play stick in the mud now, not when there is so much at stake, and so much to be gained. The refreshing energy of a new year pushes us even further to create new patterns, and visions for our self. And finally coming into the knowledge that you are worth it? Forget about it! What more conviction is there than that?

The two of swords suggests that the masculine this week is still battling with indecisiveness about which direction to take, although the chariot does suggest that he is ready to move forward now, the only issue is – which direction should he move in? He operates with a powerful force at this time, knowing that any direction he makes will have a powerful impact.. It is his mind that causes him confusion at this time, knowing what he wants, but still pondering the consequences of his actions. Life has brought him to this point here, but he knows that the next stage of development is in his hands. There is a greater appreciation for karma now, so caution is used. He could be picking up on signs, symbols, and information about the feminine that suggests that he should reach out to her – but still, exists the part of his mind that wonders if he is ready, to once again travel down that route.. For twins who are already in union, there is a suggestion that the masculine is pondering ways to improve himself, and to make better choices, and decisions in regards to himself, and the way that he handles his daily affairs.

The 8 of wands represents fast movement, revelations coming to him fast that require him to take action, and make the necessary changes. If he is moving towards the feminine this week, then indeed he does so pretty quickly, and swiftly, with no restraint, knowing that this is the correct path for him to take. The indecision experienced earlier in the week will not be enough to hold him back from these spirit messages. As the number 8 relates to karma, there is a lot of karma turn around occurring for him this week. When messages flood him about ways to create a new pathway for himself, and about what he must do to ignite change, he is incredibly ready, and willing to listen to them. Ideas about how to establish financial freedom, and the confidence to move forward with his plans, is a promise. 

His visions, waking, and nightly are plagued by his deepest desires. The things that he wants more than anything, and the full moon in Cancer adds a touch of sentimentality to his yearnings. Perhaps he reflects back to simpler times with the feminine, this could be when they first met, or when things were simpler for them.. The 6 of cups in the general weekly reading found here


– also suggests that he has spent alot of time digging through the past lately, thinking about how things turned out, and likely feeling remorseful for past actions, and the way that things played out.

There is a chance here for him to be a hero, in a way, by making contact, even if it is to make an apology, or to let the feminine know that he is somehow still around for her. The 8 of wands can symbolise outward messages, just as much as it symbolises inward coming messages, so undoubtedly, many masculine twins will be reaching out to their love, to express something, something that needs to be gotten off their chest. Of-course there is still fears about stepping into the 5th dimension – a point of existence in which manifestation is almost rapid because we are taking control of our actions -. When you enter the 5d, if you mess up, there is nobody to blame but yourself, because you step out of a powerless role, and admit to being a co-creator in your life. You stop blaming karma, your surroundings, and your circumstances, and yes that is pretty frightening for somebody who has lived a life of baby boy-ism *see here* 


There may be fears surrounding what he is going to say to the feminine, if she will even respond, how she will respond, and what he will say if she does. A more innocent, child like, and uncertain version of himself is unfolded with the presence of the full moon in Cancer, whom is powerful to ignite the divine feminine spark in anyone! Regardless of energetic gender identity!  A lot of fear seems to also present itself in the form of external perceptions.. He is still afraid of being judged, or shunned in some way by society, and community. He too carries the sting of persecution consciousness – if this union is somehow taboo, or was at once secret, then his struggle to pick a destination in the beginning of this week will be tied into this. 

The three of wands represents expansion. He is almost ready to set sail, but before he leaves, he looks around his old world one last time – to truly ponder what he is leaving behind. This card can speak of travel, he may be travelling to, or from somewhere, metaphorically, or physically. He may have been away physically, and returns because of this pressing message that he has to deliver, or, he could be moving somewhere in order to create a fresh start for himself.. If his old world fell apart in a pretty chaotic way, then the 3 of wands is the desire to re-establish a sense of balance, order, and authority..

He is not alone this week in his desire to establish this sense of authority, as the feminine fully steps into her power with the emperor. A life style change to do with taking more responsibility of her own life, and being more organised and calculated is described for her here. The opposite of being too fluid, too unshaped, too flexible, and too easily molded. Finally, taking a stand towards building the reality that she desires – the feminine is both very much determined, and very encouraged with leadership energy. Something has awakened her to the fact that she actually has a lot to offer the world, and others, and herself, and she is happy to step into this position, now that she knows who she is a little bit more. This also represents healing issues that she has in relation to masculine energy, including father wounds. She may have once felt that this energy was too harsh, or too rigid, yet now she sees how it is necessary to get things done, and how an unwavering position is actually an ally, in establishing boundaries. 

This is all about learning to take the good, with the bad – the balance, that recognises that the empress, actually needs the emperor ( internally, more so). Her change, and dedication could also subconsciously be inspiring the masculine this week to also take control of his life, and his finances, and to reach a stage of maturity. Much is at stake, including thinking about the future, and how they will do things differently.. The energy of parent-hood is ripe here. 

If considering business plans, or a move, then the emperor indicates that the feminine is taking very serious steps towards ensuring that these areas of her life are falling into line now. She has no interest in simply just day dreaming about what is to come, but BECOMING the change that she needs. This is really about stepping out of her head, and stepping into action.  With this energy, there is no way she will stand for, or continuously attract lovers afflicted with baby boy syndrome. This is a woman ( feminine energy) who takes CHARGE!

The two of wands is an awakening that sees the feminine contemplating the next part of her journey. The understanding exists that she is entering a different time period, that may indeed bring its own set of challenges, relating to her having to step outside of her comfort zone. This may indeed present fears for her, as well as striking up worries, and doubts about being shut down for her gifts, and her talents, or not being taken serious enough. BUT, this is not enough to stop her this week, as she will still be making the leap full circle. This could be a moment to catch her breath, to fully realise, and appreciate the steps that it has taken to get here. The balance that it will require – to juggle, and maintain all of this new energy. There is no way she is returning to how, or who she was in the past, but just as the masculine takes a moment to ponder his new territory, ( as a bachelor would the night before his wedding), the feminine also pauses to asses how she will cope in this next stage of evolution. 

Doors are opening for her at this time, specifically as the 9 of pentacles suggest a conclusion to a project, or something that she has been working patiently towards. Because she is so willing to do things differently, she does see these results manifest as opportunities, and chances.. But she absolutely must be willing to keep up momentum. This is not something that is built, or done in a day. But worked at consistently, which challenges her to remain in the present moment. Thank God – because I am sure all of that excessive day dreaming was driving her crazy!

The limitations only exist inside of our minds, and now she receives a glimpse into the future, a breath of fresh air away from her old stories, and the confines of her bruised egoic mind. There is more to life than pain.. There is so much newness that cyclical behaviour, and karmic loops are thrown to the wind! As is she.. When we view life from the lens of the past, we stay trapped in stagnant energy.. It is time to invite fresh energy in.. Move… Plan, clean, get rid of old unwanted items, and with it, old stagnant energies too do leave.

The page of pentacles represents a willingness to apply herself, and to be a beginner in this stage of her manifestations.. Even though she is skilled in many areas, there are still areas in relation to her dreams that she needs to learn more information about. She needs to brush up on her skills and knowledge, and she could be re-entering education, purchasing online courses, or taking the initiative to watch youtube videos, in order to be more informed. She definitely shows pride in herself, and her efforts by wanting to invest more in what she does, and what she loves doing.. Because the page is a youthful energy, this can also suggest a childhood passion of hers, or inspiration that comes directly from her past life/childhood, in order to bless her with ideas, and abundance at this specific time. See? Cyclical behaviour can be good too.. If the cycle perpetuated is HEALTHY. 

The determination in her efforts suggests she says to herself, ‘Even if I am not experienced enough, I am willing to learn along the way’. Baby steps go so much further than we believe in tying up the loose ends. She chips away at her craft enthusiastically this week, because there is a renewed sense of value, and worth, in herself, first and foremost. 

The three of wands is a leap forward.. The masculine could be returning from holiday, or a period of rest, after much thought, and contemplation about the feminine, and about what he wants.. New experiences, and a more positive outlook on life brings more opportunities knocking on his door. He is expanding on a conscious, and spiritual level – past poverty consciousness, past past programming.. Who he is, and what direction he wishes to move into in his journey to maturity, places him in the perfect position for the creation of new habits.. A breath of fresh air in the form of expanded consciousness. The energy that he now sends out, is returned to him, in bountiful ways.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Full moon in Gemini – December 13th – Contradictions of the mind – The conflict of emancipation.


Photo credit – Maharani Rutan.

Numerological break down calculation – 13th – The number 13 deals with feminine energy. This is the energy of the dimension that is penetrated after we leave the physical realm. Some say this is the most sacred number because there were 13 at the table, at the last supper before Christ died.  This marks the energy of re-birth, and resurrection after death. This is the who, the why, and the how, that we are to become, and to process after the period of death that has followed us through from September.

The energy of the Gemini always brings to us dualism, & along w/ that, contradiction.
If you know a Gemini, you know that usually, there are two sides to them.One side of the Gemini may be sweet, charming, & using their intellect for higher gain, whilst the other side of them may be dark, manipulative, & often moody.

THIS particular full moon entices us to view the areas of our lives where we may be the same.
Great mental ability is an anecdote, as much as it is the sickness, & we must do our best to tap into the best of who we are, instead of falling victim always to shadow behaviours, such as jealousy, vindictive, gossip, & retaliation.

It is indeed those who are armed W/ the knowledge of their dark side, who are blessed enough to challenge it..
But simply knowing of its existence, is not always enough to achieve this.

We are asked to observe ourselves, & our changing nature, & what thoughts & triggers lead us back to a point of darkness.

W/ a highly progressive mind, most Gemini’s find themselves thinking intensely of the future & our anxieties of what this future may look like, or how we may challenge ourselves to arrive at it, may be highlighted at this time.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, relates to our ability to communicate, and also to process the messages that are presented to us. Our communication is entirely dependent upon the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, the way we have been brought up to communicate, and our ability to be EXPRESSIVE. If there are ways that you are holding yourself back, or limiting yourself in anyway, then this will show, through the strong emergence of your shadow self – that is built upon repression, and in-expression. Get out there – and let yourself be heard! Allow your voice to be known! Make your mark on this earth. Burn a fire through your trials.

The full moon in Gemini also represents the juxtaposition, (conflict)  between our present self, and our future self. The patterns, and programs that still bind us, and the future projection of ourselves that is not weighed down by all of these outdated formulas. But this is actually pretty wonderful news! Because the battle is between the present, and the future, which means that much of our focus has shifted away from the past.

There is a fear that we may become lost in the collective sea of the matrix, if we cannot snap our minds into action – into overcoming the shadow instincts.Gemini holds higher perspective, so there is nothing more painful than seeing everything that plagues the masses, yet still becoming a product of it yourself.. This is the very real worry, or doubt for many of us right now, although, with Sagittarian energy following closely behind, we are reminded to posess an energy of enthusiasm, and to take things one step at a time. Even though Sag focuses on the bigger picture most of the time, it is the smaller, day to day victories that allow them to know that there is indeed a bigger force at hand.

Over emotionalism at this time should Be met W/ caution, as we acknowledge that it often thwarts our ability to get things done & to move forward, particularly in the working world.
There’s a strong necessity to accept the spiritual messages that are echoed to us, whilst not losing touch of the tangible world, & the clarity that they both can bring – dually.
Turn your shadow side into art, allow your darkness to bless you.
Opposing Sagittarius, the super-moon today speaks of liberation, & freedom from internal conflicts.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Supermoon in Taurus November 2016 – Beautification of the home, the self & physical duties. Masculine & Feminine togetherness. 

The Taurus supermoon that we experienced on the 14th encourages us to secure our finances & responsibility to earthly duties – family, friends, work, appearance.

Numerologically, the date of the 14th brings us to the number 5. This is a number of change, transition, death//rebirth & breaking free from restriction. The number 1 is the energy of newness, often impulsive but determined, whilst the number 4 deals w/ structures that are difficult to dismantle. 

Especially those of us on the hyper feminine//imaginative side. We must meet our creations with physical produce.

It is not only the feminine conjuring of our aims that pull our wildest dreams toward our direction, but it is also the implementation of the work necessary to make these dreams a reality.

Security, longevity & consistency are highlighted to us at this time as strictly important themes & areas in our lives where we are, or have experienced discontent & instability may present themselves as huge obstacles that appear problematic to overcome.
Nothing is too difficult for us. This concern is only emphasised so that we may step up our game & fight even harder for equilibrium – the kind that reigns supreme both internally & externally.

There is no obstacle present that cannot be overcome when the practice of a consistent & thorough routine is introduced. 

Life is like a garden. When we leave things untidy & non attenteded to, horrible weeds will grow. This is reflective of any areas in our life. Our life & our journey is like a plant – & therefore requires both maintainance & the promise of regular nurturing. 

The Taurean energy charges forward with ambition because they carry both pride, & respect for themselves. It is not that they are too prideful to ask for help, or support, but they have come to know the importance of being self sufficient. Especially if they ever hope to be of service to others.

Martyr syndrome will ultimately be challenged during this period, along w/ victim consciousness. The idea that one is powerless, because this concept only brings further discord, & separation from self – & many of us have reached the end of the road of dissatisfaction.  We have walked so far away from self, that there is no longer any where to travel, but backwards, on the journey that ultimately leads back to a United consciousness with self. 

– A heavy theme with divine feminine rising. As powerlessness was formerly her Achilles heel.

Beautification is a strong theme w/ Venus ruling & lets not forget we are still dealing w/ scorpion energies, so the intense pull to be both masculine & feminine may be causing some of us confusion.

Areas of your life where you feel you are lacking, challenge you to step into a more responsible role. Be the father for yourself implementing structure. Be the mother for yourself – nurturing your home & your financial pursuits.

You may wish to buy new clothes, take on new work, or buy new furniture.

As your self esteem struggles against itself for elevation, your physical reality will wish to mirror these changes within.

It is time to sit down w/ yourself & draw up plans – focusing on where your patterns & experiences w/ chaos & fear were once born.

Discipline is not the enemy here. 

Full Moon in Scorpio April 22nd; Home, Identity, Transition, and deep soul healing.


Hello once again, my darlings. I am back again to provide you with the energy forecast for this week’s full moon in Scorpio, and wow has it been a tumultuous time!

Now, for those of you who do not know, Scorpio is actually one of the most psychic signs of our zodiac, many people actually call Pisces the most psychic/intuitive, but from my experience Scorpio really does just have that edge on others. The reason for this, is sensitivity. Scorpio’s are HIGHLY likely to be empaths, and as we know, an empaths ability to intuit, and channel information is directly related to their level of sensitivity, and their ever open and expansive heart chakra, so if you are feeling particularly sensitive right now, then do not judge yourself for this. Like I always say, sit with the feeling. Do not feel the compulsion to become it. Do not fixate on it. Listen to what it is trying to tell you.

As if the full moon in itself wasn’t intense enough all on its own, we have the arrival of Scorpios, deep, and dark energies to make us take a hardened look at ourselves, most likely, at our shadow selves. The questions that we spend so much of our time, and our lives escaping, are brought right up to the surface with this week’s full moon.

Who is the shadow self? How was it born? And most importantly, WHEN was it born..

This takes us on a spiritual, and internal journey back deep into the self, so deeply, that we penetrate right through the self, and arrive in-front of those who came before us. Our parents. And our karmic and genetic lineages. Yes, when I say that this full moon is all about home, I am referring to the first home that any of us ever knew. The home, that constituted of our families.

The shadow self is actually born of the imprints, and the programming that we adopt from our parents – their shadow selves, and this is how generational or karmic trauma (debt), is carried on, from generation, to generation, something that I like to call, an inter generational curse. These negative habits, or attributes shall  I say are inherited by the individual subconsciously, and allowed to manifest/stew for a remarkable number of years.

Now, in order for deep soul healing to occur, (which is actually the intended path of all Scorpio’s – should they allow it), one has to understand the roots, and the depths of their pain, so yes, this week has likely been an incredibly emotional one, and more than likely, you would have been triggered in some ways, to face your worst fears.  Whether this is abandonment, lack of reciprocation in love, or losing something of high value to you.

Childhood homes are a pretty specific theme influencing especially sensitive souls as it stands. The theme of homes in general ties into us being one with ourselves, our sense of belonging, and feeling comforted, and secure. When we talk of ‘home’, we do not mean a house, or a specific building of which we reside. We are actually talking about a place of habitual comfort, resonance, peace, happiness, and warmth. These are all of the things that this full moon is pushing us to explore, and experience.

Currently as it stands, we are all on the brink of so much change, and whilst we are in times of turmoil, we are also in times of deep, intense healing. This is the reason why so many twin flames, empaths, and light workers have incarnated at this time, and have come to us in thousands, specifically born in the 80’s, and the 90’s. The most high, the universe, source, the grand design, whatever you wish to call this omnipotent force, wanted to once again establish some balance.

Years of wars, oppression, and neglect have devastatingly tipped the scales, and we all arrive at this time, to once again bring resolution, healing, and understanding.

For some of us, this theme of coming home, will actually manifest itself physically, and alot of us will actually be experiencing physical moves over the next few weeks, or even months. I can assure you, if this applies to you, then the place that you are moving to, is calling you to settle, whilst the place that you are leaving, is metaphoric of your transition, and your progression, even though it may not initially appear that way.

On an emotional, psychological, and spiritual level, MUCH move, and change is also occurring. You may not necessarily recognise your healing, because it may arrive in a jagged form. One day, you may feel on top of the world, the next day, you may find yourself once again battling things that you thought you had buried, or that you thought no longer held you in captivity. Be patient with you. Healing is a process, a journey, and not an indefinite location.

Scorpio is ruler of the underworld, symbolising, death, rebirth, and transformation. This means, that in order for any healing, and change to take place, we most certainly HAVE to visit the underworld, (the shadow self), the dark thoughts, the dark feelings, and the things that we are most ashamed of. Consider the analogy, seeds grow best in the darkest compost. This is exactly the same with us. Our darkest places offer us the most answers, the chances to understand ourselves, and reconnect with our shadow selves, our inner child, and finally, begin to progressively, and gradually shift our conscious state of awareness.

This does not mean that our wounds, and our triggers will immediately vanish, and no longer exist. Rather, it means that we will become aware of them, present with them, and will not allow them so easily to sway us. We must understand with this full moon, that our emotions, even the darkest ones, are apart of us, but they are NOT us, and we need to stop being conjoined with our pain in this way. It is not so defining. The only thing that defines us, is US.

One of the things that Scorpio’s struggle with, is their identity in the eyes of others. So in this up coming week, and the weeks before us, another theme we will have been battling, is how we appear to those outside of ourselves, particularly lovers. Yes, Scorpio’s are very insecure, so I ask you, at this time, not to focus on how the world sees you, but to focus on the image of yourself that you project, in order to be seen.

You are unconsciously, and subconsciously, at every moment of your life creating your reality. You do not know the concrete truth. You do not know what others, are thinking, feeling, or planning. Even, we the empath, may experience flashes of insight, and internal intuition about the intentions, and feelings of others, however, we can easily be perverted by our own perversions, and distortions of the truth.

The insecure empath is still paranoid, and therefore, their gift, is neither accurate, nor healing.

The full moon occurring on the 22nd, is also no coincidence in this quest for deep soul healing. Let us consult numerology. Those who hold this life path, are INCREDIBLY sensitive, and their earthly missions are tied into this sensitivity. How they may transmute their pain into strengths, and wisdom, and not let it defeat them – because, if they were to let it defeat them, it would swallow them whole.


Look at your parents. What was their love story? Are you adopting this to be your own? Even if it does not need to be. Are you still carrying the wounds of your mother? Of your father? And allowing this to poison your relationships today? Please. If you are to let anything die in this time, let it be your past relationships. No matter how painful, disgraceful, or shameful, let them go, let them die. Stop allowing them to define you. Stop using them to define your present love experiences. Stop poisoning your chances for happiness, by holding onto all of this trauma. It is time now, to rise, for us to re-write.

The number 2, is all about partnership, harmony, the balance of the masculine, and the feminine, so doubled, we are really being asked to centre ourselves. How can you balance your masculine with your feminine, if you still hold anger towards men? If you still hold bitterness towards women? This will manifest to you projecting trauma within yourself, dependent on the energetic embodiment that you are resisting.

Alot of us, since the start of this year, would have been confronted with heart awakening situations. Anything from heart break, to triggering of our recurring patterns. Can you identify the link? The link that is you. The part that you play in your downfall. Do you create stories in your mind of ill love, and then sit back and watch them manifest, in pain, in pity? How thick is your pain body? These are all of the questions that we need to sit with in this time. The pain that you are experiencing, is not in vain. It is asking you to be compassionate with your inner child, it is asking you, to face yourself, once, and for all, and to stop running.

If Scorpio’s are naturally empathic, and highly sensitive, then why is it that so many Scorpio’s come across as narcissistic? Avoidant? Or emotionally unavailable?

The simple answer? A fear of being vulnerable. How many of us are terrified of vulnerability? Actually, this fear, causes more blockages, and pain, and destructive manifestations, than any actual discrepancies from romantic partners. Pain is painful. This we cannot deny. But why do we spend so much time resisting this pain? Is it pressing on an already existent core wound that says, we are not good enough? So, we run away from ourselves. We run to lovers. We run to others. We want PROOF they we are good enough, that we are NOT broken, though our actions, and our thoughts, say otherwise.

Why do so many people turn to addictions? Buy bottles of spirits when their heart has been broken? Jump from relationship, to relationship for fear of being alone? Because they do not want to come home to themselves. Because they know that nobody will be home.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. One step at a time. The journey of coming home to you is difficult, especially if you’ve been absent for a while. Heart chakra awakening is so shaky.. One moment you’re elated, in a bubble of love, the next, your subconscious fears come a knocking again. This is okay. This is uncovering, layers, upon layers. Similar, but different from desensitisation. If you keep uncovering, and experiencing these same wounds, after a while, they will no longer feel so alien to you. You will come to understand them, and learn how to nourish them. Stay with yourself in that moment. ESPECIALLY in that moment. Do not judge yourself for the pain, or doubt that is coming back up. This is YEARS of pain, YEARS of trauma, GENERATIONS of blockages. The pain is not just your own. It belongs to your matriarchal line, your patriarchal line, and you are doing everybody a great service. Let that give you motivation, motivation to be so bold in this pain..It is okay.

Cast your mind back to the first time somebody made you feel less than. I promise you, they felt less than too. It is a sick curse that gets passed on, and now, you can break that chain. Everybody is in pain. Do not feel broken, wronged, or victimised. The ones who hurt you, are mirrors of their own hurt, irresponsibility, and inability to come home to their own selves. I tell you, this journey is only for the brave..

If your immediate response/reaction is pain/neglect/abandonment consciousness, then ask yourself, are my feelings rational, or irrational? Is this me talking? Or, are these the words/thoughts of my society, of my culture, of social media. The whispers of false gratification, superficiality, and egotism.

Women, feeling accomplished, and worthy if they have a boyfriend, this is an age old template, that may cause you, a woman, to feel somehow less than, if your heart is broken by a lover. You may consider, ‘Am I not worthy like these other women?’. Please, do not buy into this facade. Come home to YOU. Stop seeking outside for answers.

Men, feeling accomplished, masculine, defined, when they have a selection of partners to choose from, that may cause you, a man, to feel somehow less than, if you feel that you are vulnerable to a woman, or that a woman, is taking advantage of you. You may consider, ‘I am the one who needs to be in control here. I am the one who needs to be a man. Am I not doing this correctly? Do people not respect me?’. Please, do not buy into this social facade. Come home to YOU. Stop watching the rest of the world, stop categorising.

Tarot reading.

full moon in scorpio

Main theme – Six of swords, surrounding cards, Death, The moon, The chariot, The King of cups.

The main theme here, is everything that I discussed in the beginning of this article. I usually do not like to pull the cards until I have intuitively written what I have felt, just to exercise my own intuition, without having to rely on the cards as a prop.

So, the six of cards, is all about the journey of healing, over water, (which relates to emotions, particularly feminine emotions). This is about the journey to calmer waters, after a tumultuous period, and usually does signify that we have some support, and company on our journeys. I feel that this is universal support, and divine guidance. So if you find yourself feeling particularly alone at this time, then remind yourself of these words. You are not alone right now. This is happening on a grand scale. And you are being supported IMMENSELY at this time, even when you choose not to see it.

We are really supported in these energies by the presence of the death card. Now, this card is all about transformation, isn’t this so funnily accurate? The death of the old self, as we transition, into a lighter, more aware sense of ourselves. Death, inevitably brings mourning, but we are advised to know that this is not our final stop, and there is much more ahead of us. We cannot afford to get caught up in this transitory period, we are moving, flowing, and this, we must embrace.

The moon, speaks of feminine energies, whilst the king of cups, is a balanced masculine energy. Once again, this relates to our internal power struggles, and how they manifest themselves in our romantic relationships. Green, is representative of the heart chakra, so the masculine must really take a look at him, or herself at this time, and all of the wounds and blockages that have been accumulated over time.

The moon arrives to intensify this healing period, and to bring to light hidden, more feminine aspects, enabling us to sit with our pain this time, and not avoid it, in the ways in which we may have in the past. This is a fantastic juxtaposition, showing that this particular healing period is well rounded, as opposed to other times, we may have focused on minute portions of our pain. Now, we are being asked to consider the entire picture.

The chariot, is our go, go, go button. Once we know ourselves, and we realise how we have been self sabotaging, we create a clear path of healing for us to walk on, and we are told to look forward, to be direct, to be clear, and not to get hung up on the past. Whether this be our romantic past, or the past of our parents, or even their parents. This journey, is about constantly looking forward. We are living in babylon – literally, and the only thing that will save you, is to be you. Not what has been done to you. Not what others perceive you to be. Not what others think is correct. Not what society says needs to be done.

The chariot says, you are strong, you are bold, you are a powerful driving force. You have just lost your way a little, you have just been deceived alot. But now, slowly, gradually, you are leaving things behind on this journey, so your chariot becomes lighter, so your journey, becomes faster.

A very symbolic aspect of this particular full moon, I felt was the death of legendary artist, Prince. Not only was he born on the 7th day, but he was the life path 9, which represents completion, whilst the 7th, represents perfection. I ask us all to take comfort, in our symbol, (pun intended), of the journey that awaits us. Perfection, completion, and resolution, all in tandem with death.


Happy healing my angels – I am with you all at this time, in faith, and in light,  but especially, in dark.



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General weekly reading [Full Moon Edition {Scorpio uprising}]18th-24th April.

general weekly..jpg

Main theme – The moon, surrounding cards -, six of swords, three of swords, seven of pentacles, two of wands.

Wow, you guys have no idea how excited I am to be delivering you this week’s taro energy forecast! When I first started shuffling the cards, I did receive this really magnificent excitable energy, but I had NO idea that it was going to be this amazing!

So, the first thing that struck out to me with this reading, was the fact that the theme card that I pulled is the moon, and this week, on the 22nd, we have a full moon in Scorpio. Now, those of you who know me intimately, will know that I have a quite favourable attitude, and connection, to both the sun sign of Scorpio, and the moon, both card, and the actual moon. This is absolutely fantastic, so straight away, we are off to a beautiful start!

The reason that Scorpio is among one of my favourite signs, is because Scorpio is all about the shamanic initiation! This sign is not only deep, but it is dark! Scorpios are incredibly powerful spiritual beings, but they are so susceptible to the dark side, and to shadow feelings, because of how intense their feelings can go.

If you have ever met a Scorpio, you can bet yourself that they have deep eyes, and also, a very deep, and profound background story, if they were ever to let their guard down enough, to let you in and tell you that is – Hah! Highly unlikely. They are all about the secrets, perhaps because of shame. And a lot of Scorpio’s deal with this theme of shame.

All about the underworld, death, rebirth, and darkness, this week’s full moon deals with our inner most deep, sacred, and hidden wounds. This is all about the cleansing, and the healing of the shadow self, and yes, I’m talking going back to childhood wounding and trauma. Pay special attention to dreams this week, especially those of child hood homes, or child hood fantasies.

Because the moon also represents the subconscious, and the feminine, I feel as if this is going to be a very powerful time for healing the divine feminine, and I’m not talking about on a small scale, I mean the feminine collective!

Wounds to do with shame, vulnerability, and being seen will present themselves heavily this week, and the feminine will be forced to look at her shadow self, but I do not feel as if this is going to be something painful, although pretty frightening at first. This is all about the deep cleansing, and the deep healing, and although i mentioned the divine feminine template healing, this is also going to benefit the divine masculine, in a BIG way.

You see, because within him, also exists the divine feminine, that has also been stifled, and starved, all of this time. This allows the masculine this week also the opportunity to heal, and perhaps look at himself in a deep way, in ways he hasn’t really before been brave enough to look into. Remember, the full moon shines a light in the dark, on what is hidden, and everything that we have been trembling in the dark about, will find its way to meet us.

The six of swords, in conjunction with the three of swords, definitely speaks of healing the heart, and healing the past. We had a lot of heart chakra activity also mentioned in the previous week’s reading, so i feel as if this is just a continuation of the depth of healing, past relationships, and past traumas. Because of the intensity of the moon, we may experience these feelings more potent than ever, but we are also coming into the realisation of WHY these painful experiences took place, and that is really offering us a hand in healing!

Maybe we are learning to lean on others for support, as the six of swords usually indicates company, or assistance in our healing journey.The moon is notorious for affecting water, Scorpio is a water sign, and the six of swords is all about the journey across water, so we are really dealing with raw emotion, and feminine presence this week. Watch out for that surprisingly in many men who fit the role of ‘hyper masculine’, or emotionally stunted this week also!

The seven of pentacles so beautiful graces us to inform us that all of our hard work IS paying off, i did mention more than once or twice that this is the numerological 9 year. [ See here http://spiritualpoet.tumblr.com/post/136854040970/numerology-report-2016-year-of-the-number-9-and ] 9 is all about completion, activation, resolution, and karma being resolved. We truly have been working hard. Ever since the awakening began, and because 7 is a very esoteric number, i do feel that this also points to working hard on a spiritual, and etheric level, and now you are about to see this hard work pay off. In healing you will reap these rewards, and generally feel much lighter, and clearer. You will have a better sense of where you have come from, and where you would like to go.

The two of wands also affirms this journey with the promise of a new beginning! Wow, you are healing, and growing, and realising, and all of that opens up a new door way of possibility on the horizon for you. You no longer need to look back, because you have dealt with the past, and now you can sow all of your seeds, successfully.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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Full moon in Leo! Our first full moon of the year, journey to self empowerment, twin flames, what it means, and what we have all been feeling. 


Hey guys! I am so excited to be back with you all, for another year, sharing all of my findings, and uniting with you, in spiritual fire!

Yes, fire, and heat, because that is all that our glorious FIRST full moon of the year will be focusing on this month.

Okay, so before I start, let me just give you all a little bit of information, about our bright, and blazing zodiac Leo! 

Leo is an absolutely brilliant zodiac to begin the first full moon of the year with, and I am so excited that in the first month, we were greeted with the energy of Capricorn, and now, the equally stormy energy of Leo! This is definitely indicative of the fact that this year (numerological year of the number 9), is taking absolutely no breaks in propelling us toward self actualisation, and our ultimate best!

This is definitely not the year of sitting around, and feeling sorry for ourselves, oh no, this is the year of fighting, of leadership, of standing up, and standing out!

Leo is often referred to as Leo, the lion, and this is because of everything that the zodiac of Leo represents. Strength, leadership, security, and empowerment.

When we think of the lion, we think of an animal that is in charge of their territory, seemingly fearless, whilst still remaining true to its loyalties, of family gathering, and responsibilities to the work, and home, in the case of the lion, ‘hunting’, going after what you want, and ensuring that this benefits not only you, but the community that you are providing for.

In this instance, this moon is all about creativity, self empowerment, and truth! How does our creativity serve those around us? How is our creativity fitting in with our truth? Are we digging deep enough, and offering the most authentic version of ourselves? Are we using our pain to motivate us? Or, are we still using our pain as an excuse to remain flaccid, dormant, and inactive!

Sweetheart, this year, is not the spoon feeder! It will not allow us to delve so deeply into our wounds, that we remain demotivated in the same ways that last year allowed us to. Last year was very much about the welcoming, and re-integration of feminine energies, whereas this year, is all about the integration of masculine energy, and realising how this energy can be our friend, and actually propel us toward our highest heights.

Now, this is very important within the twin flame setting, especially for the female twin flames who usually happen to also be the stayers. It is important to challenge your relationship with men, and the ways in which you view men, especially the twin flame women who have estranged ,or strained relationships with their fathers. Healing this blockage, will offer you entirely new perspective on the twin flame union, especially your own.

Sure, masculine energy can seem like a pain. Especially if it is hyper masculine. But masculine energy does not have to be viewed in the sense of overpowering, and conquering, and we can take this full moon to see how it can actually motivate us, to chase our goals, and not to dwell on past miseries!

Empowerment is not meant to be scary!

For many old soul, healer types, empowerment may be confused as confrontation, and the thought of confrontation for those types, is just enough to send them over the emotional, and energetic edge, fretting with anxiety, and a racing pulse. But, it is time for us, to re-invent the ways in which we perceive empowerment, and wing true to ones self. Your duty on this earth is all about speaking your truth, not only that, but BEING your truth. It is time to self actualise. To realise how valuable, and necessary your voice is, and to come out of the timidity that causes you to be shy, or uncertain about standing your ground.

You must stand your ground, and protect your tetritory, just as the lion does! 

Creativity is absolutely magnificent, because it offers us the opportunity for alchemy, transforming something less than desirable (ie pain), into something valuable, like wisdom, and awakening for the masses. Most of my best poetry, and pieces were post twin flame separation, and during my dark night of the soul!

It is time for us to focus on how negative experiences can be utilised beneficially on our journey, and acknowledging that they do NOT have to paralyse us.

Has your art, and your creative flow been honest lately, are you digging in as deeply to ypurself, and your truth as possible? Or are you still afraid of what people may make of your truth. The best art is naked, vulnerable, unconcerned with societal perception. The ones whom it is meant for, need it more than anything.

How brave, and bold the lion is.

The lion has absolutely zero use for fitting in, and blending into normality. It’s mane alone speaks of its desire to take charge, and to be recognised for the divine creature that it is! The message from this full moon in Leo, is encouraging you to step outside of yourself, to be the divine instrument of love, light and truth that you are, regardless to the ways in which this may intimidate the other animals within the jungle.

You can no longer be concerned with upsetting others, nor offending them, when so much is at stake! You are a warrior of truth, and a way shower, so please continue to show the way, even if you have to burn some bridges, and set some bushes on fire in the process. Ofcourse, the lion knows that its responsibility to itself, and its pack means that it is less than favourable with the other species that share inhabitance with it, but what does the lion care? As I mentioned, there is far more at stake than being ‘liked’ here.

Twin flames; a lesson in empowerment, not victim consciousness.


In the lion family, within the animal kingdom, there is a very clear order, and hirearchy. Yes, the male lion is considered to be the leader of the pack, but rather, it is the female lion who may tame him, and whom he takes heed to. But do not be mistaken, the female lion is equally as vicious, if not more than her male counterparts, particularly if she is protecting her young, or if she has been left to fend for herself!

This is a very important lesson for the twin flame female in the union, (the one embodying mostly feminine energies) to realise. She is a powerful, and unstoppable force all on her own. And being ‘on her own’, is actually an opportunity for an acceleration of her strength, and not the opposite. 

The kingdom is hers.. Whether or not her ‘king’ is currently present. So, what if he has other territory to cover? Parts of the wilderness left explored, more hunting to do? Does this mean that he should be persecuted? His freedom stunted? Or should he be celebrated for his fiery determination, and desire for strength?

Traditionally, and biologically, the female is the stayer, the one who keeps watch of the forteess, and awaits for the male to return from hunting. But why should we adhere to familiar doctrine?

This full moon in Leo asks all twin flame women to seek wholeness by becoming that very masculine energy that they so desire, and admire. Not chasing it, but becoming it. It holds so very much to teach.

Once she can shift her perception in this way, her twin flame runner is no longer an enemy, or a perpetrator, because she is no longer a victim.
Full moon meditation –

I stand strong in my truth.

I am one with my truth.

I am capable of immense, and powerful manifestation.

I am a warrior, not a victim.
Blessed be my sacred beings ~
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Twin flames; Week of shadows and mirrors.

Hello once again all of my soulful, and beautiful twin flame companions! As per usual, I would just like to note that although this article is directed toward twin flames, highly sensitive, highly empathic, old soul-ed healers will also benefit from this!

Now, before I begin, I would just like to once again touch up on the fact that in the days leading up to a full moon, those most sensitive to earthly and planetary sensations, (most notably empaths) will be aware of the emotional, and mental effects.

Full moons are a very luminous time in our lives where light is constantly being shined on all of the darkness that remains in our soul. For those of us who are, ‘called’, this is most notably the inbuilt fear systems that we are still holding onto, and any energetic blockages of that kind, that keep us in a denser energy. 

Each full moon, and each major numerological/astrological event has brought us closer this year towards purging, and cleansing, and you could say that everything going on in the world right now is pointing to old systems of power and corruption erupting, and a people losing faith in a failing system.

Yes, I am quite sure that you would have noticed, even those whom you once thought would never see the light of day, are finally awakening to minor truths about the way that we see things, and the world that we live in. It won’t be long until they realise the extent to which the wall has been pulled over the eyes, and once they do, this sets the plan in motion for an absolute epidemic, and pandemic of a revolution of consciousness.

So much is going on behind the scenes, we have seen fear tactics being used heavily by the media in recent days to try and manipulate the energy flow of the collective conscious, and turn us away from the light codes that are being downloaded upon us. Everywhere we look, we are to be victims of callous energy, and division/ separation consciousness, which is exactly what we have been trying to Pull away from! 

So what does this mean for twin flames and old soul-ed healers? Well, since they are all so very receptive to universal energies, right now, their own fears of separation and division are being magnified, and amplified. Much like they are among the collective consciousness.

You are separate from your fellow brother. You must fear attack, defeat, and betrayal, are all of the messages being subliminally fed to the earth right now… And in return, twin flames and healers everywhere would have experienced intense moments of doubting, and judging themselves.

Who is the self? 

Is the shadow the self?

Is there truly any light at the end of the tunnel?

These are all of the doubts that have been made apparent. More so than ever, as they find themselves on the brink of destruction, and creation, these beautiful souls are taking one last glimpse into the past, and pondering the possibility of a new future. They know they are on the edge, but they just do not know what of. 

Your lover, is your mirror.


So, you wonder why your twin flame or soul connection does not make contact? Does not attempt to ‘fix’ or ‘patch’ things up, even considering the distance..

Well what are you doing? What are you feeling? And what are you experiencing? 

Do you still suffer from feelings of low self worth? If you have the crippling fear that your love may be uninterested in you because they have found somebody who makes them happier, then perhaps you are still feeding into the notion that you are somehow inferior. In which case, it is very likely that your twin can not bet on long lasting Union, because they also are experiencing feelings of inferiority. Typically, the runner twin subconsciously feels as if they are not good enough for the remaining twin. 

So if you find that during this time your shadow self is ravenous, so is that of your twin flames.

Always listen to the messages that your soul are trying to bring to you. Try to look deeply within, and never without.

Letting go, death and the ego.

As this full moon looms, and asks us to think about our feelings, it also asks us to truly consider the feelings that we have for our twin. Do we still find ourselves in a deep state of misery, fury, anxiety, and loneliness? This Union was never intended to be punishment. The universe would never send you a piece of your life lesson in order for you to remain in a place of excruciating pain. Be very weary of twin flame advice that tries to paint the pain of this Union as, ‘just another part of the process’. Whilst it very much is, this pain is not intended to remain festering as pain, but rather to draw your heart toward God, yourself, and wholeness consciousness.

The only reason this Union and longing will still feel excruciating, is if you are still hanging on to ideals about what love should be like, and what you need to experience to make you feel loved, or worthy. 

Do not go through your pain, grow through your pain.

Let Go.

Let God.

You do not have to let go of your love to practice non attachment, or to experience the death/rebirth process. 

You simply just have to let go. 

Stop taking everything so seriously. 

Stop worrying so much about the past, just let go and see what happens.

As we prepare to enter the zodiac of Sagittarius/Ophiuchus, we are asked to use the wisdom attained to illuminate our path, and use our pain to teach others. We are asked to look deeper within, as we journey toward the bigger questions, who are we? 

Why are we here?
Blessed be, Cindy ~

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