General Weekly Reading – 17th-23rd April 2017 – The beauty of simplicity, the simplicity of beautiful living/Karmic bonds – unchained.



general weekly

Main theme, (9 of cups), Surrounding cards – 5 of pentacles, 6 of cups, the moon, 8 of pentacles, king of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 17th (8) – 23rd (5) – karma, infinity, unconditional love, freedom from restriction, liberation, freedom from exile – change, freedom, new beginnings, death//rebirth.

The 9 of cups as the main theme is representative of emotional fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, and contentment. What is your greatest wish? That which leaves one feeling safe, secure, and supported.

There is likely an incident that takes place either earlier this week, or at some mid point in the week that causes us to experience a state of bliss. Despite how small, or momentary, this even causes us to seek more joy, or greater splendor. Is it a wish that you wishes into existence? Perhaps peace, and harmony at the state of a new found joy.

For you are able to experience the smaller things, the birds in the morning, the sky in the evenings.. It is all apart of a greater puzzle, despite the struggle that the 5 of pentacles teases us with.

Our near past was filled with a lot of strife, and our inner strength takes us on a peaceful journey to set to work for what we want.

Th 8 of pentacles is baby steps and concentration. Rome was certainly not build in a day, and patience shows great faith.

Things are coming together in a beautiful way, once we allow them to.


Abundance is the fruits of your labour. What you have worked for, and will work for that seats across the table from you now.

Beware of the 5 of pentacles energy of being or feeling deprived, or worn down this week. It does not seem to pose too great of a threat, however, it is still smart to be mindful of.

The 6 of cups is that sense of delight from the past. Maybe nostalgia or positive past memories that reconcile you with a simpler time – your connection to peace, happiness, frivolousness, and joy.

The king of wands KNOWS what life is about, when we forget, this king energy is here to remind us of why we work so hard.

To serve.

And what do we serve?

We serve God, or our source, our creator, in every moment that we show our appreciation.

This lie that you have been telling yourself is coming to an end gradually with the 5 of pentacles. Feeling abandoned, isolated, and mistreated is an old paradigm. It is associated with you having to purge yourself of drama, karma, and trauma that you took on from those around you. Your familiars.

What was not yours to keep..


The king of wands is this new found strength in the battlefield. You may find yourself this week feeling like you can conquer anything, and you can, it is all in your attitude.

This is a week of karmic returns. It could be old loves returning to give you some perspective, new insight, and to help you to let go of your poverty mentality.

You worked for this. If you have been putting in the work, this week it is going to show.

The moon represents illumination, so we are feeling things very clearly this week, instead of thinking them, or seeing them, pay attention to your feelings.

It’s a time of being very connected to our emotions. We may be drawing information, and inspiration from our dreams, or even experiencing a whole new reality when we sleep. Your dreams this week could be very interesting in terms of pointing the way for you to understand yourself more, and process all of your emotions.

For many, your divination skills are growing, and you can almost cut through the falsity and the fallacies with great accuracy, just to see the truth. Cancelling out whatever on the way is a non-truth, or doing you a disservice.

Generosity, friendship, kindness – the simple things in life. Somebody may give you flowers. Somebody may stop you on the street and tell you how beautiful you are.

It is giving, and receiving, and being open to it all. It’s all about warmth, and safety, and protection, and if you have a guardian angel, or a specific deity, or somebody passed who you feel watched over you, you’re likely to really feel them this week.

The 6 of cups could be a sign, or a message from a loved one that you have really been waiting for.

There is likely a transparency in your relationships this week, suggesting you completed much work last week in facing up to, and eradicating some of the lasting bonds associated with blockages to do with intimacy, and community building.

Likely, the contentment from the 9 of cups comes from a relationship of passion, or honour, platonic or romantic. Enjoy this, you worked for this simpler time – to reap its rewards.

p The three P’s –

  • Passion.
  • Power.
  • Purpose.

Are highlighted to us once again this week. In order for us to exercise personal power, we need to have a passion towards life, towards what we do, we NEED to believe in life once again, and this week may serve as the reminder for why we should..

Our purpose is this passion, mixed with this power, and the results that it creates!


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Last week, I taught about two deities from various religious/spiritual faiths;  The archangel Gabriel, from the Christian faith, and the goddess Harmonia from the ancient Greek traditions. 

This week presents a story of triumph for both – especially the divine feminine, and we will be learning more about a popular, and prominent figure of feminine inspiration, and victory against the odds – Esther Afua Ocloo, a Ghanaian female entrepreneur who came from poverty, and also came to establish a world wide name for herself, and her business organisations.


The feminine awakens even more this week to her divine gifts, and is able to sit in her heart space even more, making her healing even MORE potent, because she does not hold onto ill feeling, resentment, or so much confusion about her chosen path, or her chosen past.

The masculine is making forward movement and progression once again finally – and could be seeking some type of counselling, support, or community in order to  create a reformation of his thoughts, or general character. The destination is clear. They both recognise now that there is so much more to life, and the next weeks will see them position themselves in a place to live from point 0.  No past. And an abundant future. This 10 year takes full effect.

tf weekly

I decided to draw a number of extra cards this week, as I felt that there was a lot of energy that wanted to reveal itself. The Rumi oracle card chosen, is ‘The passion for purpose’ card, which sets our souls ablaze..

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General weekly reading 27th March-2nd April 2017 – A blast from the subconscious past, that lasts.


Main theme – Page of cups, Surrounding cards – 4 of swords, 9 of pentacles, 3 of cups, page of wands, The archangel Raphael.

Numerological break down calculation – 27th (9) – The integration of spiritually based lessons, creativity through pain, neglecting abandonment consciousness, dealing with childhood wounds – 2 – Balance, co-operation, faith, harmony, love, and relationships.

For this weeks general weekly reading, we take a close glimpse at the archetype of the fish, as it governs two of the cards that are presented before us, once in the page of cups card, and again in the angel Raphael card.. The animals that make an appearance in this weeks general weekly reading are quite symbolic, and this is a big week for healing, transition, growth, and spiritual understanding. But, we will get to that all later..

The fish presented in the cup of the page represents the exploration of consciousness, particularly the unconscious mind, so dreams may be particularly powerful, abundant, or prophetic this week.  Try setting an intention for something you would like to know, or understand before going to sleep, and then taking a note book into the bedroom with you, so that you can remember what it is that you dreamed of. 

Likely, it is a time that more of us are expressing our spiritual nature, and those of us who have been called to see beyond the veil, but have been distracted by societal propaganda, are now too coming back to reveal what has always tried to reveal itself to us.

The page of cups truly is about letting go.. The boyish charm, and wonder in the eyes of the figure relates to somebody who is carefree, perhaps they trust the free spirited nature of water to always support them, and for mother earth to always, ‘have their back’, no matter what occurs.. The antithesis of the one who is always worrying, anxious, tight lipped, or stressed.. Likely, we borrow this trait from a family member who passed it down to us, likely a masculine figure, though not always. This week inspires you to pull all of that back, and to dare to dream, to dare to just exist, without worrying, about paying bills, about failure, or what is around the corner.. This is not neglecting your responsibilities, but simply working at them, without allowing them to rule you.

Past life prompts may be made more apparent to you this week also. What causes your underlying fears of betrayal, or departure?  This is  a wonderful time to conjure your hopes, and dreams, as your subconscious mind is most receptive at this time of input, and output alike. 

Even MORE consciousness reigns supreme. The legendary Carl Jung once said,

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

The energy of the great mother, and the great healer  (Yemojah) is in abundance this week also. This is the purest version of the divine feminine essence, not the destructive, or dark element that has been shown to us in previous weeks, in order to accelerate our growth, and awareness of the shadow aspect. We have done so much shadow work, and it is time now to gather ourselves to embrace a lighter aspect of ourselves, that seeks to bring the shadow to light, for healing, and resolution. 

This energy of the great mother inspires us to trust, to trust love again, to open our hearts to healing, and to trust the divine, and have no fears about the doors that are currently being open for us. Panic, and trust in God have no home together. 

This is about unconditional love. And learning how to accept it, when we have never had it before, instead of pushing it away. We assess our vulnerability in love. The page of cups is a youthful, poetic, and innocent love, but we have to let love into our hearts enough, to be as vulnerable as he.

There are so many connotations here with great beings that have been bringing us sacred knowledge for centuries – (Research the Dogon tribe, and the Nommos).

The 3 of cups represents unity. Yes, this is a very spiritual week, and I feel as if this has to do with our foundations, our family life, and acceptance among ourselves, and our community. The traditional theory of the holy trinity – the father, the son, and the holy spirit very outlandishly branded the feminine essence insignificant in this holy triad of sorts, and this is very much about learning to de-program our minds of feminine inclusion. 

We could be finding our place in the world this week by re-connecting with past life, or soul connections. There is a healing of family issues, perhaps breaking away from self blame, taking responsibility for others, or identifying ways that we may have pushed others away because of our inability to function as apart of a healthy united dynamic. 

The 4 of swords is a contemplative energy. Our psyche undergoes transformation this week, and we may be made to rest, or slow down in order to entirely digest the information that comes to us. The word re-group springs to mind. 

The 4 of swords is also indicative of returning to the body finally, not feeling as if mind, body, and spirit are separate. 

The 3 of cups is a blending of yourself that needs to take place in order for you to feel whole again. This could be a blending of your emotional self, with your expressive self, with your hard working self.

Placing ones self back together, as you have been so scattered, and fragmented. 

With the page of wands, there is inner child healing also occurring at this time. We take a look at our sense of expression, and perhaps blockages in the form of how we expressive ourselves. If we are truly to be bold, authentic, and stand in our power in the way that Aries energy suggests – View the FULL impactful New moon in Aries energy read here –

then we will NEED to be expressive. Song, dance, poetry, and laughter are ways that we can connect with this inner voice inside of us that is dying to be expressed. 

We are to look creatively toward the future, neglecting the strains of the past. If indeed we find we hold scars related to receiving, and being disappointed, the page of wands is stepping out of the fear body, and expressing what has been silenced. Do not be afraid of your own intensity, or expression, and do NOT be afraid to be seen any longer.

The 9 of pentacles is divine feminine grace, and blessings. When you trust in the most high, the most high provides. Dare to dream, because you are open and deserving of blessings. JUST as much as the next person.

The bird that sits perched on the figure in the 9 of pentacles is also pretty symbolic.. The bird represents freedom, higher knowledge, and higher vision, and it seems to have flown around, and returned to her, as she too embarks on a journey of completion. This is also very symbolic of love as a message to us, and how true love equals freedom. We should not fear abandonment, or neglect. If indeed, the love that is housed for us is true, it could do a 360 around the globe, but will still always return to us. In the mean time, it is our own crops that we should mind. 

Turn your creative inner world into a business venture, plant seeds everywhere that you go, and watch great things manifest. Spring id a wonderful time to use your creative genius. 

Archangel Raphael – I am strengthened and healed by the power of divine love.


Raphael (Standard Hebrew רָפָאֵל, Rāfāʾēl, “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal”) is an archangel of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who in the Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth major angel; in the Muslim tradition, he is known as Israfil.

Heavenly function – Angel of healing through joy.

Gifts for earth – He can help us to seek the gift of healing; he helps us find the healing n nature and universal energy.

Raphael is seen walking with a staff or caduceus entwined with a snake, symbolising healing. He carries a water gourd and in front of him leaps the curative fish. He is often shown with his right forefinger pointing upwards towards heaven in a gesture of reassurance, and hope, reminding us where true healing comes from.

The symbol of this snake is very significant for what is occurring this week, as snakes represent transformation, death/rebirth, and the sunsign of Ophiuchus – which is associated with the divine feminine, Resurrection, and medicine.

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General Weekly Reading ~ Valentines special – 13th-19th February 2017; The expression of the self, What do we want in love?

general weekly.jpg

Main theme – King of pentacles, Surrounding cards – The world, The hanged man, Page of swords, Knight of wands, Clarifying card – the lovers.

Numerological break down calculation – 13 – Karmic debt, Paying off debts, Resurrection, (1+3) = 4 – Order, structure, stability, Foundations, 19th – (1+9) = 10 – Beginnings, and endings, ultimate balance, creation, and destruction, the all that is. 1 – New beginnings, inspiration, 9 – Conclusion, resolution, healing, completion. 

The king of pentacles talks about the energy of the boss – and leveling up. This week may highlight to us a lot of the areas where we are still struggling to find balance. This is a very karmic week, so we may find ourselves pondering, and remembering specific important, or pivotal moments in our lives that shaped us in some way or another.. The king of pentacles may ask that we accept these memories for what they are, no matter how painful, instead of turning to worldly, or material matters in order to quell, or deny what we are experiencing.

This is a week of paying back karmic debt, and 13 is a very karmic number that talks of needing to deal with, and lay to rest issues of the past that have been unresolved. Therefore, the king of pentacles can also relate to getting your just desserts. If you have been putting in the work, and building this foundation, then you will reap the fruits of your reward.

The king of pentacles, can sometimes be ‘too grounded’. This can be an individual who is often cut off from their emotions, from their intuition, or from others, because they have this sole desire to acquire finances, and a certain of luxury. Of-course this week speaks of hard work, and building a steady foundation, but it also asks us what we are planning to do once this foundation has been built? Valentines day definitely creates an imprint on our energies this week. We could be thinking long term now, many of us who were just consumed with financial status, may be finding that it is unfulfilling, and it is truly a love of the soul, or the heart that grants somebody true wealth..

A lot of us will be pondering what truly makes us happy this week.. The knight of wands is a message of authentic happiness coming through. Something may remind us of the feeling of feeling alive.. It could be viewing lovers on valentines day doting on each other, that reminds you that there is so much more to life than just monetary gain.. See the figure in the card the king of pentacles, even though he appears to have all that he desires, there seems to be nobody around to share it with. Perhaps his ego has got the better of him, and he has spent too much time focused on accumulating, and has forgotten about those around him..

For those of us who are single, we could be wondering what we are finally going to do once we achieve our dreams, who we are going to share it with, or even contemplating how our current partner fits into the mold of who we are becoming. The page of swords could see us communicating thoughts that we have held onto for a long time. At this risk of being alone, you need to communicate these things, to clear your own mind, and your own conscience. The knight of wands can sometimes be a rude awakening, this could be a message that re-ignites your soul, especially if you have been asleep for along time. Remember what love is supposed to feel like? Or, have you been so shut off from it for so long that you have settled with the bare minimum? A lot of people need to open themselves up, in order to be raw, which may feel like an open wound being pressed. But this is alot about our blockages, and wounds in relation to love. We have a lot of walls built up when we have been hurt, or when we have had unhealthy displays of love shown to us,  but this is no excuse to live a mediocre, or a deprived life, especially when love is the inspiration for all of our art. 

The world card, is death, and rebirth. We are floating in a very special space right now. We have a very profound, and vivid knowledge of the past, and all that occurred, yet we can also see into the future, and all that can be promised to us. We are making connections about where we are at this point, and where we have been based on our new access to this higher consciousness that we are obtaining. This is knowledge of past actions, and behaviours, and times where we have acted out of ego.. Yes, ego seeks to come through right now for those of us who have always given away too much of ourselves, however, for those of us who have lived excessively in ego, the world card seeks to call an ending to that.

The King of pentacles can talk of a long, cold, and hard winter, where we have to pool our resources, and gather all of our energetic value, because we never know when the drought is going to end, or begin. This can be taken in terms of energetic currency.. It is so important for you to be self sufficient in the sense that you have your own worth, and value, so that you do not need to rely too much on that of others, blurring the lines between yourself, and them. Maturity in love is gained when we gain a stronger perspective, and understanding of ourselves. We come to know our worth, and our place in the world. 

This could be the week that you find your soul mate, because of all of the work that you have done to clear {understand} yourself, or, this could be the week you come to profound realisations about your love life. The page of swords, and the knight of wands talk of the desire to deliver a message, although one may not fully know how to deliver this message, or how this message will be received.. A lot is changing for us in terms of our thoughts, and perceptions in love, and the world card could mean that a lot of us are outgrowing old love stories, or even old lovers, and the page of swords may be our need to communicate that to them, so that we can focus on ourselves, and our own growth.Maybe we have been too reliant, or too focused on this individual, and time away, or apart from them could be just what we require to rediscover ourselves.

For others, the knight of wands could represent the courage to articulate to somebody how we feel. A more artistic side of ourselves may be gifting us with the gift of expression that we previously did not have. The hanged man is an entirely new perspective that gifts us with what we need to do. The old way has not, or was not working, so now, it is time to adopt a new method, even though that may make us feel somewhat uncomfortable. We cannot cling to the past for too long, especially as the world card has given us unlimited perception, and new consciousness. If we even try to fit into the old world, or old ways, we will feel like frauds this week, who are lying to ourselves, and lying to the cosmic plan.

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I must say this week’s reading is very powerful once again & as the weeks press on we just seem to go deeper into our journey of self discovery & soulful understanding..
Monumental transitions exist currently for the masculine, & it is the feminine who continues to rise to the endless challenges presented…

I would once again like to mention how often tough a time it has been for us all, especially in regards to spiritual maturity, and emotional, and mental growth. This week highlights a lot of these issues, and I would also like to highlight that, just because we experience so many dark nights of the souls so frequently apart, does not mean that we are in some way regressing, or that we are not still on this healing journey. The beginning of this 10 year, (creation, and destruction) has been ripe with surprises, epiphanies, and the uprooting of many major, and deeply embedded traumas, and psychological difficulties. Should we take heed to the messages that present themselves, we should now find ourselves moving towards a more calm equilibrium, especially as we draw closer to March, the 3 month that seeds us balance, and integrate many of our shadow aspects, and our learned high modules of thinking.

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Join us all to check in with this week’s fumbles, falls & rises…
& stay in tune with spirits hum..

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2017.

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General Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; My karma, and I. A new start to the year..


Main theme – Justice, Surrounding cards – Queen of pentacles, Page of pentacles, King of wands, Two of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

Happy new year my darlings! First  of all, I would just like to state what a wonderful journey it has been with you all since I first started doing these readings last year. They actually just started off as something that I was trying out, so I am absolutely ecstatic that they took off in this way and were so successful! I hope you guys receive as much joy reading them, as I do writing them..  

 I had a few unfortunate incidences last week, and I ended up losing the work that I did for the weekly, and twin flame weekly reading, so this weeks reading covers two weeks worth of energy, which I still feel is pretty accurate, because no themes, or experiences are confined within a weeks space only, the same themes, and energies tend to follow us into the next week, and sometimes even into the next month. There is no strict or linear time line on this..

So, it has been a very crazy time.. A lot has been happening personally in my own life, in terms of lines that I have drawn in the sand, and targets that I have set for my own personal well being. The holidays are quite a strange time, I mean there is the energy of happiness, and family, and joy, but because of Astrological placements, and the energy conjured in December, it can also be a time of intense philosophical thought, nostalgia, and even slight depression. BUT, with promise, it does appear that the energy already is getting lighter, and easier for us to work with. Many of us will need to recover from what I like to call, the holiday blues. Time spent with family that highlights to us some of the trauma, or karmic cycles that we have picked up, or have had to endure over time.. Which brings me onto the beauty of this weeks reading; the main theme, is karma.

The justice card is suggestive of heavy karmic work that arrives in at this time. Justice being a major arcana, suggests a period of transformation on a core level in our lives – a complete re-invention of the things that have remained injustice, out of balance, and out of alignment with our soul’s demands.. In legal terms, justice speaks of things going in your favour, winning a court case, or proving your innocence, so, in spiritual terms, this is highly similar.. Justice is that which serves an order of integrity, morality, or keeps the balance, and the principles of life intact. What is right? What is wrong? And how can we live by, and uphold our ideals about what is fair? How have we been unfair, abusive, or potentially sneaky, and avoidant?

The justice card arrives to highlight to us cycles, specifically repetitive cycles that speak of dysfunction.. ‘Old’ karma that appears almost like a trap, because you keep doing it over, and over, especially if a part of you, (your intuition), knows that what you are doing is not in alignment with who you truly are.. This tackles the false layers of self that we have built over time in order to protect our inner child, our inner bruises, or separate ourselves from painful truths. What we have not wanted to face, is brought up for acknowledgement, and it is up to us to be heroic at this time, and do what IS right, because there is quite a clear distinction. This is not about the shadow self, and the higher self, this is about plain and simple, what serves your best intentions, and does not diminish your responsibility to others, and the well being of others. 

Possibly, an issue or an incident that does not sit well with you draws your attention to areas that you have tried to ignore. You may even catch a glimpse of your former self in those moments. If you are non-pleased with what you see, it is important to forgive yourself, for the times that you did not know better. For the times that you were so out of touch with your intuition, that you let the darkness get the best of you.. That you did things that you regret. 

These cycles are not brought to your attention to shame you, but rather so that you can reconcile with yourself, and with others. Restoring balance, and order into your life is of the utmost important at this time, and rectifying old wrongs..The two of swords indicates that strength is needed at this time in order to make a vital decision. You may feel compromised, between your intuition, and your rational/logical thought, but a decision must be made if you are truly to get on track in terms of restoring balance into your life.. This decision may relate to cutting something out, or releasing something that no longer serves who you have come to be.. You may even notice that certain friends, or family members around you have been toxic, and you need to decide how best to handle this, so that it does not interfere with your own well being. This could be a decision that YOU need to make to walk away from something, or somebody, maybe temporarily, or maybe indefinitely.. You will have to see how the wind blows, but in conjunction with the justice card, it appears that this choice or decision that you must make will alter your life in a pretty major way… There’s something that you need to decide to be done with. This may relate to finally sticking up for yourself in some way, or by declaring self respect..

‘I am not going to do this anymore’ ‘I am not going to PUT UP with this anymore’, is the echoes of your soul at this time, and you need to stick to your convictions, or I promise, the same bullshit will keep happening.. You can forgive whoever you need to forgive, but if you go right back to  being the same with them, without having a conversation about what occurred, you will find that the same scenarios continue to unfold. If something is depriving you, then it is not up to that thing to remove itself from your life, it is up to you to modify where necessary, or remove it entirely. Life does not bend to your will. If you want change? CHANGE. This could point to something that you knew intuitively was bad, but you just chose to ignore it, like, ‘Well, it’s fun, so it doesn’t really matter’… Or, ‘Well, it’s not that bad.. ALL the time’.. Yeah, it is time to stop making excuses for poor behaviours, and injustice. You have been through enough to KNOW better now.. Use discernment, it is time to DO better..

The king of wands this week, is representative of a strong, and sturdy will power. Spiritually, you will need to level up, and tune your energy if you are really going to go after this change, and make modifications to your habits, and ways of doing. You need to know that you are deserving of change, in order to strike change, and the king of wands is that confident in himself – that his self love alone is a motivating factor. This is the inspiration for change.. When your energy boosts itself, naturally you attract things, and experiences of a higher vibration, but you need to let go of what is of a lower vibration first. You have to have a certain amount of BOSS energy to change your life. The willpower to say no, the strength to abstain, even when times get hard, or temptation is difficult. This type of energy is actually very specific in trying to come through for highly sensitive individuals, old soul healer types, empaths etc who spent most of their lives very shy, meek, or unsure of themselves. They may have hidden their talents, walked in their own shadows, maybe it was a result of being bullied, (even by family members potentially), that shut them down in this way.. BUT with the king of wands, you better get up and claim your throne.. Nobody is going to do it for you. You ARE strong, and you ARE capable, and so much self talk is encouraged this week, as you are building, and fighting against the negative voices of the former template. 

The page of pentacles touches directly on inner child issues, and this cross over that we are attempting to make. Perhaps the holidays, and time spent with your family triggered you negatively to regress. Regression in psychology talks about, going back to a former state of being that no longer represents you, when you are around specific people. So, this may be you now, in your adult form, as successful, and independent, but, when you are around your family, you morph back into this uncertain, and clumsy individual, despite all the work that you have done,  just because this fits an archetypal (routine) dynamic. We have to be very mindful of regression, because once it is over, we are likely to feel very wounded, or disappointed in ourselves because of it.

Break up with your negative family karma! You have seen life OUTSIDE of the template, never, ever forget that.. That gives you power.. Not saying you should stunt on your family  members who are still in the dark, but just remember, you do not have to subscribe to any experience that does not sit well with your wisdom. The page of pentacles is a message from your inner child about how you are going to create these new opportunities, and experiences for yourself. One step at a time is encouraged, in order to morph into the queen of pentacles eventually.. There may be a naivity, or an innocence present in y ou at this time, because you are not exactly certain of the steps that you are going to take to build this new reality, but you are ready, and willing to just go.. More than often? That is enough to start a fire! The page sees vision, so even if his fruits are far from manifest, it is okay.. Because, he is on his way to them. Think of yourself in this way. You are not there yet.. But you know how to work towards there..You know what ‘there’ looks like. There must be an implementation of new habits, that will eventually develop into patterns, this week.. We are all about working with PATTERNS, breaking some, and creating some new ones. 

What areas of your life do you need to change based upon recent awakening experiences? You do not need to start big. You do not need to be too dramatic about this change. This is not about grand new years resolutions that put you off in the first week because you have demanded too much of yourself. The smaller steps do add up. Do not let anybody tell you that they do not, or will not.. You just tackle them first! The page of pentacles shows determination to take something small, and invest it, until it potentially becomes self producing.. If you do something for long enough, it becomes a habit.. You do it almost without thinking about it.It is all about getting started.. We often procrastinate because we are afraid of failing. But..Imagine if there was no such thing as failure? Only practice.. 

I encourage a lot of inner dialect with the inner child this week.. Ask you what mini you wants?How value can be brought to the adult self now. The queen of pentacles, like the king of wands, describes standing in your power, and trusting your worth to bring you value in multiple areas. This is an individual who is creative, successful, and grounded, as the colour red represents the root chakra – our sense of safety, the antithesis of anxiety – the conquering of our obstacles! 

What marked your childhood experiences? Did you not like your walk? Well… Work on developing a more confident walk, who will ever know?

Were you teased for being over weight? Sign up to the gym, begin running every morning, and transform that memory within yourself..  Newness IS promised, but the level, and impact of change is dependent on the work that you are willing to do.

With the information that you have acquired, especially through your triggers, you should be almost unstoppable at this point. Alot of feminine energies, are learning to balance their inner masculine side, going after what they want, not being afraid, nor confined by judgement, or persecution consciousness.  With the king of wands, a lot of masculine energies are connecting with their feminine side by finding spiritual strength – God speaking through them, (think of a Sagittarius man – very philosophical, and aware), literally LIT on fire, with knowledge through channeling. 


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading – 12th-18th December 2016; Fight to the finish, future plans, and establishing healthier foundations.


Main theme – Five of wands, Surrounding cards – King of cups, Page of pentacles, The star, Knight of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 12th – 3 ( Creation, expansion, manifestation, communication, and exploration) – 9 – ( Creativity + compassion for others, creating a new home space, Healing abandonment consciousness, resolution, completion. 

The five of wands as the main theme represents the struggle against ones self, in particular this week, one’s former self, and one’s lower self. The fight to the finish can mean a struggle against family karma, or old templates that keep us tied to a certain way of living. Because the number 5 represents change, there is a deep internal change that is trying to occur on a spiritual level, but in order for full transformation to occur, we need to establish a balance within, so this is the fight between our two selves, the higher self, and the shadow self, the masculine side, and the feminine side. 

We may find ourselves this week struggling against or challenging old triggers, particularly emotional triggers, as they attempt to regress us to a less accomplished version of ourselves. Whenever the 5 of wands appears, we seek expansion. And naturally, if you wish to come up on top, you must fight! This is the very nature of existence. The sperm that made you, had to fight to the finish line in order for you to be CREATED. In the same way, we must fight the old ways now, in order to create an entirely NEW path.. We could be fighting against in our world externally, and fighting with old friends, or seeing friction between family members, and those we once felt connected to. Do not fret if you find people from the past falling away, or your new views are being challenged by those around you – this is all being constructed to re-shape your spirit. To show you that you truly do have a warrior spirit, and even though you have already been through so much, you can handle what comes your way.. And it will mature you for the next stage of your life that you are about to enter – which will require more conviction, and dedication from you.

The page of pentacles represents us walking away at some point this week from the strenuous struggle that is the inner battle. Many of us DO defeat the doubt of our lower selves, and can walk away, preserving something that we have taken from the fight, perhaps a new perspective, plan, or piece of advise to share with others. The pentacle represents a message that we have carried from our past experiences, perhaps this is something that our inner child has learnt through self observation, and wishes to share with others. This could be an idea, a charity, or a business venture that we have been inspired to follow – relatively in its early stages, but we are showing a lot of passion towards it this week. This is the, ‘I do not wish to struggle against myself anymore. But THIS is what my struggle has taught me’. Perhaps to have a more strong work ethic, to take more chances, to take a different path, to be more organised, or to deliver a message about healing etc.

The star card is representative of us lighting a way this week. We are definitely sharing our gifts with others, which more than likely is also offering us a renewed sense of hope, passion, and purpose. This is like a rebirth of our consciousness, particularly our subconscious, to channel our emotions in a new way, to express ourselves, and to give back. Representative of the zodiac of Aquarius’ the water bearer here is the one who gives knowledge, insight, and hope to others. There is a promise of a better tomorrow, even in the spells of negativity that we experience this week, there is still the hint that things really are not as bad as they once were – because they are not.  The star card can also represent divine guidance, a divine presence that follows us, and guides what we do, and heals us in our worst moments. Do not be afraid to look for some extra help this week, or to call on more guidance if you are feeling weakened. Something as simple as saying, ‘God be with me’, ‘God protect me’, or ‘Alhamdulilah’, when your heart is heavy, may assist you with the courage needed to carry on..

The king of cups is the desire to express ourselves, and our emotions in a healthier way this week. Even if we are feeling emotionally overburdened, there is a sense that we will not resort to unhealthy tactics or means to cope. Instead, we may be extra creative at this time, allowing all of the emotion to flow to, and fro us, also gifting us with strong intuitive insight, and new ideas. The king of cups also represents a balance between our emotions, and our responsibility to others. We may be much more emotionally vigilant this week, and more responsible for the energy that we create, and the energy that we give out. A healthier form of expression is definitely pursued, as there is the sense that we are growing all too tired of the everyday battles, and contradictions.

There is an illumination of the patterns that lead to restriction, or overreaction, and the knight of pentacles represents us looking out into the future, and focused on tasks, goals, and accomplishments that we have set for ourselves, with the expanding knowledge that we can achieve, and conquer new territory. The maturity of a project, business venture, or idea is largely dependent on our healing, and the ability to develop some sort of routine thus week. 

I DO see victory ahead, but it MUST be worked toward. Self accountability, goes a LONG way this week!

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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