SCORPIO – Taro reading, Week 3-11th. What are you currently feeling?

Hello, my wonderful Scorpio’s! Yes, this is truly one of my more random, and spontaneous readings, but spirit called for me to do this, and i never refuse to answer such a call!

So here, i will quickly lay out a spread that i have intuitively drawn for Scorpio. This spread will focus on what Scorpio is currently feeling, and the themes that are influencing Scorpio’s behaviour.


Taro cards.


Six of swords + Nine of wands + Justice + Queen of cups.

With the six of swords present, it appears as if Scorpio, you are enduring some sort of healing process, as this describes a move. This may be a physical move, in which you can break away from a certain limitation, or life situation that was causing you stress, in order to move towards happier times, and inevitably, better health.

You may be experiencing mental break throughs, going through past deeds, any past misdeeds, and assessing things that have unfolded in your life up till this point. This nine of wands proves that you are entering a new phase in your life, perhaps where loose ends are being tied up, or you are truly motivated to cultivate some type of wholeness, and inner peace. I feel that you are maturing in many ways, and you are coming to understand that the cultivation of hard work, and doing what needs to be done should take much priority.

The justice card suggests once again, that you have had past misdeeds on your mind. Perhaps you feel that you have been treated unfairly in life, or perhaps you are feeling as if you have treated others unfairly, as a result of you being first treated in this way. Whatever way this plays out, you are truly seeking a sense of justice right now, desperate for wrongs, to be righted, so that you can have that completion present within the 9 of wands.

The queen of cups suggests you may be feeling highly emotional at this time, highly sensitive, highly intuitive, highly psychic, or perhaps, (if you are male), this represents a woman in your life who embodies these energies. Perhaps you are reminiscing over good times spent with her, and you have acknowledged ways in which you behaved that may have brought her pain, or discomfort, and now you are really focused on gaining that JUSTICE for you both. You may even be feeling as if this person is the one who can bring you the wholeness present within the 9 of wands.

If you are a woman, then it is likely that you are this queen, you may have been a warrior for love, enduring many past hurts, and now you are awakening to the realisation that you deserve more than what you have been receiving, and you demand this JUSTICE, in order to move into a happier life period, and finally achieve the wholeness, completion, and satisfaction that you have been working toward.

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  Blessed be, my sacred beings – I wish you happy healing!

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Hoarding – An Empath’s guide to emotional junk.


Throughout my journey as an empath, (and an observant one at that), i have found that many of those who are also empaths, or exhibit high levels of emotional sensitivity, seem to have a common theme, a problem of letting go.

Whether this manifests internally, or externally, it appears that to be an empath, comes with the added worry of lack, and never having enough, therefore, holding on tirelessly, and often dangerously, to things that should be let go of, dropped off, and left at the station, so to speak.

This desire to hoard, and inability to release things, does not just extend to things that the empath enjoys, or prefers, and can also extend to things that the empath sees absolutely no use for, and things that are weighing them down.

Bad memories, painful experiences, emotional triggers, and resentment, are just but a list of things that the average person can drop far quicker than the empath, who wishes so desperately to keep everything so close to their heart.

It is in my humble opinion, and my metaphysical understanding of balance, that what ever exists internally, will manifest itself externally. Many empaths, including myself, have found ourselves at one point or another surrounded by items, clothes, and useless things that congest our living space, and even make it difficult for us to feel at peace in our surroundings.

This creates a very mirrored journal of what is happening for us internally at the time. Whilst our minds are scattered, and we are neglecting ourselves, we also neglect everything in our surroundings.

We neglect to realise that so many of the things that we are holding onto, we do not need, and actually have no use for. Clothes, from 5/6 years ago that hardly fit anymore, will find themselves lovingly wrapped up in the corner of a shelf in an empaths bedroom. Why? Simply because the empath is so sentimental, and so sensitive to abandonment, that they perceive that ridding themselves of this item, will somehow invalidate the time period in which it was born, including the memories, persons, and experiences attached to the specific garment, or thing.

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It is our fear of loss, and being lost, that often cause us to hoard that which no longer desires to be hold, also creating an air of stagnant energy, that tends to repel newness, whilst collecting unwanted dust within our spaces. Much like the dust that collects within us when we refuse to part with the old, the outdated, and the unwanted.

Regularly cleansing your space, ridding yourself of old items, and changing the arrangement of your room, (living area), will allow you to keep level headed, clear minded, and open to new possibilities whilst you are struggling with transition, or even struggling with yourself.

Try packing a bag of things to give away to charity. This way you do not have to worry about your beloved items laying alone in a ditch somewhere. You will know that somebody else will appreciate them, and cherish them, exactly in the same ways that you once have. The energy of perpetual flow, in motion.

If you still find it difficult to rid yourself of certain items, see if you can imagine yourself using them, wearing them, or needing them in the near future. If you cannot, and you cannot remember the last time that they were of use to you, then it is best to let go.

Also, try to move the position of your bed, perhaps closer to the window so that the healing sun-rays hit your pillows, and your sheets, even whilst you are away.



If you have the room, move the positioning of your wardrobe, television (if you own one – though it is best not to sleep with one in the room), and try to completely transform the former contents of your room. It is best to position things in a way that lets the most light into your room, lighter, paler colours are also encouraged for your walls, as this creates the illusion of a wider, more opened space.




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Aromatherapy is a brand of therapy dependent on the belief that certain scents have a profound effect on our mental, psychological, physical and even spiritual well being.

This form of therapy may be used in conjunction with traditional methods, (such as medicinal therapy), or may be used as an alternative form of medicine therapy.

I have found that a combination of both is most successful for persons suffering from severe, or persistent mental disturbances.

Different incense smells entice different reactions, so it is important for the buyer to ensure that they do not have any predisposed sensitivities to incense smoke, or lung irritation.
Visual stimulation is also very important in cognitive functioning, so I typically provide products that are the colours green, blue, and purple, as these pertain to heart chakra healing, calmness, and spiritual development.

In my personal experience, aromatherapy has enhanced my ability to relax, assisted me in meditation, and provided a backdrop, along with music for me to tap into an altered state of mind, perfectly suited to writing, and creative art production.

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