General Weekly Reading – 27th February – 5th March; Endings, new beginnings, Death/rebirth cycle- future visualisation is medicine.


Main theme – The empress, Surrounding cards – 8 of wands, Death, The fool, 8 of cups – Angel card – The guardian angel of service.

Numerological break down calculation – 27th – Moving through abandonment consciousness, healing through creativity, and service to others, understanding the self, burying the past – 5 – Change, Rebirth, and transition, liberation, humanitarianism, increased sensitivities.

Spring is yet to arrive, however, many of us are feeling the full effects of the energies of transformation, and new life taking bloom out of the darkness.. The empress card,is very much in tune with the energies of new life, fertility, and being the right time  for things to reach their cull capacity.. There may be alot of creative energy, and also sexual energy available at this time. If you  have existed with the feeling that life is dull for quite a while,or as if you are ready to embark upon a new venture, this is the week that will see you putting plans in place to make that a reality.. This is the week that you will be ready to let go of what no longer serves you, as it becomes more, and more apparent that the fruitful life that you seek, is out of accordance with your current reality..The empress may represent maturity, perhaps you have had a growths spurt, an inclination to become more responsible of that which you currently co-create, and you are asked to evaluate what,and who in your immediate surroundings support this growth. Where would you go if you had no proverbial chains/shackles around your feet? What would you do if you could do anything? And what is your motivation towards making that happen? Any time that we endure a metaphysical rebirth, we are asked to challenge the existing fears that we have about death. Because to change,means to let an old part of your life die.. The number 5 represents the ultimate in change, freedom, and liberation. Some of our most notable life path 5’s have been freedom fighters,(Afeni Shakur),and have fought for the entire toppling of old rigid systems.. So I ask again,what no longer serves you in this life that is  rife with opportunity for freedom, and exaltation.

The empress appearing with the death card denotes a POWERFUL energy of death,and rebirth,which also runs very strongly throughout this weeks twinflame weekly reading, (see bottom to make purchase), and is everything to do with the energy of Kali, the dark goddess, and what this 10 year represents. 1(creation, absolution, the beginning), 0 (endings, birth, death, destruction, darkness, nothingness). We will see it played out infront of us this week.. How the destruction of elements of our life give rise to even new life,and how we have repeated  this process  in our lives so many times before.. Something is shifting for us in a major way, and for a lot of us, this is happening beneath the surface. Something new,and bountiful seeks to rise within,and it is pushing everything that is stale out of our way..The big bang theory is but a metaphor for what occurs this week..Elements are brought together in a major way – colliding to show you some forms of truth, that you may not have been open to prior to these past 2weeks.. It was actually a lot to do with the intense energetic clearings of last week,and the past few weeks that brought you here this week, and much strength, courage, and determination is shown.

You are coming out of a period of darkness this week, that mirrors not knowing, or not being clear about yourself,and what you would like to achieve..The empress could represent you being pregnant with ideas, or things that you would like to accomplish. You may be receiving so much insight into where it is that you must go,and the fool card expresses a careless wisdom to go in the direction of what you want. Perhaps you have no idea where you will end up, or where some of these new ventures may take you, but you are filled with the enthusiasm to try out something new, I mean, anything must be better than a life of uncertainty? No?With the 8 of wands, the empress could be news of a pregnancy,literally for many of us, that causes us to change the course of our current life’s direction. The fool card could be the journey of a beginning of motherhood, whilst the 8 of cups means leaving past habits behind that may not be conducive with parent hood.

The 8 of wands for many could also be travel.. It could be that you are moving to a new location,or travelling to somewhere you have never been..You could be filled with anxiety over this, because it’s actually something pretty special,but a new life does lie in waiting here for you, potentially with a lot of soul mates for you to meet also. You could suddenly have a new opportunity sitting in the palm of your hands. Something you are nurturing,and putting your best efforts towards that is ready to be unleashed,and revealed to the world. A product,or book perhaps?  The 8 of wands could also relate to a message, you may be sending this message out because you feel it is the right time to do so, or, this could be a message that comes to you about it being the right time to take action in your life. Fast movement is suggested with the 8 of wands,so something suddenly kicks into gear for you, and you do not feel like wasting anymore time,  or allowing life to pass you by.

Death, can represent a healthy form of detachment. So whilst some of us this week may be walking away from past, or karmic relationships, many of us are finally feeling ready to enter into new partnerships, or explore the possibility of what this may mean.. Certainly for many of my twinflame readers, alot of the feminine have spoken of broadening their horizons in this way.. There is the feeling especially with the fool that many have felt burdened in their lives, and forward movement that is swift could mean travelling lighter,cutting out some of the bullshit that we have to deal with day to day.. Things, or relationships that are dragging on bringing stress to our load. Whether the separation is temporary or permanent,there is a change in energetic dynamic this week that appeals to our call for expansion,and wanting more.

Maybe, some of you are walking away from attachment in general. Many healers lately have been giving the trumpet call to a lot of trainee healers, or highly sensitive beings who found themselves in karmic, and psychological loops of draining relationships. Learning more about what co-dependent relationships are, and what narcissists are, is helping a lot of people to re-evaluate their attachment with attachment in itself. The empress card could be attaching ourselves, or re-directing our focus to something that is going to nurture us,as opposed to giving our attention away to lifeless situations. The past has much to teach. 

Blockages move out of the way with the 8 of wands, and the 8 of cups draws fourth what it is that we seek. With the fool, the 8 of cups, and the death card all together, I could not even begin to describe how monumental this week is for change, and awakening. There is so much clarity for people who have been wanting this type of clarity, who have had these questions for so long. The 8 of cups could be the final decision to walk away.. To go in search of who you are,and what you really want. There is a breaking of procrastination, and this thought that things must be executed with accuracy, and precision at this time.. We can no longer be unclear, because that takes away so much of our precious time. 

Being your best self is highly encouraged this week.. Waking up, and feeling as if you are the most important person in your world. Changing your surroundings so that they mirror who you are now. You may want to throw out some old items, and take yourself shopping for some new things. The empress is really all about self love, and luxury,and knowing what you deserve. This is light coming from the darkness,this is feminine love – maternal,and forgiving,and affectionate. The efforts that you have put in, come out at this time.

It is time to leave behind so many things that were just extra baggage to you,  because they were weighing you down it appears , and trying to trick you somehow, or deter you from entering this new path.. This could have been a very dense energy that you almost felt obliged to carry with you for whatever reason.. The empress wishes to give you the fruits of life, but asks how you give these fruits to yourself? This is the energy of Yemojah (Yemaya),the water goddess who washes away our past, giving us a fresh perspective, but gives her children the tools to operate as channeling vessels of herself.. You  have to take this energetic baptism, and run with it, nurture it.. How are you taking care of yourself? How are you making yourself a priority, and your own self care? People will only respond to you how you respond to yourself.. A vital lesson in attracting the love that you desire!

Angel card –

Angelic realm – Angel of the heaven of form.

Angel function: To teach us how to give from our hearts.

Gifts for earth: It can help you to understand the nature of giving to others, allow yourself to be given to;appreciate the spiritual function of service.

The angel holds a dove, symbolising willingness to help. It blesses all who dedicate their life energy to helping to make this planet a happier and easier place to live in. It brings the light of divine grace to all who willingness give their lives to the service of helping others. 

This card relates to two things – our desire to help others, and our ability to help others through helping ourselves. This angel appears to offer extra strength and divine guidance to all those who walk the healing path – though it may not be easy at times, we are always rewarded in unforeseen ways, should we take initiative to open ourselves up to these rewards, and allow them to reveal themselves to us, and open up in our lives.. We must grow accustom to receiving help,guidance,and assistance from others,as many seemingly kind strangers are actually penance for our previous kind deeds, or from our service to the planet, simply by means of existence. Do not forget so readily to give to yourself what you give to others all of the time.  There is so much beauty in understanding that you are at the right place at the right time, and that you are deserving of a life that is filled with joy,and blessing,so that you may impose even greater blessings,unto the lives of others..

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A fresh door opens up for us with the determined energy of a new month. March takes us even deeper into the glory of what is a year of ultimate destruction, and creation – the 10 year that is 2017. The number 3 governs the month of communication, creative partnership, enthusiasm, and the energy of birthing. 

Twin Flame weekly reading preview – Twin flame weekly reading  – 27th February – 5th March 2017 – The inspiration of liberation , new beginnings, Death/rebirth, and the search for expansive, creative innovation. 


Masculine – Left hand side, Feminine- right hand side.. Crowning (5 of pentacles),Main themes – The sun/death.

could it be for many twins that the idealistic desire for change far outweighs the actual courage, conviction, dedication, and pattern formation to be able to actually carry out, or create change?

For a while now, many twins have known what they have had to do, but have been stubborn and rigid to change, for many reasons. A lot of those reasons could include fear, procrastination, uncertainty, or comfortability. Perhaps abandonment issues make it difficult for us to separate ourselves from certain places, or things, because of our long standing fear of death.. Which is exactly the energy that this week brings about.

This is what the sun energy seeks to clear. Perhaps we are asked to tap into our creative nature so that we may communicate that which we have kept buried, and hidden for so long. It is important not to keep things locked away in our minds, because, then what it is time to express ourselves, we truly do not know how, and end up creating further turmoil for ourselves. 

This could even represent some feminine energies considering dating other people.. A desire to go out and experience the world may even create this opportunity for them to explore new relationships – either romantic, or platonic. She definitely seeks to expand her network, this could relate to her internal requirement for learning. She could be going on a journey this week to seek for higher knowledge, and awareness.. The energy of death sweeping away her old world means that she wants to search for what is beyond that world. This is like peeking over a wall where you can see vast land – different, and seemingly more prosperous than yours..

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Awakening the divine masculine, rebirth, accepting feminine intervention; and making peace with your emotions.

So how does he do it? How does he cope? After being emotionally stunted for more than 3000 years, how does the divine masculine re-familiarise himself with feminine principles, and allow himself to settle into his emotions, without creating an uncomfortable feeling?

Well, I would love to tell you, (him), that this will happen naturally, but this is just not something that I can do. And this form of integration will take both some time, and some patience – from both parties.

As the divine feminine returns, and bids to make her mark on reclaiming her masculine counter part, she will without a doubt encounter resistance from the opposing side, the hyper masculine, masculine energies, who associate her with weakness, and submission.

The divine masculine has remained in hiding for a long time because of this. You see, because this new form of man, who was born with an empathic mission, was also born with a higher than average level of feminine energy, the most high knew that he would need this, to carry out his mission, to be the peace maker.

Because he has learnt how to blend into his society so well, he may even go unnoticed as the truthfully deep sensitive that he is. He may even find himself surrounded by a group of friends who fit the hyper masculine archetype, or at least – heavily attempt to.

He remains in-cognito, only displaying his deeply intuitive, and emotional tendencies, on the rare efforts that he sees fit. Generally, he is gifted by the most high with something reminiscent of a twin flame, (if you believe in that theory), a highly spiritual soul counterpart, with whom he first fully uncovers, and expresses, the depth of his nature. It is likely that she will be the one who re-introduces him to the divine feminine. After their meeting, the man will never be the same. His transformation has begun.

The entire process is a re-birth, and will challenge him to completely re-wire the ways that he views manhood, the ways in which he views his relationship with his father, and most importantly, his relationship of wounding with his father.

Through this spiritual evolution, he will begin to understand the traumas associated with up holding this masculine template, and how alienating the divine feminine has only brought both friction, and disassociation between both parties. He, more than anyone understands the shame associated with appearing as a, ‘weak man’.  

He, also more than anyone, knows the struggle to maintain this act.

His emotions will see to it that he opens up a gateway, whether he intends to or not, he will be gifted with the ability to endure the entire emotional spectrum, and he must decide from there on, cautiously, where to place his time and energies. 

His mission is in awakening the male collective that surrounds him, and in doing so, he will be granted the opportunity for expansion, and immense manifestation abilities.
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Woman, like myself..

I find it funny, (I say funny, but I truly mean appalling), how the female body is only regarded when it is being used, or viewed for sexual pleasures/purposes, and society pretty much over looks it in every other respect. Mention pornography, and you will find a multi billion pound/dollar franchise, that only continues in growth and expansion. However, mention breast feeding, and menstrual cycles, and the many ways in which the female body changes and evolves after child birth, and nobody really wants to know.
So much so, that there is hardly any information readily available or even taught about how women can appropriately cater to their bodies, whilst protecting themselves from energetic and sexual invasion. Penetration is not the only way that a woman’s body may be dishonoured.
Did you know that the Yoni was self cleansing? That the very narrative of a woman’s vagina being ‘loose’ based upon sexual activity is invalid, and in concrete because the vagina is designed to maintain elasticity. 

Did you know that the act of nipple stimulation is not only a sexual act, but releases oxytocin, (a bonding chemical), that releases feelings of love, relaxation, and comfort within the woman?

So, it is more than merely stimulation, but within her you are awakening a deep pool of love, that mimics the intimacy between mother and child..

I pray for the day people stop seeing the female body as merely a sexual function, and appreciates it for the multi dimensional facet it is. Perhaps, this will change the way that we view sexuality also.. 
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Why a woman’s menstrual cycle is the absolute best time of the month! 

Yes, you most certainly read that headline correctly! Just in case you were wondering if you had somehow jumbled up the placement of the words, you have not, and you have just stumbled upon a page that thoroughly celebrates not only women, but all of the glorious facets that come along with them!

Now I am not talking about doing anything too ‘kinky’, or unorthodox here like going out and shouting to the world that you are on your menstrual cycle, (whilst providing evident proof), but as we welcome home the divine feminine, I believe that it is only right that we challenge, and replace old, patriarchal, mysogynistic, religious systems that regarded women, and their monthly visits as ‘disgusting’, or ‘unholy’.

Much of the documentation that has been written about women, and their bodies during this time was constructed around patriarchal, misinformed, and down right women-bashing ideologies! None of which were rooted in concrete fact, but were simply apart of a male dominated, self righteous coo that was occurring on a wider scale to discredit, and dethrone women.

(If you would like to know more about the displacement of women in social and cultural hierarchies, there is plenty of information available on the Internet about the establishment of ‘the new world’).

There is even religious scripture that attempts to indicate that the reason some women suffer painful menstrual cramps is because Eve was the cause of the fall from Eden – yes as ridiculous as it sounds, this has been used to justify both child bearing pains, and menstrual cramps. The belief that women are by nature, both faulty, and unholy.

So if it were indeed to be true this perception, then why would it be that God would still choose such unrighteous souls to behave as vehicles for new souls incarnating on to this earth? Wouldn’t that in turn mean that each soul in passing through her, would too inherit some of her uncleanliness, and unholiness? Therefore rendering all of man kind by default unclean, and unholy? Though made in ‘his’ image?

And why is it that this very same unholy act of menstruating is the very same occurrence associated with the ability to keep us healthy enough to even bear children?

Indeed, if you look at it this way, then in-fact, the menstrual cycle is not only an inclination of health, but also a requirement of it. We have all heard of the issues of women suffering from bulemia, anorexia, and a host of other bodily issues, who can not, and in fact, do not experience their monthly cycles. The correlation here is, if their bodies were in ‘healthier’, more nourished States, then naturally, it would do what comes naturally to a vitalised source, and behave in accordance.

And, I am sure we have also all heard of the women who experience menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, and report that upon ingesting certain foods, such as sugar, dairy, or meat, their cycles, only intensify in both pain, and flow. So why exactly is this?

Well the belief is, that instead of being seen as an act of uncleanliness, and dirtiness, a woman’s menstrual cycle is actually the time when she is undergoing intense cleansing, rejuvenation, and detoxifying processes.

It is believed that attached to, or within the blood that is lost, are also any remains of sexual debris (unwanted sexual energy, or DNA associated with previous partners), and also any unhealthy foods, thoughts, or ill health that is stored within the womb of the woman. This is similar to mucus in a sense, which also transforms toxins out of the body when a person is experiencing a cold, or a flu.

So of course it would make sense that upon ingesting foods of low vibration, or of a parasitic nature, the body produces a thicker flow, and more pressure to cleanse, thus resulting in the magnified pain, and flow.

Much trauma and spiritual energy is located in the centre of a woman’s womb. This is the very reason why sexual assaults and invasions carry such impactful psychological, and spiritual disruption. The menstrual cycle is simply a way to even out the score, allow women a chance every month, to be reborn.

Whilst of course, reminding us of our never ending connection to nature, the divine, and the earth. I mean, you only have to keep up with the moon cycles to know how connected we are, most women’s menstrual cycles roughly, or very accurately co-respond to either the full moon, or the new moons appearance.

Flowing goddess of love and light.

There is also a wide spread belief, along with scientific research that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, she is most attractive to men. This is because her skin is said to develop a healthy glow, as she is currently (shedding old skins), and her hips are said to appear wider, which has always been known to drive the male species crazy!

Embrace your inner goddess, and natural earth connection!

Take care of yourself during your period. Do the things that you enjoy.

Stop, be still, and be present with your body.

If you find that you are more emotional, or irritable than usual, perhaps you are only experiencing the symptoms of emotions that you have been suppressing, or ignoring in the previous month(s).
Blessed be my sacred moon beams ~

In order to love, and to come to terms with everything that it means to be woman, and to celebrate womanhood, it is important to understand the intricate workings behind the facets of womanhood.

Undoing centuries of internalised misogyny about women, and women’s bodies, probably won’t happen right away, but there are smaller steps to take, for instance, finding empowerment, in the parts about womanhood that were previously deemed ‘taboo’, or ‘undesirable’ by patriarchal teachings.

PMS is nothing to be ashamed, nor silenced about. It is, in my interpretation, a mini dark night of the soul, in which we are allowed to cleanse, and purge ourselves of any emotional afflictions hoarded during that month. Their arrival, and piercing of the surface should be monitored, take the time to slow down, and listen to what your sadness/frustration/anger, is truly trying to tell you. Where is it coming from? What can you do to pay homage to it?
This also provides an amazing opportunity to monitor our health, as foods that contain artificial, or unnatural hormones will induce PMS in us, that is out of our ordinary range of emotion. The more intense your PMS is, the more you must pay attention to the regulation of your body.

The degree to which a woman’s period is painful, indicates how powerful her inner nature supposedly is, and the level of pain to which she can endure.

It is incredibly important for sufferers of Dysmenorrhea to take great care of themselves during their time of menstruation, and to experiment with, and find coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. In cultures outside of the West, women take the time during menstruation to be separated from the village/community, and honour their wombs with sacred ritual, and care giving. It is considered a blessed time in which the woman is most connected both to her psychic, and intuitive knowing, and can bring back valuable knowledge for her community.




Armand Baltazar – photo credits.

Because Dysmenorrhea tends to begin so early on in the menstruation stage, alot of sufferers can feel as if they have been robbed of their childhood, or that they have had their innocence taken away from them particularly early. I identify with going through this process particularly early, (at the age of 11), and i remember feeling like this was not something that i could discuss with my peers, as they would not understand, (many of them had no started their periods, and the ones who had, did not experience so much pain).

Scientists, and medical professionals are still unsure as to why this pain even exists, and many theorise that it is something to do with a lack of oxygen travelling through, and to the womb, (fallopian tube) during the time of menstruation. Whatever theory you may have heard about painful periods, i do not believe that this period, (pardon the pun), should be so painful, or so disdainful. If society do not view it important enough to find natural, or long lasting relief for these symptoms, then i believe that it is up to us as women, to experiment with different techniques, and bring this healing knowledge fourth to the rest of us.

Whilst discussing ‘periods’, still remains taboo, regardless of the fact that, discussion of, admiration for, and exploration of, the female body remains one of the main interests of general society, we are still alienating, and segregating women from the access to  all aspects of themselves, and their wholeness.

Women should not have to play up to the societal expectations of them as sexual, and visually stimulating beings, whilst cowering away in shame, and discontent when addressing other areas of womanhood, and what it means to be ‘seen’, in relation to womanhood. Periods will continue to occur, until the time of menopause. It is time that we stop hiding this portion of femininity in secrecy, and teaching future generations of women coming into their own, that they are from offset of puberty, somehow more shameful, and burdensome.

Cindy Anneh-bu

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