General weekly reading [Full Moon Edition {Scorpio uprising}]18th-24th April.

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Main theme – The moon, surrounding cards -, six of swords, three of swords, seven of pentacles, two of wands.

Wow, you guys have no idea how excited I am to be delivering you this week’s taro energy forecast! When I first started shuffling the cards, I did receive this really magnificent excitable energy, but I had NO idea that it was going to be this amazing!

So, the first thing that struck out to me with this reading, was the fact that the theme card that I pulled is the moon, and this week, on the 22nd, we have a full moon in Scorpio. Now, those of you who know me intimately, will know that I have a quite favourable attitude, and connection, to both the sun sign of Scorpio, and the moon, both card, and the actual moon. This is absolutely fantastic, so straight away, we are off to a beautiful start!

The reason that Scorpio is among one of my favourite signs, is because Scorpio is all about the shamanic initiation! This sign is not only deep, but it is dark! Scorpios are incredibly powerful spiritual beings, but they are so susceptible to the dark side, and to shadow feelings, because of how intense their feelings can go.

If you have ever met a Scorpio, you can bet yourself that they have deep eyes, and also, a very deep, and profound background story, if they were ever to let their guard down enough, to let you in and tell you that is – Hah! Highly unlikely. They are all about the secrets, perhaps because of shame. And a lot of Scorpio’s deal with this theme of shame.

All about the underworld, death, rebirth, and darkness, this week’s full moon deals with our inner most deep, sacred, and hidden wounds. This is all about the cleansing, and the healing of the shadow self, and yes, I’m talking going back to childhood wounding and trauma. Pay special attention to dreams this week, especially those of child hood homes, or child hood fantasies.

Because the moon also represents the subconscious, and the feminine, I feel as if this is going to be a very powerful time for healing the divine feminine, and I’m not talking about on a small scale, I mean the feminine collective!

Wounds to do with shame, vulnerability, and being seen will present themselves heavily this week, and the feminine will be forced to look at her shadow self, but I do not feel as if this is going to be something painful, although pretty frightening at first. This is all about the deep cleansing, and the deep healing, and although i mentioned the divine feminine template healing, this is also going to benefit the divine masculine, in a BIG way.

You see, because within him, also exists the divine feminine, that has also been stifled, and starved, all of this time. This allows the masculine this week also the opportunity to heal, and perhaps look at himself in a deep way, in ways he hasn’t really before been brave enough to look into. Remember, the full moon shines a light in the dark, on what is hidden, and everything that we have been trembling in the dark about, will find its way to meet us.

The six of swords, in conjunction with the three of swords, definitely speaks of healing the heart, and healing the past. We had a lot of heart chakra activity also mentioned in the previous week’s reading, so i feel as if this is just a continuation of the depth of healing, past relationships, and past traumas. Because of the intensity of the moon, we may experience these feelings more potent than ever, but we are also coming into the realisation of WHY these painful experiences took place, and that is really offering us a hand in healing!

Maybe we are learning to lean on others for support, as the six of swords usually indicates company, or assistance in our healing journey.The moon is notorious for affecting water, Scorpio is a water sign, and the six of swords is all about the journey across water, so we are really dealing with raw emotion, and feminine presence this week. Watch out for that surprisingly in many men who fit the role of ‘hyper masculine’, or emotionally stunted this week also!

The seven of pentacles so beautiful graces us to inform us that all of our hard work IS paying off, i did mention more than once or twice that this is the numerological 9 year. [ See here ] 9 is all about completion, activation, resolution, and karma being resolved. We truly have been working hard. Ever since the awakening began, and because 7 is a very esoteric number, i do feel that this also points to working hard on a spiritual, and etheric level, and now you are about to see this hard work pay off. In healing you will reap these rewards, and generally feel much lighter, and clearer. You will have a better sense of where you have come from, and where you would like to go.

The two of wands also affirms this journey with the promise of a new beginning! Wow, you are healing, and growing, and realising, and all of that opens up a new door way of possibility on the horizon for you. You no longer need to look back, because you have dealt with the past, and now you can sow all of your seeds, successfully.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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How Numerology/Astrology could have saved me from a failed love story.. Sample Report Version. 

Well, I thought what a better example to use than myself.

I experienced two life changing, transforming unions over the past few years. The first, was my ‘false twin flame’, twin flame prep, or rather ‘karmic attachment, and the second, was my actual twin flame, the true love of my soul. And guess what, both of them were the life path of 11. 

So I know what you are thinking, that pretty much means they were the same right? And that is why I confused the first with being my actual twin flame instead of a prep? Well, yes, and no. Those belonging to the same life path group may indeed mimick one another in a magnitude of ways, but depending on the individuals actual energetic imprint, and other influencing factors, such as star sign, two souls belonging to the same life path will vary in different ways.

So yes, both of these two men shared similar life path 11 energies, thriving internal worlds, intense intuition, and sensitivity, but they articulated this very differently.

My false twin flame was not a horrible man. If he was, I would never have fallen so deeply for him, (despite the fact that he was such an avid manipulator, who’s ego wouldn’t have had things any other way). He was simply consumed, by many things associated with being a wounded healer upon this journey, particularly narcissism.

My false twin was a Capricorn. Known for their seemingly cold, stand-offish and closed nature. Combined with being a life path 11, his thriving intuition and chaotic inner world meant that he developed an extra stern, and hard exterior, as not to let any news slip of his internal drama!

Capricorns, (men especially), have been taught from an early age that outward displays of emotion do not garner affectionate responses, and therefore tend to withhold emotion (viewing this as a statement of power), whilst finding ways to punish those who do open up, and who show a level of emotion that causes them to feel uncomfortable. 

So how was my life path 11 twin flame any different?


Well, for one, he was a Scorpio. Now scorpions, men especially, are known for their intensity, emotionally, and romantically. He was the 11 who was open about the chaos that became of his mind, allowing me the open space to reciprocate, opening up about my own experiences with over thinking as a life path 7, and cultivate an open trusting, intimate bond.

Scorpions are very sensitive to rejection, so whilst, my false twin was with holding emotion as a form of power/punishment/dominance, my true twin flame, simply held in his emotion through fear of being rejected, not through malice, not through manipulation, but through a fear of not being enough.

The Capricorn however, in his state of deprivation, had managed to convince himself that not only was he ‘enough’, but in-fact, was ‘too much’, and I should have been lucky to know him – cheeky or what?!
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