Twin Flames (Divine love) Weekly reading 26th September- 2nd October; Awakenings, and role reversals.


Main theme – King of wands, What is occurring for both twins – Eight of pentacles, Masculine – Three of swords, Ace of swords, The high priestess, Feminine – Three of pentacles, Two of wands, Justice.

Numerological break down of the week – 26 (2+6=8) – The number of karma, abundance, and breaking karmic patterns – 2 – The number of balance, co-operation, lovers, and resolution.

With the main theme being the king of wands, this week, both divine lovers are experiencing spiritual growth, and maturity, and opening themselves up to both admit, and receive the gifts that they have to bear. They are presenting themselves and their talents to the world this week, and no longer holding reservations about who they are, or what they have to offer. Going after their dreams, and proceeding in the direction of that which once seemed impossible, is the end goal for them this week.

The king of wands is bold in his endeavors. There is not a thing that he is unwilling to try, an obstacle, that he is unwilling to climb, and his creative influence is absolutely infectious, inspiring those who he meets along the way. With the eight of pentacles as what is occurring for both twins this week, this week, sacred lovers are most concerned with bringing something into existence. This is most likely something of financial prosperity, and something that enables them to put their creative talents, and abilities to good use. This may be the leap in faith that they have been waiting for – the go ahead to release that new project, finish writing that new book, or go after that brand new job opportunity. Whatever is occurring for them financially at this time, is truly happening on a spirit level. Once they break the chains that once caused them to play small, and be doubtful, the world is their oyster, everything is available to, and for them. Including the vital resources, and support along the way to ensure that their dreams actually do come true.

The number eight is also representative of karma, and breaking karmic restraints. This week sees divine lovers not only become aware of their karma, but also begin to re-direct, and personally alter the course of their energetic directions. Generating finance, new experiences, and showing the world the fruits of their mission. 

The king of wands no longer holds any guilt nor reserve about the spiritual gifts that he, or she has – a re-evaluation of persecution consciousness, no longer allowing the opinions, or judgement of others to stand in the way of their dreams. This may also be representative of the masculine fully stepping into his role as the divine masculine – embracing his fiery intuitive nature, and taking charge of situations that he once felt powerless in. This could see him displaying a sense of sensitivity & vulnerability by learning to yield it with empowerment consciousness – rather than allowing it to engulf, or destabilise him. No longer being ashamed, or repressive of his carrying of this unique, divine template.

With the three of swords on the side of the masculine, this week, he is experiencing some stress, worry, anxiety, and over thinking. Perhaps he perceives that the feminine is ignoring him, over him, does not want him anymore, or is not as interested in his advances. Although it may appear this way, actually, over on her side, with the three of pentacles, she is really focused on expansion, the expansion of her journey, on a physical, material, mental, and emotional level. She is just extremely about her career this week, and busy working on ways to establish her platform, and her portfolio. Perhaps in recent weeks, he has been the one distant, or ignoring her, and this has inspired her to take matters into her own hands, take control of her own dreams, and draw her focus towards something that she actually CAN control – her future. The feeling of helplessness that she has come to know, is no longer something that she is willing to entertain, nor put up with.

This is the role reversal we have been feeling happening on an unconscious level.

He could be making a gesture – proposal to the feminine this week, and may be worried, or slightly reluctant as he fears rejection, at the sight of her seeming lack of interest. The ace of swords is representative of this mental breakthrough that he will be experiencing. He has been stuck in victim consciousness quite a lot over these past few weeks, thinking excessively, pondering things over time, and time again, and giving himself unnecessary amounts of stress and confusion. This week, will see him snapping himself out of these mental loop holes, by instantly knowing what to do. Perhaps this is in relation to the feminine, returning to her once he has cleared his mind, and is thinking more in accordance with who he is, and what he wants. In deciding what he wants, he makes a gesture to articulate this to the divine feminine. 

Over on the feminine side, this gesture that has been made to her enables her to make a decision. She stands at a crossroads with the two of wands – decisions must be made, stay or go? The masculine returns from his slumber with a message, once he has acknowledged that this is what he wants, ‘This is how I feel. This is what I want. This is why I have been distant’. And although the divine feminine is still feeling him, and still feels the same about him, she wonders this week whether she can base her future on his seeming inconsistency – particularly as her focus now resides in stability, and longevity. 

He has spent the past few weeks beating himself up about his own decisions, and pondering his own future, and now he has finally decided, will it all be too late?

The feminine says, ‘Okay, that’s great that you’re ready. But I’ve taken this time to focus on myself, to cease co-dependent behaviours – to do other things’. This is all about the feminine facing a new journey that is ahead of her, endless possibilities are available to her as she opens herself back up to the world, and she will need to decide if this contains the masculine, or not, whether she can take him to the next stage with her – or not. 


The Justice card on the side of the feminine is an indication of just how much the new moon in Libra will be effecting her this week..This is all about inner balance, the understanding of self, the re-writing of karma, the uniting of lovers, and achieving a steady equilibrium. She wants to do things by the book this time – in recognising her old karmic themes, she is very, very conscious this week of ensuring that things do not travel down old pathways. If she does end up accepting this gesture from the masculine, it is because she wants to, and not because she NEEDS to. She HAS been thinking of him, but he is no longer her only focus, as she becomes more concerned with asserting self sustainability, and ending the runner/chaser dynamic, through no longer running from herself, or ignoring her own intuition. ‘I do not NEED to always be chasing you. I would like to chase my dreams’.

The high priestess on the side of the masculine is symbolic, both of his thoughts of the divine feminine, and the internal alchemy that is occurring within him. He is embracing the divine feminine, this week internally, and externally, realising finally that he cannot quite escape her, or her clutches, no matter what he tries. He may see her name pop up, or synchronous reminders of her in the most seemingly random places, and something within him will tell him that this is not at all a coincidence. This is the realisation that on a deep unconscious level his soul truly wants this union, his mind is only just recently allowing itself to accept this, and catch on to its truth. 

If he is indeed still worrying about this 3rd party situation, then this week he will finally shut it down, and make a decision about things. His third eye is truly expanding, and I do feel as if this will be magnified by the appearance of the new moon, as there is a moon crescent present in the high priestess card. Not only is he recognising this week how truly powerful the feminine is, but he is also beginning to appreciate the union for what it is. His worry, and doubt over the past few weeks have simply been his resistance trying to manifest, as he became opened to a whirlpool of the spiritual, highly accelerated, and emotionally heightened world that was the divine feminine – and everything that she opened him up to. 

The justice card on the side of the feminine symbolises the balance that is being re-introduced into her life. Financially, her work is being recognised, and she is being appreciated finally for what she brings to the table. The scales are evening out, so she is learning not to give more than she receives, and simultaneously, to receive all that comes to her for her efforts. The justice card may also signify a divorce, which may represent the masculine leaving the third party situation he was previously involved in, (threes a crowd). 

She may consider moving this week for financial reasons, and perhaps this is what triggers the masculine to reach out to her. She is seeing things from a heightened perspective, and so is he, aside from he is experiencing this spiritually, and she is experiencing this materially. The world is literally her oyster. 

There is also a vital lesson in love that she is learning this week. The masculine is drawn to her, the more she is aligned to her goddess power. These were the natural roles before the interruption of polarity/patriarchal restrictions, and power struggles, feminine imbalances etc.. The feminine is the way shower. So when she directs towards herself, she also directs the masculine towards herself..


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Twin Flame Weekly Reading. 15th-21st August; Closing chapters, ending narratives.

twin flame 15th

Main theme – Eight of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Queen of wands, Masculine – Four of swords, The devil, The chariot, Feminine – The emperor, Three of swords, Knight of swords.

This week, we are dealing with a lot of themes that were conjured, and brought to us through childhood experiences. This is our fight or flight, survival mode. The 8 of swords represents how we can become stuck within our minds, due to past painful experiences, and continue to resurrect these beliefs and ideas within our minds – until they become apart of our reality, and entrap us within painful cycles. 

Both sacred lovers have issues at times with thinking the worst, expecting the worst, and considering that life will always play out in the ways that it did in the past – which to them, means more pain, confusion, and loss. 

This week, is all about us freeing our limiting perceptions, and beliefs in love. The queen of wands represents the awakened divine feminine, but not only WITHIN the divine feminine, but also within the divine masculine. This sees him getting back in touch with his intuitive side, his emotional side, and feeling a sense of comfort within this place, even a sense of empowerment. This is really big for both lovers, because previously, it has been the suppression of the divine feminine within the masculine that has caused him to act in less than desirable ways, toward both himself, and past relationship experiences. 

There previously has existed two primary behavioural modes/templates within the divine masculine, because of issues to do with conditioning, hyper masculinity, and other ‘rules’, and regulations regarding what he should be. All of these behaviours were dangerous, and were brought on by a fear of the divine feminine, and a fear of her actualising her full potential, and being too much for him, and perceiving him as not enough. Contrary to popular belief, the masculine template is far more fragile than we are led to believe..

One of the traditional masculine modes/templates of feminine approach/interaction, has been forcefulness, and aggression, in order to capture her, keep her, and ensure that she does not grow too much, or too far from him. This included dimming her essence, and putting her down, until her magic was unfathomable even to her – this very mentality and template leads to such tragedies against the divine feminine, as rape, domestic violence, abuse, sexual violence… Etc..A lot of which we see all over the world today.

The second traditional masculine mode/template of feminine approach, has been detachment, avoidance, and passivity. This is a form of control in which the masculine behaves as if he does not care at all for the feminine, appearing non -chalant and withholding his affections, and attentions. This is done in a direct attempt to manipulate still, and control her love, and her desire to remain with him. ‘If i act like I do not care, the she will come to me, then she will want me even more’. This has previously caused the feminine to believe that she had to prove herself, and prove her worth, and in the past, this was her script. 

The awakening of the feminine, as depicted by the queen of wands, relates to her remembering how powerful she is, and how fluid, and electric her feminine energies truly are. She does not have to shrink herself, not for anybody, not for love, and the masculine is finding self love within himself, so he is no longer feeling or thinking as if he has to treat or manipulate her in these ways. Last week, she saw her shadow self, and i feel as if this week he is witnessing his own…

This is articulated on the side of the masculine with the presence of the devil card, and the four of swords. The four of swords is representative of the healing of the psyche, this period of rest, contemplation, and resolution, after thinking, and feeling a certain way for so long – directly tied into hypermasculinity, feelings of insecurity, inferiority, and a skewed/tarnished relationship with the divine feminine, that re-lived itself in all his romantic interactions. This is healing the DARK side of the masculine, the side attached to being sinister to get what he wants. This was all about his lower self, the part of him that felt he had to play by the book, or do things by the rule, likely by what the males around him advised him to do, or to be like. This was not truthful or natural to his nature, but he adopted these beliefs, and actions, because he believed that they were necessary to get him, ‘women’.

He might even be going through physical changes this week, physical exhaustion, or illness, as his upgrades take a toll on his overall health. He needs to accept this week, that he is not invincible, and this is OKAY…His invincibility lies with accepting vulnerability. He cannot hide away anymore from the part of him that IS vulnerable. This is the part of him that craves love, and craves it in its entirety. No more games, no more conjuring philosophies about women, and men, and what he needs to do, and not do, and dogmas about appearing falsely strong, or unshakable. 

The chariot is all about him balancing his masculine and feminine nature, and taking charge forward. Armed with the new knowledge that it is okay to be a little bit vulnerable, and it is okay to be individualistic, he can now move forward with his plans to woo the feminine, and to prove to her, that he truly is different. He has more direction this week, after he has accepted his new roles, he has a focus, he knows where he is going, he is more sure about who he is, he has broken free from self imposed chains, and he is on his way to his beloved. If soul mates or divine lovers are currently separated, then this card indicates a swift arrival back into your life. Maybe just a message, or maybe, this masculine will actually turn up at your door, or take that leap forward to get your attention. If you are already in union, this describes his desire to fight for you, to provide for you, to be open, and honest with you, and more forthcoming about his emotions. As he learns to love himself, he learns to put himself at risk a little more, because he does not always anticipate pain, or rejection back anymore.

Over on the feminine side, his new found  determination, and resilience toward sabotage, is making itself apparent with the emperor. This could also relate to the father figure, and healing issues that started with the masculine line in her family, particularly with her father. Maybe he was absent, emotionally distant, and this taught her to lack structure, discipline, and stability within her life. The classic template of men, who would come, and go. Because of this, she built certain beliefs around who, and what men should be, but now, the divine masculine IS effectively challenging this, and posing a threat to her worrisome thoughts. The three of swords is all about the pain that she has endured, and continues to endure when she deems herself unlovable, and unworthy. Still fearful of abandonment, she actually has day dreams about ways in which she may be abandoned, and kind of fantasizes sadistically about how this would take place. Her psyche has this very weird obsession with being left, and she places so much energy towards thinking about this. The queen of wands shows that she is SO powerful, and has SO much to offer, there is absolutely no reason for her to continue reliving this narrative, and she needs to take the time to breathe, and to talk herself down when she starts fathoming all of these fears again, because honestly, they are not real. 

She fears, that the masculine will always leave, and she will always be abandoned, neglected, but this is only her karma, if she keeps feeding into this theory. If she just frees her mind enough to realise that these thoughts arise from the past, and hold no concrete truths in reality, she can see the value of her worth. Other people surprisingly enough are seeing this worth of hers this week, and she certainly has a lot of admirers. As she clears her energies, she becomes more attractive to others, especially the divine masculine, and i see a lot of suitors coming up to give her offers of love this week..This is definitely going to help her ease up a little, and realise, that her fears about worth, and lack, are really just rooted in the past. 

The knight of swords sees the divine masculine charging through with a determination, and a clarity that cannot be ignored. Far from the templates of the past, he is not about to take no for an answer, or let her slip from his grips. He definitely knows what he wants, and as with the chariot, he is doing a lot of forward thinking, and forward movement, fighting for what he wants. He has had time to think, and he knows what he wants, and he knows what it is worth. He is determined to clear the air, to break through all of her barriers, and expectations, and everything that she thought love was associated with. He is one man on a mission this week. This also signifies that she may be protected by different men in her life this week, brothers, fathers, uncles, etc, as her perception about the masculine shifts, this manifests in real life also. The queen inbetween the chariot, and the knight of swords, both displaying strong male characters, is indicative of this type of protection. This knight is handing her his sword, that is why it is drawn forward, he is rushing to pass it to her. This is very much the ACE of swords, a new perception, new beginning in thought, and  a clarity of mind. Ripping her away from the eight of swords, creating painful karma by believing false truths about her worth..

We have a lot of work this week, a lot is going on within, and without us, and we have a strong responsibility towards breaking our karmic bonds. It will not be an easy week, and we will likely be triggered a few times, but it is all about re-focusing our attentions, and talking to our shadow selves, and our egoic selves, the most fearful part of us. We need to keep reminding ourselves that we ARE worthy of love, that we are love, and that there is no reason WHATSOEVER why we should be abandoned, or rejected.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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General Weekly Reading 18th-24th July; Full moon in Capricorn – Balancing emotions, and duty.

general weekly julyy

Main theme – four of cups, Surrounding cards, Two of cups, Six of wands, The magician, Knight of swords, High priestess.

This week, the main theme, is the four of cups. The four of cups is all about us getting projects, desires, and goals handed to us from all corners, and all areas, but our minds still being occupied with something that we perceive to be missing. I pulled an extra card this week, and that card happened to be the magician. In conjunction with the four of cups, I believe that this is trying to tell us that we can actually manifest any, and everything that we want, and this week, whatever we put our minds to, can actually develop, and grow into something tangible, BUT this does not stop the fact, that this week, our mind is on the one thing that we cannot seem to get, or we do not seem to have. Maybe this is love..Maybe even though things are going great in our career, we feel unfulfilled in matters of the heart, the two of cups would most certainly suggest that we are waiting for something, or someone who is to come and help us to feel complete.

This is not so much co-dependent love, because we have built ourselves up to a point now, where we have our own stability, this is just truly about wanting somebody or something to share that with. If we are already in a relationship, then perhaps we are no longer happy there, and we miss the kind of love, and union that we once dreamt about in childhood.

The magician is telling you, that if you want this new beginning, and new opportunity, then you have to be willing to balance, integrate, and harmonise everything that you already have. Yes, you have come very far, but potentially, if love was to come into your life right at this very moment, it could distract you. However, love is ALWAYS there. Perhaps the kind of huge display of love that you are looking for is not present right now, but that is because you are focusing on your gifts, and manifesting to do with your career, and so that is really what is being made more apparent to you.  I feel that once you finish building, and you look up, your love will be right there.

The two of cups also suggests that this love that you are longing for, or looking toward, is ALSO thinking of you, and wanting to be closer to you. Everything that you are worrying about, is NOT real. Your love is there. Stop trying to make it one or the other, love, or your career. They can be the SAME thing, they can fuel one another.

The six of wands, does show that you are being recognised for your talents this week, and being congratulated for the work, and the efforts that you put in – so please, do not stop. You need to appreciate yourself, and appreciate how far you have come. Things are changing rapidly for you, and just because you cannot see what is occurring behind the scenes within the love department, does not mean that nothing is occurring

The high priestess, is all about making the intangible, tangible. So perhaps this is about your intuition this week, being particularly strong, and telling. Also, it should be noted that there is a full moon behind the high priestess, and this week, we have a full moon in Capricorn. This is a time of heightened emotions, heightened sensitivities, heightened intuition, and whispers – guiding, and pointing our way. This is a very feminine energy, a creative energy, and also encourages us to trust our subconscious mind, even if we cannot physically see, or prove what it is telling us. Somebody we desire, may be far closer than we think.

The knight of swords is very relevant, for this juxtaposition we have occurring with the full moon opposing Cancer. Cancer can represent the high priestess, as this is a very watery, psychic sign, whilst Capricorn, is very masculine, and speaks of being direct, and ambitious. The knight of swords knows exactly what he wants, and is very logical in his approach, so that he goes straight after his target, without excessively worrying, or creating barriers through thought.

This week, is about using the information that we take from our intuition, and our higher selves, and making something brilliant with it! Using the ideas to know exactly what we are going to build, and how we will maintain it. This is a card that cancels out procrastination. Like I said, love, and work do not have to oppose one another. Duties with the home, and the family, and work, and career, can be harmonised. We need to ensure that we are balanced in these areas this week, and we do not let one side of our responsibilities suffer.

This new idea, or insight that you have working for you, is going to be very financially satisfactory for you, should you charge ahead, and see it through. Please just do not get side tracked by feeling sorry for yourself this week, being too hard on yourself, or refusing to look at the things that you DO have going for you – because they are plentiful!


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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Monthly Life Path Reading For All Life Path Numbers; Liberation, and inspiration. – June 2016.

Hello my lovelies! Because this reading is so late, I have changed the focus question from what should we be expecting this month? – To what themes, perspectives, lessons and messages should we take from this month in order to make next month better.

If you do not know your life path number yet, then just try my trusted method.

Add your entire birth date together, until you reach a single digit number, unless the sum of your birth date comes up to the numbers 11, 22, or 33, in which case – you do not need to simplify them once more because you are one of the master numbers.

Example – 10 December 1992

(10+12+1992) =  2014.

2+0+1+4 = Life path number 7.

General monthly reading – What was our focus for this month of June?

gen life path

Queen of swords, King of swords, Eight of swords.

Wow, so this month we were in our mind space ALOT. With two powerful representatives sat side by side, the queen of swords, and the king of swords shows that this month was really a bout liberating ourselves mentally, especially from this theory of entrapment that continues to manifest itself within our lives. This is about balancing, the marriage of the oppositional minds – You cannot escape your mind, so you have to find some harmony in there, somehow. The king of swords represents this clarity – knowing what to do to lift, and relieve your mental suffering, which is through being clear in your actions, and intentions, and expectations of others. This also represents growth, and maturity, you understanding that you cannot control the actions of others, or outcomes, you can only control the ways that you react to it. You got to know your shadow self a little bit better this month, and this does help you to keep an eye on your negative traits, and habits, including making things far worse within your mind than they need to be.

The queen of swords also suggests that this month you learned the importance of self expression. If you do not voice your truth, then how will others know how to respect you, and how not to cross boundaries? You cannot keep things trapped within yourself, because this is how negative experiences manifest. This also represents the balancing of the intuitive mind, with the rational, and logical mind. You realise the importance of both, so you really wish to organise yourself in this way. If you were once too harsh, this month saw you softening up a little, if you were once too soft, this month saw you sticking up for yourself a little more./


Life path 1(0). 

life path 1 june

Ten of cups, Two of pentacles, Justice.

This month life path 1, you were hit with some much needed realisations, and home truths. You spent a lot of this month realising, and sorting through what is really important. At heart, you are a family person, the heart of your community, and you take pride in standing up and caring for others in this way, but that has really taught you that you must be somewhat selfless in your actions – something that you were not so ready, and willing to own up to before. The ten of cups speaks of your desire to cultivate a happy family home, and to find some type of happiness that is deeper than day to day chores, and responsibilities. You need balance in your life. Perhaps you realise that your focus on money has driven you to neglect other areas of your life, including who, and what is important to you, and now you are determined to do things by the book. Justice speaks of your willingness to make a few tweaks and changes to yourself in order to become a better person, and to be a better provider, listener, or carer to those who depend on, and love you. This is nothing more important than family, and loved ones, and you are really coming to this realisation, and break through this month.You are asking yourself the bigger questions, What really matters? Who am I? And what am I doing to make sure that I am creating harmony, and balance, and not allowing my mind to get the better of me. This is a time where you are very desperate to play by the book. You are done with sneaky, underhand, or suspicious roles, and you just really want to balance your mental/material desires, with what is right, and what your heart speaks to you.

life path 2 june.jpg

Queen of wands, King of swords, Ten of pentacles.

This month, my darling number 2, you really do NOT want to be the push over anymore. You do not wish to be the one who blindly accepts everything, and you realise the importance of voicing your truth, and speaking about what really matters to you. The queen of wands is this sense of awakening that arises within you once you learn to be vulnerable in the RIGHT ways. Yes you are very sensitive, but this does not have to be an ailment. You realise with the king of swords that as long as you express your needs, and wants, and you are clear about what they are, then there is no reason for wires to be crossed, or for people to take advantage of you. You are growing a little more comfortable with that balance in the sense that you can tap into your intuitive side, and you can gain access to your rational mind, without compromising the two. Balance has been the most important for you this month. This is also about no longer being afraid to ask for help, or admit that in the building stage, everybody does require some assistance. Perhaps you held fears about others coming in to your life to introduce instability, but now you have realised that actually? It takes more than one to build something of substance. You may be healing fears, and issues that you have about members of the opposite sex (opposite energetic attraction), and perhaps you are now looking for somebody to share your success with. Success is boring alone. You need to be more balanced. You need to admit that sometimes you do need taking care of, even though you are highly independent, and there is no shame in that.

life path 3 june.jpg

Ten of cups (reversed), Knight of wands, Nine of cups.

Life path 3 – Do you feel as if you keep hitting the goal, but missing the target? Are things not moving fast enough for you? Have more patience my love. The 9 of cups does suggest that in the back ground all is well, and you are reaching a period of resolution, and fulfilment, perhaps you just want all of your eggs, in one basket, and you want it now.You have been feeling highly motivated, and inspired this month, and that is great, and that is beautiful, but you need to take time in remembering that not everything falls together at once. Appreciate things now because they are in that process of working out, do not be so hasty to have everything mapped out – nothing works like that. And this may even be a divine lesson in patience. For some reason, whatever you have been building, whatever doors you have been knocking on, spirit says that you are still just not ready, and that is why these things have not come to you – not because they are not GOING to come. You have to direct your enthusiasm in the right way, or you will become overly cynical, jealous, and critical of others who are walking through doors that you believe you should be walking through. For next month, I truly suggest that you take a step back, wait, take some time to do more planning, strategise more, learn from others in similar fields, and do not take this as a blow to your self worth, or your capabilities. Remember, that every great person once started somewhere.

life path 4 june

Ace of pentacles, King of pentacles, Ace of wands.

Lovely number 4 – You have been quite fortune this month haven’t you? Quite the journey that you have been on. This planning, and organisation thing, you truly have down to nearly a T. Something that you had been working on for a long time, gave you some results this month, and you are truly feeling yourself because of it. You started an entirely new journey, and this mirrors not only your financial pockets, but also how you are feeling inside. You are feeling much more hopeful because of this, and you must know that this is a new beginning, and in order to maintain it, you have to remain true to your spirit. The money, and the abundance will grow as long as you are doing what you enjoy, and as long as the focus is not only on the money. Your status, and your wealth is changing, and improving, and whilst you are enjoying this, do not forget about the ‘little people’ who helped make this a reality. Do not get too big for your boots, remember this is the beginning, and if you are careless with what you have, you may not see longevity. This could be a new job, new business venture, a raise, a promotion, or a project that has absolutely taken off. You currently have the power in your hands, but I do advise you to delegate it appropriately. Like I said, do not get ahead of yourself, do not belittle anyone because of your new found success, and remember, that it takes a team to build a house on solid ground.

life path 5 june

Six of cups, Ten of pentacles, Nine of wands.

This month number 5, it seems as if you may be healing financial wounds, and fears about not being good enough, or not being deserving, that stem from childhood. The six of cups sees you revisiting childhood for some reason. Maybe the loss of somebody from childhood, or the triggering of a childhood memory, has caused you to take a look at your journey. How far you have come, and who you are now. The six of cups and the 10 of pentacles outlines your desire to create a shift from who you were in the past, to who you can be in the future. You really do want financial freedom, but this is only so that you can ensure that you paint the life that you have always desired. You are reaching the ending of a cycle, and you can manifest an entirely new life now, but you will need to be honest with yourself about the things that are holding you back. you claim to want this freedom, but are you free first within yourself? Or, are you still a prisoner of the past, and of your mind?

You could be receiving inheritance from a family member that passed away, and the 9 of wands may be encouraging you to stay strong on this beaten path.You could be experiencing a much needed break from all of the trouble, and the struggle that you have been through by landing a new job role. If so, it is really important for you to gain ever greater independence. You have been thinking about your own family structure lately, and you are quite determined to create the happiness, and the togetherness that you yourself have not known. Perseverance is your mission. You have goal, you have drive, you have determination, you just need to ensure that you are not letting the past interfere with you.

life path 6 june

Knight of wands, Wheel of fortune, Seven of cups.

This month, number 6, you have some changes, and shifts occurring for you. Maybe life long dreams are becoming more apparent, and more tangible for you to see. The wheel of fortune is spinning in your favour, and you have had all of these options, and realisations being made apparent to you. Perhaps you have been in the midst of spiritual transition, and awakening, as your path and your purpose becomes more clearer for you. The knight of wands is all about your drive and your determination to see manifest your deepest goals, and desires, whilst the wheel of fortune is the universe cheering you on in your quest. You have had this illumination, where so much has become clear to you, and where you once felt a little trapped, now you are realising how much is actually at your disposal, should you want it. Stop at absolutely nothing. This is the making of you, and after all that you have been through? My do you deserve all of this.. It is important for you at this time to be focused, and plan each step of the way. If you get a little bit too overwhelmed with all of the options being presented to you, you may just end up not hitting any targets, or not reaching for anything. Do not be aimless in your desire for success, and happiness, know where you are going, and go there with joy, and enthusiasm in your heart. I feel that this is karmic pay back arriving to you for much of the good work that you have been putting in, for yourself, and for others.


life path 7 june.jpg

King of swords, Four of swords, Six of pentacles.

This month, my fellow 7’s and I, had a lesson in CLARITY. The king of swords assisted us to realise just how poisonous it is to be passive aggressive. We have had a lot of internal fights, and conflicts this month, and this was mostly because of our issues with expressing ourselves appropriately. We may be known for being loners, but that does not mean that we have to push everyone away, just because we do not know how to deal with them. We spend so much time stuck in our head, that we can often forget to be grounded, so this month, did not tell us to get outside of our heads, but told our heads, to get outside of us! Say what we really mean. Voice our truth. Our mind can be a danger zone when we make up theories, and expect people to know what we truly mean. If our needs are not met, we can not blame anybody else but ourselves, if we have not clearly dictated these means, and boundaries. This month was about speaking up, or practising the unleashing of our throat chakras. The four of swords indicates that what we really needed to do this month, was to rest, and contemplate. Fighting ourselves, and fighting others is futile, and only leads to mental exhaustion. We have healing that needs to take place, in the form of just calming it down, and toning it down, not everything has to be an ultimate battle for survival. We will only find the stability that we need, if we first have stability within ourselves. The 6 of pentacles addresses our give, and take relationship. With the four of swords, this talks about not being a push over, but not being overly domineering either. It is important for us to find that specific balance. Know when to speak up, but do not feel so reactionary, that you always have to pick a fight. Learn to express, without being venomous.  Share with others, and allow them to care for you. Do not shut the world out, but do not let too much in.

life path 8 june.jpg

The sun, Two of pentacles (reversed), Knight of swords.

Life path 8, this month, you are all about taking matters into your own hands, and creating your OWN happiness. You are sick of being and feeling imbalanced, internally, and externally. You have devoted so much time to acquiring wealth, and making sure that you are financially stable, that often you have forgotten to nurture yourself emotionally, and mentally. The sun card arrives to tell you to be a little more care free. Do not be so worried about instability. This comes from a place of fear, and you will find yourself working even when working does not fill you with joy – just so you do not have to face the demon that is LACK. Well..Surprise, surprise, what you are doing, is still deriving from that exact demon of LACK. You are fearful about not being enough, so you work yourself to the bone. Calm down. Enjoy the sun, Summer is coming, so maybe let your hair down a little, book a holiday, and actually see it through. Do not cancel because somehow you believe it will cut into your working time, or interfere with your career. Stop being boring – life really is for living. The knight of swords is all about you charging forward with actions once you realise what it is that you have to do. You realised this month, that you have to find some balance, because you have been over worked. Now that you know what it is, you need to ensure that you make some vital changes.


life path 9 june

Judgement, Knight of pentacles, Six of pentacles.

So this month, number 9, you had the chance to really look at your TRUTH. Who are you really? The good,.and the bad. You may have become aware of certain aspects of your shadow self that you were trying to suppress. The judgement card indicates this stripping of you so that you can come to see the reality of your situation, and your actions. Were there fears that you held about not becoming good enough, that actually kept you from expanding, and excelling yourself in many ways? Now, with the knight of pentacles, you are really looking toward a new horizon in terms of finance, and career. You have had a little boost of energy, and inspiration since you have done this soul searching, and realised what it is that you need to accomplish. You really want to be involved in service work, whatever you do, you want to feel like you have EARNED your money, and you are making a difference. In order to nurture others, you do need to nurture yourself, but not to the point of being oblivious to others needs, and wants. You need to be very honest with yourself at this time about your inability to be fully open, and receiving. You could be shutting off some of your blessings by being reluctant to be vulnerable to the truth of who you are. Your work purpose likely lies with healing, but you cannot step into this role fully, unless and until you are willing to heal the part of yourself that has doubts about who you really are, and what you should be doing.

life path 11 june

Seven of swords, Three of wands, The moon.

I am very proud of you this month number 11! You are making that LEAP into adulthood. The seven of swords suggests that even though you still may be looking back, you are only looking back in order to gain clarity about what is ahead of you. You have been mature enough this month to look at yourself in a light that puts yourself on blast. This is honesty about why your life situations, and experiences played out a certain way. Likely, you were not being fully true, or honest with yourself, about who you are, what you have been through, and what you truly want. The three of wands speaks of manifestation, and broadening your horizons. You have worked through a lot of the fears that you had about being too small, or being stuck in a sense. You may be booking a holiday, going travelling, or stepping outside of your comfort zone in some way. You are no longer interested in depriving yourself of life, and all that life has to offer, and this truly WILL reward you. The moon card suggests that you are getting rid of a lot of the delusions that you had about yourself, and the world. You are very powerful. And the world is not unjust. You create it, as you want it. This also speaks of your feminine nature becoming more conscious. You are allowing yourself to be loved more, and treated better by others, by loving and also treating yourself better. Perhaps this new chapter in your life has actually been triggered by you making peace with your more emotional nature. Emotions do not have to be bad. Your intuition is actually your best friend. Listening to your subconscious mind is healthy, especially when you make it conscious enough to heal you, and bring you truth. It is the suppression of this vital aspect of yourself that has previously kept you entrapped. Well done to you!

life path 22 june.jpg

The fool, Judgement, Seven of cups.

This month, number 22, you embarked on a new journey, and this journey was all about self realisation, and working through your karma. Whereas you previously may have shied away from working on your karma because you felt it would be too painful, you have been so much more honest with yourself this month, and it is paying off, because of how many doors that it is opening for you. Thank God you are a breath of fresh air away from the time where you once thought that you were cursed, and the universe was out to get you. Now, you are realising that what you thought was this curse, was really your own self perpetuated habits, and belief systems. This new journey that you are on, is going to allow you to see that life is full of enchantment, and wondrous things. You have the ability, and the opportunity to construct this life that you desire. You are the MASTER builder, please do not forget this because of stains of the past. You have to walk away from the past, and walk into the truth of who you really are. Look at yourself in a profound light. Do you really offer yourself the services that you wish others would offer you? Do you use your intense brain power to build, manifest, and motivate, or do you steer it toward mourning over the past, and looking back at what no longer is. You just need to be honest especially in terms of relationships, and past painful relationships. Why did they happen? What role did you play in their happenings? There is no victim of circumstances here. Rather energies were at play for specific reasons. The seven of cups arrives to show you that you can have a new beginning in life, and in love the moment that you want it, you just have to come out the other side of your realisations, and REALISE this.. There is so much on offer for you.


life path 33

The magician, Eight of swords, Ten of swords.

Life path number 33 – This month, you are arriving at the realisation that you do have the power to pull yourself out of your funk – and the universe has been showing you this using synchronicities, and signs that will make sense to you. You are the magician, powerful beyond belief, and capable of intense manifestation, yet you choose to play small sometimes, and just want to stay in your mind getting hung up on the things that you think that you cannot do, or cannot achieve. You are wasting valuable time, and with the 10 of swords, it appears that this is because of how unlucky you have been in love. In some ways, you have always sort of struggled with self esteem, and this relationship, or partnership has not helped in making you feel less than. Please know, that if you perpetuate these feelings, then you will manifest experiences that do back this up. Your powerful manifestation can go either ways. You can create great things, including yourself, or you can destroy yourself. You need to get up, and out of this victim, and poor me narrative. There is only one way to go when your heart has been pierced so severely, and that is up. But you must be willing to pull yourself up, and see your life blossom in these ways. Do you even believe that this is possible? Because if you do not, then nothing will really change. You do have this power. There are signs, and symbols everywhere for you to follow, so do not say that you have no idea where to start. You start with you. It all starts with you.


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General Weekly Reading 13th-19th June; Procrastination, and past explanations. 

general weekly 13

Main theme – Chariot (reversed), Surrounding cards – Eight of wands, Seven of cups, Six of cups, Two of cups.

This week, with the chariot is reverse, we are asked to be weary of procrastination, stagnancy, abstinence, and reluctance for change. When the chariot is not in reverse, it is a card of direction, and principle. This may represent somebody who knows everything they have going for them, and is desperate to work on these things, and move forward. This week, with the seven of cups also present, we may have so many things to accomplish, and so many options in our way that we just end up doing nothing.

This may be because we feel overwhelmed, or this may be because we secretly have an intense fear of failure, matched with a contradictory fear of success. We may feel on a subconscious level that we are not worthy of this success, and therefore may indirectly block our flow of abundance, by refraining from taking necessary action.

I recently wrote a post about excessive day dreaming, and ADHD on my instagram that you can check out NOW in relation to this post!

Perhaps you are not moving forward because you are far too comfortable in your surroundings, and you fear the effort, and the time that creating change will require of you. You need to stop being scared to fit into bigger shoes, stop trying to shrink, and second guess yourself. It is time to take all of your gifts, talents, and inspirations, and run with them.

You may be stuck relying on the fact that you have all of these ideas to potentially fall onto, and leave off of. Please understand that if you are not putting the work in, nobody else is doing that for you. You have to match your passion, with drive, it is the only way to get anywhere, any time!

With the eight of wands, it appears that messages are coming to us very fast this week, especially revelations, and much needed encounters. Check out my twin flame weekly reading, if this relates to you as a divine lover, or an empath in a romantic situation, and see if this reading covers some of these quick revelations that may be coming to you at this time.

With the 6 of cups, and the 2 of cups, it is very likely that it is a past lover, or childhood friend delivering this much needed guidance, and information. You may be reconnecting, or getting back in touch with a past lover this week in order to achieve some balance, resonance, and insight into your life, especially in to your past life (lives). This could be an encounter that causes you to understand your past self a little bit better, or your past relationships. Either way, there is a strong element of nostalgia present within us this week, and we ARE going to be finding answers to long winded puzzles.

Whatever occurs, the MOST important message this week, is to take the information that we learn, and the experiences from the past, and use them to move forward, and better ourselves as individuals, rather than taking everything as a blow to the heart, and to the ego.

Happy healing my sacred beings! ~


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Twin Flame Weekly Reading; Karma, and spiritual inception.

twin june

Main theme – Seven of wands, What both twins are experiencing – Knight of cups, Masculine – Eight of cups, Judgement, The high priestess, Feminine – Page of wands, Wheel of fortune, The sun.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

So, this week, the main theme that occurs in the lives of both twins, is the seven of wands. Quite an interesting card, this suggests a battle, an internal battle, or a battle on the spiritual level that both twins have had to endure. This is something that they have been fighting with all of their lives, and it has been pretty much their soul imprint, to evolve, mature, and transition in this way, on a very deep soul level. This is the battle for spirit. Will they be consumed by the depths of ego, and darkness, or will they rise up in love, and light? Either way they choose to go, both twins would have done so to extremes. This is just the magnitude of their vibration, of their gifts.

This card shows that despite everything that the sacred lovers have gone through in life, and have dealt with, they ARE going to be okay, and if there was ever a time to see that, it really would be this week.

I describe this week for sacred partners, as a week of coming outside of the other end of the tunnel. It’s like both partners were in some sort of dark tunnel, driving along on the journey of life, on a very narrow road, clouded with shadows, and darkened edges, and now, as they come out, they will see exactly what has been going on around them, and because of them.

The page of cups, what both twins are experiencing this week, is symbolic of some sort of offer, I am getting a ‘final offer’. But not really final in a sense, although for some reason, this week, it seems like a much bigger deal. The feminine could be turning away from the masculine, and his efforts of redemption, and reconciliation. He may be offering her his hand in love, in return for her forgiveness, and in doing so, he faces his own shadow self, and his own darknesses.

It is not necessarily forgiveness from the feminine that he craves, as much as he craves forgiveness from himself, for everything, but he may not recognise this on a surface level, and may just think that his pain is all about the feminine, rather than triggered by her, but implemented, by him.

The judgement card is indicative of him turning inwards, and consulting with his higher self about who he is, who he has been, and what way he will turn now. He’s got some serious sorting out, and piecing together of his life to do, and he knows this now, because he stands bare in-front of himself in a way that he never has.

The eight of cups tells us that this week he is letting go. Whatever awakening the feminine has triggered within him, is allowing him to acknowledge the thoughts, behaviours, actions, and things that no longer serve him, and he is making an active effort this week to rid himself of this type of baggage. There are a lot of things that he is karmically attached to, this is associated with his negative karmic build up. This may be certain addictions, pathological lying, avoidance personality type, or belief systems conjured by his society/community, and this week sees him assessing how many of these habits of his really serve him, and how many have led him to make the wrong decisions in life?

In many ways, this is the clearing of the soul. The high priestess represents his higher consciousness, which ironically, takes the form of the divine feminine. Much like the feminine has a divine masculine counterpart leading her to wholeness, the masculine has this wise woman (the feminine essence) guiding him toward appropriate healing, and allowing him to listen to his own subconscious, and his intuition about what is right at this time. This is the very nature of divine love, bringing one home back to one’s self.

Over on the feminine side, she is also experiencing this type of spiritual evolution, and re-generation, the only difference is, she is quite at a different stage. Everything that the masculine is currently going through, she spent much of last year doing. She has been there, and done that, and now her soul searching and purging has brought her to this current place. This is not to say that she is finished in her work, or that she is perfect, or even that she is better than the masculine. She was just triggered earlier, in the same ways that girls are said to mature faster than boys, perhaps this is more to do with one’s socialisation in listening to, and trusting the development of self.

With the wheel of fortune, karma is turning in her favour. Her life is changing in ways most profound, and she is just about to get everything that she finally deserves. Her manifestation potential is ripened, extremely, her creative senses are at their highest, and she is finally being the nurturing parent for herself that she has always needed.

The sun card in conjunction with the page of wands, who tends to be quite a young, cheerful character, indicates that she is healing her inner child, and re-connecting with this sense of innocence, and joy. She may even meet up with old childhood friends this week, all in attempts to re-kindle the lost childhood.

She has done the soul searching that is presented to the masculine in the judgement card, she has done the letting go that is presented to him in the eight of cups, and she has listened to her intuition, as suggested by the high priestess, and now, she IS her intuition. The two, are one in the same, this is what provides her with such joy, and delight at this current time. She knows, what she knows.

She has been illuminated, and it is really all systems go for her, in any, and every direction she wishes to be pushed in!

Once again, I must state that this is not about punishing the masculine, and actually I am immensely proud of BOTH twins this week, in particular the masculine. He IS going to be okay. They are both exceptionally strong spirits, he really just needs to face himself. It is time.


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Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading 30th May- 5th June; Role reversal.

twin flame end.jpg

Main theme: Page of pentacles, What both twins are experiencing: The wheel of fortune, Masculine: Death, King of cups, The fool, Feminine: Ten of cups, Seven of pentacles, Ten of swords.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, with the page of pentacles as the main theme, it appears as if both twins are rather money motivated, and career oriented this week. Perhaps they have both come into the knowledge that success in relationships is very much strained when there is not balance and security in other areas, particularly the area of work. One of the most important ways to maintain healthy boundaries in a relationship, is to have BOTH partners be self sufficient, and working on nourishing something that exists outside of the relationship, as well as in.

Perhaps there has been a new idea, or promise of a business growth on one or both sides, very likely a business that involves the balancing of energies, whether this is a masculine + feminine business fusion, or whether it is the stability of learning to balance their emotions in the relationship, that has given them this new found clarity, in order to take on more work, and more opportunities.

What both twins are experiencing this week is good karma with the presence of the wheel of fortune. They have both grown rapidly over the period of this year alone, learnt many lessons, and they are now starting to implement these changes, and lessons into their daily lives, which  no doubt makes spirit very proud, and very happy to dish out a dose of that well earned evolutionary karma.

They may find this week things falling into their laps, at the perfect time, but it is very important to remember to stay both humble, and thankful. If divine lovers do not practice gratitude, or modesty, they may be cast upon, just as many lesser Gods in history have been, for getting a little too big for their boots.

On the side of the masculine, woah he is experiencing quite the big transition this week. The death card suggests a complete death of his old ways of living, believing, and thinking. When we throw karma into the mix, (wheel of fortune), it looks as if he has had the chance to face his shadow self, and think about alot of the actions in his past, and where they have led him to currently. He has probably been feeling a little bad about acknowledging who he was in the past, and some of the ways that he inflicted pain, and unnecessary damage, especially in the area of love.

This is calling for him to soften his heart even more, and to retrace where his own carelessness, and sometimes callousness came from. This is the soul wake up call that he needs. The king of cups suggests that this is a merging of his feminine nature, essentially him coming home to himself. This is the healing of the masculine template that we have actually been waiting for.

The fool actually walking towards the wheel of fortune suggests to us that his new beginning is triggered by his accumulated karma, and his desire to turn things around. He realises that in order for his life to see brighter days, and in order for him to get some of the happiness that he seeks, there are some vital changes that he needs to make, and one of them is associated with the way in which he treats people, and in expressing his emotions in a healthier sense. He is maturing, and a lot of him feels very remorseful toward the feminine template, although over on her side, she does not feel too compelled to make him suffer, and here is why..

On the side of the feminine energies, we see the ten of cups, and the ten of swords. Tens in numerology are indicative of the ending of one cycle, and the beginning of another, so much like his death card, the feminine is also experiencing the ending of one phase of her life, and the beginning of an entirely new one.

With the ten of swords she is letting go of something that has been keeping the feminine for captivity for a very long time. This is martyr syndrome. Allowing anything, everything, and anyone to hurt you, just because the narrative of being hurt has become so consistent, and inherited within you. The feminine is realising that the wounded template does absolutely nothing but to actually manifest even more wounding. And ironically enough, in doing so, and finally giving up this desire to ‘punish’ the masculine for his mistakes, he is finally really feeling remorseful, and reflective over past actions.

This is not about, ‘I stopped caring so that you would run back to me’. This is really about the feminine standing strong in her own right, and finally returning home, to her. The one place that she has always needed to be. The seven of pentacles shows us that hard work, learning, and growth are at the forefront of her desires right now. For the first time, love does not need to be the centre of her realm, because it exists around her, within her, for her, as it always has.

This week, is not about the masculine feeling bad, and not about the masculine feeling punished. It may be a little hard on him, but this is all about prepping him for manhood, and stepping into bigger challenges that will cross his path on this journey. One of them being fatherhood, repeating the entire cycle, all over again.

Happy healing my sacred beings..


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Life paths 3, 6, and 9 – the wounded healer archetype.

The life path of 3, is definitely one of my favourite life path numbers. If you would like to know how to calculate your own life path number, or more about these numbers and how they work in general, then subscribe to this website + I will be explaining more about that shortly, in the form of in depth articles. For those of you who are new to my work, numerology is a spiritual number system that allows us to determine certain factors of our lives + personality.

Kendrick Lamar, is the life path of 3. This is the number all about creativity, creative expression, manifestation, and community.

Now, the 3 being a multiple of 9 shares some of the 9 energy + is also a highly spiritual, empathic + intuitive number. Those holding this number are very likely to be empathic, or experience unusual phenomena, in the case of Kendrick, who claims to have been visited in dreams by Tupac, I believe that one of his abilities is the access to ancestral knowledge + ancestral channeling.

This is the number of the divine – the holy trinity + can signify one who possess attributes of the material, emotional + spiritual world, should they manifest wholeness.

The number 3 also carries the wounded healer template. This is somebody who has suffered numerous trials, difficulties in their life time, that enables them to develop deep compassion, empathy + desire for peace + order. Because this number carries such great internal turmoil + motion, they usually are drawn toward the arts. 

  Andre 3000, life path 3.

This is the way in which they attempt to express their thriving inner world + use intuition + ancestral channeling to bring forth their messages, directly from the divine. This life path’s peace of mind is dependent on their ability to successfully express themselves through their art, + if they do not turn to creativity, they may just turn to depression + a world of doom + trauma repetition.

This number is also usually quite quirky, + will stand apart from their peer group, in a magnitude of ways.
Life path 6.

Michael Jackson, life path 6.

The life path of 6, is undoubtably one of the MOST sensitive life paths that we have in numerology, especially when it is achieved through the culmination of the numbers 222. 

A derivative of the number 9, the number 6 possess many of the healing qualities, including an intense sensitivity to emotional stimuli, and typically a childhood that revolved around some type of neglect or abandonment.

The number 6 is likely to carry this feeling of isolation with them for the remainder of their lives, even whilst surrounded by many. This is due to a disconnection from the inner child that the number 6 holds. They will try to fulfil their inner desires of love and acceptance, with external measures, but truly, the only thing that will bring this number peace, is the resolution with the childhood selves.

Because of their recognition of the suffering of others, this number is very likely to lend their compassions to philanthropy, and humanitarianism.

This is the number 3 doubled, intensified, so the number 6 also holds heavy creative energy, and just like the 3, and 9, their creative expression, and the channeling of their deep sensitivities, will offer them occasional escapism from their inner turmoil.

Their creative + expressive flow is the only time in which they are connected with all aspects of themselves enough, not to become succumb by the emotions of neglect, and ill faith.
Life path 9


The most famous life path number 9 of all Bob Marley, was known for his passion to spread a message of peace, spiritual alignment, and (human-ity) / unity. But not many know that his desire for racial harmony and co-operation came from his own complex of being bi-racial, not being accepted by the white side of his family, (rejected by his white father), and being teased by his black peers for being what they called of, ‘red skin’. So is it any wonder that he went on to preach a message of love, unity, and inclusion? My, the most high works in the funniest of ways.. 

Bob was the life path of 9 – the infamous wounded healer, humanitarian, creative artist, and spiritual channel, but if we take a closer look at his birth sequence.. We can see that further inclinations were buried, as to who he would be, and how he would do it.. This is the very beauty of numerology, and why I love it so much, aside from the overall life path, the day of somebody’s birth, and the month, holds great significance over what themes and influences are working on their inner cores, and behaviours.

6/2 (February).
The number 6 is another extension of the wounded healer template, meaning that Bob held twice the energy of love, humanitarianism, and compassion/empathy born through trial.. Not to mention, the number 2.. Those born in February are likely to be among the most sensitive souls, as the number 2 represents intense sensitivities, spiritual perception, union ship, harmony, peace making, and the cultivation of pair bonding, and intimacy.. In other words, ‘mr lover, lover’..

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Each life path, possesses both positive, and negative attributes. Somebody who is not in alignment with their souls truths, will be exhibiting the more negatively associated attributes of their path, however, numerology too can explain to us, why they may have chosen to neglect the path most suited to their truth, based upon their life’s experiences, and world perceptions.

Life path numbers can truly help us to gain access to the akashic records, the divine blue print for why each soul exists, and what their purpose on this earth is to be – destiny, pre determined, divine intervention, whatever you may call it. I think it is beautiful that the most high has given us so many tools to access clues as to why we were created, our unique purposes, and the fact that we are ALL wanted, and needed, and our existence is not at all coincidence.

For accuracy, I find it is best to be knowledgable in areas of astrology, and numerology, this will allow your intuition to take over upon discovery, and reveal even greater depths of soul truth to you.
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Stand up for the hyper sensitive – stand up to bullying; a community effort for empathic survival.

#standuptobullying is a community movement that places emphasis on not only the hyper-sensitive’s sense of self actualisation, but also their sense of safety in a world that generally does not understand them. This movement allows others who may not be so highly sensitive to also play an active role in ensuring that the hyper sensitive soul is not the perpetual victim of their society. As we all know, one of the largest problems with hyper sensitives thriving in their community is their sometimes lack of ability to acknowledge, or speak up for themselves when they realise that they are being treated badly. This is something that I myself have struggled with greatly in the past + is often something that will require their thorough effort+healing practices before they may be able to implement these changes,+ express themselves better.
This is a call for community action. You do not have to be an empath to have empathy. If we all stepped in+ spoke out for people who do not have the capability of speaking out for themselves as much, the world would be a better + a safer place for us all. Ofcourse, I thoroughly encourage self actualisation, but self actualisation requires practice+ in the mean time, what stops you from turning to your friend+saying, ‘that wasn’t very nice. That person didn’t deserve that’.. It is not so much those who pick on others who do the worst damage, but the ones who bear witness to the damage they inflict+ sit idly by.
Did you know that the hyper sensitives sense of lack of safety begins very early on? Usually they are identified as the weak members of the pack very early on+learn as children that the world is an unsafe place, triggering issues like ptsd, depression, or anxiety later on in life.

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Why are so many old soul-ed healers, so lonely?

For the same reason, that so many old souls suffer from anxiety.. The current world in which we inhabit, is hardly at all old soul friendly, if anything, one would pertain to the idea that the powers that be, already knew of the forthcoming arrival of these sensitive type of beings, and made it so that not only would we be unable to thrive in such a world, but if we tried, we would soon be met with the gruesome realisation, that there is no place for us here. That there is no place on this earth delicate enough to engulf us, the ways that we long to be engulfed.

From a young age, old souls are likely to be the children playing alone in the play ground, the children who cling desperately to their mother’s clothes when being dropped at the school gates. 

Even on an unconscious level, that early on, the old soul is aware that they are not entirely safe here, on this planet. This is where the anxiety comes in, and this is why it is so very important for empaths, and these sensitive light working souls to do daily affirmations, and ground techniques, reclaiming the safety that they feel is lost.

The old soul has so much occurring internally, that they often lack appropriate expression. They may be over expressive, (aggressive), if they possess an imbalance of too much masculine energy, or under expressive, (submissive/passive), if they possess an imbalance of too much feminine energy. This makes it difficult for them sometimes to cultivate friendships, and close inter-personal relationships, because they often fail to voice their opinions, and feelings, consequently failing to get their needs met.

These souls are also more likely than others to spot the insincerity, and inauthenticity in others. This makes it almost impossible to maintain steady friendships, and close bonds. The old soul has known much emotional disturbance, and likely betrayal on their paths. Whilst most people will probably stick around, and give somebody who’s motives are unclear a chance, the old soul will find the friction in vibration absolutely unbearable, and will likely run for the hills! They value their energetic sanity more than anything, and above anyone, and rightly so! If not careful, they can fall victim to energy vampirism, over stimulation, and even emotional imprinting from others. 

Old souls typically are so different from their peer, social group and family because they have existed much longer than them all. This is also the reason they seem to have acquired so much knowledge, even at a particularly young age, none of this knowledge is exactly, ‘new’ to them, they have had so many life times to learn it and master it, so in a sense, they are only remembering it, and not learning it for the first time. 

Their preference of solitude is related to their need to process all of the information that is signalled to them from other planes, and also from remembering specific information from their previous incarnations. They tend to have a sensitivity parallel to none, because they have existed for so long, they have seen all of the evils of man kind, from wars, to loss, to ill treatment, and truly appreciate that the foundation and the core of existence is love, acceptance and compassion. It is also likely that they have been separated from source for so long that their craving for this intense loving energy propels them to try to recreate this with their actions on earth. Their solitude is also born of being unable to do so, given the dense, and egotistically operating nature of our general society today. 

In the case of empath old souls and twin flames incarnating in this time period, I strongly believe that this is their last life time, and that is why so many are being reunited with their twins, they have gathered much knowledge, but need this final push, (reconnection with source energy) to utilise all of the skills and knowledge learnt to teach others, before finally ascending. From there-forth they will become masters, guides, who no longer incarnate, (unless they choose to), but rather assist other struggling empaths, and attempt to guide other twin flames remaining on earth to find one another, or learn of their divinity. Old souls are old in their eyes, their eyes hold great wisdom, and great pain, as they have known so much loss, (losing friends, family etc over several life times, over and over again). This is also the trait that gifts them with the ability to give accurate love, advice and guidance to all whom seek their counsel.

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