To progress, is to leave behind, to say, goodbye.

Isn’t evolution the most amazing thing ever? Though we can sometimes find ourselves in confusion, as we drift away from people, and wonder what this means for us. This is a sign of progression. When we raise our frequency, the frequency of the past will begin to cause friction with our new found enlightenment. Once you change your surroundings change. When you find the love in yourself, all of those who do not love you will become apparent, very fast!

This may appear confusing, at first, and your ‘better’ (egoic) judgement will probably tell you that you are being disloyal, or too hasty, but your soul knows that this is just what you require for both peace of mind, and mental, emotional, and spiritual expansion.

Think of it in terms of energy, those associated with the energy that you once embodied, can only vibrate at a certain frequency, almost as if they are programmed to do so, when with them, naturally, your frequency will try to align with their own, in order for both frequencies to harmonise, (understand, and know one another), in this instance this is you making yourself smaller, and minimising the true capacity of your energetic vibration.
You are allowed to be brand new..

And do not ever allow anybody to tell you differently.

When we allow ourselves to grow, and to change, we begin to discover new parts of ourselves that we were not even aware existed. Mental and spiritual evolution can not occur unless one constantly removes themselves from their place of comfort, and explores greater depth.

I am a firm motivator, and a believer in the phrase, ‘know thyself’, but once one has come to know themselves, I believe it is their great duty to embark on a journey of self improvement. Now you know, you know what works, and you know what doesn’t, so it is time to place emphasis on what does, and slowly begin to tweak out, what does not.

It may be painful, and even stir anxiety at first to ponder the prospect of leaving behind what you know, but think of it this way, this world of 7 billion is thriving, and there are souls spread out across the entire galaxy who hold clues to who you truly are, and who you should be in this time, and this place.

You must expand your boarders far and wide, spreading your infections, and contagious energy to all of those who so desperately require your hand. There is love yet to be discovered. There is happiness yet to be uncovered. And all of this awaits you keenly to stumble across it.

You can leave the mistakes of the past behind. They can become a mere figment of your imagination if you just allow them to.

If you come from traumatic, or troubled beginnings, why do you think that this must be your story? Why do you think that you must stay here? You must’nt.

Your consciousness, is your reality.

If you were to move today, to an island, thousands of miles from where you are now, and you were met with warm sea air, and sweat trickling playfully down your back, and friends sat surrounding you and an open flamed fire, how painful would your past be? How annoyed would you be over the friend who betrayed you two years ago? The narcissistic lover who broke your heart?

My guess is, not very. And why? Because your reality, is your consciousness.

Your consciousness, is your reality.

At that moment, you will only be conscious of paradise, of the new friends that you have made, and the sea that sits Infront of your view.

This is what I mean when I describe leaving the old behind, and embracing new frequencies, frequencies that match your own temperament.

If your consciousness consists of the old friends who were caught in a loop of your old traumas, then so shall be your reality.

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