Twin Flame ( Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 24th-30th October; Back down to reality, Karmic bonds, The loss of love & the love of loss.


Main theme ( Five of cups), What is occurring for both divine lovers (Ten of wands), Masculine – The lovers, King of swords, The chariot, Feminine – Four of pentacles, Four of cups, Justice.

Extra card – The empress – The empress is the birthing, and the creation of a new self this week, as divine counterparts have successfully completed one of their many missions. The alchemical process of exchanging energies. 

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

Numerological break down calculation – 

24th (6) – Childhood, past life, maternal care, parental care, abandonment consciousness – 30th (3) Magnified – Creation, manifestation, creativity, unity between the masculine, the feminine, and the shadow.

Alot of sacred lovers lately have found themselves caught in 4d consciousness, moments of spiritual awareness, and spiritual expansion that may have left us feeling almost as if we were living in a dream world – with our dreams being particularly eruptive! Insomnia, over sleeping, illness, and mental confusion was likely also a major part of your recent experiences. This week, we are clawing off the misty lenses of our spiritual specs, and coming back down to what is 3D consciousness. Still the same as it was when we left it – only one, we will not be able to exhibit the same models we practiced once before…

The 5 of cups represents emotional loss, disappointment, and mourning over recent events. Perhaps there was a recent break up, or a sudden break down in communication. We may be feeling cheated because of a situation that has not worked out the way we thought that it would, or this may pertain to some dishonesty – potentially the third party situation described in previous readings, (as the five of cups represents mourning over three spilled cups). We may be focusing heavily this week on the past, and resisting the changes that have presented themselves to us. Perhaps we became too attached to the idea of something supporting our emotional well being, only to realise that we have been neglecting our priorities, and emotional responsibilities to self. The five of cups may also represent shame, as the individual appears to hang their head low over the scattered situation. For this reason, forgiveness is a big theme for both divine lovers this week. Forgiveness of themselves, and forgiveness of their union counterpart.

The ten of wands describes a situation that became too much to handle. This is a defining point in our lives where we draw the line, and declare that enough, is enough. As the number 10 is symbolic of endings, transitions, and new beginnings, this could represent the month of October in which we have come to the realisation that we need leave certain behaviours, influences, and things behind. This may be in relation to the sacred union – in which one party felt that they were carrying all of the strain, and called time, or space on the situation. The ten of wands also represents letting go of internal baggage, and releasing our addictions to victimisation, or martyrdom. The ten of wands is about no longer being able to carry on in the direction that you were going, doing the things that you were doing. We have to drop some of the burden that we have been holding on to, and some of the ways that we have adopted, if we are to develop peace of mind, and truly gain access to a new beginning. It is not simply enough to beckon, or attempt to attract a new beginning – rather, it requires, and consists of participation, and some effort on your part. Change your internal, and your external will reflect who you are, what you allow, and what you experience. 

The feminine here may be shining the light for both divine partners to experience a karmic overhaul. Perhaps this is a wake up call for the masculine, as he recognises that there actually has been some loss here, and it is time for a change on a profound level. The number 10 stops us dead in our tracks, and we are forced to examine the extremes in our life. Nothing should be done to excess, but when we have no balance, we do not know the difference between enough, and too much. 

A more honest way of living is introduced here, as we recognise that this is one of the healthiest ways to live. Health is a major concern to us this week also, perhaps we are just over coming illness, or there have been health scares concerning our previous ways of living. It is true that it is time for change on many spectrums, and the way that we treat ourselves is under intense scrutiny.

The five of cups is also a card of change. As things change, and seasons fade, it is often common to dwell on the past, what might have been, and what could be. Winter represents a period of this type of darkness, where we are to be still, and accept the next stage of our lives as it confronts us. Putting up a fight is futile.. Change, like death, is inevitable.

Detachment is the practice this week. Finding balance between the things that we love, and the things that we can do.. Being a hero for your heart means sometimes, placing your mind above your emotional chaos. Unconditional love is the highest form of love to practice, and this goes with unconditional love for yourself. This is forgiving the self, and understanding the necessary growing pains that must occur in order for us to move on with our lives, and adapt to the demands for a purer way of being. All souls who are on the path of awareness must always face such monumental moments. 

Perhaps the masculine is abandoning his struggle with juggling too much. Too many issues, too many women, too much baggage.. Etc

The lovers on the side of the masculine speaks of his thoughts this week residing with this spiritual union of his. Perhaps he cannot shake the weight of guilt on his part. If there was a loss in this union, and the feminine tore herself away from him, then he is definitely dealing with the repercussions of her actions – although, somehow, a part of him admires the part of her that was finally able to be honest with him. He did not need the martyred version of you at that moment. It was a hero in love he sought.  The recognition of what has taken place here, and how he has played a part in it, is causing a stir in his spiritual awakenings, and foundations. The ego version of himself is being pulled into question. How much the ego can cancel out love. And how so often we allow it to..

The king of swords takes us into his reluctance to allow himself to be an emotional mess this week. He is still very much holding onto the part of him that wishes to experience his emotions through rational thought, and not through burdening himself with uncomfortable feelings. This is his resistance still to allowing himself to go too deeply, and too dark into the abyss. Yes, he is still dealing with his version of spiritual ‘karma’, but he is attempting to search for solutions, and using this as an opportunity to clear his mind. This means alienating the space that exists for his shadow self to operate, and focusing on getting the things done that must be done.

The feminine on the other side, appears with the four of pentacles. This suggests that instead of allowing herself to become entirely engilfed in the hardships of this period, she is attempting to turn her focus towards financial gain, and preserving her business ideas. Nurturing her career, is one of the ways in which she will practice self love this week – as this is a direct investment in herself, and her growth. She is not using work so much as an escape, but rather a reason to keep going, and to break out of the self imposed victimhood that she engaged in not long before.

The number four appearing twice for her;again with the four of cups is suggestive of the idea that the feminine seeks order, structure, and strong foundations at this point in her life. It is the only way that security of some sort can be grounded, if she first establishes this for herself. The four of cups represents many moments this week where she may find herself dwelling negatively on the situation, escaping into day dream over what occurred, and failing to see the positives in the situation that is before her.

Perhaps she is beating herself up about what she did wrong, and right, and how all of the events transpired. She may still find herself too caught up in 4D this week – the realm of over thinking, and over imagination, so, it is important to remember the four of pentacles for balance when this occurs. It is okay to find epiphanies through allowing your mind to wander about this romantic situation, but still, there are things that must be done, and things that must be built. There is definitely a new beginning being presented to her by the fourth cup extended in the traditional four of cups taro – however, the feminine will not be able to see this if she keeps getting lost in the details of what happened. There is a bigger picture at play here – even whilst it cannot be seen.

The chariot suggests an eagerness, and a willingness on the masculine to make a move. But what will this move be? I want to challenge my followers to something a little different this week.. As we are practicing the theme of detachment, I have decided to allow you all to discover your OWN individual outcomes for this week.. Alot of the ways in which we create attachment, and subsequently disappointment in situations, is because we attempt to weave ourselves around one specified outcome, and fall apart if this does not become our truth. The truth is  – there are several truths. Some divine masculine counterparts this week, will use the force of the chariot to continue pushing forward, and trying to keep the feminine by their side. The others? Will use the energy of the chariot to finally turn away – change direction, and embark on a new story…Sometimes, the heroine lies with the one who chooses to walk away, especially when too much damage has been done.

The justice card is the feminines final call for karmic balance. She says, ‘I did not even want to leave you’ ‘I did not even want to fall out of love with you’. ‘ I JUST want balance in my life! This is all about having ENOUGH, and not living on scarcity, internally, or externally. There has to be some sort of ebb, and flow, or life is completely out of wack, and this is a lesson that both divine lovers are learning this week. And the feminine, either directly, or indirectly, has triggered this state of awareness, and recognition within the divine masculine.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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Twin flames, soul mates, and karmic attachments, the novelty of forbidden love, and facing the shadow – A Charmed special. 

Phoebe and Cole.

If you are not familiar with charmed, and are interested in spirituality, I seriously advise you to check out a season or two. It explains many spiritual principles, both directly, and through metaphor. 

Long story short, it is based around the lives of three sisters witches, who came into their powers following a prophecy made by their ancestor, that they would be the most powerful force of good in the world – of all time, countering the active forces of evil that exist in the world – light workers much?

Now, Phoebe, the youngest sister, (for the first few seasons, played fantastically by Alyssa Milano), is clairvoyant, and later becomes clairsentient, (an empath). There have been a few incidences over the years in the show that have touched on her being less powerful magically than the others, as her power was the only passive power, though her intensified intuition, and ability to think, and see outside the lines saved all sisters more times than their combined powers put together. Never undestimate extra sensory perception!

It is my strong belief that it is the path of all healers to experience both sides of the spectrum of existence, both good, and evil, for them to understand how they may cultivate balance. And this is exactly the situation that took place with the characters phoebe, and Cole.

Cole, (Phoebe’s lover in the show), was a demon. Despite this, the love that they had for one another, penetrated any boarders, or limitations that they may have faced, including the stigma of forbidden love, which is just the twin flame template. Not to mention the balancing of two opposing energies, igniting an alchemical reaction whereby BOTH are transformed. 

The course of their love found Cole spending some time running away, and avoiding phoebe, whilst trying to maintain his ‘evil’ status, and rid himself of his undying love for her. She however, during this time, determined to save their love, and believing that she could redeem her, continued to pursue him, until alas, his love for her was so powerful, he decided that he did want to change..

Why of course, it was the evil in Cole that attracted phoebe, as it played her a glimpse of her shadow self, and it was the good in Phoebe that captivated Cole, as the same goodness existed within him, whether the two chose to see so, or not.

There is something to be said about the healer, and their path in love. Healers, on the path to becoming a healer must sacrifice themselves on the path of love, they are often met with many soul mates are karmic attachments with whom they share tumultuous, or tragic relationships. This is usually because the healer at this point has many unresolved issues, and they need to see this played out in their relationships, if they are to ever gain insight into their mission on this planet.

To learn love, to know love, you have to experience it in its darkest form. You have to know what must be removed to keep it pure. To keep it, love.

The ultimate sacrifice.


After numerous attempts for Cole to redeem himself, and pursue the path of righteousness, the lure of wrong doing was too strong, and before long, he had returned to the underworld, and to his old ways, except this time.. He took Phoebe with him!

So dark and engulfing was his shadow self, that it dragged Phoebe down also, causing her to face her own darkness, through facing him. It had to be her own choice to return to the path of the light, and the truth, but this was never going to be an easy choice. If she was to return to the light, this would mean releasing her love, sacrificing him, for the cause of the greater good.
Only the strong, only the brave, can dwell in the depths of the darkest love, and rise once again, with a new found understanding, and appreciation for life, for love. In letting him go, she became..

So, was that the end of their love story?

‘I was dead before I met you, I was born the day you loved me, and my love for you will keep me alive, forever.’

Cole about Phoebe Halliwell
No, it was not. 

Cole makes a re-appearance twice, after him and phoebe’s love story has been diminished. Both times, his attempts were to restore her faith in love, to show her that love did not have to be all about love, loss, and fear, the way that it was with him. Such was his love for her, that even after he had no more to offer her, the only thing that he desired was her happiness, whether it included him, or not.

He finally found the peace that he had been looking for. His karma for his deeds was ending up in a vaccum sort of dimension, between time, and space, life, and death. One could say that this was a metaphor for having found balance.

Phoebe also went on to marry a Cupid, the epitome of love. All along her journey was one of love, as a healer, and an empath. She came to know that each love story had offered her something, each love story had prepared her for her last. 


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