Excessive fatigue, and ascension. 

Honestly, I have been so incredibly exhausted with all of these shifts in consciousness, and reality occurring. It has definitely been a time of rapid change, and switching different dimensional timelines, and un-doing past life karma – enough to make anybody exhausted!

Pay particular attention to dreams during this time, especially dreams about death, as they articulate to us what we are letting go of subconsciously, energetically & etherically. 

Dreams about death do not pertain to physical death in a sense, but rather a death of the things that these persons are associated with.

Our cells are rejuvenated whilst we sleep, new brain connections are made, as old ones die. And sleep is the cousin of death, so you can be sure that all of the sleep that you are catching up on at this time is bringing you renewal, and rebirth.

You may even be experiencing psychological and physical regression – looking younger & fresher as a result of dropping harmful energies from your auric field.. This is a time of letting go, and allowing so much that has been stored within us to fall to dust. I highly suggest a heavy physical cleansing in preparation for this full moon. Cleaning the house, that attic/storage room that you dump old, irrelevant rubbish in – yes even that too must now be cleansed! Re-arrange the placement of your room, change your bed covers, dust for cobwebs – this is all related to the condition of yourself internally. Your home is an extension of yourself.
Happy clearing my babies…


© Seek Cindy 2016. 

Friction and opposition; The necessary stages of healing. 

It appears almost as if a cruel twist of fate.. The moment that you find yourself in a state of spiritual, emotional, mental, and psychological elevation & inspiration, is the moment that you will rub up against those who seem to be at the mouth gate of the complete opposite.

Resistance, friction – an opportunity to test, are you truly ready to move to the next level? Are you really ready to fight for yourself? To love yourself more? And to excel in ways you previously never have before?

Okay, then I will send you this test, this test that once used to rock you & shake you at the knees… And now you will see, how you handle this.. How well you fare against the kind of strife that once paralysed you.
The entities that exist as low vibration cess pits in others will recognise when your own vibration is uplifting, they will recognise the resistance that you pose to whom you once were & out of bitterness & spite, they will do everything within their power to attempt to bring you back to a place where you recognise them…

Demonic entities (low vibrational beings) absolutely HATE to be ignored, it remains them that they are unloved, not of the light & not apart of God’s graces, & they confuse the vessel that they possess that it is rather they who are unlovable.

Do not be so shaken dear one. Know that this too is apart of the process… This too is healing, challenging & changing you at the most molecular, biochemical level.

You know that you are healing, when your arguments now turn into psychological expressions of communication, and resolution.

I have absolute zero interest these days in engaging in heated disputes with anybody.. My inner child is currently dancing happily, and she seriously has no intention of being unnecessarily wounded. My shadow self is also currently doing cute things, like parenting my inner child & enduring a process of self analysation & introspection, so anybody after anything else, needs to fall all the way back, have several seats & go get a coffee with kermit & them…

As a highly sensitive person, I find that engaging in any type of back & fourth is incredibly draining & this is why so many empaths seem to avoid confrontation…

The energetic back lash after is NOT worth it..

I find the inner parent in myself now reaching out to others who try to cause conflict & trying to parent them.

I mean, there is clearly an inner child present who does not know how to appropriately & articulately express itself…

And I am tempted to ask?

‘What is it at this time that you require?’

‘What causes you such dissatisfaction that you feel the need to misconstrue my words & energy in such a manor?’

The energy of resolution, is entirely separate from the energy of conflict.

Nobody is out to get you amor, I promise you that much. Well, unless indeed you do perceive things to be this way.

And it is the enemy within, the one who has a chronic dissatisfaction with self, that perceives itself to be a target, that determines that everybody is somehow out to harm it..

Gradually, as we heal, the sometimes timid, often defeatist voice within our head that lacks reason, will cease to think that all others have an agenda, particularly energetically vampiric souls.

There is not much that you can do outside of yourself, you cannot control others, you cannot control who they are, what they do, nor their emotional reactions & responses toward you – all that you can do is attune yourself, so that you experience internal harmony.

Realise that the actions of others are a reflection of their own perception & THEIR reality, similarly, your experiences, actions, and conclusions are relative to your own perceptions and narratives.

You can CHOOSE to buy into an experience if it resonates w/ you.

If it does not? Then you can choose to drop it from your auric field. As simple as you nearly picked it up.

Each day, make a conscious decision of that which you wish to indulge in.

However, in the end, regardless of all of our dealings, of those who cause us friction, of those who rub up against the unhealed parts within us, it is important with our labelling of others, not to write them off, or paint them as the perpetual bad guys – for this creates more separation and bitterness.

Our time & experience upon this earth is limited. Why are we so disregardful & disrespectful towards others? Do we know when will be the last time that we will be given the opportunity to see them? Surely, we do not wish for our last ever words to them to have been filled with malice.

To lose somebody unexpectedly places a shift upon the ways in which you view death, loss & life.

At any moment, one can become lost to the infinite cycle that is.

This is why human life is so precious! Why we should try to rise above our own petty differences & see the beauty of humanity for what it is.. All humans are sacred. Yes even those whom we dub ‘energetic vampires’, toxic, or emotionally & energetically draining…

Even they too are sacred.

I am not under any circumstance suggesting that one should put up with their bullshit, but rather, even in establishing & strengthening boundaries, we should try to speak to the inner child in them, the wounded one that is.

Harbouring any type of hate, resentment, or ill feeling towards others burns away deeply at us, more than it affects any other..

Go to sleep every night with forgiveness on your mind, understanding that we are all human, we are all learning, we are all growing, and we all make mistakes on this path…

Hate nobody. Express grief over their actions, but please do not ever carry hate in your heart for them… Especially those who abuse you, as this prolongs the process of abuse.

Cindy Anneh-bu

© Seek Cindy 2016.

General Weekly Reading – 8th-14th August; Painful endings, and accepting transition.

general weekly reading.jpg

Main theme: Death, Surrounding cards: Eight of swords, Nine of pentacles, Wheel of fortune, Ten of pentacles, Seven of pentacles, Five of pentacles.

Okay guys, I don’t know about you, but this week, I have been experiencing some exceptionally strange, and often uncomfortable energies, and emotions, and looking at this deck, I do not fail to see why..

I have actually picked more cards than usual this week, because I have been very desperate to find out EXACTLY what it is that we have been dealing with. I personally, know that I have been feeling funky all week, and so many themes and perspectives that I have thought that I had dealt with, have been dragged right back up, in this dramatic, dark night of the soul-esque episode!

We are currently enduring a MASSIVE cleansing process, and a massive death, and rebirth theme, so a lot of the things that we are dealing with, are in relation to endings, and new beginnings, and this process of mourning, is always painful. Let us envision physical death, it is a difficult process in which we must say goodbye to someone that means a lot to us, and the emptiness that is left over, is no different from the energy of the essence left from energetic, karmic, or emotional deaths. We are letting go of so many things, and so many people, and the wheel of fortune suggests that this is all to do with changing our karmic substance.

We will be triggered greatly this week, and this is because many of us are dealing with the last of our shadow aspects, our childhood wounds, the biggest blockages to our soul’s evolution, as we see them brought to the very surface. The things that we deny, the negative narratives, and stories that we have been holding on to for so long – we are faced with them all this week, and we are asked to let them go, to transform them, to see how they have been creating this fixed narrative within our lives.

With the five of pentacles, we are shown how our perception of lack effects and influences our life’s dealings, and decisions. There has existed for a long time within us a certain emptiness, a feeling like we are not enough, or that we do not have enough, and this week, we are challenged to face this notion within ourselves. Loneliness, victimisation, poor mental health, everything is coming to the centre of our being, to ask us the question that we truly fear… Could we really be somehow, irreversibly damaged, and or tarnished? Ofcourse, this is a fool’s question, but for somebody who has carried this notion around with them for life times long, it is a very real, and very valid ponder.

So old stories, themes from the past, life stages and familiar experiences are brought up at this time, to ask us to break this karmic cycle, and we have actually been doing shadow cleansing, and karmic revamping for several weeks now, But i do feel as if all of this has really intensified with the presence of the Lion’s gate. Perhaps our self worth, and self perceptions have also been tied into our ability to manifest money, as there are plenty pentacle cards displayed this week… This relates once again to scarcity consciousness, the thought that we do not have enough – that we are not enough.

The eight of swords is us manifesting these negative experiences and thoughts continuously. We just keep digging, and digging, I mean it is almost as if we enjoy our own detriment, but we truly get to see this week how this is something that exists first within us, and then manifests without. It is time to stop creating this negative backlash of karma, because of our beliefs tied in with pain, and negative self worth. How long can you see your life take on this consistent narrative, until you realise that it is time to wake up, that you no longer wish to feel this way..That you have the power, NOT to feel this way.

The seven of pentacles speaks of our harvest, waiting for our rewards to come in, and expecting them to come in. So it goes like this, sometimes, you do believe in yourself, you do believe in your worth, and you do believe in your ability to acquire abundance, and instant manifestation. Other times, you confuse the universe… You say one thing, but you FEEL another way, and keep in mind, it is all about the feeling – the universe works with energy. If you are saying that you are worthy and deserving, but deep down deprivation consciousness is screaming into your ego, what do you think you will see? What do you think will exist around you?

Cultivation requires persistence, so can you keep your vibration high enough, and focused enough to truly manifest the type of life that you desire? The nine of pentacles, and the ten of pentacles speak of things finally coming together for you – financially, this is your opportunity to go where you have always dreamt of going, but there are still things, self imposed that are holding you back. Could you imagine the extent of your full potential if you broke free from these chains? If you started to fully commit to yourself, and act from a place of wholeness, and belief in your own magic? Likely, you would be unstoppable. You have the recipe, and you have the ingredients for greatness, but do you have the patience, and the cultivation? If something does not work in your favor instantly, do you fall back into old habits and patterns and say, ‘ I knew it. I knew that was not going to work anyway. Nothing ever works for me. This is the way that things are?’…. Well, then you are affirming this belief. In keep in mind that this is not only limited to finances, this also spreads out into areas of our love life, family, and friends…If you feel like others are always abandoning you, you will literally search for cues to confirm your beliefs, so even if they have no intention of doing so, to you, in your mind, this will be a PROVEN reality .The mind is so powerful..It wants, what it wants, and it will find it.

Stop feeding your fears, stop feeding your sadness, for it is an insatiable beast, that continues to feast, and continue to eat, as long as you will it so. Who are you? Are you this powerful creator who can manifest greatness and lives in the eye of the most high? Or are you this meek individual who believes in victimisation, and deprivation consciousness? Make up your mind..Because for too long, you swing from one podium to the other, and something has got to give. It just does NOT make sense. You cannot be both.. You can be light, and both dark, but you cannot be both weak, and strong. You are one, or the other, and this week, you need to choose.

Everything that you want this week, that you could dream of, is on the table, the most high is like, ‘here you go’.. You can get this, you can have this, but is your energy willing to work for it? Or have you already decided…That self sabotage is your birth right?


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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July 19th; Full moon in Capricorn – Healing the father wound, ambitious awakenings, and balancing home duties, with financial responsibility – Intuitive reading.

full moon in cap.jpg

Full moon in Capricorn.

Today marks the emergence of the full moon in Capricorn, and what a timely one it is.
We have all been busy sorting through our emotional closets,facing our shadow selves, fighting the last of our demons, and clearing through karmic family debt, and perceptions of romantic love.
Now, after a roller-coaster of emotional, and spiritual work, we are being thrust into the material plane with the direct, and forward energy of Capricorn.
Rarely has there been a sign so openly, and blatantly masculine.
The sign of Capricorn lends itself to planning, structure, long term plans, and investments, business goals, and financial liberation.
If it were a life path, it would be the number 8.
Capricorn has so much promise, and so much destiny tied into being successful, and this makes it one of the most ambition signs that we have.
From a young age, Capricorn is stirred with the idea of vision, a prosperous future, and a life in the spotlight, or a life that places them directly in charge of their own finances, and destiny.
Many old souls, healers, and empaths can identify with this feeling, of having something special within them, that desperately needs to be seen, and heard by the rest of the world. Many times, this is the one childhood hope that keeps them clinging to often confusing and turbulent upbringings.

Well now, full moon in Capricorn provides the perfect template for the hyper sensitive old soul, who has always dreamed of, but never been fully committed to self actualize, and propel themselves into the depths of their true destiny.

Numerologically speaking, this full moon in Capricorn falls on a number that is also heavily associated with authority, leadership, and masculine energies. (1+9) = 1, as some numerologists prefer to simplify it too. However, for the ones that recognise the significance of the 0, this period marks a transition of endings, and new beginnings presented by them. Balance, and recognising that life is always unsteady when the scales are unfairly tipped.

This full moon presents to us a culmination of everything that we have been working on. We can now sit back, and watch from a vantage point, as we see the fruits of our labour come into harvest. But this moon also comes with a warning, a very clear warning, not to revert to ways of procrastination, and stagnancy.
Both of which are major threats to the advancement of the self, and the advancement of one’s career.
The healing of the masculine, and the father template arrives with this moon to challenge the way that we view clarity of speech, and clarity of intention.
Far from being too harsh, pushy, or overly assertive, this energy seeks to get things DONE.
This is no longer being the push over, and sending a clear message to others about the self; what we are willing to put up with, and what we are willing to sacrifice, and preserve in order to move forward.

In recent weeks, we may have witnessed a challenge between our home, and family duties, and our career, and financial elevation. Whilst we so desperately seek to keep a calm balance, we have realised now how focusing too much on one area, can be to the detriment of the other.
Money problems, arguing with loved ones over consistency, and financial flow.
Perhaps we have been running on low energy, and this has also influenced our ability to accumulate, attract, and keep currency.
Now, we are realising that the state of our home, our home affairs, and our financial stability are intrinsically in sync, and the two run toe to toe with one another.

Maybe your mental functioning has been compromised by the vibrations at home – causing you to stagnate, worry, and lose focus more than you would in any other circumstance. External pressures may have weighed in,
how to be a good father, mother, sister, brother, whilst still placing one’s needs and requirements first.
In all things, a balance of masculine, AND feminine energy is required.
There should always exist a fine balance between being too harsh, and not being a push over.
Think of the King of swords.
Somebody who expresses his feelings openly, so that everybody is clear about their path, and position, and nobody is under the attack of passive aggression, or under the assumption of something that is a falsity.
Speaking our mind to those who need to hear it may be a very real temptation right now, but we must do so with moderation.
The directness of this full moon lends a hand to not only being honest with others, but also with ourselves.
If we have been particularly lazy, lethargic, or avoidant of responsibilities, then now is the time for the full moon to shine a light on that, and we must accept, that we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

This is very much the father wound. Without a strong, secure father figure present, many children grow up internalizing the victim narrative of their mother – who also carries the psychological wound of abandonment, and passes this on. Even if a father figure was figure present, if he was not somewhat reliable, responsible, or stable, it is very likely that this individual did not inherit healthy masculine properties, such as consistency, and stability..
And this is exactly what this full moon in Capricorn seeks to challenge within us.
Taking responsibility for your life and fathering yourself, not only places you in the position to be the best parent for your child, but also the best parent for your life, your business, and your project.

This is the illumination of the things that you BS about, all of the excuses that you make for why you cannot keep up with work load, why you feel unmotivated, and why you cannot get your final idea off the ground. Yes, some childhood lapses may come into play, but for the most part, you have a psychological fear of dependency, and responsibility.
You know that if you were to start this great, grand project, others would begin to depend on you, and you fear your own availability, and reliability.
This is the part where you must remain present, and consistent with your efforts of planning, and grounding.
It is important not to escape too much into dream, and fantasy world, like a Pisces.
Use your dream like imagination, and day dreaming to conjure ideas, and channel information, but know when to shut it down.
When that voice in your head says it is time to work, WORK.
Sometimes emotional complexities must be removed in order for you to move forward in the areas that you must, this does not mean that you are turning cold hearted, or that you are being selfish, this merely means that you are finally ready to prioritize your career.
Stop thinking about the examples, and the leaders that you never had. Stop fearing stepping into these big shoes, and being a disappointment to yourself, and others.
It is your time to shine, start one bit at a time.
Build everyday, and do not let trivial matters like a lack of romantic love confuse you about your worth.
It is time to stop looking for completion outside of yourself, work to give yourself the abundance that you deserve.
You ARE the 10 of pentacles, and if utilized correctly, this full moon will allow you to tap into the essence of ideas, and insight that will bring you even further to the places that you need to be…

However, escapism into your work is also equally damaging in hazardous, and usually is a signal of somebody who is running away from the home, or running away from their own thoughts.
Do not run from the home into your work, whatever matters are occurring at home will not disappear just because you are focused on your work, and in-fact, this will distract you from truly connecting with, and understanding others, which is a core part of your purpose here on earth.
Instead of trying to run away and focus on building, and boosting your career, live in the present as much as possible. It is this type of escapism and day dreaming that keeps you procrastinating.. STAY present! Keep in the moment, it has a lot to offer you if you can articulate your wants, and desires, and stick to your truths about what you do, and do not do.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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General Weekly Reading 13th-19th June; Procrastination, and past explanations. 

general weekly 13

Main theme – Chariot (reversed), Surrounding cards – Eight of wands, Seven of cups, Six of cups, Two of cups.

This week, with the chariot is reverse, we are asked to be weary of procrastination, stagnancy, abstinence, and reluctance for change. When the chariot is not in reverse, it is a card of direction, and principle. This may represent somebody who knows everything they have going for them, and is desperate to work on these things, and move forward. This week, with the seven of cups also present, we may have so many things to accomplish, and so many options in our way that we just end up doing nothing.

This may be because we feel overwhelmed, or this may be because we secretly have an intense fear of failure, matched with a contradictory fear of success. We may feel on a subconscious level that we are not worthy of this success, and therefore may indirectly block our flow of abundance, by refraining from taking necessary action.

I recently wrote a post about excessive day dreaming, and ADHD on my instagram that you can check out NOW in relation to this post!

Perhaps you are not moving forward because you are far too comfortable in your surroundings, and you fear the effort, and the time that creating change will require of you. You need to stop being scared to fit into bigger shoes, stop trying to shrink, and second guess yourself. It is time to take all of your gifts, talents, and inspirations, and run with them.

You may be stuck relying on the fact that you have all of these ideas to potentially fall onto, and leave off of. Please understand that if you are not putting the work in, nobody else is doing that for you. You have to match your passion, with drive, it is the only way to get anywhere, any time!

With the eight of wands, it appears that messages are coming to us very fast this week, especially revelations, and much needed encounters. Check out my twin flame weekly reading, if this relates to you as a divine lover, or an empath in a romantic situation, and see if this reading covers some of these quick revelations that may be coming to you at this time.

With the 6 of cups, and the 2 of cups, it is very likely that it is a past lover, or childhood friend delivering this much needed guidance, and information. You may be reconnecting, or getting back in touch with a past lover this week in order to achieve some balance, resonance, and insight into your life, especially in to your past life (lives). This could be an encounter that causes you to understand your past self a little bit better, or your past relationships. Either way, there is a strong element of nostalgia present within us this week, and we ARE going to be finding answers to long winded puzzles.

Whatever occurs, the MOST important message this week, is to take the information that we learn, and the experiences from the past, and use them to move forward, and better ourselves as individuals, rather than taking everything as a blow to the heart, and to the ego.

Happy healing my sacred beings! ~


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Father’s cot.

fathers cot.jpg

Afbeelding Albert Neuhuys – Watching father work

Time is always ticking inside of my mind.
I do not remember a time, when i was sound.
Maybe in childhood, definitely not adolescence,
the last time that i was present,
not prone to self negligence.
Before all of the strenuous, tumultuous lessons,
visions of love, and trust, rolling in the dust.
Is it not too much to ask for something that is non reminiscent of love?
Last night, i had a dream of my father, through muffled whispers,
I told him..You hurt us, you deserted us, and now I am perpetually nervous,
hyper sensitive,
does this man love me so?
Will he too go?
Will we never ever get to grow?
Will i never ever know, is the fault mine,
or is he the very foe?
And he too,
and not to forget him from last year?
How long?
Before I call them all a villain, perhaps the villain lies within myself,
my own hell,
the world that i created through my father, i said to myself,
if he loveth me not, then why should any other of his kind not leave me to rot?

Fathers cot.

Cindy Anneh-bu

Forgive yourself once more; How making a mistake does not automatically signify regression.

I have found that on the journey of healing, and self progression, a lot of us tend to be very hard on ourselves, and the choices that we make.

We often become so one dimensional in our desperate attempts to not repeat the same actions of the past, and to instantly view immediate results of our new found awareness, that we fail to be compassionate toward ourselves, and remember that we are still on a journey. We want to be better than we were before, we want to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to slip beneath our own radars, so we become self dictators in a sense, offering strict regimes to what is, and what is not, allowed.

We have to remember that the ultimate factor in the journey of healing is self compassion, self understanding, and self love. Where does self love fit in whilst you are constantly berating yourself for not doing something as perfectly as the ‘new you’, should do? The old you is not completely dead yet, do not forget that, so it is normal, expected even for you to experience low moments, moments where you may still be acting out of ego, unresolved pain, or wounds of the past.

What you absolutely must remember also, is that all of the actions associated with your lower self, that you are so desperate to get rid of, are actually all still coming from a place of unhealed pain, the scared, yet sacred inner child within you, who has already had their fair share of trauma, and blame, and does not need any more from you.

So, you may not be as perfect as the self declared righteous spiritual gurus on the internet. Who cares? Even they are not as righteous, and holier than thou as they appear to be.

I myself, have conjured quite the image of being the spiritual spokesperson, and I want to admit that, regardless of this, I do still battle my way through complex trauma flare ups, and I do still become increasingly overwhelmed in some public settings. The truth of the matter is, there is no quick fix.

And I try to offer this compassionate hand during my readings, yes, I say, ‘you do need to work on self love, and you do need to face issues of conflict from the past’, and this will be painful, and this will take some time, and no, this is not going to magically happen when you click your fingers.

The entire process of healing is a journey, and not a destination, so please do not be put off if you think that you are regressing, of if you still exhibit behaviours associated with a perceived lesser version of yourself.

Let us be honest, life gets tough, INCREDIBLY tough. Let us be honest, life gets painful, INCREDIBLY painful. This is something that most self help gurus will not tell you, for fear of losing potential clientèle. If they paint life as consistently hippy dippy, and eerily dreamy, you will want to purchase whatever anecdote that they are claiming offers this sort of lucid state.

But this is wrong. This is not what healing is about. Yes, there is going to be what you may consider, ‘regression’, for a large part of the journey, this is because nobody is  perfect, and these behaviours, and these wounds were not formed over night, so why on earth would they be banished over night?

We live in a hyper critical, and judgemental society, and social media does not exactly serve to make it any better. It is so easy to fall into a trap of comparing yourself to other’s, their lives, and their experiences, but one must remember, that everybody’s life consists of timelines – -timelines of ups, timelines of downs, and step, by step movement.

If your life has remained seemingly the same for years on end, then this is an issue that you need to identify with, within yourself. Because life does get down sometimes, ofcourse it does, and this is apart of the ebb, and flow, but life also gets up, and your life should be somewhat a mediumship, of these two states of existence.

Just because you witness somebody on social media who appears to have the exact life that you would desire, does not mean that this person has not been hit with their own set of downs in life, or that they will never meet a period of disappointment at another interval in their life.

It is not about how many times you fall, it is not about how difficult life gets, it is all about the ways in which you adjust to these difficulties that life presents.

If you suffer from a complex form of trauma, persistent depression, anxiety, or post traumatic stress disorder, then please be more than patient with yourself. Do not hold yourself up in accordance to society’s standards, and themes, most of society, is not suffering outwardly with these conditions, so of-course their achievements, abilities, and experiences will be vastly different from  your own.

Progress is a very intimate, and subjective experience.


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