General Weekly Reading – 1-7th May 2017 – Homecoming.


Numerological break down calculation – 1 – New beginnings, Active energy, action, openings, New templates – 7 – Esoteric, spiritual revelation, Christ consciousness, Universal consciousness.

1+7 = 8 – Karma, coming to an understanding, piecing different parts together, and coming up with a whole.


This week is representative of the ‘I AM’.

An expansion in consciousness that takes us out of the frame work of the confined mind.

The main theme being the judgement card symbolises a wake up call, a spiritual acceleration, or a rebirth of understanding.

4 major arcana cards this week display the picture of mass awakening, and understanding that occurs throughout this week.

The sun card along with the judgement card speaks of ascension, and ascension is something that will come in waves. This is a rather huge wave this week that’s cleaning up a lot of clutter.

Alot of blessings are shared here between us and others this week.

This is about the ending of something really big, and the beginning of an entirely new life phase.

The judgement card to me is always one of spiritual awakening.

When the judgement card calls, we are asked to look deeply beyond the surface, and see beyond the veil of illusion.

The judgement card could be asking us to make a decision, based on newly found or discerned information.

Perhaps we have had a spiritual wake up call which is pretty likely to be the hierophant.

There are many discoveries about feeling safe, and vulnerable, and feeling secure enough to spread your seeds, or worth of knowledge.

The ace of wands describes the opportunity to push through the darkness.

It could manifest as a little bit of a spiritual battle for light.

There is a very strong sense this week of grace, and support from the divine.

It’s a push in the right direction, inspiration for you to get very, very clear about yourself, and what is essential to you.

Illumination means that alot will come to the surface.

If you look carefully, all of the figures in the sun, the judgement, and the world bare themselves. This energy encourages us to know that we are our biggest judgement.

And ultimately we are given flashbacks of many lives, shown past depictions or descriptions of experiences from the past that have shaped us.

We could be learning about why these things happened, and with the ace of wands, we are asked to take action with these grievances.

‘Whatever you are, I am.

So if you are good, I am the best’

– Cindy Anneh-bu.

The sun is the idea that we relinquish control to a higher power. The type of joy, and freedom, and exhilaration that is almost child-like, just letting go, and trusting and allowing every stage of the journey to unveil itself.

The king of pentacles may represent us taking precautions to be a little more secure in ourselves, and our assets in our day to day life.

Maybe that is where a lot of the revelations have come from – a lack of order in or abilities to provide.

We may be limiting and short changing our career status, or options, and we are still encouraged from last week’s New moon in Taurus energy to work diligently to secure this future for ourselves.

The world card is truly thinking better, and devoting ourselves so that we may learn to see the bigger picture.

The judgement card along with the hierophant can cause a heavier energy somewhat his week, but, the sun reveals that things are actually not as heavy as they feel, and this may relate to some of the old programs struggling to adjust to all of this new information.

The hierophant is all about biblical revelation, or scripture, you may find answers this week in what you are looking for by consulting the bible..

When the world expands to birth itself anew, an old world has to collapse, and this is just the way that it must form.

The hierophant refers to the kind of spiritual order that sees specific things happening in a specific way. This could introduce more order or responsibility into our lives.

You may need to begin keeping track somehow of the lessons that you are learning.

Perhaps you want to write down changes that are occurring with you – any sleep patterns, food cravings, emotions that are coming upon insights that you are receiving.

It is time to change many of the things according to this shift, and to leave things behind, but you will have to surrender to the lessons as they present themselves – even if they appear trauma ridden.

This weeks twinflame weekly reading is truly a beautiful one, and I have had such an amazing experience in the name of divine love this past week, and I am so grateful beyond gratefulness to God, and everyone who has just shown me the way.

This week, ‘Accustomed to new waves of ascension’


sees MASSIVE growth in divine lovers worldwide. This is a huge awakening and realisation for those who are supposed to be awake.

We follow the feminine on a very huge journey for her – a major landmark in life, and in spiritual growth is outlined for her this week, whilst the masculine too continues to develop, at quite an alarming rate. Another love story for feminines finding out they have been with karmic attachments, or ‘false twins’ also arise. Please check out this article for more information on false twins –

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General Weekly Reading – 3rd-9th April – On the highway, to home.


Main themes – King of wands, The star, Surrounding cards – The chariot, Queen of swords, Queen of pentacles, 10 of swords, 2 of swords. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 

3 – Creativity, charm, communication, community, unity consciousness, integration – 9 – Wounded consciousness/abandoning victim consciousness, humanitarianism, the seeker, wisdom, trials and tribulations.

The king of wands this week represents our PERSONAL power – the

‘I AM’. 

The month of April truly saw us embodying more feminine aspects, doing healing work that focused on others, birthing new projects, and coming up with the ideas and the theories that we need for our frame work. However, April graces us with some new found stability, and the authority to literally pull ourselves together. The number 3 usually relates to piecing together separate fragments, in order to create a new picture, and can sometimes be a lofty process, especially if we are not used to accumulating growth outside of ourselves. The number 4 representing the month of April is very much about ensuring that we are safe, and secure, not only in our body, but in our thoughts.

What does it require in order to be safe? Have you ever truly thought about it? Is it financial security? Or emotional security? And can the two live among one another. Our sense of safety in relationships and our day to day life is pulled into question. Perhaps we shut ourselves off from others because we have not activated the power of the star. That is healing that pours over our lives after a series of trying tests, or revelations pouring in.

The star card encourages us to heal the effects of the tower that occurred in the previous week. This is the break down of the world around us so that we can acknowledge that we have not been in alignment as we have thought. This week is very much a second go. And if you have found yourself triggered lately, it is highly important to forgive yourself, and to realise, there was still an excess of lessons that you had to incorporate. It may have felt like a difficult balance last week.. Trying to integrate spiritual lessons, emotional balance, and keep an eye on financial matters.. It can cause us to suffer in more areas than one when we are unable to fund the right balance for all areas to shine, if not equally, at least proportionally – but it is vital to find a calm balance. One that is not chaotic. And is understanding and forgiving when one area has to take precedence.

Authority, discipline, and vision for the future are called into order for us this week. This desire for change meets the hope for change, which actually propels us even further than desire. Hope comes from the heart, whereas desire comes from the spirit, our more primal impulses.. This is not always enough to shift us into gear, particularly if we have any fears or phobias about stepping into the light in this way. This week takes a look at our future projection, the self that we hope to become one day, even through all of our trials, and tribulations.

The star appears after the tower card in the taro to remind us to feel hopeful in the face of turbulent change, and to remember who we are after we have fallen apart.

It is easy to revert to a version of our-self that is a only a shell of who we truly are.

Timid, scarred, and uncertain of the world represents somebody who is out of alignment with their root chakra, and sense of safety in the world. For a person to feel as if their safety needs have been fully met, they need to feel safe in their own body. Secure within who they are. Proud. And commanding without being demanding.

The king of wands in conjunction with the chariot allow you to be forthcoming with your destiny.

The 10 of swords is representative of a previous incident that left you feeling personally victimized, overwhelmed, or wounded that is now coming to an end. The queen of swords may represent boundaries that must be established, between yourself, and others.

Perhaps you have been forgetting who you are, your own grace, and neglecting yourself in favour of keeping the peace, or going in a direction that you do not necessarily wish to be driven in.

A vital decision is presented to you with the 2 of swords, and you will be asked if you will continue with the unfair situation that exists before you, or whether you will make the best out of a bad situation.

Ultimate truth is called for in this situation, and not the type that is malicious, or spiteful, but the type that is just.

A new balance and purpose to life is explored as you are more willing to touch upon the unknown – to explore what feels good, and natural to you.

The queen of pentacles harnesses this power because she knows all that her coin is worth. How certified are you in your own worth?

Maybe it is time for you to learn a new skill, or gain a qualification in an area of your interest. You may be receiving some congratulations, or accolades for your works worth, and others may fail to even know or understand how this work was born through strife.

The chariot moves forward with dedication. The road may seem long, and tedious, with many bumps along the way, but when you are sure, and structured in what it is that you want, you are willing to endure minor setbacks, and overcome them too.

You see the king of wands is actually stronger for the ego deaths that he has acquired, and this fire energy, and desire to stand up for self is as a result of past persecution.

You are fast coming into your own because you are a keen observer with vast life experience. This does give you an advantage, so do not see it as a burden.

Take your trials. With their betrayals, and pains, and misunderstandings, and assert yourself anew.

Find joy in life, focusing on the everyday victories.

And yes, there are wins EVERYDAY,

so long as we please the senses that surround us.

Happiness does not always have to be a big grand gesture, and every little day we draw closer to magic.

Duality becomes ever more prominent as we learn to take the good with the bad, and not be halted by the bad.


it is all a game of perception.


Happy April! I would just like to take the time to congratulate you all because last month there was quite a lot of shadow work & integration going on.. And some of us may have felt as if we are just never going to get the hang of this spiritual thing… Once we figure one thing out, something else falls under the bus… And we are confused all over again.. Well this is the energy of integration.. To make whole parts fit together, sometimes you have just got to understand and accept how they do not fit. And then redirect your time, & energies… April should be much smoother for us because this is all about building the correct structure & foundation for what we HAVE managed to fit together & finding our feet in coordination.

So, I must ask, are any of you feeling particularly triggered today, or even over the weekend? There have been some funny energies — I feel like temptation from the past, or energies trying to lure us off the correct pathway & into the darkness.

I have officially pulled the cards for both the general weekly reading AND the TwinFlame weekly & I may just alert you that you may be in for a bit of a triggering week BUT it does end up all well in the end, especially if you keep up with these readings and stand aware in the fluctuations…

We may be triggered with childhood stuff once again, but this is all about stepping into your personal power..
Both readings will arrive by tomorrow, you may begin purchase of the TwinFlame weekly early, (as of now), but I will forewarn you, if you do, it won’t arrive to you for roughly another 24 or so hours!

Blessed be my beings, remember to stay in CONSCIOUS awareness…

PC – mixed media with photography, acrylic paint, pastel and ink by Stev’nn Hall

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*NEW* moon in Aries – 27/28th March. The ultimate destruction, & re-creation.



With the new moon in Aries,

we are looking at the wild, unkept divine feminine – our egoic nature that may be more difficult to control, or maintain.

The strength card in the taro is represented by this energy.

When the ego is suppressed, or you hide elements of who you are, you tend to grow frustrated, or express the intensity of your emotions in a way that may be considered harmful to your well being, or that of others.

But, as we all know, explosions are very expressive, & almost necessary to us humans, much like orgasms.

It is necessary for us every so often, to burst free from our confines, & exist in our truth – especially us creative types!

Aries can be a little harsh, or sharp tongued, but this is simply because they have so much expression inside of them, & may often feel as if others do not understand them.

It is important to understand yourself, so that you do not project in this way.
This new moon signifies a vow to communicate more clearly.

There is nothing wrong with being a warrior for yourself. As long as you pick your battles wisely.

Channel the most intense of your energies into creativity, or an expressive art form.

Aries are never afraid to stand up for themselves, so this could also be a message to those who are holding on too tightly to whom they think they should be, playing small, & refusing to deliver.

I have spoken previously about my thoughts of this numerological year being a `10 year, and not a 1 year at all.. Numerology typically removes the value of the 0, however, I think that the 0 is very impactful in describing what is happening with the energies of the number 10 – 1 being creation, and 0 being destruction, and the 10 of them playing out a simultaneous sync, that is very reminiscent of twin flame energy, the infinity symbol, and the nature of existence itself.

This new moon in Aries borrows from that Kali, (the dark goddess) energy of destruction, and creation, and how the both of them are dependent on one another for growth.

A vital lesson is actually being presented to us in the wake of the new moon in Aries once again for us to do our shadow work. There is a lot of shadow work that goes on during this time because the Spring energies are trying to make way for a lighter vibration. We have broken down a lot of information in such a short space of time, and this is so that we welcome the next part of the year with ease.. Although, this year may be a trying one in terms of us breaking into a new dawn.. As we rise into higher energies, we are also met equally by all of our fears, and blockages, and the panic that is currently happening on earth with the political system, and people feeling desperate for change. As much as there is a lot of movement, there is also still alot of backwards activity, a lot of organisations, systems, and a lot of people still reluctant to break out of the dark ages.

For twinflames specifically, because they take on the embodiment of all of the templates of human kind, they are finding this struggle against the old, and the new particularly difficult.

March also being the 3rd month, brought us the energy of the number 3, which is highly charged with spiritual information, communication, and creative/birthing energies.

Twin flame New moon in Aries *FREE* reading – 

twinflame moon

The 4 of pentacles, The magician, the devil.

For twinflames, this new moon period asks them to embark on a period of transmutation, and the kind of alchemy that completely turns their world around. There may have been many triggers lately in the name of old templtes, rigidity, and feeling as if we must adhere to certain labels, or ways of being, in order to feel accepted, or accounted for. Many twinflames are trying to break away from the patriarchal grip that is the 4 of pentacles, in combination with the devil. Feeling stuck or tied down by rigid belief systems, practices, or demands. Perhaps they have been stuck financially, and it is time for them to use their creative sensibilities to find a way to generate more income, without experiencing tediousness, boredom or restraint. They are becoming away pretty fast of what they have taken on from their parents, and unlike before, they are actually making a conscious effort to challenge themselves, and not to run away from what needs to be faced. The magician is also the ability to exist within the present moment. It is only when we are conscious of ourselves that we are true manifestors, manipulators of energy, because then we keep tabs on what we are creating, with every passing moment, which is really the definition of karma.

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

The GENERAL weekly reading for this week, the 27th-2nd will be out on Wednesday detailing the energetic themes of this week, so you can keep up with your lessons, and growth HERE, and the twinflame weekly reading for this week will be released for purchase tomorrow, but payment for it may begin now..

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I am so pleased to announce that my first EVER twin flame novel is officially out. This is the most in depth depiction of twin flames that you will find! Following their family karma, & the entire alchemical break down of the Union, INCLUDING the true purpose of the separation stage –
And the most taboo topic – What is life after the twin flame dynamic?
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– Seek Cindy.

General Weekly Reading – 27th February – 5th March; Endings, new beginnings, Death/rebirth cycle- future visualisation is medicine.


Main theme – The empress, Surrounding cards – 8 of wands, Death, The fool, 8 of cups – Angel card – The guardian angel of service.

Numerological break down calculation – 27th – Moving through abandonment consciousness, healing through creativity, and service to others, understanding the self, burying the past – 5 – Change, Rebirth, and transition, liberation, humanitarianism, increased sensitivities.

Spring is yet to arrive, however, many of us are feeling the full effects of the energies of transformation, and new life taking bloom out of the darkness.. The empress card,is very much in tune with the energies of new life, fertility, and being the right time  for things to reach their cull capacity.. There may be alot of creative energy, and also sexual energy available at this time. If you  have existed with the feeling that life is dull for quite a while,or as if you are ready to embark upon a new venture, this is the week that will see you putting plans in place to make that a reality.. This is the week that you will be ready to let go of what no longer serves you, as it becomes more, and more apparent that the fruitful life that you seek, is out of accordance with your current reality..The empress may represent maturity, perhaps you have had a growths spurt, an inclination to become more responsible of that which you currently co-create, and you are asked to evaluate what,and who in your immediate surroundings support this growth. Where would you go if you had no proverbial chains/shackles around your feet? What would you do if you could do anything? And what is your motivation towards making that happen? Any time that we endure a metaphysical rebirth, we are asked to challenge the existing fears that we have about death. Because to change,means to let an old part of your life die.. The number 5 represents the ultimate in change, freedom, and liberation. Some of our most notable life path 5’s have been freedom fighters,(Afeni Shakur),and have fought for the entire toppling of old rigid systems.. So I ask again,what no longer serves you in this life that is  rife with opportunity for freedom, and exaltation.

The empress appearing with the death card denotes a POWERFUL energy of death,and rebirth,which also runs very strongly throughout this weeks twinflame weekly reading, (see bottom to make purchase), and is everything to do with the energy of Kali, the dark goddess, and what this 10 year represents. 1(creation, absolution, the beginning), 0 (endings, birth, death, destruction, darkness, nothingness). We will see it played out infront of us this week.. How the destruction of elements of our life give rise to even new life,and how we have repeated  this process  in our lives so many times before.. Something is shifting for us in a major way, and for a lot of us, this is happening beneath the surface. Something new,and bountiful seeks to rise within,and it is pushing everything that is stale out of our way..The big bang theory is but a metaphor for what occurs this week..Elements are brought together in a major way – colliding to show you some forms of truth, that you may not have been open to prior to these past 2weeks.. It was actually a lot to do with the intense energetic clearings of last week,and the past few weeks that brought you here this week, and much strength, courage, and determination is shown.

You are coming out of a period of darkness this week, that mirrors not knowing, or not being clear about yourself,and what you would like to achieve..The empress could represent you being pregnant with ideas, or things that you would like to accomplish. You may be receiving so much insight into where it is that you must go,and the fool card expresses a careless wisdom to go in the direction of what you want. Perhaps you have no idea where you will end up, or where some of these new ventures may take you, but you are filled with the enthusiasm to try out something new, I mean, anything must be better than a life of uncertainty? No?With the 8 of wands, the empress could be news of a pregnancy,literally for many of us, that causes us to change the course of our current life’s direction. The fool card could be the journey of a beginning of motherhood, whilst the 8 of cups means leaving past habits behind that may not be conducive with parent hood.

The 8 of wands for many could also be travel.. It could be that you are moving to a new location,or travelling to somewhere you have never been..You could be filled with anxiety over this, because it’s actually something pretty special,but a new life does lie in waiting here for you, potentially with a lot of soul mates for you to meet also. You could suddenly have a new opportunity sitting in the palm of your hands. Something you are nurturing,and putting your best efforts towards that is ready to be unleashed,and revealed to the world. A product,or book perhaps?  The 8 of wands could also relate to a message, you may be sending this message out because you feel it is the right time to do so, or, this could be a message that comes to you about it being the right time to take action in your life. Fast movement is suggested with the 8 of wands,so something suddenly kicks into gear for you, and you do not feel like wasting anymore time,  or allowing life to pass you by.

Death, can represent a healthy form of detachment. So whilst some of us this week may be walking away from past, or karmic relationships, many of us are finally feeling ready to enter into new partnerships, or explore the possibility of what this may mean.. Certainly for many of my twinflame readers, alot of the feminine have spoken of broadening their horizons in this way.. There is the feeling especially with the fool that many have felt burdened in their lives, and forward movement that is swift could mean travelling lighter,cutting out some of the bullshit that we have to deal with day to day.. Things, or relationships that are dragging on bringing stress to our load. Whether the separation is temporary or permanent,there is a change in energetic dynamic this week that appeals to our call for expansion,and wanting more.

Maybe, some of you are walking away from attachment in general. Many healers lately have been giving the trumpet call to a lot of trainee healers, or highly sensitive beings who found themselves in karmic, and psychological loops of draining relationships. Learning more about what co-dependent relationships are, and what narcissists are, is helping a lot of people to re-evaluate their attachment with attachment in itself. The empress card could be attaching ourselves, or re-directing our focus to something that is going to nurture us,as opposed to giving our attention away to lifeless situations. The past has much to teach. 

Blockages move out of the way with the 8 of wands, and the 8 of cups draws fourth what it is that we seek. With the fool, the 8 of cups, and the death card all together, I could not even begin to describe how monumental this week is for change, and awakening. There is so much clarity for people who have been wanting this type of clarity, who have had these questions for so long. The 8 of cups could be the final decision to walk away.. To go in search of who you are,and what you really want. There is a breaking of procrastination, and this thought that things must be executed with accuracy, and precision at this time.. We can no longer be unclear, because that takes away so much of our precious time. 

Being your best self is highly encouraged this week.. Waking up, and feeling as if you are the most important person in your world. Changing your surroundings so that they mirror who you are now. You may want to throw out some old items, and take yourself shopping for some new things. The empress is really all about self love, and luxury,and knowing what you deserve. This is light coming from the darkness,this is feminine love – maternal,and forgiving,and affectionate. The efforts that you have put in, come out at this time.

It is time to leave behind so many things that were just extra baggage to you,  because they were weighing you down it appears , and trying to trick you somehow, or deter you from entering this new path.. This could have been a very dense energy that you almost felt obliged to carry with you for whatever reason.. The empress wishes to give you the fruits of life, but asks how you give these fruits to yourself? This is the energy of Yemojah (Yemaya),the water goddess who washes away our past, giving us a fresh perspective, but gives her children the tools to operate as channeling vessels of herself.. You  have to take this energetic baptism, and run with it, nurture it.. How are you taking care of yourself? How are you making yourself a priority, and your own self care? People will only respond to you how you respond to yourself.. A vital lesson in attracting the love that you desire!

Angel card –

Angelic realm – Angel of the heaven of form.

Angel function: To teach us how to give from our hearts.

Gifts for earth: It can help you to understand the nature of giving to others, allow yourself to be given to;appreciate the spiritual function of service.

The angel holds a dove, symbolising willingness to help. It blesses all who dedicate their life energy to helping to make this planet a happier and easier place to live in. It brings the light of divine grace to all who willingness give their lives to the service of helping others. 

This card relates to two things – our desire to help others, and our ability to help others through helping ourselves. This angel appears to offer extra strength and divine guidance to all those who walk the healing path – though it may not be easy at times, we are always rewarded in unforeseen ways, should we take initiative to open ourselves up to these rewards, and allow them to reveal themselves to us, and open up in our lives.. We must grow accustom to receiving help,guidance,and assistance from others,as many seemingly kind strangers are actually penance for our previous kind deeds, or from our service to the planet, simply by means of existence. Do not forget so readily to give to yourself what you give to others all of the time.  There is so much beauty in understanding that you are at the right place at the right time, and that you are deserving of a life that is filled with joy,and blessing,so that you may impose even greater blessings,unto the lives of others..

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A fresh door opens up for us with the determined energy of a new month. March takes us even deeper into the glory of what is a year of ultimate destruction, and creation – the 10 year that is 2017. The number 3 governs the month of communication, creative partnership, enthusiasm, and the energy of birthing. 

Twin Flame weekly reading preview – Twin flame weekly reading  – 27th February – 5th March 2017 – The inspiration of liberation , new beginnings, Death/rebirth, and the search for expansive, creative innovation. 


Masculine – Left hand side, Feminine- right hand side.. Crowning (5 of pentacles),Main themes – The sun/death.

could it be for many twins that the idealistic desire for change far outweighs the actual courage, conviction, dedication, and pattern formation to be able to actually carry out, or create change?

For a while now, many twins have known what they have had to do, but have been stubborn and rigid to change, for many reasons. A lot of those reasons could include fear, procrastination, uncertainty, or comfortability. Perhaps abandonment issues make it difficult for us to separate ourselves from certain places, or things, because of our long standing fear of death.. Which is exactly the energy that this week brings about.

This is what the sun energy seeks to clear. Perhaps we are asked to tap into our creative nature so that we may communicate that which we have kept buried, and hidden for so long. It is important not to keep things locked away in our minds, because, then what it is time to express ourselves, we truly do not know how, and end up creating further turmoil for ourselves. 

This could even represent some feminine energies considering dating other people.. A desire to go out and experience the world may even create this opportunity for them to explore new relationships – either romantic, or platonic. She definitely seeks to expand her network, this could relate to her internal requirement for learning. She could be going on a journey this week to seek for higher knowledge, and awareness.. The energy of death sweeping away her old world means that she wants to search for what is beyond that world. This is like peeking over a wall where you can see vast land – different, and seemingly more prosperous than yours..

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Twin Flames (Divine love) Weekly Reading – 23rd-29th January 2017; Confession, redemption, and Resurrection.


Main theme, (Knight of cups), What is occurring for both twins – Ace of cups, Masculine – The tower, 3 of wands, Page of wands, Feminine – 10 of pentacles, 5 of cups, 7 of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 23 (5) – Change, transition, death//rebirth, freedom, adventure, travel, liberation – 29 (11) – Spiritual awakening, lessons learned through hardship, illumination, new beginnings, balance.

{For the disclaimer, I would once again like to state that the terms masculine, and feminine energy speak of energetic embodiment, and are not necessarily relational to men, and women. Also, because of the merging processes, and awakenings that are occurring ,the lines between who is the feminine, and who is the masculine are becoming blurred, and they both may relate to and identify with each side. This is the beauty of twin flames, and this is what we have wanted, all along..}

The knight of cups, is like the card of redemption. See how the knight kneels before the cup, and light emanates from above, down onto his heart chakra. An intense awakening occurs for the masculine at this time, one that challenges him to become more aware of himself, his thoughts, his feelings, his emotions, and his knowledge of the spiritual aspects of reality… A crown chakra awakening is all about one’s conscious awareness expanding, this may be God consciousness making itself known to him, the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, and his ability to fully understand which he did not formally perceive.. Understanding things with his THIRD eye, having new vision, information arriving to him without his conscious effort. He appears to just know things, and this takes us back to the high priestess card that was on his side last week.. This awakening that gives him a breath into the world of all that the feminine dwells in, is still happening within him. He has always been divine, as the divine masculine, but for a long time, he shut off his defenses to this side of himself, in order to be able to navigate in a world that he perceived to be cold, non-moving, and callous in itself – until he too became that way.

Last week was very much about the feminine, but this week, there is a strong focus on the masculine, and his awakening, and redemption process. Things are crumbling, and the masculine is being asked to re-build from a place of intuitive knowing. A lot of things have fallen apart for him recently, and he is ready, and willing to accept some fault for his actions. Karmic themes are playing a role for both he, and the feminine as they learn all about how decisions, and actions carry a weighted effect that we can not always take back. It is time for them both to use this new knowledge to transform their lives in a major way. Those who know better, do better.

His heart chakra is expanding, and he could be returning to the feminine this week in order to spill his guts, reveal his truth, and confess about some aspect of himself, or his being.. The three of wands is indicative of an individual who has set out on a journey, and is now returning. In the time of their separation, or perhaps even in his time of seclusion, he went in searches of some truths. He may not have known that his soul was searching for these truths, but what he was doing was collecting information, and gaining experiences that would expand his spirit, and his consciousness.. He set sail for voyage, and many experiences, a lot of them harsh, or eye opening have forced him to view things from a new perspective.. He returns with a message. He may be telling the feminine what he has gone through, or what he has been doing, and asks for her forgiveness, her blessing, her understanding. 

A more humbled version of himself is revealed as the tower shows his defenses crumbling down. The shaky, and uncertain foundations that he has built in his past, are falling to pieces. He could be telling the feminine about the transformation that he is experiencing, but he need not tell her, because she feels it too, she has always felt it, and she is actually going through the exact same.. Alot of his recognition, and epiphanies may be coming from the fact that he realises that he has hurt the feminine in some ways with his actions, as depicted by the 5 of cups on her side.. She seems to mourn something that is no more.. This is perhaps an energetic change. Because the feminine is so attuned to the flow of frequency, she can feel intuitively that something has died, that much has changed, and when the masculine does return, something about him is not the same. He has reached a peak of maturity, that much is certain, but the lengths in which he has had to travel to find this maturity may leave her with a bitter taste in her mouth. However, she will listen, and like water, she will yield to what it is that he is trying to show her.. The picture that he is trying to paint.

The ace of cups is new life, and new love.. Perhaps the masculine returns with news of a birthing of some sort.. He may have fathered a child himself, or he may be expecting a child. If this is the case, then the feminine can also take this time to view this as symbolic of his transition, and initiation. A birth can only occur when a death has happened. And he is in many ways transformed, as is the feminine – although there is still work to be done.

The ace of cups indicates a very intimate tone, and this is intimacy with the self. The cup of love that the masculine offers is very genuine, and authentic, and the feminine can feel this. Mass heart chakra awakening occurs in the form of Christ consciousness, and both twins may find themselves spontaneously bursting into tears, or feeling marveled, and simultaneously humbled by the grace of God’s love.. This is very much water energy, so if either twin is a water sign, then they will be  even more greatly impacted by these intense transformational energies. Spirit plays so heavily on the heart chakra at this time.. Both twins must expand so that their spiritual receptors are enhanced, along with their knowledge of what has kept them away from experiencing true love.. The realisations may not necessarily be easy this week, neither will be adjusting to the honest mirrors that are presented, but mourning is essential. They must mourn, and let go, and then draw closer to one another. 

The 5 of cups could also signify the feminine letting go of karmic attachments that have stood in the way of her, and the masculine’s union. ALOT is changing with the feminine this week, she is willing to let so many things go, including her own behaviours thoughts, and actions, but she mourns them as they leave because she realises all of the disturbance that they have caused.. In realising her set backs, she realises time that has been wasted, situations that have been sabotaged, times that were not as meaningful as she may have once thought. She is awakening to the reality that she is responsible for her own life now, and there is a sort of mourning of the inner child.. Although it is the wounded inner child, and not the tender part of herself.. That is still very much in existence!

Poetic energy is abundant, and fluent this week, and a great way for both twins to channel these intense emotions would be through creative work.. ESPECIALLY the feminine, as with the 10 of pentacles on her side, she could be creating some business opportunities for herself through the inspiration that she draws from this situation.

The ten of pentacles sees her projecting herself into her future. What will it look like? What will it consist of? She is reaching a pivotal stage of her life where she is ready to enter the next level of progression, and stability, and she does require a masculine counterpart for this. The question is, is her own masculine ready? Has he learnt enough from his travels? Or are there still power battles at play that stall time? She is VERY reluctant at this time to waste anymore time, and she could appear to share the energy of impatience, but what she really feels – is that she is ready to start living her life. She spent a lot of time in her mind, a lot of time with things on pause, and now she just wants to start creating. Re building, and structuring from the rubble that has been the loss, and the confusion of the former version of her who hardly knew herself. They are both starting to learn themselves, now that all of the false layers are coming off, and the shedding reveals their truest soul.

The ten of pentacles suggests that the feminine actually has everything that she wants in her life on her side this week, although she may not be open to seeing this, or may not see this because she is feeling the masculine’s spiritual awakening, and the intensities of it. He is going through a lot on his side, so although things are looking up for her financially, and her life is coming together in profound ways, she still may be looking over at the masculine thinking, ‘Is he okay?’ ‘Should I intervene in this?’ She is really fulfilled, and the picture of this perfect life that she has envisioned IS coming together, but there are still aspects of it that must be introduced, and perhaps this is why she looks to the masculine… There truly is a sense that he is not yet ready, although he has come so far, and with the 7 of pentacles this may just be true..

The 7 of pentacles is a period of patience, waiting, and observing.. I feel as if the time is NOT yet right. Yes, indeed they both have come along way, but there is still work that needs to be done on both sides, and a lot of this is to do with financial work, and facing poverty consciousness.. The feminine could be right in feeling that it is not yet time to have this dream union that she has envisioned, or that it is not yet time to reach out to the masculine. She may be battling herself back, and fourth. She does not want to do the work for him this week, but she does feel the need to console him. So what is to be done? She needs to surrender to the feeling of feeling vulnerable, and powerless, as these are where most of her defenses lie..

She cannot jump in and save the masculine, she cannot force him to be ready if he is not, she cannot substitute her own self work by attempting to run to him, and experience a love still not in its full stages of development.. In this period, much spiritual work is being done, many lessons being learnt, and it is important for us to watch over what we are creating… Almost as if we step outside of ourselves to observe our lives, this is the only way that we can change our patterns. It is not a time for the feminine to act.. Things are still coming together, and the page of wands suggests that the masculine IS coming with his message, and he IS building confidence with this more passionate version of himself, but he needs to address his own issues this week.

There is a lot that he needs to express, but he is still dealing with the blockages from that expression. Perhaps he worries about how his expression will come out. He is very intense, and he is cautious about not coming on too strong, or not appearing forceful, even though the feminine actually wants him to come on this hot, and heavy. They both have this very strange thing that they do – where they either give nothing, or they give too much, and this is exactly why they need to find their balance. The energetic dance that they do back, and forth this week is their attempt to try to establish this kind of balance.. Most of their focus lies with financial matters, and this is perfectly fine as when they finally, and fully come together, they will need to be set up in these ways. They will both need to be independent, and self sufficient, and free of co-dependent or restrictive habits.. So, I say go ahead.. In full confidence, in the direction of your dreams, and aims, as this will directly impact the fruition of the union.

The seven of pentacles can indicate that the feminine  does not yet have her perfect picture because her financial plans are still developing.. She needs to learn a little bit more about strategy, and execution. Which is her balancing her inner masculine. She should not feel this week as if things are not happening, or as if they are moving too slow, they are gaining momentum at a steady pace. And she needs to learn to trust what she cannot see, and what she does not know, because this is the story of her intuition.. She FEELS him there, she feels everything being fine, she FEELS everything coming together, but her mind does not.. And that is the issue. 

The masculine is going to be fine.. He’s facing his shadow, he is doing his work, but he is so strong, and his relationship with the divine has never been stronger. There is a beauty in seeking redemption from his higher self, because it draws him to the feminine.. She is a pivotal factor in his awakening, and he knows this now..He is coming to understand everything SO well, and it’s not scaring him as much as it may have a few years ago, or as much as the feminine would think that it would.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading 9th-15th January 2017; The end to procrastination, the integration of new habits, and heights previously unseen.


Main theme – The chariot, What is occurring for both twins – 9 of pentacles, Masculine – Two of swords, Eight of wands, Three of wands, Feminine – The emperor, Two of wands, Page of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 9th – Childhood wounding, past life patterns, leaving pains of the past behind, creating something that allows you to channel your pain, healing others whilst healing yourself, profound creative work – 15th – (6) – Family issues, family karma, being apart of, or accepted into a community, children, maternal affairs, and bonding.

The main theme presenting itself as the chariot cards talks of forward movement, progress, and acceleration in the lives of both twins. Being a major arcana, this definitely points to transition, and change in terms of a life style movement, or alteration. Previous procrastination is abandoned, as the energy of determination is kicked into gear, and both twins attempt to gain control of their lives. This is conscious manifestation, realising that for the past few years, your life actually has not been steered by you at all, but in-fact by your unconscious decisions, presenting itself as your ‘karma’. 

There is a sense of clarity now, about what must be done, so likely, the fog of the previous few months have cleared, or is beginning to clear. It appears there were spiritually binding forces at work before, making twins feel as if they could not move forward for some reason, no matter how much they tried to strike change. An ending to cyclical behaviour is marked by a desire to step out of routine, in a very New year, new energy – esque fashion! A desire for change, and balance is the quickest motivator to enable us to choose a destination, and choose it fast..

The 9 of pentacles represents things coming together on a physical level. Perhaps there is a move to a new location, the desire to acquire financial gains through new career changes. The chariot in conjunction with the 9 of pentacles suggests that if our current career offers us no satisfaction, we are more determined than ever now to fall into alignment with an occupation that fulfills us. If you have planted a seed of growth, whether in the form of a project, investment, or job application, expect to hear good news about this, as change comes fast your way.

Knowing what you want, is getting what you want. This is proven time, and time again with creative visualisation, and the energy, and the efforts that we place towards success. Having your eye on the prize makes it so much easier to conjure that which you desire, so make sure to map out a plan of what you envision, a step by step guide that offers a focus to work toward.. Your karma is shifting toward a state of accomplishment, and achievement now. No looking back is required now, for you have taken all that the past has to offer. There is also no need to wait for confirmation, you are your own confirmation – so make those necessary adjustments, if there is anybody that you need to chase up about final details, do so. Do not play stick in the mud now, not when there is so much at stake, and so much to be gained. The refreshing energy of a new year pushes us even further to create new patterns, and visions for our self. And finally coming into the knowledge that you are worth it? Forget about it! What more conviction is there than that?

The two of swords suggests that the masculine this week is still battling with indecisiveness about which direction to take, although the chariot does suggest that he is ready to move forward now, the only issue is – which direction should he move in? He operates with a powerful force at this time, knowing that any direction he makes will have a powerful impact.. It is his mind that causes him confusion at this time, knowing what he wants, but still pondering the consequences of his actions. Life has brought him to this point here, but he knows that the next stage of development is in his hands. There is a greater appreciation for karma now, so caution is used. He could be picking up on signs, symbols, and information about the feminine that suggests that he should reach out to her – but still, exists the part of his mind that wonders if he is ready, to once again travel down that route.. For twins who are already in union, there is a suggestion that the masculine is pondering ways to improve himself, and to make better choices, and decisions in regards to himself, and the way that he handles his daily affairs.

The 8 of wands represents fast movement, revelations coming to him fast that require him to take action, and make the necessary changes. If he is moving towards the feminine this week, then indeed he does so pretty quickly, and swiftly, with no restraint, knowing that this is the correct path for him to take. The indecision experienced earlier in the week will not be enough to hold him back from these spirit messages. As the number 8 relates to karma, there is a lot of karma turn around occurring for him this week. When messages flood him about ways to create a new pathway for himself, and about what he must do to ignite change, he is incredibly ready, and willing to listen to them. Ideas about how to establish financial freedom, and the confidence to move forward with his plans, is a promise. 

His visions, waking, and nightly are plagued by his deepest desires. The things that he wants more than anything, and the full moon in Cancer adds a touch of sentimentality to his yearnings. Perhaps he reflects back to simpler times with the feminine, this could be when they first met, or when things were simpler for them.. The 6 of cups in the general weekly reading found here

– also suggests that he has spent alot of time digging through the past lately, thinking about how things turned out, and likely feeling remorseful for past actions, and the way that things played out.

There is a chance here for him to be a hero, in a way, by making contact, even if it is to make an apology, or to let the feminine know that he is somehow still around for her. The 8 of wands can symbolise outward messages, just as much as it symbolises inward coming messages, so undoubtedly, many masculine twins will be reaching out to their love, to express something, something that needs to be gotten off their chest. Of-course there is still fears about stepping into the 5th dimension – a point of existence in which manifestation is almost rapid because we are taking control of our actions -. When you enter the 5d, if you mess up, there is nobody to blame but yourself, because you step out of a powerless role, and admit to being a co-creator in your life. You stop blaming karma, your surroundings, and your circumstances, and yes that is pretty frightening for somebody who has lived a life of baby boy-ism *see here*

There may be fears surrounding what he is going to say to the feminine, if she will even respond, how she will respond, and what he will say if she does. A more innocent, child like, and uncertain version of himself is unfolded with the presence of the full moon in Cancer, whom is powerful to ignite the divine feminine spark in anyone! Regardless of energetic gender identity!  A lot of fear seems to also present itself in the form of external perceptions.. He is still afraid of being judged, or shunned in some way by society, and community. He too carries the sting of persecution consciousness – if this union is somehow taboo, or was at once secret, then his struggle to pick a destination in the beginning of this week will be tied into this. 

The three of wands represents expansion. He is almost ready to set sail, but before he leaves, he looks around his old world one last time – to truly ponder what he is leaving behind. This card can speak of travel, he may be travelling to, or from somewhere, metaphorically, or physically. He may have been away physically, and returns because of this pressing message that he has to deliver, or, he could be moving somewhere in order to create a fresh start for himself.. If his old world fell apart in a pretty chaotic way, then the 3 of wands is the desire to re-establish a sense of balance, order, and authority..

He is not alone this week in his desire to establish this sense of authority, as the feminine fully steps into her power with the emperor. A life style change to do with taking more responsibility of her own life, and being more organised and calculated is described for her here. The opposite of being too fluid, too unshaped, too flexible, and too easily molded. Finally, taking a stand towards building the reality that she desires – the feminine is both very much determined, and very encouraged with leadership energy. Something has awakened her to the fact that she actually has a lot to offer the world, and others, and herself, and she is happy to step into this position, now that she knows who she is a little bit more. This also represents healing issues that she has in relation to masculine energy, including father wounds. She may have once felt that this energy was too harsh, or too rigid, yet now she sees how it is necessary to get things done, and how an unwavering position is actually an ally, in establishing boundaries. 

This is all about learning to take the good, with the bad – the balance, that recognises that the empress, actually needs the emperor ( internally, more so). Her change, and dedication could also subconsciously be inspiring the masculine this week to also take control of his life, and his finances, and to reach a stage of maturity. Much is at stake, including thinking about the future, and how they will do things differently.. The energy of parent-hood is ripe here. 

If considering business plans, or a move, then the emperor indicates that the feminine is taking very serious steps towards ensuring that these areas of her life are falling into line now. She has no interest in simply just day dreaming about what is to come, but BECOMING the change that she needs. This is really about stepping out of her head, and stepping into action.  With this energy, there is no way she will stand for, or continuously attract lovers afflicted with baby boy syndrome. This is a woman ( feminine energy) who takes CHARGE!

The two of wands is an awakening that sees the feminine contemplating the next part of her journey. The understanding exists that she is entering a different time period, that may indeed bring its own set of challenges, relating to her having to step outside of her comfort zone. This may indeed present fears for her, as well as striking up worries, and doubts about being shut down for her gifts, and her talents, or not being taken serious enough. BUT, this is not enough to stop her this week, as she will still be making the leap full circle. This could be a moment to catch her breath, to fully realise, and appreciate the steps that it has taken to get here. The balance that it will require – to juggle, and maintain all of this new energy. There is no way she is returning to how, or who she was in the past, but just as the masculine takes a moment to ponder his new territory, ( as a bachelor would the night before his wedding), the feminine also pauses to asses how she will cope in this next stage of evolution. 

Doors are opening for her at this time, specifically as the 9 of pentacles suggest a conclusion to a project, or something that she has been working patiently towards. Because she is so willing to do things differently, she does see these results manifest as opportunities, and chances.. But she absolutely must be willing to keep up momentum. This is not something that is built, or done in a day. But worked at consistently, which challenges her to remain in the present moment. Thank God – because I am sure all of that excessive day dreaming was driving her crazy!

The limitations only exist inside of our minds, and now she receives a glimpse into the future, a breath of fresh air away from her old stories, and the confines of her bruised egoic mind. There is more to life than pain.. There is so much newness that cyclical behaviour, and karmic loops are thrown to the wind! As is she.. When we view life from the lens of the past, we stay trapped in stagnant energy.. It is time to invite fresh energy in.. Move… Plan, clean, get rid of old unwanted items, and with it, old stagnant energies too do leave.

The page of pentacles represents a willingness to apply herself, and to be a beginner in this stage of her manifestations.. Even though she is skilled in many areas, there are still areas in relation to her dreams that she needs to learn more information about. She needs to brush up on her skills and knowledge, and she could be re-entering education, purchasing online courses, or taking the initiative to watch youtube videos, in order to be more informed. She definitely shows pride in herself, and her efforts by wanting to invest more in what she does, and what she loves doing.. Because the page is a youthful energy, this can also suggest a childhood passion of hers, or inspiration that comes directly from her past life/childhood, in order to bless her with ideas, and abundance at this specific time. See? Cyclical behaviour can be good too.. If the cycle perpetuated is HEALTHY. 

The determination in her efforts suggests she says to herself, ‘Even if I am not experienced enough, I am willing to learn along the way’. Baby steps go so much further than we believe in tying up the loose ends. She chips away at her craft enthusiastically this week, because there is a renewed sense of value, and worth, in herself, first and foremost. 

The three of wands is a leap forward.. The masculine could be returning from holiday, or a period of rest, after much thought, and contemplation about the feminine, and about what he wants.. New experiences, and a more positive outlook on life brings more opportunities knocking on his door. He is expanding on a conscious, and spiritual level – past poverty consciousness, past past programming.. Who he is, and what direction he wishes to move into in his journey to maturity, places him in the perfect position for the creation of new habits.. A breath of fresh air in the form of expanded consciousness. The energy that he now sends out, is returned to him, in bountiful ways.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Full moon in Cancer January 12th 2016; The mother/father wound, Revisiting childhood themes, nostalgia, and creativity.

moon-in-cancerFull moon in Cancer January 12th.

Numerological calculation – 12th – (1) – New beginnings, creativity, enthusiasm, directness, inspiration, energetic charge, (2) – Balance, co-ordination, co-operation, the marriage of opposing aspects of self, (1+2 =3) – Creativity, expression, channeling, communication.
Full moons naturally shine a light on our deepest & darkest subconscious, but being in the sign of Cancer? This time? There is an even greater emphasis on that which dwells within the shadows.

Arguably, one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, Cancers are ruled by their desire to feel loved, accepted, wanted & needed. A Primal necessity & desire for us all – though many of us wouldn’t dare to admit it!

Vulnerability is our Achilles heal W/ this full moon, & we are shown areas of our lives where we may still be operating from a limited, intimidated child like version of ourselves.
Inner child wounds are very common for those W/ this sign in their chart, & many of us will be revisiting these childhood themes through dreams, or soul mate triggering.
It is time to make peace W/ our fears of abandonment, & our feelings of loneliness, for they are only perpetuated when we continuously abandon ourselves.

Watery signs tend to wreak havoc on our creative nature, albeit subliminally. The interpretation of so much energy, from the past, and from our subconscious always inspires us to wish to express ourselves in some form of another. You may find yourself highly inspired at this time, remembering childhood dreams, passions, and talents that once brought you to your knees with excitement. If you have neglected any of these passions, because you felt as if you lost touch with this intimate nature of your childhood self, then it is time to retrieve what was lost. Drawing on emotional experiences, and just how far you have come will provide you with vast new material to work with, to work through, and to work from. Do not hold back. Be dreamy, and imaginative as you conjure the life that you wish to paint for yourself now.

What stories from your childhood do you continuously tell yourself? & play out because you are too fearful of being anything more than you are. You are asked to closely look at the mother wound/the father wound, stories from your past & your family to identify any burden you carry now.
Your past life karma is closely associated w/ the karma of your parents. Understand their own limitations, so that you can transcend yours.
It is time to spread your wings, proverbially & physically & stop pressing on old wounds.
Your inner child demands & deserves the type of freedom, only you can provide.

We are facing ourselves in a major way with the full moon in CANCER…
Being a water sign, there is a clear vision of our deepest fears, thoughts, feelings, and emotions…
Many of us will be wishing to reconcile with our family+our loved ones+ there is a lot of healing in regards to those templates this week.

It is time to come together.. In more ways than one.. Lost soul fragments are being retrieved, and falling into place…

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading 9th-15th January 2017; Full moon in Cancer, childhood healing, and karmic shedding.


Main Theme – (Six of cups), Surrounding cards – Two of wands, King of swords, The sun, 6 of cups, The hierophant. 

Numerological break down calculation – 9th – Childhood wounding, past life patterns, leaving pains of the past behind, creating something that allows you to channel your pain, healing others whilst healing yourself, profound creative work – 15th – (6) – Family issues, family karma, being apart of, or accepted into a community, children, maternal affairs, and bonding.

The full moon in Cancer blesses us this week with an emotional opportunity to finally lay some of our most concrete wounds to rest. The energy of Cancer prides itself on family orientation, feelings of belonging, sensitivity, and community values. This is the individual who is the devoted mother, the devoted father, and dedicates themselves tirelessly to making a happy, and a healthy family home.. So, as full moons would have it, the area of family, and security, and childhood settings are highlighted to us, in a way that causes us to question, and reflect some of the values that we have inherited from our family home.

This is definitely a time of immense healing, however, when healing periods tend to occur, so do the wounds that accompany them, and some of us could be experiencing this week what is classified as a dark night of the soul, although, the sun card actually suggests that we are working through this, as opposed to being beat down, or defeated by it.. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, the understanding of ourselves, our behaviours, and where a lot of our pain has come from; giving us the energy, and the opportunity for transcendence. IT DOES hurt to re-live certain memories, and this may even cause us to feel as if we are still caught in the vibration of these energies, however, these memories arrive to us for our own understanding, in order for us to make peace with them, to forgive others, and to know how to heal, or soothe our own inner child. .It is time to be a parent, firstly, to yourself.. What do you deserve? Scrap that – what does your inner child deserve at this time? How will you deliver it to them?

The 6 of cups sets the tone of childhood day dreams, past life karma, or the conflicts that exist between us, and our former selves/experiences. There is a dreamy energy that pertains to the past anytime that the 6 of cups is introduced.. A time for understanding, making peace, and resolution of things that occurred in our past that shaped us today.

Perhaps we are being triggered to remember specific times when we were not allowed to be children, not allowed to shine, not allowed to flourish, maybe we were bullied, alienated, or made to feel as if we were not good enough, and the full moon in Cancer magnifies dreams, or recollection of these moments, and energies – in hopes that we can break, and severe this type of cyclical damage..

There is a strong emphasis on not passing on these themes, and karmic templates to the next generation – that is specific to some of us who may be looking to start a family, pregnant, or already in the presence of a child whom they witness their own image in.. There is also a gift shared when the 6 of cups is present, so this may be the gift of new karma, either to our children, or our own inner child. The interest this week lies in gifting a past situation with a new outlook, an emotional revamping. 

Symbols, or old items, memories that pop up from the past could be assisting us to visit these areas that we once decided were either too painful to be open, or worthy of suppression in order for us to proceed with our day to day lives.. The moon has absolutely no regard for what you attempt to repress, and WILL undoubtedly shine a light on all of your darkness-es, whilst also illuminating areas of your subconscious mind..

The sun card however, speaks of the CONSCIOUS mind, and in combination with the king of swords, likely indicates that although there is a lot of subconscious realisation going on, we are integrating all of our findings into our conscious actions, and conscious awakening so that we are sure not to repeat the same patterns. The sun is a masculine card, representing the ego, and this is the inner child actually breaking free from the ravenous ego, that attempts to manipulate, and control it..

We see the image of a child care free, raising their hands up, almost as if there is no need to control, or worry about this part of the journey that they are on.. Issues with being controlled, or feeling anxious give us the chance this week to see what has really been holding us back.. Likely, it was none other than ourselves, and our beliefs about who we were.. It is time to enjoy the journey, even the uncertainty of it, and not feel so compelled to cling to our fears about where we are going in life.

Maybe there is creative work, and creative life force that wishes to flow through you, but you struggle to understand how you can make a living this way, or you have doubts about actually being worthy of being paid for your work.. It is time to come out of the closet. True freedom is in the way that you express yourself, and in trusting that others will identify with the message that you share, because it is a very unique message. Nobody is like you. Nobody can bring what you bring to the table. Your fears of  not being seen, no longer need to be tangible. ALLOW yourself to be seen. ALLOW your voice to be heard. Stop hiding yourself away in shame. Your inner child deserves the form of liberation that is promised to you by the 2 of wands.. It is time to venture into new territory, to appreciate new  heights, and your procrastination is only delaying the inevitable..

This is probably one of the last weeks that you will look back at your life and yourself in such a way, because this portion of the journey asks that you throw yourself into the pits of a new horizon. Looking at how far you have come, means it is time to look at how far you can now go… You have been through so much over the years, for sure, but there is a profound awakening occurring on a deep level, that asks you to take all of the lessons, and all of the pain, and use them to initiate you onto this new path..

The path of doing things differently. You do not change who you are over night, of-course not, and you are not expected to.. This is why appropriate planning must be put in place before you can declare yourself fully reborn. Think about what has been holding you back specifically, and how you can turn this around, because in the new world, in the new energy, remember *whispers* nobody will know who you used to be. This is the beauty of recreation. Who do you want to be now? This is not about adopting a false image or a false sense of self, but rather identifying with who you TRULY are, before all of the abuse, before family templates told you what and who you should be, and identify with.. How are you to paint your own canvas? The wildest, most liberated, creative, and imaginative part of yourself is dying to be reborn.

If you feel personally victimised by members of your family, then the sun may be warning you that you are still playing the role of the poor, unfortunate victim, and this is why it is so easy for others to imprint on you. Whatever your issues were with persecution consciousness, you need to learn to celebrate yourself now, and to become comfortable with sharing yourself, and your gifts with the world. Stop tip toeing around others, and yourself… There is no fear of being attacked when you stop attacking yourself.. Venturing into new territory can be scary at first, but, practices such as yoga, meditation, or visualisation will help you to feel comfortable in your new energetic body… Picture yourself as somebody who is light as a feather, yet with the impact of a bolder. Agile, precise, clear, and highly intellectual like the king of swords. This is about changing the wiring of your mind, from somebody who thinks that they are not capable, or that they always mess up in some ways by being too much. Allow yourself to be too much.. Not energetically no, because you always need to keep a piece of you, to you, but allow yourself to be more than what you were ever allowed to be.. Sure, people will be jealous, people may be intimidated, but once again, if you stop fearing persecution consciousness, then their jealousy or their envy will not effect you in the same ways.. See it for what it is. An energetically recessive soul attempting to stop your glare, because they have no light of their own.

The king of swords is logic. As creative, dreamy, and ideallistic as we may be with our dreams, and passions, we need to balance this out with the masculine energy, which is execution. The HOW. How are you going to make this a reality.. Get off your arse, (yes, I am British, so I say arse, not ass), and grab your dreams by the horns. You cannot just sit there and wait for everything to fall into your lap. You need to do research, research the field that you are entering, make sure that you are knowledgeable about it. Be clear, and focused on what you want. Practice calming techniques so that you do not give overwhelmed by the part of you that still does not think that you can handle all of this.. The study of self is also encouraged with the king of swords, it is important to know yourself, and to be honest about your strengths, and your weaknesses so that you know what needs work.. Thinking positively about yourself, and what you want to do does not mean denying the areas that you perhaps need more work, study, or growth… The king of swords knows the power that the mind yields, so warns to be VERY cautious about what you feed your mind, and what you allow your mind to believe – a new template is asked to be created here. A mind that is not so easily manipulated by outside forces.. It is time to trust yourself to stand up for yourself. You do not need a crutch.

The hierophant presents the opportunity to create a dent in the cycle of your karma.. This is the spiritual figure who dictates law from above, and allows it to befall on those on earth, according to a certain order, and regime that expels the balance of existence. In order for you to change this, and to change your past life patterns, you need to know what they are, but most importantly, you NEED to know how you perpetuate them.. People treat you, the way that you treat yourself. Still playing small? That narcissist sees that.. So, what do you think you are to them? The prime target of-course.. Spiritual messages are abundant this time in assisting you to change the flow of energy that has been draining vital life force for a long time for you. You may be mourning over situations involving the family, and the hierophant suggests that there are lessons to learn, even in this situation, lessons that you may teach to others, to ignite their own healing, and to help them not to perpetuate their own cycles of dysfunction.

Rewards will present themselves in healthier family dynamics following these realisations, and shifts that you are making..

The 6 of cups, along with the 2 of wands can also speak of soul mate love.. Because of the level of spiritual transformation, and childhood healing that is occurring, people from the past may be returning with a message.. This could be twin flame love, a lover who now realises, and returns to confess their love for you, because they have cleared a lot of the baggage, and karmic debt that was cluttering their truth. Forgiveness is a healthy practice, even if you do not wish to look back, and reconcile with this individual in a romantic, or very close fashion. You may forgive them, and send them on their way, for your own healing, and also theirs. An offer of love is made, and it must also be accepted. Just because you deserve it. You will be meeting a lot of people now on a soul level, as opposed to an ego level, which will bless your friendships, and relationships.. Past karma associated with feelings of rejection, or feeling lonely, and abandoned are tackled when we allow our soul group to enter into our lives, and we do not perpetuate behaviours that push, or pull them away. Let new friendships form with your soul group, as you clear out narcissistic, and one sided relationships that fueled your negative view of yourself. 

Existing once again as an active member of a community means allowing some responsibility on your part. Responsibility with your thoughts, and responsibility in regards to the way that you approach, and relate to others. Lost, or suppressed parts of yourself including your childhood passions, and the depth of love that you are truly capable of is returning to you, but the king of swords asks for balance in terms of discernment. Not everybody is deserving of you, of your time, your gifts, or your efforts, and you have to know this as a key part of self love. A mature tone is introduced to even out our naivety, as we must take the steps to nurture, and parent our own growth. 

I recently came across a picture of my childhood best friend in my childhood home, that had been trapped in my radiator for I guess about 8 years.. I found it particularly strange that it had managed to stay wedged in there for this long, and only fall out at this time. And like I do with all seemingly strange events, I took it as a sign. I proceeded to take the picture downstairs, and I burnt it, watching it turn to ash as I did. To me, it represented not her, but the person that I was at the time that the image was taken. Lost. Uncertain. In pain. In search of somebody, or something to validate me. And toxic.. I no longer own that life. In-fact, I can hardly recall it at all. This too, is a ‘past life’.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flame *Daily* Readings Teaser – Join our facebook page today!

Greetings my enchiladees! The time has come again.. Every now and then, I give you all on my wordpress a preview of the absolutely happening fun that is happening over on my facebook page, (Hehe). If you did not already know, OR if the twin flame weekly readings are just not enough to quench your twin flame thirst.. Every day, or every two days over on my facebook page, I deliver a daily reading.. For you to check in with yourself, and your progress through the day, as opposed to waiting a whole week to truly understand what may be going on for you..

So, without any further ado, here are the readings from the past 4 days.. I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.. The weekly should be up tomorrow, but until then, join our facebook page for regular updates

Twin Flame *DAILY* 8th-9th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – Justice, Masculine – Three of pentacles, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – 7 of cups, Feminine – Queen of swords, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – King of pentacles.

The main theme presenting itself as the justice card, speaks of more karmic wiring, and re-wiring that currently occurs for us at this time. Putting our foot down on habits, and behaviours that have been cyclical in our lifes, as we recognise patterns with a heightened perspective.. Our ability to see errors in our past, coupled with our desire to make changes is indicative of the process of ascension that is occuring; that is, the ability to view ourselves from a somewhat detached perspective.. It is usually attachment to our ego that deters us from viewing things as they are, as we would rather sugarcoat things, and play it safe..

The justice card obliterates the part of the ego that always needs to be right, therefore challenging the soul to shine through, and strive for better.. And that is exactly what the soul does as it calls for some order, and change, to the things that have failed to change, over time..

The three of pentacles shows the masculine becoming more fluid, and flexible in his dealing with others. Perhaps before, he was a little selfish – a byproduct of poverty consciousness, fearing that for some reason he does not have enough, so he must keep all that he has to himself.. He is learning how to trust others more, open up to them a little bit, and the benefits of sharing with others, and existing as apart of a community… Maybe this is a shared project that he is working on, work, and finances improving for him because he is willing to listen to other ideas.

Maybe he is actually working FOR somebody else, stepping into his role, as a healer, or somebody who works for many to reap the benefits – not just himself.

The energy that he projects to the feminine describes procrastination, and fear of making the wrong decision. He spends a lot of time day dreaming, about what is possible for him, all the steps ahead of him, and the different avenues that he can take on his step to happiness. He recognises now just how hard the hand of karma can come down, and he is very, very cautious of either making the wrong move, or choosing an option that will end up doing him more harm than good..
he is likely thinking about the future, and how his life will turn out if he takes the option of being with his twin, vs being with somebody else..Many different realities are presented to him at this time, and though they all appear sparkly, and bright, he knows that not every single one of them is what they seem… He could be prone getting caught up in his emotions, so there is definitely a fear here of him possibly being illogical. In some ways, he is unsure if his union with the feminine is another part of his day dreams, but little does he know.. She also day dreams of him..

The queen of swords indicates the feminine balancing her masculine side – logic, and a fixed standpoint… Contrary to the 7 of cups, she is trying to be more rigid, to take form, as opposed to being wishy/washy, confused, or going back and fourth between fear, and knowing what she wants..She attempts to take control of her mental state, her often chaotic thoughts, and be focused on what it is that she needs to accomplish. Discipline is a major factor for her at this time, both for her, and her masculine.. There is an emerging sense that even if she is yearning to be in his arms, she will not portray this outward, because she knows that babying him, or falling to his demands always leads to the same old story..

The king of pentacles as the energy that she projects shows her holding up an image of what she requires from the masculine at this time. Maturity, self determination, and self responsibility are what she views in an ideal partner.. In the past, she was willing to settle for the masculine, even if he did not necessarily fit into the ideals of what she thought a self reliant individual was, she was willing to look past this, and potentially compromise her own satisfaction. NOW, the tables are flipping.. I mean seriously changing, if he wants things to be harmonious, then he definitely does need to sharpen up in some areas… Grow selfless, be more reliable..

Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading 10th-11th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – 6 of pentacles, Masculine – The tower, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – The moon, Feminine – Three of wands, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – Queen of pentacles.

The 6 of pentacles is representative of a much needed balance, give and take, ebb and flow that is working itself into the inner workings of both twins.. This manifests in quite different ways.. Though the feminine is also learning how to be more of a giver, what she is most importantly learning, is how to receive..How to let others love her, and help her, and how to accept these blessings without feeling guilty… She once compromised herself from receiving good things; partially because she subconsciously believed that she did not deserve them, but also because she was closed off to them.. Because she was so harsh and judgmental of herself, even when something good was coming her way, she would find a way to deny it, or suggest that it was not what it really appeared to be.

The masculine, is learning about how to be more of a skilled giver. This is the antithesis of narcissism, or selfishness.. He is learning about the value of giving to others, and treating others with a certain level of equality, and importance, so that, they return the same to him.. This is them both learning about their shared responsibility as humans. What you put out, you will inevitably get back.. So keep an eye on the back, and fourth that you create!

The tower card speaks of destruction, destruction of the ego, and change being introduced to our lives in a swift way.. When the tower card creeps up on us, we were either holding on too tightly to our old lives, or living in a state of repetitive outdated cycles. The tower tears everything apart, because the foundation on which it was built upon was shaky to begin with.
He could be losing friends, or a heart piercing situation could be shattering his ego.. This kind of transformation feels quite chaotic, and messy.. But he is likely coming into the realisation of WHY this happened.. In learning to treat people better, he can build a new world from the rubble that the tower leaves in our lives.

The moon card projected to the feminine, is all about the subconscious messages and symbols that he receives from her, reflected BACK at her.. There is a full moon looming over us in the coming days, and the effects of this are actually very potent to him at this time, more so than the feminine.. This is because, he is stepping into the feminines shoes, of feeling, and having revelations brought upon him.. He may be communicating his feelings, fears, thoughts, or emotions to the feminine through dreams, and she should be very conscious at this time of the dreams that she receives… If any feminine wishes to decode their dreams, and do not understand what they represent, please send me an email at, to book a dream interpretation reading..

The three of wands shows the feminine at the next stage of development.. She too has experienced the drama of the tower card in her life, but, she moves away from the chaos, and sails to new lands.. Expansion, of the spirit, the mind, and the body call out to her, and she responds.. Spirit has worked very hard to get her here, and most importantly, she has worked very hard to know that she is worthy of being here.. This is about stepping into new shoes, not being afraid to venture into the unknown, and trusting herself to do things that she has never done before..

The queen of pentacles is a sense of power and self worth. The feminine says to the masculine, telepathically – ‘I now KNOW my worth, and nothing can take that away from me’.. Even if she burns for him inside, she will turn this fire into the fire that births nations.. She will channel it into her creativity, she will use it to further herself, and push herself towards her dreams..Because she knows that the thing of worth that she holds, is herself.. She no longer wants to be short changed. This is her deciding what she deserves, and what she will tolerate.. Not giving her power away to anybody, not even the masculine. This is a command of respect, and a bold one at that… Hunny, you never chase a man.. He is a hunter by nature, and he will hunt for what he wants.. All you need to do, is be open to his invitation. You have walked a HELL of a long way.. Let him walk the rest.. And meet you, at that mid point.. Some feminines may very well be receiving a message from their masculine in the coming days, he could notice the shift in energy and attentions away from him, as she focuses on herself..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; Ambitions to be free, financial contemplation, and spirit elevation.


Main theme – 9 of pentacles, What is occurring for both twins – 2 of cups, Masculine – Justice, Two of swords, Two of pentacles, Feminine -Knight of pentacles, The star, Eight of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

The of pentacles relates to the feeling of satisfaction that we experience when we have successfully manifested our goals, and can physically see the evidence of our efforts around us. The focus, these two weeks for both twins, lies with making things work for them, bending the flow of the universe, and their own energies, in order to receive the results that they want.. This is a highly potent time to manifest, and there is a lot at stake here, so both twins are likely to be consumed with making it happen… The process of putting in the hard work, and doing things differently, ie doing things right are presented to them both this week.. 

This is a very similar energy to the magician card  – how can they reap the benefits of the work that they are doing? Truly, they have both been putting in a lot of work to create the world that they would like to see, and many of them may be wondering  – okay – so, where are my results?Your results this week, lie with your ability to achieve, attain, and maintain balance.. It is not enough to put in the work from one angle alone. Coming up with the ideas, but not seeing them through, is futile… Chasing after money, without adding creative ideas, or avenues to attract this money, will only get you so far.. This is where the two of cups comes in.. You may wonder, what does money have to do with love? Well – a lot actually, seeing as they BOTH have to do with our self worth. The two of cups, is the kind of balance that both twins need to establish, if they are to have healthy relationships.. This is not about blaming, either the masculine, or the feminine, because they both have roles to play in terms of why their love has not been harmonious in the past. You need a balanced approach, and a balanced life style, in order to have balance, in any other area of your life. 

I feel like a lot of twins have family  karma that is tied into not having enough time, not making the most out of their time, OR feeling as if they are lacking – all of these themes will be presented in order to be tackled by both twins this week.. Especially, the masculine in regards to having time, and having enough. There is a lot that is open to you at this time, so you have to act wisely in tying up the loose ends. What have you learnt about yourself recently? About your energy? About how you operate, that could help you to break this so called spell of bad luck that you once believed yourself to be under? The 9 of pentacles is joy once our dreams have not only been realised, but have been pulled into our reality. What can you do to ensure that this is an approaching reality for you?

Both twins may feel strained as it appears that, the more that is open to you, the more that you are against the clock to make improvements to your life. You need to start already living like you have the life that you desire, as this will wire your brain to be grateful, and to already exist AHEAD of time. Beat time… Now’s your chance. Look out for signs, symbols, and messages that alert you about your work, either let you know you are going in the right direction, or serve as a warning about what is to come if you continue in the direction that you are heading in..

The inner balance of the 2 of cups asks us to work on learning how to be the divine masculine, and the divine feminine. Imbalance is toxic – anyway around. Too much negative energy? Too much feminine energy? Both can do some serious damage, in terms of being abusive. The masculine is asked to be more open to his creative, and intuitive side, as this will ensure that his ideas in terms of gaining finance are ever flowing, and abundant, as depicted by the infinity symbol present in the two of pentacles. He needs to make better decisions in terms of how he attracts his money, and how he maintains balance with multiple things in his life. The feminine is prone to multi tasking, and not really choosing one specific avenue, but the masculine, tends to focus on one area of his life, and neglect other areas that require his attention. His lesson..Is in trying to incorporate room for more, without over extending himself. 

The knight of pentacles describes the feminine attempting to balance her masculine energies in the RIGHT way this week. She appears to be turning away from the masculine, as he learns the lessons that he needs to learn with the justice card. A part of her realises that she cannot stir, or speed up his awakening process in anyway, and she needs to focus on watering her own garden.. He is going through a process, but that honestly is not your business right now. Your BUSINESS, is your business right now.. What are you doing to make sure that your goals are not only a thought in your mind but are becoming a reality manifest around you? Spirit asks.. How are you working towards making your vision a reality? And is movement being made? Or are you just standing still, lost in time, waiting – waiting for the masculine, and claiming that you have ‘no time’.  She spent so long waiting for the masculine to level up, that she forgot that she isn’t all that perfect herself, and really does need to level up in some areas still.. Including her relationship to the physical world. Let spirituality serve you physically. Put your imagination to paper. 

The feminine this week, must focus on her inner masculine, and this will manifest as the men that are around her, or the men that she is drawn to at this time, platonic, or otherwise. This will tell her everything that she needs to know about the relationship with her own inner masculine. Is she drawn to men who are broke? (Financially), or broken, (Spiritually)?

The star card arrives to remind the feminine to have hope, even though times, and situations may appear difficult at certain stages of this week. There is a light being shone on darkness, so it may appear at times that there is nothing but darkness, but she needs to learn how not to dwell on the negative – BALANCE, because excessive negativity is one of the things that drives lovers away, including the divine masculine himself… Focus on positive visualisation.. Divine guidance is present at this time, watching over these events, so any isolation, or abandonment that she feels, is merely to do with old karmic propaganda. She needs to remain focused on her work, which is, about nourishing herself, and giving back to herself. Be very weary of falling into negative patterns, and traps of thought, because right now, you’re attempting to break free, which means that things will tempt you, and tempt your spirit…. It’s a trying time.. The eight of cups describes this period of emotional battle against her triggers…

The eight of cups sees the feminine moving on from the old ways, and old habits, in search of a higher, better truth. She is being more direct in terms of what she wants, and what she does not want, and anything that attempts to pull her into old cycles, she will be drawn away from. She is likely to run a mile from anything that triggers her this week to act in a way that she truly is done with. There is a determination here to turn her back on alot of things, as she comes into profound realisations about these things. 

Some feminine twins may be walking away from the masculine, or it could appear this way, whether temporarily, or indefinitely because they may be witnessing him juggling with his shadow self, and higher self, and no longer be interested in waiting around for one side to win..  She has a battle of her own, and this takes precedence. She is walking away from co-dependent habits, repetitive cycles, and negative self talk. She thinks, ‘I need to find me. I need – to DEFINE me’. 

With the justice card, the masculine experiences some heavy karmic release, and realisation this week. He may be going through a tough time, or a situation that places him on a fast track level to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional maturity. This is really for his own benefit, though he may not really see it that way, or feel that way whilst it is happening.. The two of swords is about the pivotal point that he reaches in which he must make some kind of decision that will effect this next stage of his life.. This could be a decision that relates to choosing one partner, over the other, especially if the divine feminine is not the only woman in his life. There is something that he must put right, especially as ideas about morality, and karma become more clear to him by the day.. Getting in touch with his intuition could be urging him to make a decision that his logical mind has been putting off for a while. In some ways, he’s been quite relaxed with his awakening, and this could be the wake up call that he needs.. 

The two of pentacles could describe him trying to juggle things, and keep up with demands that are just not working out. He could be realising this week that a lot of the things that he puts efforts into are actually draining him of vital time, energy, and resources, and he needs to level up, ONCE again, if he is to manifest the 9 of pentacles in his life. It could be his attachment to his old world, and his new world that he juggles, and struggles to find balance with this week. Spirit asks that he makes a decision. He cannot dabble in between two worlds any longer, a clear path is being laid out for him, and he must either take it, or stay confined to the old ways of being… Which actually, are weighing heavily on his spirit, because he is much more in touch with spirit now. When the truth hits you, you cannot hide. Indecision, or procrastination will not make the problems simmer down, or go away.. Something may need to be released, or abandoned, as something else is realised.  He is going through this back, and fourth, as some fears about fully stepping into 5D are still present. 5th dimensional thinking requires that you fully take responsibility for yourself, and the karma that you are creating, and it is not for the faint hearted, or those who avoid responsibility..

He knows on some level that fully stepping into 5D, or letting go of certain things will drag his edges all the way… Confrontation of the past self, confrontation of the shadow self, and confrontation of one’s own limitations are ALL themes relevant to him at this time. The energy may seem harsh for the masculine right now, because nobody likes to face their darkness, BUT remember that in all darkness, light is able to penetrate. The light of knowledge will set him free, if he wills for this eternal cycle of not having enough, yet having too much to do, to come to an end. This could also relate to his decisions about ways that he makes money.. Perhaps, there is some illegal activity involved in one of the ways that he currently makes money, and as morality becomes more of a theme for him, he will decide whether he can still carry on this way.. And if he is to drop one of his ways of income, what does this mean for him then? How will he fill his time? Perhaps the fear of time is tied into his fear of not wanting to be still enough, for all of his thoughts to take over..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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