Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; Ambitions to be free, financial contemplation, and spirit elevation.


Main theme – 9 of pentacles, What is occurring for both twins – 2 of cups, Masculine – Justice, Two of swords, Two of pentacles, Feminine -Knight of pentacles, The star, Eight of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

The of pentacles relates to the feeling of satisfaction that we experience when we have successfully manifested our goals, and can physically see the evidence of our efforts around us. The focus, these two weeks for both twins, lies with making things work for them, bending the flow of the universe, and their own energies, in order to receive the results that they want.. This is a highly potent time to manifest, and there is a lot at stake here, so both twins are likely to be consumed with making it happen… The process of putting in the hard work, and doing things differently, ie doing things right are presented to them both this week.. 

This is a very similar energy to the magician card  – how can they reap the benefits of the work that they are doing? Truly, they have both been putting in a lot of work to create the world that they would like to see, and many of them may be wondering  – okay – so, where are my results?Your results this week, lie with your ability to achieve, attain, and maintain balance.. It is not enough to put in the work from one angle alone. Coming up with the ideas, but not seeing them through, is futile… Chasing after money, without adding creative ideas, or avenues to attract this money, will only get you so far.. This is where the two of cups comes in.. You may wonder, what does money have to do with love? Well – a lot actually, seeing as they BOTH have to do with our self worth. The two of cups, is the kind of balance that both twins need to establish, if they are to have healthy relationships.. This is not about blaming, either the masculine, or the feminine, because they both have roles to play in terms of why their love has not been harmonious in the past. You need a balanced approach, and a balanced life style, in order to have balance, in any other area of your life. 

I feel like a lot of twins have family  karma that is tied into not having enough time, not making the most out of their time, OR feeling as if they are lacking – all of these themes will be presented in order to be tackled by both twins this week.. Especially, the masculine in regards to having time, and having enough. There is a lot that is open to you at this time, so you have to act wisely in tying up the loose ends. What have you learnt about yourself recently? About your energy? About how you operate, that could help you to break this so called spell of bad luck that you once believed yourself to be under? The 9 of pentacles is joy once our dreams have not only been realised, but have been pulled into our reality. What can you do to ensure that this is an approaching reality for you?

Both twins may feel strained as it appears that, the more that is open to you, the more that you are against the clock to make improvements to your life. You need to start already living like you have the life that you desire, as this will wire your brain to be grateful, and to already exist AHEAD of time. Beat time… Now’s your chance. Look out for signs, symbols, and messages that alert you about your work, either let you know you are going in the right direction, or serve as a warning about what is to come if you continue in the direction that you are heading in..

The inner balance of the 2 of cups asks us to work on learning how to be the divine masculine, and the divine feminine. Imbalance is toxic – anyway around. Too much negative energy? Too much feminine energy? Both can do some serious damage, in terms of being abusive. The masculine is asked to be more open to his creative, and intuitive side, as this will ensure that his ideas in terms of gaining finance are ever flowing, and abundant, as depicted by the infinity symbol present in the two of pentacles. He needs to make better decisions in terms of how he attracts his money, and how he maintains balance with multiple things in his life. The feminine is prone to multi tasking, and not really choosing one specific avenue, but the masculine, tends to focus on one area of his life, and neglect other areas that require his attention. His lesson..Is in trying to incorporate room for more, without over extending himself. 

The knight of pentacles describes the feminine attempting to balance her masculine energies in the RIGHT way this week. She appears to be turning away from the masculine, as he learns the lessons that he needs to learn with the justice card. A part of her realises that she cannot stir, or speed up his awakening process in anyway, and she needs to focus on watering her own garden.. He is going through a process, but that honestly is not your business right now. Your BUSINESS, is your business right now.. What are you doing to make sure that your goals are not only a thought in your mind but are becoming a reality manifest around you? Spirit asks.. How are you working towards making your vision a reality? And is movement being made? Or are you just standing still, lost in time, waiting – waiting for the masculine, and claiming that you have ‘no time’.  She spent so long waiting for the masculine to level up, that she forgot that she isn’t all that perfect herself, and really does need to level up in some areas still.. Including her relationship to the physical world. Let spirituality serve you physically. Put your imagination to paper. 

The feminine this week, must focus on her inner masculine, and this will manifest as the men that are around her, or the men that she is drawn to at this time, platonic, or otherwise. This will tell her everything that she needs to know about the relationship with her own inner masculine. Is she drawn to men who are broke? (Financially), or broken, (Spiritually)?

The star card arrives to remind the feminine to have hope, even though times, and situations may appear difficult at certain stages of this week. There is a light being shone on darkness, so it may appear at times that there is nothing but darkness, but she needs to learn how not to dwell on the negative – BALANCE, because excessive negativity is one of the things that drives lovers away, including the divine masculine himself… Focus on positive visualisation.. Divine guidance is present at this time, watching over these events, so any isolation, or abandonment that she feels, is merely to do with old karmic propaganda. She needs to remain focused on her work, which is, about nourishing herself, and giving back to herself. Be very weary of falling into negative patterns, and traps of thought, because right now, you’re attempting to break free, which means that things will tempt you, and tempt your spirit…. It’s a trying time.. The eight of cups describes this period of emotional battle against her triggers…

The eight of cups sees the feminine moving on from the old ways, and old habits, in search of a higher, better truth. She is being more direct in terms of what she wants, and what she does not want, and anything that attempts to pull her into old cycles, she will be drawn away from. She is likely to run a mile from anything that triggers her this week to act in a way that she truly is done with. There is a determination here to turn her back on alot of things, as she comes into profound realisations about these things. 

Some feminine twins may be walking away from the masculine, or it could appear this way, whether temporarily, or indefinitely because they may be witnessing him juggling with his shadow self, and higher self, and no longer be interested in waiting around for one side to win..  She has a battle of her own, and this takes precedence. She is walking away from co-dependent habits, repetitive cycles, and negative self talk. She thinks, ‘I need to find me. I need – to DEFINE me’. 

With the justice card, the masculine experiences some heavy karmic release, and realisation this week. He may be going through a tough time, or a situation that places him on a fast track level to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional maturity. This is really for his own benefit, though he may not really see it that way, or feel that way whilst it is happening.. The two of swords is about the pivotal point that he reaches in which he must make some kind of decision that will effect this next stage of his life.. This could be a decision that relates to choosing one partner, over the other, especially if the divine feminine is not the only woman in his life. There is something that he must put right, especially as ideas about morality, and karma become more clear to him by the day.. Getting in touch with his intuition could be urging him to make a decision that his logical mind has been putting off for a while. In some ways, he’s been quite relaxed with his awakening, and this could be the wake up call that he needs.. 

The two of pentacles could describe him trying to juggle things, and keep up with demands that are just not working out. He could be realising this week that a lot of the things that he puts efforts into are actually draining him of vital time, energy, and resources, and he needs to level up, ONCE again, if he is to manifest the 9 of pentacles in his life. It could be his attachment to his old world, and his new world that he juggles, and struggles to find balance with this week. Spirit asks that he makes a decision. He cannot dabble in between two worlds any longer, a clear path is being laid out for him, and he must either take it, or stay confined to the old ways of being… Which actually, are weighing heavily on his spirit, because he is much more in touch with spirit now. When the truth hits you, you cannot hide. Indecision, or procrastination will not make the problems simmer down, or go away.. Something may need to be released, or abandoned, as something else is realised.  He is going through this back, and fourth, as some fears about fully stepping into 5D are still present. 5th dimensional thinking requires that you fully take responsibility for yourself, and the karma that you are creating, and it is not for the faint hearted, or those who avoid responsibility..

He knows on some level that fully stepping into 5D, or letting go of certain things will drag his edges all the way… Confrontation of the past self, confrontation of the shadow self, and confrontation of one’s own limitations are ALL themes relevant to him at this time. The energy may seem harsh for the masculine right now, because nobody likes to face their darkness, BUT remember that in all darkness, light is able to penetrate. The light of knowledge will set him free, if he wills for this eternal cycle of not having enough, yet having too much to do, to come to an end. This could also relate to his decisions about ways that he makes money.. Perhaps, there is some illegal activity involved in one of the ways that he currently makes money, and as morality becomes more of a theme for him, he will decide whether he can still carry on this way.. And if he is to drop one of his ways of income, what does this mean for him then? How will he fill his time? Perhaps the fear of time is tied into his fear of not wanting to be still enough, for all of his thoughts to take over..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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General Weekly Reading. 5th – 11th December; No holding back, and no going back.


Main theme- (Knight of wands), Surrounding cards – Queen of wands, The moon, Six of swords, King of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 5th-11th. 5 – Liberation, change, newness, freedom from restriction, breaking binds, seeking new adventure. 11th – Spiritual awakenings, new gateways, openings, lessons learnt, epiphanies. 

The knight of wands as the main theme, suggests that this week, we are to embark on a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and enthusiasm. This is clear, and direct action in the form of the dreams that we have, and the targets that we have set for ourselves. There seems to be an extra push this week to expand, and to achieve. Perhaps we feel as if we have spent  alot of time procrastinating lately, or unsure what it is that we want – in relation to the moon card, but something this week definitely jolts us from our slumber, and we do receive the clarity, and the information that we have been waiting for. We may be receiving positive, and much awaited news that arrives to us quickly, that helps us to clear some of the spiritual cobwebs that have existed within our minds recently.  This could be motivation from outside forces that confirms to us what our next step should be.

You may find yourself keen on delivering a message to the world this week about who you are, now that you are becoming clearer about your sense of power. There is a boldness to the way that you do things, perhaps because you are no longer afraid of getting things wrong. There is a sense taht you spent a lot of time in the shadows because you felt you did not have the capability of the resources to move forward. Now… You see that it is more about your intention, and your enthusiasm, than the tools that you actually use to cultivate what you want. Making the best out of what you have this week means removing yourself from victim consciousness, and just working with what is, in order to create something larger than yourself.

Sagittarius//fire energy may be having a big influence on us this week in terms of what we can achieve, and setting the bar even higher for ourselves. This is a period of creation, as wands represent fire, and burning a new path for ourselves, through removing the old. The knight of wands also represents a swift journey away from the past – looking towards the future, and being more enlightened about what we would like that future to look like. 

The moon card also represents the recent period of time that we have spent looking into our subconscious mind, and perhaps getting more clear on our triggers, and our shadow self. Armed with our new knowledge, we can navigate things differently, bringing the unconscious, to the conscious – to tackle our limiting beliefs, and actions in a more efficient way.

The king of cups is representative of emotional maturity, and also speaks of a healed heart chakra. This week focuses on our ability to give love to others, and to receive love, whilst making sure that we have taken care of our own kingdom first – so that we may be more generous in our offerings. There is a sense that we are no longer willing to take on more than our fair share. This can also point to masculine energies this week coming into harmony more with their emotions, and their intuitive side. With the queen of wands side by side with the King of cups, we see a contrast, yet a fusion here of feminine passion, and masculine taming. Not taming in the sense of dampening ones fire – but this speaks of masculine energies becoming more in touch with an emotional, and humble side of themselves, whilst the queen of wands represents many feminine energies finding their purpose, and passion, and inspiration. Remember in the article where I wrote that Ophiuchus the 13th zodiac was a blend of Scorpio, AND Sagittarius? Well, these two cards offer no better explanation.

The king of cups sends healing messages to our spirit directly, this is unconscious messages about past wounds, and how we can overcome them in order to be the best version of ourselves. This is also about us using our painful past experiences to take us to that NEXT level. What have you learnt that could give you an edge? Will spiritual awakenings have been caused by more emotionally trying, and challenging periods in your life? Your motivation, and inspiration this week will come from an intense desire to re-shape your destiny, to use the past as a clear indication of what you DO not want, and what you DO want.

Previously, you may have been suffering from the type of mental fog that kept you stuck, or trapped in day dreams, and illusions, but the 6 of card arrives with an offer of hope – moving away from emotional trails, and taking a community with you. Because of what you have learnt, and experienced, you are able this week not only to re-arrange your own thoughts, but to hold the door open, and inspire others to also take a look at how their own thoughts may be leading to their downfall. You are desperate for mental peace, and actually, this time you are being PROACTIVE in making it possible. This is very much in relation to your ancestral karma also, and the negative programming that you have taken from family, and your community. In seeing how it does not serve you, this week, you take a closer look at your own emotional wiring, and how you can be an asset to those who need healing on a mental, and emotional level. 

Alternatively, there may be news arriving to you fast this week about something that you have been awaiting clarity on. This may be a job promotion, or a part in a play that you really desired. Something that was hidden can be revealed through emotional resonance, or through this message that you receive, that causes you to view things differently entirely. The knight of wands, in combination with the moon can also signify a pregnancy! So those of you who have been trying to conceive, this may just be your lucky week! Make sure you take those pregnancy tests! 😉

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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General Weekly Reading 7th-13th November 2016; An emerging dawn of Fairness, Balance, and ultimate Childhood justice.

Main theme, (Two of wands), Surrounding cards – Nine of cups, Five of pentacles, Six of pentacles, Two of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 7 – 13th. 7 – Spiritual awakenings, epiphanies, God consciousness, and the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, lessons learnt, and wisdom gained through hardship, and self observation – 13 – Karmic debt, writing off your karmic debt, healing the divine feminine wounds of persecution, and isolation, entering a new dimension (piercing through the physical realm//3rd dimension, and seeing things from the perspective of soul. (1+3) = 4 – Establishing order, stability, and solid foundations for the future. 

Numerologically, we had an incredibly powerful week.. 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 & 11/11 dates have ALL been specific gateways..

7/11 brought to us spiritual lessons about our hardships & messages from the divine, 8/11 symbolised the recognition of our karmic struggles in order for us to break through the fog, 9/11 symbolised an ending & transition period of something we once believed/held closely as truth, likely in relation to our wounds, 10/11 was symbolic of balancing ourselves & letting go of a specific belief systems, whilst 11/11 maximises our full awakening potential. 

This week, we are heavily exploring themes of balance, which is no surprise as this is exactly what the month of November, in numerological calculation is all about! The number 11 is one of the most notable ‘twin flame’ numbers, and is considered a highly potent master number for this reason exactly. It represents a gateway to higher realms, and dimensions, and the reason that this is a gate way, is because it represents unity – the all that is. The masculine AND the feminine simultaneously, the alpha, AND the omega, the beginning, and the end, the hermaphrodite  -which is God consciousness. And remember, that we are still dealing with Scorpio energy, which is also very psychic, and deals with the under world, and the realms that we cannot see,  but we can feel… We also take a look at the extremes that we exist between. The perception that you either have nothing, or you have everything. It is either the best day of your life, or the worst day of your life. You must learn to exist somewhere in the in-between – this is feminine, and masculine balance!

The two of wands is very similar in appearance to the number 11, which is no coincidence at all, as this week is a week of profound realisations, and revelations, that do stand to set us free from our own karma, and past understandings of situations. We are actually operating on a higher level this week because we are refusing to be so resistant to the messages, and the signals that are unfolding.

The two of wands marks a landmark period in our lives. We have completed much work, been through just about everything, and we breathe a sigh of release, as we acknowledge that a brand new period awaits us. 

As we feel ourselves drawing closer to the changes that awakenings, and new experiences bring, there are many questions, and unfinished situations that are drawn to our attention. What will the next chapter bring?  And who, and what is worth bringing to the next stage with us? 

The nine of cups suggests that the choices that take us into this next stage are absolutely vital for our well being, sense of self, and the pleasures of satisfaction that we have always dreamed of. In many ways, we are shedding skins, and it is imperative that we acknowledge WHY some things are being left behind, so that the temptation to revive them does not creep upon us, once more. 

The five of pentacles, is all about our perceptions of lack. How do we give to others whilst still perceiving that we do not have enough? Surely, we can not give enough love, time, resources, or attention to situations, if we feel that we do not have much for ourselves – meaning, we also cannot accept enough love, time, resources, or attention, because we match our input, with our output. Many of us, have recently been awakened, with soul contracts, karmic unions, and what are referred to as ‘twin flames’, and these situations actually may be highlighted further this week, to cause us to look at a few things about ourselves. We must ask what the mirror reflection has taught us about ourselves, and what we are willing to put up with. 

The six of pentacles this week, is the card of self love. You absolutely must consider fairness, and balance, because this next portion of your life will require both give, and receive, if you are to re-write your karma, and live the kind of life that is destined for your highest good. We have multiple destines, and realities, it is up to you to tune the one that you wish to tap in to. Do you still struggle with over giving? And relationships, and life situations in which you are always short changed? Or, do you sometimes find yourself not giving enough at all? And bouncing in between these two extremes, because you do not know how to exist in balance. Ask yourself why you are so familiar with these dynamics? Perhaps they mirror your relationship with self.

Self esteem is highlighted this week, and themes of past transactions may cause you to pause, and re-assess the energies and messages that you have been sending to the world, about yourself, and your place in it.

Do not keep epiphanies to yourself however, as many will benefit from what you have, and are discovering at this time. Your new insight has gifted you with broader understanding, and a higher perspective, but this does not mean that you are immune to the pain that accompanies these lessons. The dust will settle soon, and you will be better for it. 

The two of swords represents the choices and decisions that have brought us here, and the choices and decisions we will have to make at this exact point. Like I mentioned, things will have to be left behind eventually, and these are all things, and persons that embody a story of our journey of lack. Will power is required in order to know what to do, and which way to turn, as many questions unveil themselves, even in the midst of many answers. We may find ourselves inconveniently trapped in between the heart, and the mind, a proposal or suggestion may arrive from somebody of significance – and this too is a test. It is time to think, observe, and plan your next step carefully. Not all that appears to glitter is gold. But ultimately, this decision is yours! And each decision made from this point is effectively shaping the destiny that you have chosen for yourself. 

Extra cards – The sun//Three of pentacles. 

The sun, in conjunction with the three of pentacles is all about expansion, and creation upon our journey. Essentially, we are creating a new version of ourselves, and newness upon our path by tearing through the confines of the old, and the predictable. This is a chance to mould a new self, to mold better finances, life experiences, and manifest on this plane that which will bring you more growth, freedom, and abundance. There is SO much energy for you to tap into this week for your highest good, so do not get too caught up in the aspects of yourself, or your journey that are dying. They are only dying so that they can be reborn in a new way. Childhood triggers, and themes are still a major part of our journey, as they have been for much of this year, including recent months – and we may have dreams, or sudden triggers that allow us to recognise what shaped who we are today, and how we can actually break out of these patterns, through mourning them, and then releasing them. Your memories are changing on a cellular level- the memories associated with wounds, and negativity will not be so easily located once you remove them from your field, through tears, or creative expression. You are bigger than yourself now, and it is time to think about the future – the greater goals that lie ahead. How can you contribute to a community of individuals who may have dealt with the same issues that you have at one point? How can you become a beacon of light, and inspiration to others? Everything connects, and it is high time that your inner child breaks free from conditioning, and self imposed limitations! Somebody once did not give you enough. Now? It is time to gift yourself with enough..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~
© Seek Cindy.
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General Weekly Reading – 3rd-9th October 2016; Awakenings, Subconscious revelations & Facing karma head on.


Main theme – (Eight of swords), Four of swords, Five of swords, The sun, The star.

Numerological break down calculation – 3 – Creation, manifestation, communication, Birthing – 9 Resolution, karmic closure, Closing chapters, Healing abandonment consciousness, Duty & service to others through past experiences.

With the eight of swords as the main theme this week, & many swords cards prevalent, it appears that this week, we may be embarking on a depth of thinking, with a lot of mental activity, and pondering taking place.

Have you been particularly stuck in your thoughts lately? Unable to exist in the presence, and fighting a thousand thoughts per second? This is a pretty volatile time, you are on the precipice of change, much has changed, yet much still appears to remain the same. The eight of swords is a very karmic card, and can represent being trapped in our ego self – we have the feeling of being trapped this week with this card, only if we cannot elevate our consciousness a little bit higher to see that there is actually a lesson being presented to us with all of this over thinking. What appears to be over thinking is actually us trying so hard to break our karma, our karmic chains, and make sense of the experiences that have recently been highlighted to us to have been re-occurring.


The sun card represents our AHA moment, & our desire for liberation from our past karma this week. We have been lucky enough to have been made aware of our cycles, and the ways in which we have played a helping hand in our karmic situations, & the mental chatter presented with the five of swords, is likely us fighting with ourselves about the parts of ourselves that we do not quite like, or do not know how to accept. As we dig into our shadow selves, and even deeper into our wounds, we find a lot of resistance, so it is important to be patient with ourselves this week about what we are discovering.

We are so desperate for the truth, because the hold that we have on the truth, is slowly breaking away, and deteriorating. New philosophies, concepts, ideas, and awakenings, have brought us to a stand still. So, what was all of that about before? Why couldn’t I figure this stuff out any sooner? What am I going to do now? And how do I make sure my life changes from here, and never goes back to the way that it used to be?

The four of swords represents intense contemplation, you may find yourself a little withdrawn from society or from others this week – and that is perfectly understandable. Watch out for headaches, and sleepless nights because of all of this worrying, & stress in the form of depth of thinking. It is advised to you at this time to try to get as much rest as possible, so that you do not suffer burn out. In your resting period, more information will come to you, particularly in the form of dreams, meditation, or quiet time. It is vital for you to actually find the answers that you seek within, and not from conversing with those who do not understand the monumental life period that you have arrived at. This is for you to decipher, it is time for you to learn to trust your own intuition.. This karma is for you to clear, for you to deal with, not anybody else.

There is definitely some harshness this week provided by the five of swords, and there may be a strong feeling that you need to cut some things away, or walk away from certain situations, & you may be conflicted about this, about what is actually good for you at this point in your journey, & you may find yourself toying with some ideas that previously caused you discomfort – this is highly normal as your awareness & consciousness expands.

The sun card is all about growth, & vitality, you are leveling up, a light is being shone on your darkness, & thought uncomfortable, it offers you the opportunity to re-arrange yourself, & bring harmony to your thoughts, so that you are no longer a prisoner of your ego self, karmic voice, or the shadow aspects, & wounds of the ones who came before you.

The star card, is all about having hope. Presented alongside the sun card, this projects the image of complete & total awareness, balance between light & dark, what we know to be true, & what we do not know, are actually merging. The lines of polarity are slowly blurred & this should help you to loosen attachment on the things that you hold so closely to your heart to be true. There is little point over thinking or obsessing over matters – you will never know everything, you will never have all sides to the story, & you are not supposed to. You are not God, you are not in control, you are only here to experience & to enjoy the journey ahead.


The star card suggests that though things may appear bleak or dark right now, they will even out & find resolution over the next few weeks, the night is always darkest before the dawn. We are exploring the depths of our subconscious, & this is quite like a dark night of the soul, so it is absolutely so important to not resist all of the changes that are occurring, despite how uncomfortable they may seem. Think of the sun card as the rebirth & resurrection – Christ consciousness; no longer judging yourself or others, because you have come to the realisation that ‘sins’, or rather the dark side of yourself, & others, is a very necessary part of existence in itself. Holding onto old philosophies is so futile – be aware of negative self talk that is not actually yours, but speaks of abandonment, & low self worth, as this is likely translating to you templates & wounds that have existed within your ancestral DNA for centuries..This is what you must clear. You change your karma by realising it does not belong to you. It belongs to the matrix, & is only a product of fear.

The more fear that you have, the more karma that you own. 

You will find yourself slipping in & out of the conscious & the subconscious mind this week – so do try to remember to stay conscious when you return, because you will probably have made sense of something through your meditative, or exploratory state of being.

The 3D grip that the world once had on you is loosening, as you quickly realise that conflict arises from within, & manifests outward as your experiences. This is not a time to feel powerless, but rather to rise from victim consciousness. Whatever has brought you out of this illusion has not been intended to hurt you – but rather to open your eyes. 

This week, your focus should remain on walking away from the fight or flight response. Instead of feeling the immediate compulsion to run away from the thoughts that you do not like, why not instead face them & face your fear of feeling fear. Your perception needs a complete revamp, & the sun card arrives to liberate you from yourself. A new self is created through the abandonment of the smaller self – the societal self – the fearful self. A more awakened you knows that destruction & creation is now like a drug. Harmonising your shadow self with your light offers you a burst of creative energy because it clears intuitive blocks that are caused through fear & suppression. This is the inner child tasting freedom, being allowed to come out of itself a little, & feel the sun on its shoulders. 

Why so fearful? When the world is so abundant..It is better to live the life that you always imagined yourself living in childhood – free from restriction, before all of the programming that you inherited. The star card is also indicative of balance – balancing your earthly duties (financial matters & ego self), with your spiritual duties, (understanding the voice of the soul & nurturing the feminine desire to heal).


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Loss, love, and spiritual awakening – sacrificial donations [Buffy and Charmed edition.



Spirituality is not about being positive,  always- it is about shining a light on the aspects of yourself that are not positive, always.
Shamanism actually is dependent upon ones ability to travel to the underworld (shadow self), and retrieve lost soul fragments..

Cindy Anneh-bu

From my experiences, and the knowledge, and the wisdom that i have accumulated over my years since recognising my spirituality, i have found that both loss, and pain, go pretty much hand, in hand, and are tied into spiritual evolution. Every time that i have experienced an accelerated transformation in spirituality, and mental, and emotional clarity, i have just recently found myself at the pit of emotional despair.

The correlation between spiritual growth, and sacrifice through pain, are not entirely new theories, and you may even say that they have been present in traditional scripture, such as Christ, sacrificing himself to death, for the good of all man kind, only to be resurrected in a ‘light body’ state a few days later, assumed to be much closer to the divine, and having shed what some may perceive to be the ego self.

However, we do not even have to look so far to human sacrifice in the case of offerings from God. We can search a little closer to tribal spiritual fascinations, for instance African spiritual systems, and those derivative, where animals, such as small chickens, and sometimes goats, are’sacrificed’ in order to appease the Gods.

Now, what may at first glance seem like a very sadistic, and masochistic version of events,  could alternatively, be seen in a light where the offering of such suffering, or sacrifice, plays into, and stirs, the very nature of a death and rebirth theme, that life, and especially the divine, concerns itself with.

In many tribal cultures, especially shamanism, depression, and other mental illnesses are actually viewed as an influx of spiritual stimuli, and what some refer to as possession. It is only after one travels deep into the crevices of their doom, that they are met with guides who instruct them of what to do, how to heal themselves, and essentially, how to become a healer for others. This is the belief. Suffering begets some kind of power, or some kind of revelation from the spirit world, that we may utilise to bring resolution to both ourselves, and others.

The idea of darkness, and light existing in co-operation, the ever dancing state of balance, the yin, in accordance with the yang, the masculine, working side by side with the feminine, the light, concerning itself only with matters of the dark – because without one, the other knows no breath.

This very polarity is incredibly inherent in what we refer to as, ‘twin flames’, or divine union. These sacred types of partnership are all about recognising, and integrating the aspects of our shadow selves, if we are to experience spiritual cleansing, and wholeness. The facet that i feel like religion neglects, is the suppression, and the denial of lower aspects of ourselves, essentially our shadow. We are taught to be ashamed of these aspects of the self. ‘Sin’, as it is called.

However, when the twin flame arrives in our lives, they will usually be somehow taboo, or there will be some degree of the relationship that may be seen as betrayal, or not socially, or openly accepted by all. This is so that we are confronted with our own shadow selves, the mirrors of who we are, and the wrong that we do, reflected by the judgements of our society. We must fully let go of the egoic beliefs that we have collected along the way, that call for us to shame, and shun our shadow selves. Our shadow selves are merely a reflection of these societies, and communities that we come from, so why should we shut them away? Rather, we should pierce them open, and listen to what they have to say..Allow them to kill our egotistical perceptions of perfection, and what it means for love, and life, to be perfect.


In an episode where Phoebe travelled into her past life, she became aware that she used to be evil. For this reason, when she fell in love with Cole, who was partly, (sometimes completely) evil, she became struck with the thought, perhaps there something inside of her that was attracting this evil? That enabled her to be more susceptible to evils? Well, yes..She was an empath. And all empaths will be familiar with experiencing relationships in which we have attracted lowly vibrating partners. Whilst these relationships nearly tore us apart, every time that we come out of them, we have a greater understanding, and appreciation, for love, the good, and the bad. Including what it means to love somebody who does not necessarily know how to accept love.

But Cole was not all evil – well, not all of the time. He was actually half human, and it was his human half that enabled him to fall in love deeply with Phoebe. So in a way, they both had parts of each other already existing within themselves. This element of being a hybrid is also present in twin flames, who hold immense energy for either creation, or destruction, and can be swayed either way.


Their love, made him want to be good. So much so that he battled with himself, the good and evil within himself, (the soul, and the ego), relentlessly. Upon meeting, he knew that in order to be with her, he could no longer proceed with his ways of being, and doing, though this was what came so naturally to him before. Who he was. What he knew. This struggle is also present in twin flames embodying the masculine energy. Do they leave behind what they know, in order to pursue their love? And if they do, does this not mean losing themselves..And losing their power?

Their love, made her want to be rebellious. To challenge the status quo. What was not usually done, she would do for love. She would go the extra mile, despite how her sisters may have viewed her as weak, irresponsible, or gullible.

This is also present within the twin flame feminine gene pool – her friends, and family in the 3D world looking on in horror, confusion, and dismay as she continues to pursue somebody who is seemingly all wrong for her.


The great loss.

We experience this great loss in the form of an ego death, but it is also in separation from  our twin. Phoebe making the decision to vanquish Cole, is symbolic of her releasing her lower self, her egoic self, and allowing that part of who she is, to dissolve, until there is nothing left but self – all by herself. She came to understand, that this sacrifice, was for the greater good, despite what it had cost her. This is why the separation period feels so very painful, because during this time, we are shedding all of our belief systems, thoughts, and energetic patterns, until we are left with nothing but us, raw, in our entirety. And it is mighty painful. But..After, Phoebe vanquished Cole, her life took a surprising new turn.  She was able to throw herself in to her work, and find herself in ways that she had not previously been able to. She became self actualised, more independent, a fighter for herself, and her truth, and having withstood the deepest, and the darkest love one could know, she was entirely transformed. I also believe that this gave her the much  needed courage to later step into her empathic abilities, and the weight that they presented her with.. The ultimate sacrifice, paid off.




How the loss of Prue transformed Piper.

Before losing Prue, Piper was the more timid of the three sisters. Stuck in the middle, she was not truly sure of her space, or who she was. She was working in a restaurant at one point, in which she wasn’t truly happy, when her actual goal, was to open up her own restaurant. She later became the owner of P3. However, it was not until the death of Prue that she truly became self actualised. The grief, and the anger from the loss coincided perfectly with her newly gained power, the ability to blow things up, as opposed to only being able to freeze things – metaphorical for the acceleration of her energies. This was JUST the fire power, and kick start she needed, and it could not have come at a better time. This new found self belief, determination, and fire power were just the appropriate ingredients needed to vanquish the source!


Buffy, and Angel too were apart of a divine partnership in which the love was perceived to be forbidden. Good and bad. Morality, versus evil – the themes that plague all twin flame unions. Once again, for the purposes of transmutation, to come into the knowledge that the darknesses exists within the light, and the light exists because of the darkness.

Angel too was separate from the typical vampire, the way that Cole was separate from the typical demon, just as the divine masculine is separate from the average man. Where Cole was actually half human, Angel had a soul, which rendered him different from all of the other vampires. He had a conscience, and the moment that he saw Buffy arrive in Sunny dale, he fell in love with her, and he knew that through her, he wanted to be a better man. He did not necessarily understand how it would be done, but he knew that it would be.



The temptation to revert back to his old ways, and to give into his lower nature was represented here externally by the presence of Spike, and mostly, Drusilla. Drusilla represented  a part within him where darkness reigned supreme, and was associated with passion, power, and conquest. Whereas with Buffy, he could be his true self – what felt comfortable, what felt right, what felt like ‘home’. Just like with Cole, in order to revert him back to his evil nature, both Spike and Drusilla played upon the idea that we was somehow weak for giving into her, and giving into his love for her – an idea that was enough to enrage him to prove the illegitimacy of these notions – in protest.

Because of a gypsy curse placed upon him ions ago, for his sins, it is in the moment that Angel feels the most love, that he is triggered to once again turn evil (to confront his shadow self), and this takes place after him and Buffy have become intimate. Much like the ‘Bubble love phase’, which lasts for twins from a few weeks, to a few months, before their old karma is brought up to be cleared, once, and for all.

She too, had to commit the ultimate sacrifice later, killing Angel, in order to stop him from wreaking any-more havoc on anybody else.Though her heart knew great loss, through this, it also came to know great strength, and resilience.




Sacrificial donor.

In one of the most heart breaking televisions scenes, the episode, ‘the body’, sees Buffy losing her mother, after coming home to find her dead on the sofa. The events that play out after this, involve Buffy becoming a big sister, finding greater strength in her abilities, and developing a far more responsible, and serious attitude toward life in general. It is this type of loss that brings us closer to our true nature. That allows us to realise what is truly important, and what isn’t, and to fully step into our roles, and destinies, and what they require from us. Knowing such loss, allows us to know ourselves. The capacity of the human heart, and of the internal strength that we hold, is more than enough to convince you of the existence of the divine, and to bring you closer to such a knowing. The cycle of life. Death, and rebirth, and the blessings that such loss brings. Disguised, ofcourse, for if they were anything else, our lessons would not be retrieved.

There is no transformative element, like love.



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