New moon in Aquarius reading ✨✨ January 2017 – Higher heights in karmic love. Spiritual detachment & 5th dimensional attachment. 

The new moon in Aquarius gifts us with the opportunity to have a complete soul revival. The Aquarian, is the visionary, the one who can see into your soul & tell you all of your darknesses, this is why this sign is usually naturally gifted in astrology.

Now, This energy asks that you do the same.. The judgement card speaks of the ultimate call, the call to ourselves. Yes, eventually, inevitably, we have to answer to the divine, but before we do, our higher self pulls us up & asks us to take a look at the rawness of our journey. How did we get to this point here? Likely, there has been some cyclical behaviour occurring, maybe we reach a point now where we can identify that these situations we are experiencing, are not new, but have actually been shown to us before. There is no greater time for change than now, Aquarius comes to challenge the status quo, to change what has ‘always been’, into – what shall be, & what shall exist in accordance To a higher dimensional vibration.


Healing comes when we go through painful experiences that shatter our egos- looking back at the past will not allow you to see the beauty of what these experiences brought you. If you are to look back at this time, then it should be to retrieve some understanding, & not to allow your perspective to be stolen from the truth. Gather your thoughts. & then rearrange them. The 5 of cups suggests that this pain will bring you balance, a new emotional beginning, the likes of which you have never seen.

Both the mother & father wound are called into question as this new moon seeks primarily to shatter negative family karma. What will you do differently for this next generation? What relationship model no longer serves you? Maybe it is time to create your own family, & intuitively, you know that this will require a shamanic type of change.

Aquarians are known to be the sign of detachment. To the point that some people even believe that Aquarians are heartless, or cold. This could not be further from the truth. Rather, Aquarians know that they have a grand, divine mission on this earth. They are actually one of the only signs who are born already knowing this, & do not have to be broken into the path of service.

The Aquarius energy, or archetype, will not let over emotionalism, or chaotic relationships deter them from completing this mission. No matter how much they care about someone, or something, if this situation is draining to them, then they will detach in record timing.

This new moon asks of you to do the same. A relationship ended in turmoil & upheaval? Okay. Mourn.. But don’t you dare forget to use all of the ingredients received in the form of the knowledge that it brought you, to heal, to serve, to teach. Nothing that you experience is in vain.

Non attachment, is the root to 5th dimensional living. You must know that you are so attached to everything, that there is no need for further attachment. Everything that you need, exists. Everything that you require, is in you. You are not without. Therefore, detachment, is simply a means of existing.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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New Moon in Sagittarius//Ophiuchus – into the depths of darkness, childhood dreams, manifestations & phobias – 29th November 2016.


So I am just a LITTLE bit more hype about today’s new moon because it is in my sign of Sagittarius, or correctly, for those who are familiar w/ the 13th zodiac – Ophiuchus. It is really long to get into all of that right now, so what I will do is just split it half & half for my new moon weekly reading & discuss the dual energies – which are pretty similar in a lot of cases!

So Sagittarius energy propels us into the future, so yes, all of those ascension emotions, symptoms & feelings that you have been working through are on the ball! This is a time of moving into a heightened mental & spiritual space – thinking about things on a higher level & seeing the bigger picture.

Expansion on every single level is being encoded into our beings & that causes many of us to look into our past – we need to know where we have been to access where we are going & how we are going to get there.

An 11 day is particularly pivotal for twin flames! Because this is our number – ultimate balance & spiritual awakening. So much understanding is up for grabs, today specifically, so keep your eyes & your ears open – what a fantastic energy we have at this time!

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New moons are representative of a period of darkness, stillness, & at times isolation. During a new moon we may find ourselves coming out of a period of uncertainty, delusion, or illusion about something.

It provides us W/ a fresh template to gain clarity & if our previous month was foggy, the opportunity to plant new seeds for growth.

That which you wish to plan//manifest & resurrect must take priority within this hour.

Sagittarius highlights to us our biggest dreams, & the hopes & ambitions that are beyond the understandings of our society//community & therefore this energetic point brings us rebellion.

The antithesis of playing it safe & playing by the rules.

In order to establish your hopes & wishes W/ Sag fire, you must understand your fears & blocks W/ the apprehension of Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus is both death & rebirth. But the process shortly after the death relates to our fears about stepping outside of what we know – our fears of being too big, too bold, too successful.

Persecution consciousness is very ripe W/ this sign & we must do well to fight the constraints about who we’ve been taught to be.

Identifying your phobias & blocks about not being enough, being incapable or not being enough, gives one the power to overcome their deepest fears.

If we have recently endured a painful situation//break up, then this new moon highlights the lessons that we must have inevitably collected from this experience. Sagittarius is the higher learning that can only be obtained through real life experience, through pain, & through the wisdom that it brings. There is heavy importance placed on healing ones self, so that this healing can be taught to others. You have a lot to teach in regards to recent life events & transitions, & this is in relation to your wider goals. 

This is very much about healers discovering that they are healers, owning up to their gifts, & no longer being afraid of exploring, or believing in this aspect of themselves.

A particularly potent & important energetic period is highlighted to the feminine as Ophi is HER energy. Her ressurection from patriarchal ruin, her once again taking place in the rightful hierarchy that is life.. 

There is a lot of rebellion towards old systems of error & patriarchal organisations world wide as it stands, & Ophi takes us into this new age.. With a burning passion & desire that she has transformed from her anger. A little aggression is to be expected at this time, (but the good kind), as this time around the feminine is not looking to victimisation as a source of understanding what she has experienced. 

Ophiuchus is the resurrection of the divine feminine after being burnt at the stake & with this healer status, (represented by the snake), it appears many of the feminine will have transformed this Time around & are no longer timid about who they are… Set your intentions towards bountiful income, endless manifestation, a portal of good luck, & the highest heights you can perceive.

It is time to believe in going to that next level – even if no one around you has been there before.

Ascension begins here.

– Cindy Anneh-bu

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© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016

New Moon in Virgo; September – Solar eclipse; a glimpse – into the darkness, via the light. 

The new moon in Virgo arrives to us, to deliver us the message of productivity, strategy, and purposefulness. This is, the full understanding of what we are to accomplish on our path, what is it that is expected of us at this time, and HOW it is that we are going to achieve our necessary goals.

It is not nearly enough to know your purpose in this world, or what pulls you toward your passions, but one must have a direct, and fairly scripted idea of how they are going to accomplish all of their ambitions, with practicality, and realistic goals.

It is time to put your money where your mouth is. You know that you are capable, everybody knows that you are capable, but what are you going to do about it?

Are you waking up early enough in the day to get all of the tasks in your planner done? Do you even have a planner? Do you have a clear structure, and do you have a pathway that you can enter to bring you to where you need to go?

Do you have that individual to design your website? Do you have the necessary materials to publish your book? Have you researched your business field? Do you have the contact of a good provider? Do you know how to use Final Cut Pro? 

All of the practical processes that you require to further your career and ambitions at this time are called into question. 

This is no longer a time for emotional overflow, or emotional entrapment. We are not suppressing our emotions, or denying their importance, we are simply recognising that financial longevity and security is an absolutely fundamental aspect of healing, liberation, and independence consciousness. 

We have done so much work with the divine feminine, and feminine energy, we have explored her in her entirety, but it is the masculine energy – of thoughtfulness, honing the ability to use mental strength resilience, and focus to over come even the biggest hurdles, that will take us toward the process of creation. 

Ideas hold no value//weight.

It is the implementation of these ideas into action, and profit that holds value//weight.

Now is the time for action, and deligence. Your emotions are powerful, and potent IF channelled into constructive passion, if not given any direction, they run the risk of running your life, and running you into the ground. 

The Integration, of ones spiritual purpose, and financial accomplishments are being married with this new moon. It is possible for one to be both of service, and to be serviced, all at the same time.

The perpetual balance, 

Give and take – 

What it means to be at the right place, at the right time. Working with divine timing, by manipulating your own time in the right ways.

Your earthly responsibilities are called into focus. A glimpse into the darkness, means a glimpse into the psyche, where we will find ideas, philosophies, and unorthodox inventions, based on our own personal experiences, however, it is the process of creating light from our darkness, and the confines of our subconscious, that creates the genius template. Adding structure to your madness. A rhyme and a rhythm, to your eccentricities. This takes you from being the crazy bum on the street, shouting about the apocalypse, to Richard Branson, in his office, who took a crazy idea, structured it, and gave birth to a self regulating multi ranking franchise. 

This calls for the building stage. Relinquishing victim consciousness and dependency, means we are ready to be fighters for ourselves. Nobody else is going to do this, nobody else is going to go the full journey for us, but us.

It is only self dependency that grants true freedom from emotional entrapment – feeling helpless, feeling like we cannot trust ourselves to JUST be enough. 

Which brings me to the lovers card. I only chose to pick one card for this new moon reading, as I feel that intuitively, many of us already know exactly what is going on. 

This card symbolises to us, the process of falling in love with ourselves, and creating a third party energy through ourselves. The new moon periodically is a time of birthing something new, and allowing seeds to be harvested into something we wish to have manifest. The lovers represents the merging, integration, and harmonisation of two opposing aspects – how can we use all experiences, even those negative to keep us on track on our paths? How can we marry our creativity, with our practicality, to ensure that we do not inherit ‘scattered’ brain, or excessive, aimless day dreaming like many creatives do.

Are we still dependent upon love to save us? Do we still fall apart when our love lives go array because we have nothing left to be passionate about?

This is the energy of inspiration; there is nothing more inspirational than love, and the eternal dance between loss, and gain. Everything must be used up in the journey to success. Nothing is to go to waste, we must take all with us – the good, and the bad. 
Happy healing my sacred beings ~ 

© Seek Cindy 2016

New moon in Leo; 2nd August 2016 – Setting intentions for a more direct you!

New moon in Leo: August 2nd 2016 – desires for direction.

Hello my enchiladas! I already completed a quick post on what Leo energy was all about, and what we should be expecting in this season, but I have taken the time to put together a further little piece specific for today, and the ways in which we can harness this new moon potential, in order to excel further!

What I like to do for new moons, (and full moons), is to set an intention. This intention will carry me through the remainder of the month, and is kind of like a sacrament I make with myself. I will try to honour this pledge, and be consciously aware of integrating it into my psyche, and my daily practices.

Many different websites and articles will advise you about different ways to set your intention. You can actually choose any of these ways, but really, it is just as simple as writing them down somewhere, and writing with intention, and focus.

I do like to have a new moon bath, where I soak myself in salts, but this is not entirely necessary to do – however, I do find it symbolic of cleansing, and starting anew.

I will include my little new moon ritual at the bottom.

Page of swords, Ace of cups, Two of cups, Three of cups, Three of wands.

This months new moon in Leo, arrives to us, with an energy of self expression. The page of swords encourages us to express our truths, and vocalises our likes, dislikes, wants, and preferences. This is the only way that we will be heard. This challenges creatives and empaths especially who have problems with expression, to learn to articulate themselves. Not voicing your truth leads only to two things; passive aggression, and resentment – and this is exactly what we do not want. We have been working so hard lately to rid ourselves of harsh energies, and our shadow aspects, so it is important to not get caught up in the things that create them.

Leo energy is bold, and dominant, this is the individual who will not be taken advantage of because, they will NOT take any B.S! I mean all of the Leo’s that I know, are willing to serve some serious sass if crossed – and you need to be the same. This is self respect for yourself. 

The two of cups asked you to remain balanced. Vocalising your truth is not the same as being rude, or aggressive. The lion knows when to attack. A true leader does not attack to prove a point, or to flex their strengths. You must learn to communicate in a way that is based on resolution, and truth, rather than arguments, bitterness, and anarchy.

It is also about balance – learning to take the good in life with the bad. Will bad things happen? Yes. Do you have to make it the end of the world? Internalise it? And let it poison you? Nope. Release it, express it, let it go. Go on with your day. Do not hoard informations.

The ace of cups is this new beginning, and this level of intimacy that is provided to us when we can learn to express our truthful desires. We are more open with ourselves. We are more open with others, and our friendships and relationships are far more transparent. This them becomes AUTHENTIC, our authentic truth, our authentic persona, as we come closer to the light of ourselves by clarifying what we do, and do not wish to put up with. 

The three of cups & the three of wands, is all about our creative expansion. Above all things, Leo seeks to free the inner child. This is lighter energy. Energy of grace, joy, newness, and opportunity.. There is so much out there for you should you expand your sights and visions. The world is truly your oyster & you must carry the confidence of the lion – wherever you go. Self esteem is all tied up in how we express ourselves. Bright colours, a loud voice, a creative flair, a quirky personality – these are all things that draw others to us, that light up our worlds. Stop hiding in fright, in the dark – it is time to emerge as who you are!
New moon in Leo ritual.

1. Run a relaxing bath – fill bath with scented candles, anointed oils, or bath salts.

2. Spend some time in the mirror looking at your own body, before entering the bath, and aloud; mention some things that you most appreciate about your physique.

3. Make a list of things that you vow to yourself in order to work on your self expression, particularly throat chakra activation – write about how you will express your concerns AS they arise, how you will respect yourself enough not to shrink your views for others, how your own well being, is just as vital, and worthy, and of value as that of others.

4. Create something. Write a poem. Draw a picture. Write a song. Write a letter – make sure that it is about how you are feeling at this present time. Focus on the energies leaving your body, and entering your creative piece (peace), as you do.

Happy healing my sacred beings ~ 

February 8th new moon in Aquarius, numerology, detachment, karma, twin flames, renewal, and creative activation + tarot reading.

Hi guys! 

I am so excited once again to provide you all with the low down on this months Aquarius new moon! Now there is a lot going on here, many themes, and many downloads influencing our behaviours, our thoughts, and our feelings.

Those of you who are familiar with my work, know that I like to work out the significance of the date, and the number, that these Luna cycles fall on, because I am just that much obsessed with numerology!

I’d also like to note that the theme of Valentine’s Day, and lovers is present, as we are in a (2) month, the 14th, also signifies a period of change 1+4= 5.

So, let us take a look at what the number 8 actually presents, and how this fits in with what we have been experiencing, and what we are working toward. After this, i will move on to how the energy of Aquarius is influencing us at this time. There will also be a tarot reading available at the bottom, to further offer us some clarity, and affirmation about our feelings, and emotions.

Okay, so, looking at the number 8.. 

In numerology, possibly the most popular explanation of the number 8, is associated with business strategy, and success. This is often viewed as the number most likely to become successful, through business enterprise, entrepreneurship, or some type of management role, the reason being, is the number 8 does not really like to be told what to do, or bossed around, they tend to come from a past/background of being repressed, or suppressed, usually in regards to finance, or social/cultural conditioning, and toward the prime years of their life set out toward sustaining autonomy, independence, and enough financial security to not fall back into deprived ways.

I find this particularly interesting, as Aquarius is also associated with individuality, and creative spontaneity. Let us consider the term, ‘age of Aquarius’ which refers to a time on our planet where numerous activated soul groups, (like myself), will reveal themselves, and do their best to shake things up! This is the very nature of Aquarian energy, and also the energy of the number 8, the mind of individuality that breaks the rules, just by being themselves.

This energy inspires us once again, to tap into our own inner knowing, the responsibility that we hold toward ourselves to be authentic, and this leads us into the theme on detachment. 

In order to be fully authentic, and present the side of ourselves unlimited by society, or restriction, we must detach from all of the persons, activities, circumstances, situations, and belief systems that keep us tied in, that keep us limited.

Because of this, you may find that lately you are struggling against persons who are so obviously stuck in 3D consciousness, and limited to the propagated images and entrapment that ego consciousness have to offer. The things, and the people that you could endure before, seem ridiculous to you now! You begin to wonder how you ever put up with this stuff, and you look back at the past you, all in horror, confusion, misunderstanding, and slight admiration.

Wow, what a strong person you were to endure all of that, you may think. The superficial, fictitious relationships, the karmic attachments that bled you dry of hope and sanity, and the nay Sayers, who kept you both in fear, and stagnation, with all of their rules, control tactics and intimidation theories.

Which brings me back on to another prominent theme for the number 8.. Karma.

I once said that wherever the number 8 is present, a spiritual/karmic lesson is sure to follow.

During a period of separation from my twin, I was so distraught that my heart began screaming out, crying out for somebody to love, and somebody to prove to me that I was worthy of such love. Twin flame love. Well, I soon came across a man. He seemed perfect on paper to me. I even began to wonder if he was my twin flame, secretly I wished that he would be, so that I could release all of the pain, the hurt, and the confusion associated with my actual twin, who I was no longer in regular contact with.

This guy was interested in spirituality, psychology, and he was a life path 8. Jackpot I thought! Or not.. 

On our first initial date, he had articulated to me that he had broken up with his last girlfriend because she was far too sensitive, too easily hurt he said, and he felt like he could not be himself, and that he had to limit himself. A nightmare, as he described it.

I was shocked. Dumb founded. Left with the wind knocked out of me. Here I was. Sat opposite him, listening to the disdain roll of his tongue as he described a lady who sounded almost exactly like me, a description that sounded almost exactly like the situation that had unfolded between me and my twin.

Needless to say, I went home later that night absolutely devastated. Somehow, I knew that it was my twin sat before me, articulating his feelings, even though it was not him in the flesh. This is not uncommon for twin flames during separation stage. In the name of karma, other souls will come along who drop you gems, information about what your twin feels, is experiencing in regards to your union. The things that they cannot verbally tell you, will find a way to reach you.

The number 8.. Karmic returns.

This is the number that will show you first hand, the active role that you play in your karma, and your karmic transactions. How your thoughts, feelings, thought patterns, and actions create your life situations, and experiences. At that time, I realised how my over-bearing nature was really pushing my twin away, and how my unresolved wounds had caused him to feel restricted, like he couldn’t be himself. This was because of my own karma – my belief system that I was not enough.

You may have found yourself in situations lately that cause you to question your nature. If you have been perpetually playing the role of the victim, or the martyr, then you are asked to witness how you aid in these circumstances. If all of your karmic attachments have mirrored one sided relationships, involving you and a narcissist, then you must asses the ways in which your own brokeness, and thoughts about yourself attracted these individuals.

In what ways have you been aiding, and allowing these karmic transactions? These individuals who do not acknowledge you in the ways that you should be acknowledged, could this be because you are failing to acknowledge yourself?

Here once again, is where detachment comes in. In order to self heal, and actualise, we must detach from the set of feelings, thoughts, and limiting beliefs that cause our dense, and heavy karma to continuously exist within us, and manifest outside of us, attracting these painful relationships.

Because of the influence of this number, (8), we are also very likely to be experiencing twin flame themes, and motivations. The number 8 is a twin number because it represents infinity, and as depicted by its shape, two wholes coming together to form one whole. It is more prevalent than ever to both twins that they hold a mission, and a path before them is calling them, to reveal it, to reveal themselves. 

They may be currently working toward  business goals, and financial planning that will provide longevity, stable income, and that potentially leaves a legacy.

They are aware of the existence of something within them that continuously fuels their drive, and this goal visualisation very much helps the feminine, (stayer twin), to take her focus away from the pain of the Union, and transmute it into creative energy.

This is the kind of detachment that this energy calls for. Not the bitter kind that says, ‘he/she broke my heart, and now I want nothing to do with them’, but the type that says, ‘I will focus on what I can control. I will use this passion inside of me to prove to myself what I have always known deep down, that I am worthy’.

Aquarius is typically depicted as pouring jugs of water. Water is representative of renewal, cleansing, growth, emotions, and intuition.

Likely, our efforts toward detachment will bring us a sense of renewal, and cleansing. When we can let go of the past, we realise how the events in our past, no longer need to influence us, and how all of our painful experiences, are only concrete if we carry them along on with us. We can no longer go back to being who we were, or doing what we used to do, not knowing what we now know. We must trust in our intuition to provide us with the knowledge of where to go, and how to create a newer version of ourselves. A version more active, and determined.

Because Aquarians are so intellectual, and tend to rationalise things, they are known for their emotional detaxhment. However, Aquarians are not cold hearted, or uncaring, they are just willing to detach from their emotions, and think from an intellectual/logical standpoint if necessary – masculine energy.

This is most important for our feminine twins to incorporate. You can no longer allow emotional intensity to deter you from moving toward who you are, and achieving all that is destined to you, unlimited abundance. 

It is your thoughts about being unworthy, and unlovable that have caused you emotional turmoil within this situation. Detachment from your former thought train will show you, that you are worthy and powerful, and no life circumstance can determine the measure of your worth. That is the type of old paradigm thinking that kept you in martyr complex.

You must divorce your old self, and deter your old ways. For they no longer serve you.

Detachment from concepts/labels.

One of the biggest detachments that I see occuring within this time, is the detachment from the label twin flame, and the stages, and promises that it represents.

The race to the finale, to surrender, to re-Union, has not served any good but to place you with greater feelings of anxiety, apprehension, and frustration.

Think about it. If you weren’t aware of any of these stages, or themes, you would be far more inclined to let your love flow naturally, fluidly, like the water that the sign of Aquarius pours from the jugs.

You would not be left so hurt, confused, or imprisoned by this Union if you didn’t hold all of your twins actions up in accordance with how far or how close you are to Union, neither would you fret over the descriptions/expectations that come with the label.

This new moon you are asked to let go, of all previous baggage that has been weighing you down, all thoughts that perpetuate a feeling of hopelessness, and the idea that you yourself, are the burden.

Aquarius represents this fresh burst of creativity! They can intellectualise, and disconnect from emotional burden when they need to. It is not that they are eternally detached, or emotionally cold. Much like masculine energies, they understand when and where there is a need for emotional expression, and often redirect these emotions in order to focus on creative, and financial proaction.

There is much pressure on the men in our society to achieve financial stability, and security, and this energy encourages all, especially the feminine to adopt this same drive, and pursuit. Number 8 is all about this drive, and pursuit for success! They may come across as cocky, or overly confident, because they are aware of their potential, and their efforts, and show their deserving of acknowledgement.


You are always deserving, and you must shift your energy to manifest this. When you feel deserving of divine love, you do not focus on the shortcomings so much in your experiences, and begin to take responsibility for your karmic assistance in the matters.

Tarot reading –

(Main theme, main goal, preferred outcome, masculine, feminine).

Main theme – 


This card, is petty much self explanatory. The theme of this new moon is strength, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I feel it is significant that a woman is depicted on this card, as this is a strengthening of feminine energy, on both sides. The feminine embodiment must gain strength in her emotions, whilst the masculine must gain strength in his intuition, balance,and spirituality. 

The feminine may recently have been dealing with themes of safety. In this society we are taught that it is a man who gives us validation, and protection from potential threats. This creates a really dependent nature on the feminine toward her father, and partners, and this will often cause her to feel disappointed, or neglected. She is being asked now, to accept that she is her own strength, and her strength is in her emotions. 

Main goal –

Six of pentacles.

This card represents financial security, and the kind of stability that allows us to be generous, and openly giving. When we have enough, and we are full, we can offer more freely to others, without feeling tied down, or too restrained. Emotional freedom springs to mind. Many of our troubles are magnified by the feeling of being insecure, and unstable. When we can feel comfortable in our being, and rich, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and mentally, we express a deeper sense of gratitude and well being. Balance, and justice are also represented.

Preferred outcome.

  The hermit.

A time for rest where we can be granted the wisdom and answers that we seek. Much has been occuring within, and many changes have taken place. Now, we seek solitude, and the time alone to go fourth on our spiritual journey. The hermit can represent winter, and essentially a dark night of the soul. This represents wisdom gained through intense introspection, and investigation.

Masculine (main theme).

 King of pentacles. 

Just like I mentioned – finance. The King of pentacles is at the top of his game! Successful, graceful, and accomplished, he is able to express a sense of charity, counsel to others, and care giving. Because he has achieved his goals, and he feels in control of his life, he can focus on other areas, and eventually become balanced on a larger scale. Remember that the theme of this reading was strength, so this is the area in which he is gaining strength. This could also relate to how others see him, and his status within society.

Feminine (main theme).

  Knight of cups.

Emotional confirmation/validation. The knight of cups often represents somebody who is highly sensitive, ideallistic, and easily led by emotional dramas, and the fluctuation of moods.

On the plus side, this individual is very much in touch with their emotions, and the beauty of life. Because of a magical perception, and intuitive imagination, this feminine vibration can create new worlds, and paint vivid manifestations. On the down side, if they become too absorbed in their idealisms of love, they may grow depressed, upon looking to others for salvation, and failing to receive it.

It is time for her to show the world what she has got, and not what she perceives that she is lacking. Remember that the main theme of this reading was strength, and it is strength that she is finding through these intense emotions.

Intention mantra. 

I am creatively manifesting my visions.

I am in touch with my intuition, and thus my higher calling.

I am love, I am safe, and I release all resistances to this.

Burn a green, scented candle. Green is associated with the heart chakra, and can be used as a focus for heart cleansing.

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