A culture of love, and ill trust.


Art credits – Kehinde Wiley.

There is a culture among men who grow up in the slums. Usually from broken families, or families who have endured a lot of trauma, they group within themselves, and set out to construct entirely  new families, based upon the other young men that reside within the confines of their block, and the areas that they will come to know, and come to feel encapsulated in. Yes, because it is a trap. Not only of economical measure, i would say, it is mostly on a mental, and energetic plane, that living in the ‘hood’ is a trap. A psychological trap. They see no place fit for themselves within the system, society makes sure of that long before they can ever understand why, or how.
So, they feel as if the only tangible, and solidified thing within their lives, is their brother hood. The cultivation of this second family that they build, the one consistency that they know. The ones who share with them, the vision, of a better world, even if they will never know how to grasp it, imagination is thick enough.
And the things that they experience together, when they set out to make money, the loyalty is the only thing that offers them solace at night, when it is quietened, and they are met with the blackened silences of their own consciousness.

But how long? Until they realise the paper thin reality of their own morality. The good that you do catches up with you, as does the bad. And alot of these men are not bad men, far from it. Many of them old, and wise souls, born from a lineage of strong African heritage, but in the western world, in the dungeons, and the crevices of the slums, they know not of such royalties – only the homage that they pay to their brethren, only such loyalties.



Cindy Anneh-bu

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i do not want any man to fall in love.

“i do not want any man to fall in love with me and convince himself that I am perfect, virtuous and void of devils fruits. I do not want his heart to break or his mouth to quiver at my own expense once he realises that I am none of these things, and my subtle giggles, tight kisses and arm brushes were merely programmed by all of the romantic comedies I had seen.”