General Weekly Reading. 5th – 11th December; No holding back, and no going back.


Main theme- (Knight of wands), Surrounding cards – Queen of wands, The moon, Six of swords, King of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 5th-11th. 5 – Liberation, change, newness, freedom from restriction, breaking binds, seeking new adventure. 11th – Spiritual awakenings, new gateways, openings, lessons learnt, epiphanies. 

The knight of wands as the main theme, suggests that this week, we are to embark on a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and enthusiasm. This is clear, and direct action in the form of the dreams that we have, and the targets that we have set for ourselves. There seems to be an extra push this week to expand, and to achieve. Perhaps we feel as if we have spent  alot of time procrastinating lately, or unsure what it is that we want – in relation to the moon card, but something this week definitely jolts us from our slumber, and we do receive the clarity, and the information that we have been waiting for. We may be receiving positive, and much awaited news that arrives to us quickly, that helps us to clear some of the spiritual cobwebs that have existed within our minds recently.  This could be motivation from outside forces that confirms to us what our next step should be.

You may find yourself keen on delivering a message to the world this week about who you are, now that you are becoming clearer about your sense of power. There is a boldness to the way that you do things, perhaps because you are no longer afraid of getting things wrong. There is a sense taht you spent a lot of time in the shadows because you felt you did not have the capability of the resources to move forward. Now… You see that it is more about your intention, and your enthusiasm, than the tools that you actually use to cultivate what you want. Making the best out of what you have this week means removing yourself from victim consciousness, and just working with what is, in order to create something larger than yourself.

Sagittarius//fire energy may be having a big influence on us this week in terms of what we can achieve, and setting the bar even higher for ourselves. This is a period of creation, as wands represent fire, and burning a new path for ourselves, through removing the old. The knight of wands also represents a swift journey away from the past – looking towards the future, and being more enlightened about what we would like that future to look like. 

The moon card also represents the recent period of time that we have spent looking into our subconscious mind, and perhaps getting more clear on our triggers, and our shadow self. Armed with our new knowledge, we can navigate things differently, bringing the unconscious, to the conscious – to tackle our limiting beliefs, and actions in a more efficient way.

The king of cups is representative of emotional maturity, and also speaks of a healed heart chakra. This week focuses on our ability to give love to others, and to receive love, whilst making sure that we have taken care of our own kingdom first – so that we may be more generous in our offerings. There is a sense that we are no longer willing to take on more than our fair share. This can also point to masculine energies this week coming into harmony more with their emotions, and their intuitive side. With the queen of wands side by side with the King of cups, we see a contrast, yet a fusion here of feminine passion, and masculine taming. Not taming in the sense of dampening ones fire – but this speaks of masculine energies becoming more in touch with an emotional, and humble side of themselves, whilst the queen of wands represents many feminine energies finding their purpose, and passion, and inspiration. Remember in the article where I wrote that Ophiuchus the 13th zodiac was a blend of Scorpio, AND Sagittarius? Well, these two cards offer no better explanation.

The king of cups sends healing messages to our spirit directly, this is unconscious messages about past wounds, and how we can overcome them in order to be the best version of ourselves. This is also about us using our painful past experiences to take us to that NEXT level. What have you learnt that could give you an edge? Will spiritual awakenings have been caused by more emotionally trying, and challenging periods in your life? Your motivation, and inspiration this week will come from an intense desire to re-shape your destiny, to use the past as a clear indication of what you DO not want, and what you DO want.

Previously, you may have been suffering from the type of mental fog that kept you stuck, or trapped in day dreams, and illusions, but the 6 of card arrives with an offer of hope – moving away from emotional trails, and taking a community with you. Because of what you have learnt, and experienced, you are able this week not only to re-arrange your own thoughts, but to hold the door open, and inspire others to also take a look at how their own thoughts may be leading to their downfall. You are desperate for mental peace, and actually, this time you are being PROACTIVE in making it possible. This is very much in relation to your ancestral karma also, and the negative programming that you have taken from family, and your community. In seeing how it does not serve you, this week, you take a closer look at your own emotional wiring, and how you can be an asset to those who need healing on a mental, and emotional level. 

Alternatively, there may be news arriving to you fast this week about something that you have been awaiting clarity on. This may be a job promotion, or a part in a play that you really desired. Something that was hidden can be revealed through emotional resonance, or through this message that you receive, that causes you to view things differently entirely. The knight of wands, in combination with the moon can also signify a pregnancy! So those of you who have been trying to conceive, this may just be your lucky week! Make sure you take those pregnancy tests! 😉

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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General Weekly Reading 17th-23rd October 2016 – A journey into the past (Child) self, Healing messages, and openness in love.


Main theme – six of wands, Surrounding cards – eight of wands, four of swords, the lovers, the page of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 17th (1+7) = 8 – Karma, abundance, breaking of karmic chains, karmic realisations, and transformation – 23rd (2+3) = 5- Change, transition, freedom, breaking of bondage, liberation, adventure, and newness.

With the powerful full moon  in Aries that we experienced a few days ago, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are still heavy in the air. This full moon saw us exploring areas of our life where we once felt challenged, particularly in the form of the shadow self, childhood aspects, and  our fears, and conditions about love.

This week, actually carries those themes through, and as we have experienced in the last few weeks, we are still dealing with very heavy karma, breaking ancient old karmic chains, and bonds, in the form of thoughts, and belief systems, AND engaging in many endings, new beginnings, and the transformation periods in between. With the six of wands as the main theme, spirit is telling us that despite whatever turmoil we are currently feeling, and experiencing, this week, will actually offer us the opportunity to shit our vibrations, and to shift what we have been feeling. The six of wands, is much like the warrior who returns from battle – usually a lengthy battle, that has seen them give their best fight, HOWEVER, they return to the village having won whatever battle they have embarked on, looking victorious, having appreciated the experience, and with much more knowledge gained, and wisdom to share. We have been through many challenges in such a short space of time, and I know that we have all felt the elevation of spirit pushing us even more than before to accelerate, awaken, heal, and progress.

Wounds that may have taken YEARS, or even months to clear before, are being thrown out of the water now in weeks, DAYS even, because of this immense potential to cleanse, and let go. The six of wands says that you WILL find your feet this week, you will actually return from battle, though it may seem as if the odds are against you. You are a worthy warrior, you have been fighting this great fight ever since you were born – so it is highly important for you to release that you are neither weakened, nor defeated. This is no different from anything that you have faced before, it only FEELS more intense because you thought you had dealt with the last of everything..But the deeper we go towards the core, the more dense our wounds are, as these are the wounds that exist on a cellular level. 

The eight of wands this week, represents how quickly our karma is transformed, as the number 8 is representative of karma, and the realisations that hit us as we make sense of our own self imposed miseries. There has been a lot of mental work this week, as in the past two weeks, except now – we are digging ourselves out of these ethereal prisons by listening to our higher selves. The eight of wands is the moment, when you’re sitting, and over thinking, and stewing in your misery, and a voice says to you – ‘This is all in your head. You only feel this way because you perceive abandonment. You only perceive abandonment because of your childhood. You do not need to act in the ways in which you have acted in the past. These ways do not serve you. You are wiser now’. Messages that come to you fast this week, are likely a form of clair-audience, when you allow yourself to be stilled, and to focus on your own internal chatter, you WILL hear the things that you need to hear. There may be a little mix this week, as you will also likely hear aspects of your shadow, but you need to pay attention to WHAT your shadow is telling you – your fears, belong to the collective, and the collective wounds. But you WILL manifest them, if you keep believing that they are real. 

You need to look AROUND you, and make sure that this week the energy that you are picking up is in-fact yours – especially if you are an empath, this may be others peoples karma, or emotions, this is a particularly karmic time right now, so you may just be feeling a little bit of everything.

With the four of swords, there is still much of the quiet introspection, that was gifted to us with the hanged man last week – except this form of rest, and reservation, focuses on the healing of wounds. We are healing our wounds this week by slowing down, and withdrawing. We need to silence our external worlds briefly so that we are not distracted by the outside version of ourselves, and who we project to the world. This is about getting to know ourselves, and our wounds on a very intimate level. Why do I feel this way? Why is this feeling so easily triggered in me? The four of swords asks for stability – no longer over looking these things that plague you, it is time to get deep. Deeper than before, and with the lovers card, it may be a love situation that is triggering us to look more deeply into our own behaviours. This may not even be our own love lives, perhaps it is the love life of our parents – if we are to understand our own relationship templates, it may help to take an honest look at the environment that we were raised in, and how this shaped our beliefs, and experiences about love.

The page of cups is this very raw, innocent, honest, vulnerable, and emotional version of ourselves. Many of us are influenced, and visited this week by our inner child, and in a MAJOR way. All of these wounds, have been kept by this inner child, all of the things that you have tried to hide, all of the things that have bruised you, have actually bruised your wounded inner child more. If you are feeling particularly tender this week, that is okay..Send your inner child some LOVE! God knows that they deserve it..Write a letter to your inner child, apologise, soothe them, get enough rest, perhaps look at old baby photos, and recapture your innocence. Do you not wish to heal for them? If not even yourself – your adult self. An honest look at your wounds, will require you to peer into the past, but this is necessary to lay some of these old lies to rest. There is past life karma associated with your childhood also, so it does help to understand some of the lessons that you incarnated to learn. Your relationship templates change, as you confront your inner child, and your wounds, with this raw honesty, and openness that you are exhibiting. Perhaps you may become more honest with your partner, let them in to your inner most worlds more, because you trust that they will no longer shatter you – because you have dispelled the myth of being unlovable. 

You do not need to chase people. You do not need to run from people. All of these expressions are symptoms of dysfunctional love attachments. You simply need to stand in your space of lovingness, and openness, and allow whatever will come to you, to come to you. And allow whatever will flow from you, to flow from you – knowing, that either way, you ARE taken care of.

Be very gentle with yourself this week. Please stay away from harsh energies, try to channel your angst into creativity as much as you can, take a walk in nature as frequently as you can, and remember that your psychic channels are highly open right now. Messages may appear to you in strange or funny ways, when you tap into the flow of your inner child, you will also notice that many ways that spirit chooses to communicate with us, is through humor. Learn not to take everything so seriously once you make it out the other side of this dark night of the soul! Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Laugh with your lover. Love is pure child like wonder, and imagination. Do not lose that spark because of walls, and barriers you build to protect yourself. Have fun with it.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flame (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading – 10th- 16th;The loyalties & disloyalty of the shadow self, abandonment consciousness, and Masculine rebirth.


Main theme – Five of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Two of swords, Masculine – Page of swords, Knight of swords, The wheel of fortune, Feminine – The lovers, The fool, Six of pentacles. 

Numerological calculation break down – 10TH – The alpha and the omega. The beginning, and the ending of the all that is. God consciousness – unity consciousness, and the acceptance of masculine-feminine duality, conclusions, and understanding – 16th (7) – Lessons gained through spiritual hardship and karmic cycles.

The 5 of swords this week, is representative of the shadow aspects of the self. This is all about the sneaky behaviours, and selfish interests that we embody throughout our desires to escape our emotional pain, possibly through manipulation of others, victimisation of ourselves, and failure to take responsibility for what we do.

There is a LOT of mental activity occurring this week within both divine lovers minds. There is a lot of back and forth-ing, and beating themselves up over the things that they have been struggling, or previously refusing to accept within themselves. As mentioned in the general weekly reading, this is introducing a process of anti resistance; the five of swords, and the two of swords, is the process before they settle into this anti resistance method, and actually give up all of the mental chatter, and calamity that is happening for/to them.

We find ourselves going very, very deeply within this week – perhaps deeper than we would have liked to, but this is very necessary for tapping into unconscious realms of realisation. It is like a rabbit hole that we must fall into, in order to be reborn, and revived. We have to hit our lowest point, for us to accept some home truths.

The five of swords is confronting the shadow aspect of ourselves that actually enjoys, and even attracts, and welcomes drama, and conflict subconsciously. There is much about the dark side thus far that has been drawing us, and I feel that it is more to do with our separation from self, and our misunderstanding about who we truly are – and what we deserve, and what others deserve from us. This is the type of dysfunction that is often born from growing in a traumatic childhood, or experiencing some type of childhood abuse. There is usually some pushing and pulling, polarity and division consciousness that occurs within us. In reality, the feminine, and the masculine aspects of ourselves, and the higher self, and the shadow self, should be united, respectively, as one.. But certain environments, and upbringings do not allow for the nurturing, or understanding of both.. Growing up in a culture where these two roles were very much separated, and exaggerated will also cause this type of conflict – such as heavily religious backgrounds, that regarded the shadow self in shame, and rejection, or patriarchal structures, that insist on men being hyper masculine, and women being reactive, and entirely submissive.. Hopefully now – we have all learnt, that hyper masculinity is just as toxic to the person embodying the masculine energy, as excessive submission, and powerlessness is to the one embodying feminine energies. The masculine who is hyper masculine is very much disconnected from his feelings, and therefore himself, brutalising him in a sense, whilst the feminine who is hyper feminine, is stuck in victim consciousness, and therefore grows spiteful, often hateful, resentful, and vengeful – psychologically that is. 

You have to be honest with yourself this week about the relationship templates that you create. These things are not just happening to you for no reason. You are not just falling into these situations. You DO play a vital role in this. For the masculine, he may be coming into the realisation that he has been ruled by his own selfish desires, and manipulative tendencies, with the wheel of fortune on his side. This is quite a blow in the face, because he is also realising how he has actually inherited these behaviours, if not directly from his father, then from somewhere in his culture, or genetic line. Perhaps his own mother, or other women who are important to him in his life, have faced the similar fate – of the selfish actions of the masculine template, and he is realising now that he too is embodying this toxicity. His fear of being abandoned – has caused him, to become the one who does the abandoning. 

Let us take a look back – all of the way back, to the masculine archetype. This is a very primal, carnal energy.. Right, the masculine had to hunt for decades, he had to face, and brave many dangerous situations, go to wars, leaving behind his family, and detaching from his emotions in that way. This was the original wound. The separation from source, (God). In order for him to be able to commit these acts, for the most part, he had to suppress, or relinquish altogether the feminine energy that existed within him, otherwise, the pain of these acts, would be too overwhelming. At this time, sexual intercourse, was the only way that the masculine could experience tapping into this feminine/divine energy once more, or feeling close/attached to something. Because his main drive was populating the earth – his desire to do so, coupled with his detachment coping mechanisms, meant that he pretty much became ‘promiscuous’, if you would put it in such terms. 

Now, what has happened is, as we have moved into higher realms of consciousness, been exposed to the new world, and elevate as humans, we are moving away from our primal, and carnal desires, and actually becoming more centered as a civillised, and aware species, which means, we should no longer be ruled by these primitive activation codes. A lot of the masculine templates, particularly those embodying hyper masculine templates, are struggling with this elevation, particularly the re-integration of divine feminine energies – which is granting them empathy, and self awareness. Yes, THIS is what is occurring currently this week! 

The feminine – had no choice, in the olden days, but to stay with the family – unprotected, and bound to her duty as the feminine – which first bred the abandonment consciousness, and the internal resentment towards the masculine; although, these were just the cards that they were both dealt. Now this wound continuously manifested over time, creating further division, and polarity among the masses – and ‘twin flames’, or sacred lovers, as you will, incarnated with the exaggeration of both of these templates, for a reason. Only those carrying the original wound, can transform it. Now, many believe that this wound goes back to the father wound, but it actually goes even deeper – it’s the entire masculine wound; The father, is simply the main embodiment of this, or rather, the materialisation of.

The masculine is desperate for change this week – through his new found understanding, and realisation, documented by the knight of swords. Perhaps things have recently blown up in his face, and he cannot afford to be the same person anymore. The page of swords transitioning into the knight of swords shows his rapid  mental maturity. Some sort of realisation or loss has definitely kicked him into awareness, he is more aware now of what is at stake – and it really is a battle for his soul, because he will NEVER be fulfilled, unless he confronts these issues. 

With the two of swords, there may be a decision that he is making this week, possibly, based on the third party situation that was previously discussed. He will have to let some people down this week, but this means maturity, especially if one of those persons, is him. Breaking away from things & people who serve his selfish desires to feel wanted/needed. 

The knight of swords charging in could represent his fast return/message to the feminine, after he has made up his mind about what he wants. However, with the fool card present on the side of the feminine, it appears as if she too has a decision to make, and very well could be walking away from him. There is a sense here however, that she is not at a loss, because she has taken something from this situation, most likely lessons, and wisdom. She has a sense of direction now, has learned and grown from her mistakes, and is actually, no longer the fool.

The six of pentacles on her side, also calls fairness into question. Is/Was this love fair to her? Is it equal? Or was one person carrying all of the weight? Does she have enough energy/resources to put into this situation? Or is she bleeding herself dry? Perhaps there has been a part of her subconsciously, that has enjoyed victimisation in this way – because it allows her to lash out at the masculine, and demand, over, and over again that he proves his love, and devotion – further exhausting the both of them!

The lovers card also on the feminine side, is her re-assessing her past relationships. Karma rears its head again this week to say, ‘AHA! You see this pattern? This is going to keep appearing unless you do something’. Perhaps the page of swords is revealing to her that she is attracted to this baby boy syndrome, the wounded, narcissist lover who has not quite faced himself, and his issues fully – because she too is unwilling to be fully honest, and truthful with herself about some things – particularly in regards to self worth, and being deserving. It has been easy for her (her shadow self rather), to attract these types of lovers, because then she can just sit back, and fall into her victim-hood, and say, ‘You see – I knew he was a bad guy. I knew he was going to leave me’, instead of taking responsibility for her own shadow. Subconsciously, she knows that if she entered a relationship with somebody who was more balanced, they would soon notice that she was imbalanced, and she would have had to make more of an effort to heal – which her shadow self was previously unprepared to do!

There is a reversal in karmic energy this week, that is so primal, and so many centuries old, that I do not even feel like I can articulate it.. If you are feeling strange this week, it’s okay, things are being rearranged on a cellular level. Times have changed now. Spiritual consciousness has made it so that more and more of the masculine souls are becoming more in touch with their spiritual/emotional self, whilst the feminine souls are no longer bound financially, or for safety purposes, and can now walk away from a situation that depletes their soul…This shadow work, particularly of the masculine, is clearing karmic templates for the feminine, of pain, distress, helplessness, and abandonment. 

I would once again like to affirm, that forgiveness is SO key this week! Please feminine, be the strength that I know you can be..Without forgiveness, the karmic cycle will recycle itself.. And you have great work here to be done to not allow that to occur!

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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General Weekly Reading; 12th-18th September – An explosion of creation.

Main theme – eight of wands, surrounding cards – queen of wands, King of wands, five of cups, three of cups.

Numerological break down – 12th-18th (1+2) = 3. (1+8) = 9. 

3 – Creation, manifestation, expression, communication- ending the week at 9 – Resolution, completion & releasing. 

With the main theme presenting itself in the form of the eight of wands this week, we are in for some rapid change, & some rapid manifestation.

The eight of wands is all about messages, and swift communication that arrives to us via several mediums. There are vast realisations, and epiphanies presented to us during this week.

Perhaps in the most unusual, or seemingly spontaneous ways. We may run into individuals who through casual conversation give us the vital piece of information that we have been searching for regarding the puzzle to understand ourselves, our karma, and our past relationships with others.

You may be sitting at a bus stop, & suddenly a number plate will pass by, or somebody will shout out a name of significance that means so very much to you, & you will instantly realise, that you are at the right place, at the right time & spirit is confirming, or affirming that which you may have been considering.

These messages from spirit that arrive in the form of aimless day dreaming are also not to be dismissed, as this is your intuition doing its best to bring fourth information via the akashic records.

Do not question how you know what you know, or even if what you know is correct, just trust that which comes from within you, as much as you trust that which comes from without. 

You will be experiencing rapid change this week. It happens in this way – the moment that you figure out who you are & you awaken to the truth of your soul, everything will begin to change & rearrange for you. The eight in numerology is representative of breaking cycles & karmic patterns – this is fire energy, the energy of transformation. If you call something into existence this week, so it shall be – so be very careful where you draw your attentions to!

You may be receiving a message from somebody of the past who things ended badly with – as depicted by the five of cups. However, the three of cups shows that instead of mourning over the loss of whatever this was, or any other past upsets for that matter, now you are learning to look ahead, & make the best out of all that you DO have in-front of you, & your gratitude manifests even more greatness. 

This is an opportunity for resolution from past pain. You are receiving specific revelations about past transactions for a reason – spirit wants you to heal. And healing means understanding why things transpired as they did.

The King of wands & the queen of wands suggests a powerful spiritual partnership forming this week. As both the masculine & the feminine awaken to their true nature/power, they are drawn toward creativity, sexual alchemy & creation.

This may be a very powerful week for sexual energy & sexual awakening. We may be trying new things, getting a little bit kinky, & awakening our kundalini energy because of this. All of this feeds our creative life force & offers us inspiration & initiation into deeper realms of consciousness.

Practice safe sex, practice tantric sex, just make sure that you are practicing! There is a lot of creative/sexual/manifesting energy to tap into this week… 

As you celebrate yourself & your body, others too learn to celebrate your coming together of self. The three of cups is a new found confidence in who you are. You attract attention when you’re out & you no longer feel compelled to hide yourself away. You are coming out of your shell, engaging in fun activities, & spending time with people who make your soul feel alive.

Through this, you gain more recognition & confirmation of your true power. Your abilities are hightened this week, you may be receiving accolades & people may be reaching out to you in large numbers – both to congratulate you, & to enquire about your expertise.

The spot light is on you this week – relish in it!

This is powerful illumination for both the masculine & the feminine as they merge to become one. Both sacred partners are at their best energetically. Perhaps there will be the news//announcement of a pregnancy, the arrival of a child, or sacred lovers will begin trying for a child.

If working on a creative project this week, ideas will flow & flourish like wild fire. 

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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