General Weekly Reading. 5th – 11th December; No holding back, and no going back.


Main theme- (Knight of wands), Surrounding cards – Queen of wands, The moon, Six of swords, King of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 5th-11th. 5 – Liberation, change, newness, freedom from restriction, breaking binds, seeking new adventure. 11th – Spiritual awakenings, new gateways, openings, lessons learnt, epiphanies. 

The knight of wands as the main theme, suggests that this week, we are to embark on a renewed sense of passion, purpose, and enthusiasm. This is clear, and direct action in the form of the dreams that we have, and the targets that we have set for ourselves. There seems to be an extra push this week to expand, and to achieve. Perhaps we feel as if we have spent  alot of time procrastinating lately, or unsure what it is that we want – in relation to the moon card, but something this week definitely jolts us from our slumber, and we do receive the clarity, and the information that we have been waiting for. We may be receiving positive, and much awaited news that arrives to us quickly, that helps us to clear some of the spiritual cobwebs that have existed within our minds recently.  This could be motivation from outside forces that confirms to us what our next step should be.

You may find yourself keen on delivering a message to the world this week about who you are, now that you are becoming clearer about your sense of power. There is a boldness to the way that you do things, perhaps because you are no longer afraid of getting things wrong. There is a sense taht you spent a lot of time in the shadows because you felt you did not have the capability of the resources to move forward. Now… You see that it is more about your intention, and your enthusiasm, than the tools that you actually use to cultivate what you want. Making the best out of what you have this week means removing yourself from victim consciousness, and just working with what is, in order to create something larger than yourself.

Sagittarius//fire energy may be having a big influence on us this week in terms of what we can achieve, and setting the bar even higher for ourselves. This is a period of creation, as wands represent fire, and burning a new path for ourselves, through removing the old. The knight of wands also represents a swift journey away from the past – looking towards the future, and being more enlightened about what we would like that future to look like. 

The moon card also represents the recent period of time that we have spent looking into our subconscious mind, and perhaps getting more clear on our triggers, and our shadow self. Armed with our new knowledge, we can navigate things differently, bringing the unconscious, to the conscious – to tackle our limiting beliefs, and actions in a more efficient way.

The king of cups is representative of emotional maturity, and also speaks of a healed heart chakra. This week focuses on our ability to give love to others, and to receive love, whilst making sure that we have taken care of our own kingdom first – so that we may be more generous in our offerings. There is a sense that we are no longer willing to take on more than our fair share. This can also point to masculine energies this week coming into harmony more with their emotions, and their intuitive side. With the queen of wands side by side with the King of cups, we see a contrast, yet a fusion here of feminine passion, and masculine taming. Not taming in the sense of dampening ones fire – but this speaks of masculine energies becoming more in touch with an emotional, and humble side of themselves, whilst the queen of wands represents many feminine energies finding their purpose, and passion, and inspiration. Remember in the article where I wrote that Ophiuchus the 13th zodiac was a blend of Scorpio, AND Sagittarius? Well, these two cards offer no better explanation.

The king of cups sends healing messages to our spirit directly, this is unconscious messages about past wounds, and how we can overcome them in order to be the best version of ourselves. This is also about us using our painful past experiences to take us to that NEXT level. What have you learnt that could give you an edge? Will spiritual awakenings have been caused by more emotionally trying, and challenging periods in your life? Your motivation, and inspiration this week will come from an intense desire to re-shape your destiny, to use the past as a clear indication of what you DO not want, and what you DO want.

Previously, you may have been suffering from the type of mental fog that kept you stuck, or trapped in day dreams, and illusions, but the 6 of card arrives with an offer of hope – moving away from emotional trails, and taking a community with you. Because of what you have learnt, and experienced, you are able this week not only to re-arrange your own thoughts, but to hold the door open, and inspire others to also take a look at how their own thoughts may be leading to their downfall. You are desperate for mental peace, and actually, this time you are being PROACTIVE in making it possible. This is very much in relation to your ancestral karma also, and the negative programming that you have taken from family, and your community. In seeing how it does not serve you, this week, you take a closer look at your own emotional wiring, and how you can be an asset to those who need healing on a mental, and emotional level. 

Alternatively, there may be news arriving to you fast this week about something that you have been awaiting clarity on. This may be a job promotion, or a part in a play that you really desired. Something that was hidden can be revealed through emotional resonance, or through this message that you receive, that causes you to view things differently entirely. The knight of wands, in combination with the moon can also signify a pregnancy! So those of you who have been trying to conceive, this may just be your lucky week! Make sure you take those pregnancy tests! 😉

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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