Twin Flame ( Sacred lovers) Weekly Reading -3rd-9th October 2016; Awakenings, Patriarchal illusions & Feminine responsibility.

The terms masculine & feminine are used here to describe energetic templates & are not necessarily limited to those identifying as male or female. Also, the term twin flames refers in this case to the highest vibrational frequency of divine love (love typically expressed in a empath’s/healers relationship) & therefore is usually also applicable to soul mates of this kind, & not just limited to those with a belief, or identification with this term.

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Main theme, (Four of wands), What is occurring for both twins – Two of cups, Feminine – Justice, Queen of wands, King of wands, Masculine – Eight of swords, King of swords, The devil.

Numerological break down calculation – 3 – Creation, manifestation, communication, Birthing – 9 Resolution, karmic closure, Closing chapters, Healing abandonment consciousness, Duty & service to others through past experiences.

With the main theme being the four of wands, it appears that both sacred lovers this week are consumed with thoughts about the future, and establishing solid foundations for the future. Perhaps this arrives in the form of thoughts about marriage, settling down, long term goals, & the way that we would like to sculpt our future based on our long held dreams about what the future should look like. Both lovers are enduring their own forms of powerful awakenings, & the two of cups arrives to suggest that the main theme of their awakenings is based on balance – Well duh! Ofcourse it is, after all balance & inner alchemy is the entire goal of sacred love itself. The two of cups is also harmony between lovers, perhaps there has been much thought or discussion about what is fair & what an equal, or sustainable partnership consists of. Divine lovers – the sacred two, and what the two can build together. With the devil card on the side of the masculine, I interpret that perhaps he may be having a little difficulty with the ‘two’ part – perhaps this is an issue once again of the third party situation & challenging belief systems that he holds about the way that love & partnership should be cultivated. He is definitely exploring themes this week of the dark masculine – the masculine archetype that is the shadow, associated with abuse, internal conflict, & control issues. Yes, this may appear as if he is experiencing a dark time & is plummeting, but he is actually elevating himself & his consciousness, as the feminine fully steps into her role as the divine feminine, & holds open the door & the sacred space for him to heal & spiritually evolve. 

Establishing a family dynamic has lately played heavily on the minds of both twins, & this is because as we draw closer to our mission, we are more determined that ever to leave a lasting legacy through the birthing of the third energy – whether this is creatively, or through the physical manifestation of a child. Our mission has existed on a spiritual level for the longest time, & right now, the feminine in particular is concerned with physical manifestation, & perhaps this is why the notion of getting love right & love being fair, stable & just is more important to her than ever! I mean, who in this day truly wants to bring a child into this world on shaky grounds?

Questions are raised about which way to turn, as both twins delve deeply into their subconscious, & attempt to retrieve their truth. It appears with the queen of wands, & the king of wands that the feminine has experienced some type of spiritual awakening through sexual, or creative stimulation. Something about her feels more powerful this week, even though she still has her doubts about if the masculine can make it through & show up for her – somehow, this is not concerning her too much, what is really drawing her attention this week is the part that she plays in the action of the masculine. Internal balance is the goal – because AHA! She has finally realised, that self love, is the basis of all romantic connections & their validity. 


So, it goes, in nourishing herself & recognising that her power can lie with her being this awakened, sensual,  enlightened & powerful being, she can beckon the masculine to her. And believe me, love is coming – even if he has to fight the desert rains to get there, (& he is currently doing something pretty similar), it is the divine feminine energy that guides, heals & leads a man back to his soul.. She is remembering this, & he may be fighting this, because patriarchy has taught him that he needs to take the lead – which he does, in many ways, but this is just one of those things that he will have to learn – to release control, to know that the divine is the true hero here, not him, at least, not for now. 

Unification, with the grand,great spirit is the ultimate practice this week & it appears that the feminine may be taking this merging a little better because she has been doing shadow work & trying to heal actually for quite a long time now. Remember that the masculine is fairly still new to this type of healing, soul searching & honesty with self. It has only recently been introduced & he needs time to accept what these changes mean. For him, his shadow self has helped him to survive in a world that constantly challenges his masculinity, so he begs the question, what should happen if i should release these walls? Won’t I be more vulnerable?

With the Justice card, & the queen of wands on the side of the feminine, she has borrowed much soul truth from the recent New moon in Libra – the energy of Lilith, the rebellious, sexually awakened feminine is rising through her like the Phoenix. Even if the masculine does make an offer of love to her, if she deems it not enough, or it does not meet the height of the current seat at which she sits upon, she will reject it. Because she is now balanced enough to know that it is not about the lover, but about the love that you receive. 

The eight of swords relates to his ancestral karma & stress associated with trying to break free from & challenge these old concepts that exist within him. He is overthinking a LOT this week & he is trapped between what he has been programmed to believe that he desires & should have, & what the feminine is asking him to be & rise up to. The queen of wands is the torch that she holds for him to see into his own darkness, yet she does not do so in such a judgmental way, rather she says, ‘Look, see..All that you could be!’

With the King of swords opposing the queen of wands, there is a beautiful exchange in feminine & masculine energy continuing this week…The queen of wands has her head in the clouds, she exists with God, & she easily illuminates the path of others just through her being, & her vibrational resonance..This week, she leads the masculine even deeper into the depths of his soul, whilst he teaches her to be grounded, & balanced in her masculine side.

‘The masculine pulls the woman down, (to earth), whilst the feminine pulls the masculine up ( to higher realms), until they both find one another existing in the middle – the balance of two extremes’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.


A role reversal means seeing things from the point of view of one another. This cures ancestral karma because a lot of our family’s karma is rooted in abandonment, & specifically, the way that we perceive we have both been abandoned, or neglected by the opposite sex.

The king of swords is the masculine being pushed to achieve a state of mental maturity, when his mind does finally clear, he will be more forward thinking & less ruled by the little self. He will come to acknowledge that his duty is about service to others & the desires of his little self will actually hold him back in this mission. There is shedding to do, but it is truly up to him how much of his shadow self he is ready to let go of, & how much of it he actually perceives to be of nuisance. 

The queen of wands & The king of wands is the feminine constantly tapping into the birth of the third energy to create & excel – say whatever you would like about the feminine, but right now, she is ever the opportunist! Lol

This is the ultimate shattering of patriarchal illusions & directly deals with the wounds that have been set in place by societal programming & expectations. The feminine is healing her core wound – abandonment, through emotional deprivation, whilst the masculine works on his core wound – abandonment, through psychological deprivation – the face of strength that he has had to wear, that caused him to want to exist only in his mind, because it was less painful, than existing consciously, in his entire self.

The justice card is all about fairness, so the feminine actually heals the masculine by not judging him harshly – she truly understands this week that he is going through this battle & he is not directly trying to hurt, or abandon her – this comes with recognising that the abandonment that she perceives is an ancient lie told to her, by her.She has this vision of love – but it has to be fair, & it has to be give & take, & stepping into this self confidence & belief about who she is will most certainly enable her to attract her soul vibrational mate – whether this is, or isn’t the person that she once thought it may be.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


© Seek Cindy.

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General Weekly Reading – 3rd-9th October 2016; Awakenings, Subconscious revelations & Facing karma head on.


Main theme – (Eight of swords), Four of swords, Five of swords, The sun, The star.

Numerological break down calculation – 3 – Creation, manifestation, communication, Birthing – 9 Resolution, karmic closure, Closing chapters, Healing abandonment consciousness, Duty & service to others through past experiences.

With the eight of swords as the main theme this week, & many swords cards prevalent, it appears that this week, we may be embarking on a depth of thinking, with a lot of mental activity, and pondering taking place.

Have you been particularly stuck in your thoughts lately? Unable to exist in the presence, and fighting a thousand thoughts per second? This is a pretty volatile time, you are on the precipice of change, much has changed, yet much still appears to remain the same. The eight of swords is a very karmic card, and can represent being trapped in our ego self – we have the feeling of being trapped this week with this card, only if we cannot elevate our consciousness a little bit higher to see that there is actually a lesson being presented to us with all of this over thinking. What appears to be over thinking is actually us trying so hard to break our karma, our karmic chains, and make sense of the experiences that have recently been highlighted to us to have been re-occurring.


The sun card represents our AHA moment, & our desire for liberation from our past karma this week. We have been lucky enough to have been made aware of our cycles, and the ways in which we have played a helping hand in our karmic situations, & the mental chatter presented with the five of swords, is likely us fighting with ourselves about the parts of ourselves that we do not quite like, or do not know how to accept. As we dig into our shadow selves, and even deeper into our wounds, we find a lot of resistance, so it is important to be patient with ourselves this week about what we are discovering.

We are so desperate for the truth, because the hold that we have on the truth, is slowly breaking away, and deteriorating. New philosophies, concepts, ideas, and awakenings, have brought us to a stand still. So, what was all of that about before? Why couldn’t I figure this stuff out any sooner? What am I going to do now? And how do I make sure my life changes from here, and never goes back to the way that it used to be?

The four of swords represents intense contemplation, you may find yourself a little withdrawn from society or from others this week – and that is perfectly understandable. Watch out for headaches, and sleepless nights because of all of this worrying, & stress in the form of depth of thinking. It is advised to you at this time to try to get as much rest as possible, so that you do not suffer burn out. In your resting period, more information will come to you, particularly in the form of dreams, meditation, or quiet time. It is vital for you to actually find the answers that you seek within, and not from conversing with those who do not understand the monumental life period that you have arrived at. This is for you to decipher, it is time for you to learn to trust your own intuition.. This karma is for you to clear, for you to deal with, not anybody else.

There is definitely some harshness this week provided by the five of swords, and there may be a strong feeling that you need to cut some things away, or walk away from certain situations, & you may be conflicted about this, about what is actually good for you at this point in your journey, & you may find yourself toying with some ideas that previously caused you discomfort – this is highly normal as your awareness & consciousness expands.

The sun card is all about growth, & vitality, you are leveling up, a light is being shone on your darkness, & thought uncomfortable, it offers you the opportunity to re-arrange yourself, & bring harmony to your thoughts, so that you are no longer a prisoner of your ego self, karmic voice, or the shadow aspects, & wounds of the ones who came before you.

The star card, is all about having hope. Presented alongside the sun card, this projects the image of complete & total awareness, balance between light & dark, what we know to be true, & what we do not know, are actually merging. The lines of polarity are slowly blurred & this should help you to loosen attachment on the things that you hold so closely to your heart to be true. There is little point over thinking or obsessing over matters – you will never know everything, you will never have all sides to the story, & you are not supposed to. You are not God, you are not in control, you are only here to experience & to enjoy the journey ahead.


The star card suggests that though things may appear bleak or dark right now, they will even out & find resolution over the next few weeks, the night is always darkest before the dawn. We are exploring the depths of our subconscious, & this is quite like a dark night of the soul, so it is absolutely so important to not resist all of the changes that are occurring, despite how uncomfortable they may seem. Think of the sun card as the rebirth & resurrection – Christ consciousness; no longer judging yourself or others, because you have come to the realisation that ‘sins’, or rather the dark side of yourself, & others, is a very necessary part of existence in itself. Holding onto old philosophies is so futile – be aware of negative self talk that is not actually yours, but speaks of abandonment, & low self worth, as this is likely translating to you templates & wounds that have existed within your ancestral DNA for centuries..This is what you must clear. You change your karma by realising it does not belong to you. It belongs to the matrix, & is only a product of fear.

The more fear that you have, the more karma that you own. 

You will find yourself slipping in & out of the conscious & the subconscious mind this week – so do try to remember to stay conscious when you return, because you will probably have made sense of something through your meditative, or exploratory state of being.

The 3D grip that the world once had on you is loosening, as you quickly realise that conflict arises from within, & manifests outward as your experiences. This is not a time to feel powerless, but rather to rise from victim consciousness. Whatever has brought you out of this illusion has not been intended to hurt you – but rather to open your eyes. 

This week, your focus should remain on walking away from the fight or flight response. Instead of feeling the immediate compulsion to run away from the thoughts that you do not like, why not instead face them & face your fear of feeling fear. Your perception needs a complete revamp, & the sun card arrives to liberate you from yourself. A new self is created through the abandonment of the smaller self – the societal self – the fearful self. A more awakened you knows that destruction & creation is now like a drug. Harmonising your shadow self with your light offers you a burst of creative energy because it clears intuitive blocks that are caused through fear & suppression. This is the inner child tasting freedom, being allowed to come out of itself a little, & feel the sun on its shoulders. 

Why so fearful? When the world is so abundant..It is better to live the life that you always imagined yourself living in childhood – free from restriction, before all of the programming that you inherited. The star card is also indicative of balance – balancing your earthly duties (financial matters & ego self), with your spiritual duties, (understanding the voice of the soul & nurturing the feminine desire to heal).


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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December 11th New Moon in Sagittarius //(Ophiuchus). Twin Flames; into the depths of darkness, confronting the shadow, healing, and a wave goodbye to 2015.

December 11th – portal closure.

Opened 11/11 novembers new moon.

For the purposes of those whom are unaware, and still abide by the 12th zodiac, western astrology, I have included the sun/star sign of Sagittarius within this article, although by 13th zodiac astrology, technically, this new moon is representative of the energy traits of Ophiuchus.

Now, I will go into deal about what the 13th zodiac is all about, what it represents, and why it was so hidden, and buried for approximately 2000 years, whilst alienated from main stream, modern astrology!

Truly, the ultimate facts are amazing, and I cannot wait to fully unveil them, as it is my birthday on the 10th of December, and I found no better time to reveal this knowledge, than now! 

I will briefly go into some of the traits, and aspects of the energy, and enchanting symbolism behind ophiuchus, in order to get you all to understand what this new moon is all about, and what it means for spiritual enlightenment, twin flames, and where we are on our healing journey. 

Before I get into all that, I would once again like to discuss the significance of the number 11. And how it has played a hand in all of this. 

The last new moon was also on the 11th, was actually 11/11, and symbolised the opening of a universal/energetic portal, a portal led, and ruled, by Scorpio.

The number 11 is by nature a gateway number, and has often been referred to as a spiritual gateway, or as I have referenced, portal. As represented by the shape of the number 11, appearing as two pillars, and symbolising dual natures working simultaneously, which of course we all know, govern existence, (masculine and feminine, yin and yang, night and day, light and shadow, life and death.

And that is all that scorpio’s energy is about, along with the energy of the number 11 – the integration of two opposing, yet complimentary sides, ultimately culminating in life and death, the underworld, and the afterlife.

Scorpio holds a powerful energy of transformation, rebirth, and immortality, (inevitably related to healing, as sickness and ultimately death is a natural process of life).

Life path number 11’s will be very familiar with their otherworldly tendencies, their exposure to a world rarely seen by many, often in the form of extra sensory perception, psychic abilities, or strong intuition. 

I like to think of Scorpio as a very primal energy, signifying its richness, antiquity, and divinity. This can be interpreted from the actual animal itself being one of the first created animals on this earth, pre dating all mammals, as it is well adapted with adjusting to changing climates and temperatures. It has existed through it all, and has an appropriate amount of knowledge, and endurance to show for it!

Ultimately, the shaman.

The initiatory path.

For this reason, I view Scorpio, and the energy associated with Scorpio to be the iniatory path, into the darkness, into the shadow, and into the true underworld that is the sun sigh of Ophiuchus – November 30th-December 17th.

Ophiuchus is actually the intermediary between Scorpio, and Sagitarius, and actually possesses many more Scorpion traits in my opinion, than traditionally Sagittarius traits.

Scorpio and Ophiuchus are all about mysteries, secrecy, and ‘hidden’ knowledge. Many people attribute such qualities as being withdrawn, contemplative, quiet, and suspicious with those carrying Scorpion energy, and this comes as no surprise, as they are natural channels, and shamans on the path,  therefore unless they develop a creative outlet, there is no other way to express their inner world. You can hardly find yourself talking to the everyday ordinary person about how you near enough hear voices in your head, (or gut rather), and can practically predict the future, and know things that you cannot explain.

Scorpio is all about the inner world, once again, ‘hidden’, and shrouded in secrecy. Introversy, and high levels of empathy are associated with both scoripos energy, and that of Ophiuchus. I like to refer to them as the old souls, as they both possess unparalleled magnetic ism, and intense sexual energy, (once again to do with them being primal, and ancient, such as kundalini, and essentially healing). These are energies that cannot be destroyed, and continue to manifest coiled up at the pit of each soul, waiting to be awakened. Souls who posssses these sun signs are not only awakened, but they ARE the awakening.

Now before I get off track, Ophiuchus energy is also associated with being primal, as it is represented by the serpent. 

There is so much occult knowledge, and spiritual stigma surrounding the serpent being, and in my humble opinion, it is the perfect symbol of transmutation, alchemy and healing. The snake is an animal which has the ability to ‘shift’, or rather alter realities, when it is ready to sacrifice itself, and allow apart of itself to die, becoming reborn in the process. It is Scorpio that leads us through the dark path, which can only be described as the death, the shedding of the skin.

Ophiuchus is all about healing, the path of the healer, and the occult knowledge that belongs to the healer, as a result of undergoing the initiation process – the death, in which case, Ophiuchus is the revival.

 This symbol is still present with us among modern times, and is often used in hospital, or medical institutions to convey medicinal, and healing properties. 

This is of course all about subliminal planting, as on some level, those who have kept these symbols around, are aware that they are still embedded somewhere in our subconscious, and therefore, instantly recognisable for its purposes.

The symbol is often represented as the rod of Asclepius, or, instead consisting of two snakes spiralling upward, ‘the caduceus’ taking the shape and form of the DNA helix. This is also believed to be elaboration for the alchemical, and transformational principles of this astrological sign. 

As memories from previous incarnations, soul imprints/missions, and karma is stored within the DNA, the unlocking of an energy of this sort, is thought to give birth to hidden, divine knowledge, whether by access of the akashic records, or by full blown kundalini awakening. (It is no surprise that both my twin and I are of these two signs).

Not many are aware, but the sign of Ophiuchus is also the astrological symbol for the woman, who is represented by the number 13, (which has since been darkened by the intensions of patriarchal dominance, and the silencing of the divine feminine).

It is the woman who is the original healer, keeper of the secrets, and the knowledge, accessed by the fact that she herself is a portal, much like the number 11. The divine flows through her. This can be symbolised by the shaping of the yoni, (the vaginal lips), which also take the form of two pillars, some may say a gateway. And woman has long been brought healing and forbidden, sacred knowledge by the presence of the serpent. They hold a sacred relationship that is as old as mankind.

The integration of dual sides, is the ultimate goal of this new moons energy. This will have presented itself in the form of the shadow self, and the dark night of the soul that was activated by the opening of these energies on 11/11, the last new moon.

Attention drawn toward the shadow self would have taken us in, to face the aspects of the self that we chose to ignore, or repress in everyday interactions, (but still know that it exists).

The shadow self may be associated with rage, hyper alertness to sensitivity/perceived abandonment, excessive jealousy, or manipulation, and will have been directly born as a result of an injury (psychological), dating back to childhood – particularly in the case of twin flames. 

For twin flames, it could very well be their twin who has been triggering these issues within them, all for the purposes of healing, and transmutation.

The dark night of the soul does not only manifest itself as depression, but can also present itself as mental foginess, procrastination, and inability to progress. Often times, the universe//source//the most high, will slow us down, and bring us to our knees, so that we can be still, and take heed to the messages that are trying to be conveyed to us.

The journeying into the shadow self will include many images/flash backs to child hood memories, and you could even find yourself coming across objects, people of significance from your past. This is all intended to re-connect you with certain periods in your life, and help you to understand why your shadow self may only have grown more vicious over time.

Beware – as triggers are usually the way that source delivers these intuitive messages to us. If you keep stumbling accross emotions that are difficult to swallow, (loneliness, frustration, fear), then take all of these as alerts to yourself, from your soul.

Once again, ‘hidden knowledge’, as the journey toward self discovery, and the integration of the shadow self is so personal and intimate.

Twin Flame message.

You can take it as the energy that is currently ruling is in the favour of feminine flow, and this will directly affect the way that both twins think of, and view one another. Transformation is imminent. Not only are both twins faced with their own shadow self, but upon doing so, they gain a new understanding, and perception for the shadow aspects of their twin flame, and recognise how the entire path is paved with these difficult trials.

This new moon is all about acceptance of the initiatory path, and the surrender, to the knowledge, and the teaching that it brings. Even if we do not necessarily understand what is happening, and why, we are aware that we are underneath the guidance of something bigger than us, and we are far more interested in furthering our healing missions, than forcefully provoking reunion.

‘Twin flame runners’, who are operating at an energy that may be classified as highly masculine/logical, will have no choice but to let the light in, and undergo their own process of illumination. 

Feminine energy, though passive, is powerful, and she will no longer take no for an answer! She has returned, after thousands of years, and is ready to bless everybody on the path with the knowledge that she carries. She has witnessed the imbalances created in her absence, and Scorpio is also relying on her to transform his dark energies. 

As we smoothly transition into the sun sign of actual Sagittarius, from December 18th, we are likely to experience the freedom, change, and exploratory energies that Sagittarius brings!

Finally making it out of the otherside, we will have endured an entire death, healing, and rebirth process, in such a short amount of time, and should be more ready than ever to put our new skills, and spiritual abilities to the test!

If you were experiencing particularly abnormal, or chaotic dreams, they are likely to calm down, or once again be easily forgotten upon waking, unless you record them..

As I have mentioned before, intuitively, and astrologically, 2016 is going to be an amazing year for twin flames, old souls, and healers! It is the year for dramatic change, compassion and resolution. 2+1+6=9, the number of completion, and wholeness, (the additional number of mine and my twins life paths!)

Do not despair if your twin is still undergoing the dark night process, this usually just means that they are at a different level of the spiritual process, and just need a little bit of time catching up, and accepting that the serpent is not the enemy once depicted in mythology. But rather, the poison, is the very medicine.

This is an absolutely spectacular time! 

Women – you are returning! Men – you are awakening, and I can not wait to trigger my own change with the numerological earth age of 5 (23). 

Ophiuchus energy breaks the status quo- all over again, man and woman are uniting to rebel against the powers that be, and eating from the tree of knowledge! 


Cinderella Anneh-bu© 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

3 reasons why I rejected religion, and abhorred God; a spiritual perspective.

Before I begin this article, I would just like to state that all views expressed here are entirely my own, are not intended to criticise any one way of thinking, believing or worship, and are simply my own interpretation of my own truths.

1. ‘Just pray to God’.

Whilst I truly do believe in the positive power of prayer, and intension/ channeling, (talking to and receiving messages from the divine), for the longest time, I grew absolutely sick of being told this, as a solution to everything – including depression! At one point, one really needs to stand up and take responsibility for their own lives, and understand how everything inside of them, reflects everything outside of them. It is no sense using prayer as an escape goat from actually working through your issues, and striving to make a change. In other words, you cannot simply sit at home from day, to day, yet pray to feel rain fall on your skin. Sure, you could always go and take a hot shower, but the actual novelty of rain will escape you, lest you go outside. This is my belief with prayer, much like my belief with positive thinking, it only works when conjoined with positive action, and opportunity. And it is not a solution in itself. A belief of this kind can prove misleading, even shattering to the one who interprets it conclusively. And telling somebody with a mental illness simply to pray their sadness away, is boarder line insensitive, not to mention rooted in out dated cultural stigma.

2. ‘The institution baddies’

Now, this next one goes for any spiritual, or religious institution, as I am sure that it does not only extend to the Christian church, although this is where my experiences took place. Have you ever gathered with a congregation, only to feel the intense burning of sideways glances, or over competitively dressed church goers? Well, it does not stop there. From as long as I could remember, some of the most arrogant, ill mannered, and obnoxious people always seemed to fly the God flag the highest, and be the most dedicated of church goers. I did not understand this. If church was supposed to be a holy place of worship, and the belief in God was supposed to grant you some type of moral superiority, then why ever were these people so, pardon me – but ghastly! It seemed to me that God was just not enough, not enough to change who they were, or simply, that God did not exist. If he did, surely these people would be saved by his glory, no?

Well, whilst I still do not feel like sharing the same ‘God’, with these types of individuals, spirituality has given me the freedom to see that these people are actually souls who are in pain, and their ‘connection’ with God, is merely a substitute for their connection with themselves. Ancient doctrine itself dictates, the Kingdom of God dwells within. The key to truly finding this essence, is truly finding, and understanding ones self. And attendance to a religious institution does not grant you this knowing, or ensure a jar tight guarantee of ‘righteous behaviour’. 

3. The paradox of original sin, polarity, and the concept of damnation.


Undoubtably, on the journey to finding myself, and finding the God within, the hardest aspect was the belief that although we were all sinners, our sins were constantly being tallied up, and one day, dependent on our luck, we may be sent to eternal damnation for our sins, (that were original, that we couldn’t help). Exactly – dumb founded. 

On my road to finding myself, I had found that most of my depression was a result of not forgiving myself for my shadow aspects, and the mistakes that I had made upon my path. The threat of being punished, abandoned, or cast out for my sins had already been deeply embedded by religious doctrine.

Honestly, the threat of being cast out of the ‘Kingdom of heaven’, is not only boarder line abusive, but can also stir up some pretty intense abandonment issues.

You absolutely cannot deny your darkness, nor can you suppress parts of yourself that are deemed traditionally, ‘unholy’. This only causes greater frustration, and deterrence from your true nature, which is good – not riddled with some sort of automatic sin! Yes, human kind is imperfect by nature, we grow, and learn through our mistajes, and none of this warrants eternal damnation, particularly not from an all forgiving, omniscient force. 
Cinderella Anneh-bu

© 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

Why a woman’s menstrual cycle is the absolute best time of the month! 

Yes, you most certainly read that headline correctly! Just in case you were wondering if you had somehow jumbled up the placement of the words, you have not, and you have just stumbled upon a page that thoroughly celebrates not only women, but all of the glorious facets that come along with them!

Now I am not talking about doing anything too ‘kinky’, or unorthodox here like going out and shouting to the world that you are on your menstrual cycle, (whilst providing evident proof), but as we welcome home the divine feminine, I believe that it is only right that we challenge, and replace old, patriarchal, mysogynistic, religious systems that regarded women, and their monthly visits as ‘disgusting’, or ‘unholy’.

Much of the documentation that has been written about women, and their bodies during this time was constructed around patriarchal, misinformed, and down right women-bashing ideologies! None of which were rooted in concrete fact, but were simply apart of a male dominated, self righteous coo that was occurring on a wider scale to discredit, and dethrone women.

(If you would like to know more about the displacement of women in social and cultural hierarchies, there is plenty of information available on the Internet about the establishment of ‘the new world’).

There is even religious scripture that attempts to indicate that the reason some women suffer painful menstrual cramps is because Eve was the cause of the fall from Eden – yes as ridiculous as it sounds, this has been used to justify both child bearing pains, and menstrual cramps. The belief that women are by nature, both faulty, and unholy.

So if it were indeed to be true this perception, then why would it be that God would still choose such unrighteous souls to behave as vehicles for new souls incarnating on to this earth? Wouldn’t that in turn mean that each soul in passing through her, would too inherit some of her uncleanliness, and unholiness? Therefore rendering all of man kind by default unclean, and unholy? Though made in ‘his’ image?

And why is it that this very same unholy act of menstruating is the very same occurrence associated with the ability to keep us healthy enough to even bear children?

Indeed, if you look at it this way, then in-fact, the menstrual cycle is not only an inclination of health, but also a requirement of it. We have all heard of the issues of women suffering from bulemia, anorexia, and a host of other bodily issues, who can not, and in fact, do not experience their monthly cycles. The correlation here is, if their bodies were in ‘healthier’, more nourished States, then naturally, it would do what comes naturally to a vitalised source, and behave in accordance.

And, I am sure we have also all heard of the women who experience menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, and report that upon ingesting certain foods, such as sugar, dairy, or meat, their cycles, only intensify in both pain, and flow. So why exactly is this?

Well the belief is, that instead of being seen as an act of uncleanliness, and dirtiness, a woman’s menstrual cycle is actually the time when she is undergoing intense cleansing, rejuvenation, and detoxifying processes.

It is believed that attached to, or within the blood that is lost, are also any remains of sexual debris (unwanted sexual energy, or DNA associated with previous partners), and also any unhealthy foods, thoughts, or ill health that is stored within the womb of the woman. This is similar to mucus in a sense, which also transforms toxins out of the body when a person is experiencing a cold, or a flu.

So of course it would make sense that upon ingesting foods of low vibration, or of a parasitic nature, the body produces a thicker flow, and more pressure to cleanse, thus resulting in the magnified pain, and flow.

Much trauma and spiritual energy is located in the centre of a woman’s womb. This is the very reason why sexual assaults and invasions carry such impactful psychological, and spiritual disruption. The menstrual cycle is simply a way to even out the score, allow women a chance every month, to be reborn.

Whilst of course, reminding us of our never ending connection to nature, the divine, and the earth. I mean, you only have to keep up with the moon cycles to know how connected we are, most women’s menstrual cycles roughly, or very accurately co-respond to either the full moon, or the new moons appearance.

Flowing goddess of love and light.

There is also a wide spread belief, along with scientific research that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, she is most attractive to men. This is because her skin is said to develop a healthy glow, as she is currently (shedding old skins), and her hips are said to appear wider, which has always been known to drive the male species crazy!

Embrace your inner goddess, and natural earth connection!

Take care of yourself during your period. Do the things that you enjoy.

Stop, be still, and be present with your body.

If you find that you are more emotional, or irritable than usual, perhaps you are only experiencing the symptoms of emotions that you have been suppressing, or ignoring in the previous month(s).
Blessed be my sacred moon beams ~

In order to love, and to come to terms with everything that it means to be woman, and to celebrate womanhood, it is important to understand the intricate workings behind the facets of womanhood.

Undoing centuries of internalised misogyny about women, and women’s bodies, probably won’t happen right away, but there are smaller steps to take, for instance, finding empowerment, in the parts about womanhood that were previously deemed ‘taboo’, or ‘undesirable’ by patriarchal teachings.

PMS is nothing to be ashamed, nor silenced about. It is, in my interpretation, a mini dark night of the soul, in which we are allowed to cleanse, and purge ourselves of any emotional afflictions hoarded during that month. Their arrival, and piercing of the surface should be monitored, take the time to slow down, and listen to what your sadness/frustration/anger, is truly trying to tell you. Where is it coming from? What can you do to pay homage to it?
This also provides an amazing opportunity to monitor our health, as foods that contain artificial, or unnatural hormones will induce PMS in us, that is out of our ordinary range of emotion. The more intense your PMS is, the more you must pay attention to the regulation of your body.

The degree to which a woman’s period is painful, indicates how powerful her inner nature supposedly is, and the level of pain to which she can endure.

It is incredibly important for sufferers of Dysmenorrhea to take great care of themselves during their time of menstruation, and to experiment with, and find coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. In cultures outside of the West, women take the time during menstruation to be separated from the village/community, and honour their wombs with sacred ritual, and care giving. It is considered a blessed time in which the woman is most connected both to her psychic, and intuitive knowing, and can bring back valuable knowledge for her community.




Armand Baltazar – photo credits.

Because Dysmenorrhea tends to begin so early on in the menstruation stage, alot of sufferers can feel as if they have been robbed of their childhood, or that they have had their innocence taken away from them particularly early. I identify with going through this process particularly early, (at the age of 11), and i remember feeling like this was not something that i could discuss with my peers, as they would not understand, (many of them had no started their periods, and the ones who had, did not experience so much pain).

Scientists, and medical professionals are still unsure as to why this pain even exists, and many theorise that it is something to do with a lack of oxygen travelling through, and to the womb, (fallopian tube) during the time of menstruation. Whatever theory you may have heard about painful periods, i do not believe that this period, (pardon the pun), should be so painful, or so disdainful. If society do not view it important enough to find natural, or long lasting relief for these symptoms, then i believe that it is up to us as women, to experiment with different techniques, and bring this healing knowledge fourth to the rest of us.

Whilst discussing ‘periods’, still remains taboo, regardless of the fact that, discussion of, admiration for, and exploration of, the female body remains one of the main interests of general society, we are still alienating, and segregating women from the access to  all aspects of themselves, and their wholeness.

Women should not have to play up to the societal expectations of them as sexual, and visually stimulating beings, whilst cowering away in shame, and discontent when addressing other areas of womanhood, and what it means to be ‘seen’, in relation to womanhood. Periods will continue to occur, until the time of menopause. It is time that we stop hiding this portion of femininity in secrecy, and teaching future generations of women coming into their own, that they are from offset of puberty, somehow more shameful, and burdensome.

Cindy Anneh-bu

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