General Weekly Reading – 3rd-9th April – On the highway, to home.


Main themes – King of wands, The star, Surrounding cards – The chariot, Queen of swords, Queen of pentacles, 10 of swords, 2 of swords. 

Numerological breakdown calculation – 

3 – Creativity, charm, communication, community, unity consciousness, integration – 9 – Wounded consciousness/abandoning victim consciousness, humanitarianism, the seeker, wisdom, trials and tribulations.

The king of wands this week represents our PERSONAL power – the

‘I AM’. 

The month of April truly saw us embodying more feminine aspects, doing healing work that focused on others, birthing new projects, and coming up with the ideas and the theories that we need for our frame work. However, April graces us with some new found stability, and the authority to literally pull ourselves together. The number 3 usually relates to piecing together separate fragments, in order to create a new picture, and can sometimes be a lofty process, especially if we are not used to accumulating growth outside of ourselves. The number 4 representing the month of April is very much about ensuring that we are safe, and secure, not only in our body, but in our thoughts.

What does it require in order to be safe? Have you ever truly thought about it? Is it financial security? Or emotional security? And can the two live among one another. Our sense of safety in relationships and our day to day life is pulled into question. Perhaps we shut ourselves off from others because we have not activated the power of the star. That is healing that pours over our lives after a series of trying tests, or revelations pouring in.

The star card encourages us to heal the effects of the tower that occurred in the previous week. This is the break down of the world around us so that we can acknowledge that we have not been in alignment as we have thought. This week is very much a second go. And if you have found yourself triggered lately, it is highly important to forgive yourself, and to realise, there was still an excess of lessons that you had to incorporate. It may have felt like a difficult balance last week.. Trying to integrate spiritual lessons, emotional balance, and keep an eye on financial matters.. It can cause us to suffer in more areas than one when we are unable to fund the right balance for all areas to shine, if not equally, at least proportionally – but it is vital to find a calm balance. One that is not chaotic. And is understanding and forgiving when one area has to take precedence.

Authority, discipline, and vision for the future are called into order for us this week. This desire for change meets the hope for change, which actually propels us even further than desire. Hope comes from the heart, whereas desire comes from the spirit, our more primal impulses.. This is not always enough to shift us into gear, particularly if we have any fears or phobias about stepping into the light in this way. This week takes a look at our future projection, the self that we hope to become one day, even through all of our trials, and tribulations.

The star appears after the tower card in the taro to remind us to feel hopeful in the face of turbulent change, and to remember who we are after we have fallen apart.

It is easy to revert to a version of our-self that is a only a shell of who we truly are.

Timid, scarred, and uncertain of the world represents somebody who is out of alignment with their root chakra, and sense of safety in the world. For a person to feel as if their safety needs have been fully met, they need to feel safe in their own body. Secure within who they are. Proud. And commanding without being demanding.

The king of wands in conjunction with the chariot allow you to be forthcoming with your destiny.

The 10 of swords is representative of a previous incident that left you feeling personally victimized, overwhelmed, or wounded that is now coming to an end. The queen of swords may represent boundaries that must be established, between yourself, and others.

Perhaps you have been forgetting who you are, your own grace, and neglecting yourself in favour of keeping the peace, or going in a direction that you do not necessarily wish to be driven in.

A vital decision is presented to you with the 2 of swords, and you will be asked if you will continue with the unfair situation that exists before you, or whether you will make the best out of a bad situation.

Ultimate truth is called for in this situation, and not the type that is malicious, or spiteful, but the type that is just.

A new balance and purpose to life is explored as you are more willing to touch upon the unknown – to explore what feels good, and natural to you.

The queen of pentacles harnesses this power because she knows all that her coin is worth. How certified are you in your own worth?

Maybe it is time for you to learn a new skill, or gain a qualification in an area of your interest. You may be receiving some congratulations, or accolades for your works worth, and others may fail to even know or understand how this work was born through strife.

The chariot moves forward with dedication. The road may seem long, and tedious, with many bumps along the way, but when you are sure, and structured in what it is that you want, you are willing to endure minor setbacks, and overcome them too.

You see the king of wands is actually stronger for the ego deaths that he has acquired, and this fire energy, and desire to stand up for self is as a result of past persecution.

You are fast coming into your own because you are a keen observer with vast life experience. This does give you an advantage, so do not see it as a burden.

Take your trials. With their betrayals, and pains, and misunderstandings, and assert yourself anew.

Find joy in life, focusing on the everyday victories.

And yes, there are wins EVERYDAY,

so long as we please the senses that surround us.

Happiness does not always have to be a big grand gesture, and every little day we draw closer to magic.

Duality becomes ever more prominent as we learn to take the good with the bad, and not be halted by the bad.


it is all a game of perception.


Happy April! I would just like to take the time to congratulate you all because last month there was quite a lot of shadow work & integration going on.. And some of us may have felt as if we are just never going to get the hang of this spiritual thing… Once we figure one thing out, something else falls under the bus… And we are confused all over again.. Well this is the energy of integration.. To make whole parts fit together, sometimes you have just got to understand and accept how they do not fit. And then redirect your time, & energies… April should be much smoother for us because this is all about building the correct structure & foundation for what we HAVE managed to fit together & finding our feet in coordination.

So, I must ask, are any of you feeling particularly triggered today, or even over the weekend? There have been some funny energies — I feel like temptation from the past, or energies trying to lure us off the correct pathway & into the darkness.

I have officially pulled the cards for both the general weekly reading AND the TwinFlame weekly & I may just alert you that you may be in for a bit of a triggering week BUT it does end up all well in the end, especially if you keep up with these readings and stand aware in the fluctuations…

We may be triggered with childhood stuff once again, but this is all about stepping into your personal power..
Both readings will arrive by tomorrow, you may begin purchase of the TwinFlame weekly early, (as of now), but I will forewarn you, if you do, it won’t arrive to you for roughly another 24 or so hours!

Blessed be my beings, remember to stay in CONSCIOUS awareness…

PC – mixed media with photography, acrylic paint, pastel and ink by Stev’nn Hall

The Twinflame weekly reading for this week the 3rd-to the 9th, ‘The highway through hell’, is officially available for purchase, and currently underworks. 

This weeks reading packs an extra SPECIAL punch as I experiment with my brand new Rumi oracle deck and a voice recording of me reading through the selected card.


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*NEW* moon in Aries – 27/28th March. The ultimate destruction, & re-creation.



With the new moon in Aries,

we are looking at the wild, unkept divine feminine – our egoic nature that may be more difficult to control, or maintain.

The strength card in the taro is represented by this energy.

When the ego is suppressed, or you hide elements of who you are, you tend to grow frustrated, or express the intensity of your emotions in a way that may be considered harmful to your well being, or that of others.

But, as we all know, explosions are very expressive, & almost necessary to us humans, much like orgasms.

It is necessary for us every so often, to burst free from our confines, & exist in our truth – especially us creative types!

Aries can be a little harsh, or sharp tongued, but this is simply because they have so much expression inside of them, & may often feel as if others do not understand them.

It is important to understand yourself, so that you do not project in this way.
This new moon signifies a vow to communicate more clearly.

There is nothing wrong with being a warrior for yourself. As long as you pick your battles wisely.

Channel the most intense of your energies into creativity, or an expressive art form.

Aries are never afraid to stand up for themselves, so this could also be a message to those who are holding on too tightly to whom they think they should be, playing small, & refusing to deliver.

I have spoken previously about my thoughts of this numerological year being a `10 year, and not a 1 year at all.. Numerology typically removes the value of the 0, however, I think that the 0 is very impactful in describing what is happening with the energies of the number 10 – 1 being creation, and 0 being destruction, and the 10 of them playing out a simultaneous sync, that is very reminiscent of twin flame energy, the infinity symbol, and the nature of existence itself.

This new moon in Aries borrows from that Kali, (the dark goddess) energy of destruction, and creation, and how the both of them are dependent on one another for growth.

A vital lesson is actually being presented to us in the wake of the new moon in Aries once again for us to do our shadow work. There is a lot of shadow work that goes on during this time because the Spring energies are trying to make way for a lighter vibration. We have broken down a lot of information in such a short space of time, and this is so that we welcome the next part of the year with ease.. Although, this year may be a trying one in terms of us breaking into a new dawn.. As we rise into higher energies, we are also met equally by all of our fears, and blockages, and the panic that is currently happening on earth with the political system, and people feeling desperate for change. As much as there is a lot of movement, there is also still alot of backwards activity, a lot of organisations, systems, and a lot of people still reluctant to break out of the dark ages.

For twinflames specifically, because they take on the embodiment of all of the templates of human kind, they are finding this struggle against the old, and the new particularly difficult.

March also being the 3rd month, brought us the energy of the number 3, which is highly charged with spiritual information, communication, and creative/birthing energies.

Twin flame New moon in Aries *FREE* reading – 

twinflame moon

The 4 of pentacles, The magician, the devil.

For twinflames, this new moon period asks them to embark on a period of transmutation, and the kind of alchemy that completely turns their world around. There may have been many triggers lately in the name of old templtes, rigidity, and feeling as if we must adhere to certain labels, or ways of being, in order to feel accepted, or accounted for. Many twinflames are trying to break away from the patriarchal grip that is the 4 of pentacles, in combination with the devil. Feeling stuck or tied down by rigid belief systems, practices, or demands. Perhaps they have been stuck financially, and it is time for them to use their creative sensibilities to find a way to generate more income, without experiencing tediousness, boredom or restraint. They are becoming away pretty fast of what they have taken on from their parents, and unlike before, they are actually making a conscious effort to challenge themselves, and not to run away from what needs to be faced. The magician is also the ability to exist within the present moment. It is only when we are conscious of ourselves that we are true manifestors, manipulators of energy, because then we keep tabs on what we are creating, with every passing moment, which is really the definition of karma.

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

The GENERAL weekly reading for this week, the 27th-2nd will be out on Wednesday detailing the energetic themes of this week, so you can keep up with your lessons, and growth HERE, and the twinflame weekly reading for this week will be released for purchase tomorrow, but payment for it may begin now..

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I am so pleased to announce that my first EVER twin flame novel is officially out. This is the most in depth depiction of twin flames that you will find! Following their family karma, & the entire alchemical break down of the Union, INCLUDING the true purpose of the separation stage –
And the most taboo topic – What is life after the twin flame dynamic?
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– Seek Cindy.

General Weekly Reading – 6th-12th February 2017; The Taming of the shrew- The healthy ego vs the unhealthy ego. 

Main theme – (Strength), Empress, 6 of wands, 9 of pentacles, 2 of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 6 – Family, home, maternal feelings, love, the lovers, compassion, healing, community, empathy – 12 (1+2) = 3, Manifestation, communication, creativity, community, family, integration. 6 + 3 = 9 – Completion, healing of past wounds, wounded healer, humanitarianism, resolution.

The taming of the shrew; Shrew definition – a small mouse-like insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes. (Meekness or timidity metaphor).

2.a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman.

It is no coincidence that the strength card chose to make an appearance at this time considering that the main feature of this week is the powerful full moon in Leo!

The energy of Leo takes us into the energy of boldness, physical appearance, & the presence that we hold in relation to taking up space.

Thus, Leo inspires us to take a closer look at our ego. Check out my full moon in Leo article for more details.

The ego can be your bestfriend, or your worst enemy, dependent upon how aware, and conscious you can become of it. Too much – and You turn into the hungry narcissist, always searching for validation, & raging or misbehaving when you do not get it. This weekly reading in particular suggests a rather strong message from the feminine, as the strength card depicts a powerful woman who has learned to conquer her inner beast, & the empress card which Expresses all the feminine could be once her ego is balanced.

The empress is the energy that we invest in ourselves, in order to create surroundings that are supportive of our individual energetic expression. No more are the days that we seek to look outward for others to validate us, or to provide us with the essentials to create our own destinies.

Birth, and creation are signified here in a major way in combination with the expressive energies that the full moon in Leo asks that we tap into. The empress can be symbolised by the sprouting of beautiful, bountiful flowers, that have seen the test of time, or reached their peek. 

If there is anything in particular that we have been sitting on, fearful to do, or uncertain of, this may be the week that we conclude that we are ready, either to take that next step forward, or to put out a creative project that has fully developed. Perhaps an energy is born within us this week, that sustains us, and allows us to watch over the growth of something new, becoming more responsible, and conscious in order to be able to nurture it, and ourselves.

The 9 of pentacles speaks of a time where things reach fruition. This full moon presents a powerful time for manifestation, & accumulation, despite new moons typically being the phase for manifestation. The number 3 could be abundant in our sightings this week, with Valentine’s Day around the corner inspiring us to fall in love with life again.. Spring is around the corner, and it is nearing time for us to present to the world what our darkness has taught us. There is much to share, and to offer, and it is reinforced with the 6 of wands that if we place in our best efforts, we will reap luxuries, and rewards.

This could be a time to plant seeds – seeds of thought in order to build new habits. The 6 of wands represents the individual who returns from battle, after a lengthy fight against external, and internal forces. 

There could perhaps be a job promotion this week, the promise of a new endeavour, or a chance to maximise our financial security. The strength card asks that we do not let our ego get the best of us. Perhaps we are asked to humble ourselves towards our own struggles, & the struggles of others. We may be growing more compassionate, & understanding, as we learn just how much conflict is apart of the greater picture in life.

The two of swords sees us on the brink of monumental change. Perhaps we are asked to choose a direction, and or a destination. This may be the difference between choosing a new path, or remaining stagnant. It is easy at times of great change to grow fearful when we do not know what quite to expect, but the empress suggests timing is an important factor in manifestation. You have to experience all of the seasons, to truly know the abundance of the entire cycle.

A pivotal point is reached in which we must choose a destination, & choose to surrender a part of ourselves. Free will is still always, a very big factor.

The feminine energy could have a huge week of transition at this time. Being made more aware of her current or past placements in relationships. The empress could encourage us all to build a home within ourselves before seeking accommodation elsewhere. It is imperative to know who you are at this point – especially if you have spent a life time being confused, or fearful of persecution consciousness.

Realise that royalty is at your feet, years of patriarchal conditioning and bashing have just attempted to narrow your path. Even masculine energies have much to learn about the feminine this week! Perhaps a mother figure, a mother that they have made of a woman, (if they are male), highlights to them the true vision of the woman.

The 6 of wands is definitely a journey about being in search of heroism – wherever that may take us. A consciousness arises to do things with more tact, & to find better, healthier coping mechanisms.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2017.

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TwinFlame **AQUARIUS NEW MOON** reading – Follow our facebook page for DAILY TF news.


Main theme//Unified energy – THE STAR, Masculine – King of wands & Four of cups, Feminine – Judgement & the page of pentacles.

What an amazing card to receive for the new moons main theme energy – The star card, which is actually the card that represents Aquarius as a sun sign.
So, the star card arrives after the tower card. This is the recent life experiences that twin flames have been through that have entirely shaken things up for them. So this is recent revelations about the ways that they have been living their lives, changes, and epiphanies that have come on very strong, and have rearranged the course of their destiny.. Sometimes, these significant changes, and life events can seem as if they are working AGAINST us, so many of us may have felt as if we were losing our grip on reality, or as if things have hit us harder than we deserve.. The truth is, this is very much the energy of Kali, the healing goddess who heals first, by completely fucking shit up.

Once, we have cleared this path of everything that we do not want, what is left, is actually all the tools required for us to rebuild. KNOWLEDGE. Understanding. Heightened awareness. All that is brought by the healing energy of Aquarius.
The star is renewed hope..Things are not actually as bleak as we once thought they were, once we get ourselves unstuck from our minds, and the coming days following the new moon reveals a new beginning for twin flames. There is a shift in their energy fields, when they actually begin to feel very lucky, as opposed to the heavy and tense energy that they were feeling in the days before. The dust is settling, and the fog is clearing.. The star in the image suggests a light emerging to show them the way in the darkness. They may start to look back and realise why everything had to happen as it did, and gain a new appreciation for life, and life’s lessons.
The feminine once again is being very nurturing at this time.. She is pouring hope, and faith not only into herself, but also into the masculine. If he is going through a hard time, then she is choosing to focus on herself, rather than to be judgmental to him.
She is a new woman. Emphasis on the woman, embodying so much more of her feminine charm – she is leading the way for this renewed sense of beginnings. Alot of clearing is happening at this time, and they will both feel the effects of this soon enough.

The king of wands in conjunction with the four of cups is the masculine taking the time to step into his role as the divine masculine. He is actually turning his life around by changing his perception now.. You see the cup that he continuously failed to realise was an opportunity from the divine? Well, he is turning around now, physically, and metaphorically, and realising that this cup is offering him a token for a new beginning. Perhaps things did not work out in the way that he thought, maybe he expected his life to take a different course, but this is a spiritual awakening that arrives to him, in the form of an emotional upheaval, that will find it’s own balance. He is not looking at the past anymore, and he is coming into more close contact with his intuition.. His predictions may be getting stronger, and he can no longer ignore for much longer that he is actually gifted in many esoteric, metaphysical ways..

Judgement is the feminine taking a look at her destructive behaviours.. If her recent relationships have seen challenges, and destruction, then, she will be looking within, and she will be assessing herself, instead of just blaming past partners, or everyone around her for her behaviour. She is becoming less selfish, and less neurotic. In realising that the world does not revolve around her, but actually revolves around a bigger picture, she learns to tame her ego, and remove this, me, me mentality.
The page of pentacles sees her offering a gift to the masculine.. This is a gift that has not reached the full stages of maturity. Perhaps she extends some comfort to him.. Or sends him a message whilst being very weary of not coming across too strong. She knows he needs some support at this time, but she too is going through a lot, so she cannot afford to OVER give in the energetic department. She makes a small offer. She is busying herself by correcting smaller wrongs along the way. .This is much like the show, ‘My name is Earl’, she knocks on doors, metaphorical to correct many karmic wrongs from her past, as she is now very aware of herself. She can catch herself in the act of wrong doing.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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New moon in Aquarius reading ✨✨ January 2017 – Higher heights in karmic love. Spiritual detachment & 5th dimensional attachment. 

The new moon in Aquarius gifts us with the opportunity to have a complete soul revival. The Aquarian, is the visionary, the one who can see into your soul & tell you all of your darknesses, this is why this sign is usually naturally gifted in astrology.

Now, This energy asks that you do the same.. The judgement card speaks of the ultimate call, the call to ourselves. Yes, eventually, inevitably, we have to answer to the divine, but before we do, our higher self pulls us up & asks us to take a look at the rawness of our journey. How did we get to this point here? Likely, there has been some cyclical behaviour occurring, maybe we reach a point now where we can identify that these situations we are experiencing, are not new, but have actually been shown to us before. There is no greater time for change than now, Aquarius comes to challenge the status quo, to change what has ‘always been’, into – what shall be, & what shall exist in accordance To a higher dimensional vibration.


Healing comes when we go through painful experiences that shatter our egos- looking back at the past will not allow you to see the beauty of what these experiences brought you. If you are to look back at this time, then it should be to retrieve some understanding, & not to allow your perspective to be stolen from the truth. Gather your thoughts. & then rearrange them. The 5 of cups suggests that this pain will bring you balance, a new emotional beginning, the likes of which you have never seen.

Both the mother & father wound are called into question as this new moon seeks primarily to shatter negative family karma. What will you do differently for this next generation? What relationship model no longer serves you? Maybe it is time to create your own family, & intuitively, you know that this will require a shamanic type of change.

Aquarians are known to be the sign of detachment. To the point that some people even believe that Aquarians are heartless, or cold. This could not be further from the truth. Rather, Aquarians know that they have a grand, divine mission on this earth. They are actually one of the only signs who are born already knowing this, & do not have to be broken into the path of service.

The Aquarius energy, or archetype, will not let over emotionalism, or chaotic relationships deter them from completing this mission. No matter how much they care about someone, or something, if this situation is draining to them, then they will detach in record timing.

This new moon asks of you to do the same. A relationship ended in turmoil & upheaval? Okay. Mourn.. But don’t you dare forget to use all of the ingredients received in the form of the knowledge that it brought you, to heal, to serve, to teach. Nothing that you experience is in vain.

Non attachment, is the root to 5th dimensional living. You must know that you are so attached to everything, that there is no need for further attachment. Everything that you need, exists. Everything that you require, is in you. You are not without. Therefore, detachment, is simply a means of existing.

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flame WEEKLY Reading 19th-25th December – Karmic revelations/re-evaluations, The mirror to the shadow, & spiritual responsibilities | Happy Holidays my beauties!


Main theme – 9 of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Ace of pentacles, Masculine – 6 of cups, 10 of wands, 8 of wands, Feminine – 7 of cups, Knight of swords, Strength.

First of all, I would just love to say happy holidays to all of my enchiladas, and loyal fans, and followers, and readers.. It has been an amazing journey since I first began doing this weekly readings, to see my reader content grow, and to receive the repetitive support from my viewers.

Take this holiday season easy! We have the winter solstice, and we see a peak to the culmination of a spiritual 9 year – to check what this 9 year meant, check the bottom of this reading for the 2016 9 year forecast, that I completed at the end of 2015!

Numerological break down calculation – 19th (10) – Balancing of masculine & feminine energies, death & rebirth, ending, and beginning of a new cycle, transformation, and God consciousness – 25 (7) – Spiritual lessons, collective consciousness, the unconscious mind, wisdom gained through hard ship, creative genius, & occult knowledge.

The 9 of swords crowning this reading speaks of a spiritual revolution, much like judgement day.. The 9 of swords can represent the influx, and overflow of thoughts that arrive to us, when we are met with the reality of our shadow self.
A perfect mirror of who we have been, and who we can be – The dark side of ourselves that is.
This may include memories, or triggers of past scenarios, and events, where we have been less than responsible, or just in our actions.. Our worries, and anxieties relate to our increasing awareness of our empathic natures..

The journey from the ego, to the heart center can often be a tricky, and complicated one. Existing in our heart space means feeling compassion, and a growing sense of understanding, of your own thoughts, and feelings, and that of others. Sorrow, guilt, regret, or disappointment in self, and others can often occur when we are met with a mirror of ourselves.. The sometimes shameful, or harmful things that we have done.. But I do not believe in the energy of shame, as I feel that this is apart of a tactic used many years ago, through psychological, and religious invasion, about being unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption. Nobody is unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption, and that is the ultimate truth.. Holding on to pain, revenge, and existing in our trauma often causes us to believe that we, or others are not worthy of being reborn.. In order to be reborn, you must first know that you deserve to, and this is why both twins should let go of their concerns about themselves at this time.

The ace of pentacles speaks of having no regrets. It is not time to dwell in the past, or to dwell on what has occurred, understand where you have gone wrong, by all means, and take responsibility for each of your actions.. But forgive yourself, above all.. The ace of pentacles is a new chance of a beginning provided from spirit. This is the chance to start again, to reconnect with your own sense of value, and to remind yourself of what is at stake when you neglect yourself.. This ace is offered to you, but it is up to you whether to take it or not, to work for it.. To give up old ways, and to begin rebuilding. Anything can happen when you start from a 0 point.. Surrender.

The 6 of cups representing the masculine speaks of his consideration of past union, soul mate unions, and reconnecting with the feminine. The longing and the push, and pull toward her is definitely prevalent, but it is not separate from its own fears, and concerns..

The 10 of wands is spiritual heaviness, concepts, masks, and facades previously warn by the masculine, that have kept him separate from himself.

The 10 of wands speaks of the end of the road, a time period where we can no longer carry on as we have been, being dishonest, elusive, or trying to distract ourselves by going beyond our measures..

This can include juggling too many partners, or destructive behaviours in attempts to not have to deal with the dwellings of our soul, or what our subconscious mind tells us. The 10 of wands forces us to take a straight, and narrow path, as opposed to stopping along the way to accumulate more distraction.. Sometimes, people can intentionally busy, or overwhelm themselves, in order to escape, or exist in an illusionary realm.

This presents a new side of the masculine.. Maybe he has separated himself from friends, partying, drinking, or a life style that offered him some type of shelter.. As his week would have it, he can no longer rely on this form of escapism, and so, is now left isolated.. With nothing but himself to look at .. And his actions.

The 8 of wands is messages, and spiritual revelations that arrive to him as flashes of insight this week.. Understanding himself, and his karmic dealings, are apart of him working with a new template.. He may also be projecting mental messages to the feminine, understandings, & realisations about his own side of the picture.. About her own shadow self, whilst he learns about his own. There’s very much a projection of mental templates. When we let go, and surrender to what is, we receive messages far quicker.. This is why the ego is often so quick to attempt to defend itself, and come up with explanations..

Because if the heart were to always speak to us, we would not be able to commit half of the irresponsible behaviours that we do..
The 8 of wands is the butterfly that whispers in our ears, sent from the heavens, that let’s us know it is time to pause, and to re-evaluate… Consider this a time for redemption for the masculine, a maturing, and an understanding of what it means to exist communally, as apart of society, apart of a network, rather than consider himself alone, which is what fuels narcissism.

The 7 of cups on the side of the feminine, talks of indecisiveness, over imagination, and idealism.
Perhaps the feminine is realising this week particular times, and incidences where she may have been out of touch with reality, or refusing to see the truth.. This could relate to the way that people have treated her in the past, karmic attachments, family, friends, and even the masculine himself..

When we exist primarily in our emotions, it becomes easily to be pulled to, and fro, not really existing in truth, or careful thought, but allowing ourselves to be taken away on a whim of emotion.. Because of this, we may have been somewhat unfaithful, to ourselves, or others, at the drop of a hat, dependent upon which emotional state we choose to dial into.

This is not inherently ‘evil’, or insidious in a sense, but it can become that way when we attempt to punish others for double crossing us, or project what can be considered as emotional abuse. This is actually one of the deterrents to union, because the masculine is actually very hyper sensitive to criticism, just like the feminine..
Another sub product of narcissistic qualities, which because of the nature of healer’s upbringings, are often quite prevalent among them.

The knight of swords is a message from the masculine that comes in fast, and heavy, and this message is actually provided to both of them, so it may be projected as a mirror image, from one, to the other. This is a change of perception that arrives to us, clear communication that requires us to take fast action.. You cannot escape the nature of change that is coming, because it will permeate your thoughts.. You will be able to think about nothing else, other than the changes that need to be made.

Maybe the feminine holds an addiction to dramas, conflict, or even unfaithfulness, because of the changing nature of her emotion.. For the fearful masculine who abhors abandonment, any notion of erratic motion can be alarming..Causing retreat.

The strength card is the feminine gaining responsibility over herself, and her emotions. Taming her ego self, and the ‘catty’ nature of herself, is something that she does effortlessly, once she learns to relax into her heart space.. Forgiveness of herself, forgiveness of others, and understanding of the dual nature of existence.. Life will have ups, and life will have downs, and no amount of lashing out, or attempts of control will bring change to any of this.. We have to embrace this, and attempt to work WITH it.

Happy healing, my sacred beings |

Numerology report. 2016, year of the number 9, and spiritual advancement.

What separates the number 9 from some of the other numbers? Authenticity.

The number 9 is what a lot may refer to as the number of integrity, when the 9 is living in truth that it, otherwise the number 9 is quite bitter and unpleasant. For this reason, this year must be entirely about living in your truth, whether this means spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically, this is the year that any falsity, and lack of resonance will feel, and even prove painful.
This is especially vital for those who have remained silent for a large portion of their lives, lack of expression, timidity, loss of direction, throat chakra in-activation or otherwise, which tends to relate to empaths, old souls, and those who identify with being highly sensitive.
This year is all about remodelling the narrative of you being the meek, passive backgrounder who always gets passed by, and always misses out on the best opportunities. You will re-write this script successfully, with the self actualising energy of the number 9, who is truly, a natural born leader – to the right audience!

Famous revolutionary, and prominent, spiritual activist, life path 9, Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley.
Numerologically speaking, we are in the year of completion, resolution + wholeness (2+0+1+6) = 9. One of the most spiritually tuned numbers.
Isn’t that beautiful? Last year knocked us out with all of the fluttering and stuttering!
Last year, the numerological sum of the number 8, was all about spiritual growth through hardship, financial progress, and determination. Last year was very much about sacred unions also, as 8 takes the same form of the infinity symbol. Longevity, was the ultimate goal, and establishing independence from restrictive regimes.
This year, is all about tying up the loose ends – ‘nearly there now’, and reaping the rewards of hard earned work. Coming home, to you. To reach the number 9, and enjoy the intensity of its fruits however, requires patience, and cultivation of 3 (creativity) and 6 compassion.
#lifepath9 will do well to integrate both creativity and service to humanity if they are to live in harmony, and gain financial advancement. When self serving and bitter about past occurrences, the number 9 will remain stagnant, ungrateful, and will not receive its rightful blessing.
If willing to leave the past behind, and use painful experiences as motivation for human compassion and understanding, the 9 will prosper. There is great responsibility on the number 9, so for this reason, even in the early stages of this month, you may be feeling pressured, acknowledging that the heat is on, and you must remain more determined than ever. The expectancy upon this number can cause procrastination.
The number 9 is a test of faith, faith that inevitably breeds results. To whom much is given, much is required. The number 9 is also the spiritual channel. So seemingly spontaneous insights and realisations are to be kept, recognised as prophecy.
There is amazing energy, and opportunity now available for those who fully wish to step into the path to do so..
Was there a lot of death around you last year? This is really typical before rebirth processes, it welcomes detachment into our awareness.
And is also symbolic of the transformation we ourselves are undergoing. There is also no greater spiritual awakening than losing a loved one.


© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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General Weekly Reading – 19th-25th December 2016; Winter Solstice, the darkest depths of death, & Happy holidays |


Main theme – Death, Surrounding cards – Three of pentacles, The emperor, The high priestess, Ace of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 19th (10) – Balancing of masculine & feminine energies, death & rebirth, ending, and beginning of a new cycle, transformation, and God consciousness – 25 (7) – Spiritual lessons, collective consciousness, the unconscious mind, wisdom gained through hard ship, creative genius, & occult knowledge.

The winter solstice is marked as the darkest night of the year, & as we have all come to know, darkness is associated w/ feminine energy, rebirth, revelations & deep soul healing..
We are nearing the end of a 9 year cycle, which brought us many karmic lessons, along w/ the opportunity to break our repetitive cycles, effectively healing wounds…
The next few days up until December the 25th are likely to grant us major reflection, before the initial soul death, that initiates us into a new path.

It is no coincidence that this birth-date was chosen to represent the birth of Christ, or rather Christ consciousness, which is the humility that gives rise to new light..
Remember the nativity story?
Mary & Joseph endured many trials on their journey to ensure that Christ was born safely.. This can be seen as a metaphor for the many doors that we knock on, & the triumphant journey that we have embarked on, as the year comes to a close.

Appreciate the lessons that have taken you thus far. Time may currently appear stilled, as information travels to you effortlessly, with little resistance from you, or your ego self..
Allow your old world to sink into the depths of this darkness.
Prepare for the rebirth of all rebirths…
The beginning of a 10 year cycle.
10 – NOT 1. (2+0+1+7). Many numerologists prefer to act as if the 0 holds no value, but I believe it actually adds greater value and potency to the number that it follows.

It is no surprise to me considering the winter solstice that the Death card appears for us this week as the main theme.. The death card speaks of the deep, intense transition period that we are all experiencing at this time. This is inevitable change, a death of the old ways, and a major transformative period. This week, the death has more to do with our inner child workings than anything else. Something has triggered us this week to take a deep and intense look at our soul’s journey thus far, perhaps a karmic attachment, or a painful event that caused us to assess the areas in our lives that know instability, and chaos. 


Death is both the recognition, and the realisation that we can no longer carry on in the ways that we have been, as it no longer holds value, or substance to where it is that we are trying to go.. This is a natural process in our lives, the kind of change that meets us at the end of a cycle of lessons, and growth. It is the only permissible step after the many trials, and tribulations of a 9 year. Integration truly means making these changes. We may be called to abstain from certain things, behaviours, addictions, and methods that have recently, or in the past led us astray…. Maturity knocks on our door at this time, and almost like autumn leaves, we are asked to allow certain things to fall away, once, and for all.. It appears as if there is little choice, resistance, and holding on to these beliefs, and behaviours will lead to an unhealthy destination.

Death, by all means means rebirth.. And this is something that we have been working towards for the entirety of this year, particularly since September, the 9 month – where our karmic work picked up severely . We are asked to find more creative methods to deal with our pain at this time, perhaps alchemical – instead producing art, or sharing our wounds with the world through expression of the soul. Rebirth means creating something new, and more beautiful, where something old, and outdated once took place.. Instead of ignoring, burying, or even relinquishing our wounds, we are simply called to make something of them, to grow through them, and to understand them.. If we do not clean out the old, we grow stale, and there is no room for newness, or fresh breath. This is just the cyclical nature of existence. Our old self must be recycled as apart of the grand design – our new self is called from a higher plane of existence, to sit with us, to join with us, to merge with us.


The emperor is symbolic of this new order, stability, and restoration that beckons us energetically…Perhaps the death that we are experiencing must occur because our life has previously been build on shaky ground, and it is time, by all means, to finally get things together… This is very much masculine energy, and at times can represent the father figure. Maybe we are addressing and identifying wounds that relate to the father issues in our life – our lack of responsibility for self, and others, our feelings of abandonment in relation to our father, and our ability to be the head of our selves, and the head of our own house holds – in this case, the house hold representing the mind. The emperor encourages taking full responsibility for yourself, and for what you manifest.. Becoming fully conscious actually means recognizing that you are the creator of your own experiences, and to blame everything, and everyone else around you renders you powerless. This goes against everything that the law of attraction, and the law of metaphysics stands for.

To truly be a sovereign being, means to take accountability. Victim consciousness should be becoming a thing of the past, as this is associated with co-dependent tendencies, and many of us are growing fed up of looking to others, or holding others responsible for our time, and emotions. If you really believe that you are validated, and worthy of building this empire that you foresee, then it is up to you to show, and to prove this.. Not to blame your parents for the opportunities that you did not have, not to blame your surroundings for not being work-able, not to blame your ex, or karmic attachment for leaving you too heart broken, but to take all of those experiences, and turn them into liquid gold.. If things are not working out, MAKE them work out..

The ace of pentacles is the opportunity for a clean slate that is being offered to you by the most high at this time. Revelations arrive heavily, and prevalent with the high priestess, and it is up to you to use these golden opportunities  to excel yourself. Your intuition is at an all time peak this week, along with your psychic connections, and spiritual experiences. If you have been taking the initiative to get closer to God at this time, then God will also show you how he/she is also growing closer to you. Dreams, experiences, or synchronistic moments that leave you feeling touched by an angel, almost as if you wish to cry…

A new opportunity to discover yourself, to build a new path, and to be renewed, and reborn unto this earth is available to you.. It is important to create distance, or even do a chord cutting ritual between you, and your old self at this time. If you need any help with the working, or the items used, then do not hesitate to contact me about purchasing one of my personally written  kits for doing so – 

Karmically, the ace of pentacles represents a fresh start. You may not see it, but there are so many pathways that are currently open, and opening to you, if you can just let go of some past habits, notions, and beliefs. It will not be entirely easy, but change never us.. The opportunity is simply presented, you have to work towards it, and show that you are capable of sustaining it..

The three of pentacles is representative of this sustenance… So, God has given you this golden opportunity for change, for newness, creative ideas, inspiration, manifestation energy, but what are you going to do with it? How are you going to ensure that you make the best out of what you have, and multiply? The three of pentacles is all about that long money… Making your money last, taking initiative, and running with the opportunity that you have.. Do not waste ANYTHING at this time, all of your experience is a gold mine.. And you have a GOLD mind. Working with others, accepting help where it is needed, and expanding your network will all prove beneficial to you this week. Do some research about ways that you can maximise.. Make lists, purchase a diary for the new year, write down some intentions, and write down some goals.. Focus ALL of your energies into the creation of this new path, as it will pay off if you do so.. Your soil is most fertile at this time, but you also need to work with what is given. Nothing is going to fall haphazardly into your lap.. At least not without you first creating an opening, or drawing a destination for it to land. This is the kind of growth, and expansion that may require us to leave our comfort zone, or stray away from what we have previously known.. 

Shyness, timidity, reservation, or sloppiness are all areas that we will have to conquer, and face this week if we are indeed to grab our golden opportunity with both hands, AND feet! There’s a pressing desire to follow our dreams, and acquire financial wealth, and stability, and once again, this all starts with how we are feeling energetically, and the steps that we take to invest in ourselves. You are a business.. So it is important that you treat yourself as such, and give yourself the respect, and the value that you deserve. Victim consciousness, and poverty consciousness is of the old way.. Though none of these things are inherently your fault, but rather a product of your past experiences, if you continue to view yourself as the helpless, poor soul who was mistreated, then you will always live in the shadow of your pain.. It is time to BOSS up! As only you can..

Happy healing, my scared beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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