Twin Flame Weekly Reading – Compassion, and understanding transition ~ 25th April-1st May.

Hello my darlings! Thank you all SO much for keeping up with all of my readings weekly, and for your comments, and likes, and shows of appreciation. It really does mean a lot to me, and I would love for you all to know that I truly do enjoy these tarot readings that I do for you, and I do put my heart and my soul into doing so. It pleases me so much when you leave comments, and write into me saying that my readings have resonated with you, so please, feel more than free to let me know when you are enjoying, or have enjoyed my readings. If you would like to make a donation, then that can be made via my tumblr page, And please know that all donations will inevitably go back into the craft, purchasing taro cards, divination tools, courses etc.

Now, every week, I realise that I receive more followers, and for those of you who are new to these readings, I do the twin flame weekly reading every week, alongside with the general weekly reading that you can also find here []. I do suggest reading them both to get an overall view of what is in store for you this week. If you do not identify with the twin flame term, then this reading is equally valid, and applicable to high level soul mate relationships also.

Please also do note that the terms masculine, and feminine are in relation to energies, and not necessarily fixed genders. In this case, the feminine energy may resonate more with somebody who identifies themselves as a man, and vice versa.


The two cards in the middle, are the theme, and the what both twins are experiencing this week. The cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine, whilst the cards on the right hand side, represent the feminine. I have also pulled out an extra card on the side, as a special treat for my first timers, and my loyal returning readers! This card is, ‘What spirit wants us to know’.

Main theme – The lovers, What both twins are experiencing – Seven of pentacles, Masculine – King of cups, Five of wands, Page of swords, Feminine – The hierophant, Three of cups, Knight of cups, What spirit wants us to know – Seven of cups.

Okay, so, with the theme of the lovers, this week, twin flames, or high level soul mates, are truly coming into the knowledge that the love is genuine, and reciprocated on both sides. This is all about achieving harmony, and balance, within themselves, and each other. This is a time for intimacy, though this does point also to balancing feminine, and masculine energies within oneself, and the sacred marriage that can take place when we accept and embody all aspects of ourselves, without shame or doubt.

The seven of pentacles does suggest that both twins are highly interested in this time, with establishing themselves, and gaining financial freedom. With the three of cups over on the feminine’s corner, I feel as if this money that she wishes to manifest, is more in relation to her having sociable outtings, and good times with those she cares about, as opposed to the masculine, who really requires this money in order to survive, and live, almost out of desperation, and this is causing him some frustration, and struggle, as shown by the five of wands. Once again, this may relate to societal perceptions. And how society expects men to be self sustainable financially, and not only provide for themselves, but also others.

With the king of cups on his side, healing, especially heart chakra healing, and achieving balance within himself is a key theme this week. He hasn’t really been feeling himself lately. He has a lot on his mind, and even though he is very tough, and may not show him, it is potentially starting to show cracks within his character, and his sense of self. He really does want to be the image of the masculine embodied in the lovers card, but he just has so much going on, so many things on his mind, and the page of swords suggests, that perhaps he is not communicating this as well as he should be.

He is used to being alone, and handling things within his own mind, so be patient with him if you recognise his signs of frustration, through odd behaviours, and slight inconsistencies, though he does not outwardly come out and tell you that there is a lot on his mind. Know that the challenges that he is facing this week, are all for the purposes of shaping him into the best version of himself, and pushing him to be more open, and honest about his feelings. Something that will heal not only himself, and the feminine within him, but will also by all means benefit the union.He really does need to learn to articulate himself, and he is on a journey towards this, otherwise, he will not win the internal battle coinciding within himself. He needs to learn about vulnerability, and he is finding ways to do this this week.

Over on the side of the feminine, we see with the hierophant, that she is fast experiencing a process of spiritual awakening, and spiritual illumination. Her level of awareness is expanding, and perhaps this is allowing her to see her own faults from a different point of view, and causing her to work on, and focus on herself, in ways that she hasn’t really been brave enough, or equipped enough to do so before.

She is definitely aware that her masculine twin is dealing with something, and this has been causing her a lot of anxiety, and to seek answers from within. And one of the conclusions that she has come to, is that she needs to focus on herself. She is so concerned about him, and what he is, and is not doing, because she is just NOT nourishing her own plantation enough. The three of cups attempts to get her attention to show her that there is really a thriving world, with a fluent social life out there available to her, and she really needs to cultivate balance, and stability outside of the lovers union. The union will always be there in the background waiting, as is her love, and this week encourages her to develop her explorer spirit, and free spirited nature, once again.

The knight of cups, represents the masculine twin, and how he is very much the centre of the feminine twins world, this week. Well, he always is. But likely, she is feeling so much angst because she is channeling, and tapping into his own energies of worry, and doubt. Do not fear. Do not mourn. He is going through a process of awakening, and this is really something that he needs to figure out on his own. The most that you can do is extend your care for him, but this is just work, that you cannot complete for him. The knight of cups shows the masculine twin, kneeling down, praying for salvation, and holding out a cup in hopes that it will be filled by the divine.  Divine intervention is coming, but he does need to want it.

I am getting that the more the feminine twin expresses herself outwardly, and gets her own thing going on, the more the masculine will be drawn toward her, in awe of her, inspired by her, and more willing to open up to her . It is the energetic balance. As she becomes more masculine, he will balance himself femininely. Thus, the sacred union fulfils its purpose.

The seven of wands, does indicate that spirit wants both twins, to go within themselves deeply this week. They have a lot of work to be done, and this requires a lot of quiet down time, and self reflection. This is a very spiritual card, and can point to one trusting their own intuition, and being led by their internal guidance system. This is a card of soul searching, seeking to understand one’s self, and implement changes into one’s life style, and ways of thinking, and doing, for the better. With the seven of pentacles, and the seven of cups, and seven representing spirituality, and the master thinker, there is a lot of mental activity, and deep thinking occurring this week.

Do not be hard on one another. You are both truly finding a space within yourselves where you can love each other freely, and openly. The way that love is intended to be.


I thoroughly hope that you  have enjoyed this reading my sacred beings!

And I bid you all a happy week of healing ~

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General weekly reading 4th-10th April. What is going on for us?


In the middle, we have the main theme for this week, which is the wheel of fortune. This card for me, stands for karma, and is a very karmic card, all about the way that the wheel of life turns, and the lessons, and the experiences, that it brings to us. So all of the things that we are enduring this week, are actually to do with karma, and our karmic patterns.

The karma that you may think that you know, essentially is not the true karma. Karma is whatever imprints that we take on in this life, from our parents, from our society, and from our culture. This could be beliefs about love, about yourself, about members of the opposite sex, and beliefs about your worth, and level of deserving.

So, pay attention, this week to any thoughts that spark reactions within you. Pay attention to your mind, and where your thoughts are directed. Are your thoughts continuously negative? Do you put yourself down with your self talk? Or do you lift yourself up? Whichever stream of thought dictates your mind, is actually your karma talking to you, and allowing you to know if you are clearing, or remaining in a lower, and denser state.

With the sun card, we are dealing with issues of growth, happiness, and abundance. Perhaps this is what you desire, on a conscious level, but on an unconscious level, you may be manifesting the opposite, with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, about love, yourself, and the world. If you want to grow, and receieve this illumination, then you have got to break the shackles that bind you, as presented with the devil card.

The devil card is all about unhealthy bonds, and negative temptation. Are you trapped within your own karma of self defeating thoughts, and behaviours? Pay attention to the life that you create with these thoughts. They all create a ripple of manifestation.

You need to transcend, and break free from this patterns, if you are to experience the happiness dictated with the sun, so this week, you may find yourself tested to resorted to old methods of self soothing, such as giving up, and wallowing in self pity, all together.

The 9 of cups, and the empress card, suggests that even when you experience difficulty, or friction this week, the under lying theme, is resolve, and completion, as depicted by the 9 of cups. You do want this emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental balance, and it truly is trying to find its way to you, but you have to be willing to work along with it. Invite it into your life with the thoughts, and the daily practices that you cultivate.

This is really, really important.

The empress represents somebody who is in charge, luxorious, beautiful, and respected. But tell me, how will you be respected if you are acting out of the little self, the ego, and the negative, destructive patterns that you thought that you broke away from?

Spirit is testing you here – to get to the 9 of cups, and this sense of happiness, and satisfaction, you still need to clear a few webs in your closet, and they may make themselves apparent if you come across triggering situations this week.

Remember, you can either be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy.

I choose to be a cheer leader on the team of myself, won’t you do the same?

You can create you, or you can destroy you, and the options, are entirely up to you, and not your experiences, i promise you this much!


Happy healing, my sacred beings!

If the twin flame weekly reading appeals to you in anyway, then please switch over to,  and check this out.


If you appreciate these type of weekly readings, and you would like to invest in my craft, feel free to place a donation via my tumblr page,


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Monthly forecast – Jan 2016 New moon in Capricorn, balancing masculine energies, and twin flames – love, with no attachments.

Hey guys! How are you all doing?I trust that you are all enjoying the full benefits of the predictions of my first ever new year report, based all on numerology! (If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, click here   )

I promised you all that this year would be full of spiritual surprises, spiritually motivated, and spirit is wasting no time, and taking no prisoners, in manifesting instant results! This is the spiritual year of the number 9. As I mentioned before, the number 9 makes use of all of the tough lessons that it has learned, and uses creativity, and compassion, to ultimately entice success!

So success, that is what we are focusing on this year. All we really want to see, is the manifestation of all of our hard work, all of our learning, and all of our trials. What has it all amounted to? And how do we know where to start from?

This new year started as best as it could! With a new moon in Capricorn. Now, new moons, are all about the harvest, it is dark, so we do not see the moon, and as we all know, darkness is necessary, and required, for anything to grow. We started our ‘compost’, shall we say, in one of the most masculine, straight talking, and no nonsense sun signs!

Now, sometimes Capricorn gets a bad rep.. And I am even guilty of a few, ‘bad’ whisperings about Capricorn, but Capricorn is not always the cold hearted, distance, and narcissistically calculated embodiment that we have come to think it is! 

One of the reasons that Capricorn appears too straight forward, and too blunt, is because Capricorn energy is all about that drive – that drive to succeed! That intense hunger, that is willing to put emotion aside, and trust logics, in order to take action, and progress as it needs. Capricorn sees the target, and is rarely concerned about collateral damage, or who may become caught in the storm.

This is the exact template of masculine energy. Conquering. Power. Action. And determination. And that is exactly the kind of sentiments that we require to have our goals met this year, and to step outside of our comfort zones. 

Feminine energy has aided, and asssisted us all in tending to our wounds, and now… Enters the masculine father, to ensure that we do not get too caught up in dwelling in our wounds, and misfortune, and that we are now ready to take pro-active measure, to kick start our lives into action, and not re-action.

See, so not so bad after all is it?


As the divine feminine arrived in full effect at repetitive intervals in 2015, our main mission now, is the integration, and incorporation of the divine masculine. In order, to embrace these two opposing energies, we must change the ways in which we view masculine energy. There is nothing wrong with power. Drive. Nor ambition to succeed. It has only become perceived as ‘wrong’, because it has previously existed without the influence of the divine feminine working in harmony, and produced many of the corporate leaders, and elites that we have come to witness today. Plain sociopaths, only dedicated to the pursuit of power, at the hands of exploitation, and manipulation of others.

Now, we are seeing a new kind of power. A power that is both nurturing, and aggressive, when it needs to be. True power, (such as balanced feminine power), knows that it does not have to exercise power over others to show that it holds power. Power is something non-relative. It is all entirely dependent on the individuals journey, and ability. 

Twin flames; love, with non attachment.

One of the major problems, or triggers within the sacred Union template, is the desire for control. It is very likely that the power dynamics often shift, due to control measures that were used upon both twins during their childhood. They probably come from families who are also obsessed with the notion of control. Particularly on the part of the twin embodying the masculine energies. It is their lack of control in the situation that causes them to run. And it is the feminine energies desire to gain control over her love, that causes her to continue chasing, and injuring herself in the process.

Once we understand that love, and control, can not be housed in the same compound, we are one step closer to achieving harmony. Within ourselves, and within our love.

It is time to change the ways in which we view masculine energy. This will help the masculine twin in the sacred Union to make peace with himself, and begin to exercise control, and assertiveness over his life, whilst helping the feminine twin to heal the aspects of herself that associate masculinity with brutality. 

Look out for manifestations of men speaking from the heart chakra.

© 2016
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

What happens when you have a blocked throat chakra?

I was meaning to share this one with you guys for a while, but I guess I was a little bit nervous, because it is an incredibly touchy & sensitive subject & one that is dear to my heart.
So your throat chakra, governs your ability & your power to express yourself. It is all about expression & located just by the centre of your throat. The throat chakra allows for energy that has been stored, or kept in the body, to rise upward & exit the body, through the throat & the mouth. You can imagine that energy that does not escape, becomes stagnant & even poisonous in the body. It manifests as timidity, frustration, passive aggression, low self esteem, insecurity, nervousness & so on.. From personal observations, a blocked throat chakra stems from childhood incidences, (like most things do). Those w/ a blocked throat chakra likely grew up in an environment where their thoughts & opinions were painted to be invalid, or orders, beliefs & behaviours were dictated to them, where there was no room for opposition, or rebuttal. 

This type of up bringing is typical of cultures outside of the west, where colonial teachings of enforcing roles, for control remain implemented.
Consequently, the child who learns to be so passive in this environment, is likely to carry this behaviour & imprint with them into the social world, (school), where they are likely to be bullied for this same reason. For their timidity, uncertainty, fragility & lack of ability to speak up for themselves – even whilst it is all they truly want to do.
Because they find expression so difficult, they often also tend to avoid conflict, as this would require them to truly express what it is they are thinking & feeling.
This is typically the life path of healers, empaths & light workers, treading through the path of abuse to one day come to know & understand that empathy, & love is seriously lacking from this world.
However, all hope is not lost. Because these souls find it difficult to express themselves verbally, they usually become fantastic artists, painters & writers, as this offers them a means to articulate their thriving inner world.
Cindy Anneh-bu © 2015
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.