Tarot of the day // 17/2/2016

Theme – death card//transformation//rebirth.

Surrounding cards – knight of wands.

Three of swords.

The main theme that presents itself in this reading, is the death card. Now, many people relate this card with doom and gloom naturally because of the perceptions that we have been taught about death in this 3D reality. But ultimately, this is a pretty wonderful card to receive in a reading. The death card is all about transformation, transition, Rejuvination, and rebirth, and when this card appears it is very likely that we are caught in a transitory period between leaving the past behind, where we are now, and where we can see ourself being in future.

Change, and transformation can be a pretty terrifying experience, and for this reason, we may be experiencing self doubt, and even ‘imposter syndrome’, thoughts such as, ‘am I truly who I say that I am?’, or ‘is this really the new me?’ If you are experiencing these type of thoughts, then I truly challenge you to challenge yourself. Leave behind your old thoughts, old ways of thinking and doing, and the parts of yourself that keep you chained to painful memories. This card is alerting you that you are no longer who you used to be, and in order to endure this rebirth, you must willingly allow elements of the past to die.

Knight of wands –

The knight of wands is a pretty electric, and inspirational card. When it appears, we seem to be charging forward with a new found determination, and enthusiasm for life events, and our life’s work. We may be experiencing spurts of energy, intuition, and ideas about directions to take that will prove fruitful to us, and allow us to leave our mark on the world. This is in juxtaposition with the appearance of the 

Three of swords, which actually represents heart ache, loss, loneliness, betrayal, and abandonment. We may find ourselves day dreaming, and becoming hung up on persons from the past who no longer hold a place within our current reality. As the theme here is death, we are also asked to let go of the thoughts associated with this person, or these people. This may point to a soul mate, twin flame, karmic attachment who we have had to let go of in order to pursue our creative and transformative period. Spirit asks that you understand that in letting go of the past you, and the you associated with the destruction of this relationship, you are actively creating a nee you, and paving the way for a new perception, and a new experience to bring itself forward, as apart of your rebirth.

This may even point to an emotionally distant parent, in which case, you are reminded that you are in transition period, and this spurt of creative energy enforces the idea that everything that you require already exists within you, and you are never abandoned, nor uncounted for.

I feel that it is pretty symbolic that both cards possess a horse that appears to be in motion. This is indicative of the fact that we are on a journey, and we should not use our current position to determine our circumstances. Things are changing, new things are occuring, and remaining stuck on the past could potentially block our manifestation ability.

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Twin Flame Reading – Valentine’s Day.

Twin flame reading –

The card in the middle represents the main theme/body of this reading, whilst all other cards present themselves as influencing or being influenced by, this particular card.

On the left hand side we see the masculine, what he is thinking, what he is feeling + what he wants. On the right side, we see the feminine,

the main theme that we have occuring, is the 7 of cups, this card represents spiritual insight, illumination, matters of the mind, day dreaming, falling into ones self + consulting//learning to trust our intuition.

So both twins are developing spiritually, + finally turning inwards, as opposed to outward, for answers + clarification.

Once again, the masculine has his mind on money, as depicted by the five of pentacles. He may be mourning over past losses to do with finance, his experiences on earth + holding regret in regards to lost opportunities + his own short comings. You could say that he is feeling a little sorry for himself at this point, as he begins to recognise the hand that he played in the downfall of many potentially promising situations for him. The feminine however, is feeling far more confident, assured + inspired as depicted by the three of wands. Perhaps she has recieved signalling/symbolism from other sources + feels comfortable looking into the future, knowing that her love does love her + does think of her.

The masculine also lends his deep insight + introspection to the six of cups – representing family emotions, togetherness, warmth, compassion, healing + love. He is softening at his core, though he will probably have to settle into some uncomfortable truths, as he reflects on his past. Our feminine lends her own emotions to the empress, signalling her strength in her knowing + ability. She is not so worried. She has spent the entire separation period going through what the masculine twin is only just catching onto. 

whilst the feminine wants the masculine to take action + come charging through, as shown by the chariot, he seeks growth illumination, love, happiness, but he needs to recognise, the ball is in his court..
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Twin flame weekly reading// Valentine’s Day special. 

Just like I mentioned in my new moon article [see here], https://cindyannehbu.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/february-8th-new-moon-in-aquarius-numerology-detachment-karma-twin-flames-renewal-and-creative-activation-tarot-reading/

 it appears as if the more that the feminine twin pulls into herself and balances her masculine energy, the more that the masculine twin pulls into her, and is captivated by her desire to become self actualised. In an exchange of energy, and power dynamics, whilst she travels outward, a role that is ‘traditionally his’, ‘he’, moves inward and checks his intuition, and individualism for direction.

All in all, it seems as if Union is looking rather smooth sailing, whether the external appearances give this theory away or not! Look out for dreams of your twin, telling you the things that they can not yet bring themselves to say.. This includes tone/feel/energy of the dream.

In honour of Valentine’s Day in two days, I have decided to post a twin flame reading!

The middle card, the 9 of wands, represents the theme of the Union, whilst the cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine emotions +the cards to the right, depict the feminine emotions.

in the middle, the main theme for both, is a period of rest, or achievement after a considerably strenuous, or difficult period. This suggests that both twins HAVE made it through the worst, & though tired & slightly bruised, they will be okay & can look onwards towards a period of reward + resolution (especially in this 9 year). On the masculine side, we see that much emotion + getting in touch with the feminine side is occurring. The presence of the ace of cups + the queen of cups, suggests that he is learning to tap into his intuition + allowing the part of himself, that is attached to her to thrive. He is becoming more aware of how his actions affect others emotions + how his actions in the past may have affected hers. He is softening at his core + learning emotional balance. This is quite interesting, because on the opposite side, the feminine is reflecting that she is focusing on herself, w/ the four of cups – they are both focusing toward the feminine + her focus on herself, is allowing her to gain strength. The 2 of swords can be intercepted as her thinking of love, though this card usually depicts a woman blind folded, which can indicate that she has turned her focus away from the union at this time, in order to nourish herself.

The 7 of swords has appeared twice for twin flames this week + it is my understanding that the male twin feels as if he will betray somebody by pursuing his twin, but he is fast becoming more comfortable with the idea of this betrayal. Much like his twin, he is becoming ready to take his own route, regardless of how this may affect what others think. His mind, is on his beloved + he cannot take it off..

The 8 of cups represents a period in time where we let go of the past + the painful notions associated with it. Past experiences may have been a powerful block in this Union.

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Intuitive reading, life path reading, and tarot reading – combo.

[names in all readings are altered to protect customer confidentiality]

Your life path -My love, just like me, you are the life path of 7. This is a wonderful life path to own, and is often referred to in numerology as the most spiritual number. This is the root of all of your psychic abilities, and talents, the number 7 is the eternal channel, and you are always receiving bits of data, that you can easily string together to make sense of things. This gives you a keen eye for business details, and marketable solutions, that may not come so easily to the average, untrained eye.
For this reason, I believe that the goal of your destiny is tied into leading, and coaching others to also meet their own destiny, and business targets. You have huge inspirational and motivational energy, and with a strong head on your shoulders, any business venture that you take should surely succeed. You are definitely on the right track, but your business could do with some feminine aspects also! What do I mean by this? Well femininity is associated with creativity, and natural free flowing spiritual energy.

Whilst your work is fantastic, and very creatively constructed, you are still blocking off parts of your spiritual and channeling energy, and opening up to these will provide you with some new, much needed business strategy on how to market yourself as a, ‘niche brand’.

You have all of the tools that you need, all of the ideas that you require, and all of the drive to succeed, but much of that drive is based upon masculine principles, ‘power, domination, and logic’.

Your goal is to harmonise more feminine energies into your work. Try to think outside of the box. Do not be afraid to take creative risks.
I sense that your family had a strong, almost oppressive influence over the way that you view the world, and yourself. For this reason, it is very important for you to break free, (more mentally than anything), and allow yourself the freedom you never had to see the vibrancy, and colourfulness of the world.
You have great knowledge, and great insight, but in many ways you also have not seen enough of the world, because you have not fully allowed yourself to do so. It is okay now to open your mind to new experiences, and tenderness, and create a new vision for yourself.
The life path number 7 is driven by their desire to explore the deeper meanings in life, and this is why you will find yourself Unsatisfied by the mundane routine of life. You seem to fit in just fine, to everyone else, you may also function very well among conventional society, but at the back of your mind, you demand to explore great mystery.

I must tell you that it is your destiny, to explore and know this mystery. As it has followed you for all of your life.

Do not turn your back to it.

Are you worried about maintaining a metaphysical path, and still clinging to your connection with Jesus? Well, do not be. Jesus, and metaphysics go hand in hand. You do NOT have to choose one over the other. Despite what you may have previously been learnt, or been told.
Remember now, we are focusing on you constructing an entire world vision. A more broad one, and you are very much opening up to some of the things that you feared before hand.

You have always felt a special connection to Jesus, and felt protected by him, and you do not have to neglect this on the journey to your path.
Tarot reading – 

1. What can I do to improve my relationship with Rowan?

Queen of wands. + knight of pentacles.

The queen of wands represents a woman who is ahead of her game. She is fulfilled, satisfied, emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually. She strikes one as a woman who is self actualised, and has fully found herself. 

You have come very far in stepping into your souls truth, and your life’s divine purpose, but there are still blockages to your energy field, that is protecting you from receiving vital information, and viral opportunity for expansion. Do not grow deterred by fear.. You can always push forward. I know in many ways you may feel like you have always had to be strong, but allowing yourself to be emotional, is allowing yourself to be free flowing.

The blockages that you hold, also represent the spiritual, and emotional blockages that he holds.

You need to develop greater patience, he needs to develop greater action. 
The knight of pentacles is all about this action. Though you may do your part in cultivating a more harmonious relationship, it is also very much in his hands, to also take heed to the spiritual messages being translated to him. Though twins mirror one another, your progress will not make up for his lack of understanding, if he chooses to reject what is required of him.

Perhaps timid in nature, he is one for procrastination, and may be slower than others to get on the ball! Even though he knows what is right, lack of self belief and faith will hold him back from being his true self. His inauthenticity only causes you greater patience.
2. How do I cultivate my spiritual gifts without encountering people/entities who want to manipulate them for evil gain?

The high priestess + temperance.

Both of these cards are extremely spiritual cards! Whilst the high priestess represents a woman at the height of her spiritual maturity, temperance represents spiritual endurance, and the trials that we sometimes have to overcome and endure, in order to be spiritually blessed.

My dear, these cards are representing the things that you and I both knew within. This spiritual path comes with trials, great trials, and those of divine light are natural energy sources for those in the darkness to feed from. We fuel them. Not only do we fuel them, but we also allow them to offload some of their darkness onto us, to create the ‘illusion’ of lightness for them. Which is what you must remember. Whilst their lightness is only an illusion of a fraction of you, your light energy is ACTUALLY light energy, and is more potent than anything that you may come against. The most high has blessed you with immense mental strength, and little fear in regards to taking action. Use this to move forward with your spiritual gifts. Do not allow the darkness to bring you fear. Jesus knew the implications of his spreading of the word, yet he continued to do so anyway.

Your aura is more protected than you think. Just ensure to regularly recharge amongst nature, and spending valuable hours with yourself a day, and you will be fine, I promise.
3. Is Owen mad at me?

Strength + seven of wands.

I do not believe that Owen is mad at you, though you believing that he might be is one of the blockages related to your twin flame Union. You have spent much time

Pining over the past and the things that have happened, and it is now time for you to let go. Many people may seem to hold grudges or be stuck on things according to our memories of events, but it requires great strength and effort to remain bitter – which he does not have.

The seven of wands represents wrapping up the past, and facing a monumental moment in your life where everything is changing. During times of great change, when we feel uncertain we tend to cling to the past, and notions of the past, because they feel so very comfortable and safe, but once again, this is a false sense of safety.
4. Will my parents ever come to a place of healing?

Your parents will definitely begin to heal more as you heal, as part of an empaths journey is all about clearing the karmic field for their generational line, however, at times, this healing, may not always look so, ‘healing’. A great part of healing is all of the wounds and trauma from the past rising to the surface. This is why the twin flame

Separation stage felt so excruciating, it is because that is when our healing truly began.

For your parents, I sense a lot of karmic damage and pain, especially on the maternal side, and this will take some time to heal. Your mother appears to me an incredibly strong woman though, although she has a story, and her strength will be her pillar, she too has had to be stronger than her means. Your parents have strong faith, and there is a very spiritual light that has always existed within your family. Even whilst they take longer to heal, their lessons and memories are not in vain, as their passions live through you.
Finally, in order to maintain a continuous flow and abundance with money, like I mentioned, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You are not even using half of your gifts to achieve the things that you can, and this is because you are fearful of the outside perception if you were to suddenly begin. This is normal, and is called persecution consciousness, and plagues most true healers. After Jesus Christ, and the persecution of women who held the ancient knowledge of healing, a collective fear to be present with our gifts was born into our consciousness. As we are old souls, we carry some of this imprinting with us.

Do not be fearful to expand into esotericism. Aside from that, you are doing a fantastic job! Your work on earth is to help, heal, and guide others, and then sooner you step into that role the better!

You mentioned being more clairvoyant than clairsentient, but deep within you I do sense a raging empathy urging to burst free! Must be that Scorpio energy, make friends with it.. Become familiar with it. These empathic gifts will help you to attune to exactly what it is that your clients require!
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Client V’s reading. Romantic life path, name interpretation, advice, and tarot.

Name interpretation –

In ancient times, the name Vivienne was actually the name of Merlin, (the famous wizards mistress). For this reason, the name is often associated with a woman who is strong, powerful, magic, and enchanting. She is independent, free from patriarchal dominance, and does not adhere to regular stereotypes. It can also be suggested that she is a watchful keeper, as she watches all of Merlin’s Magic, and takes notes for her own. 
Romantic life path calculation.

Astonishingly, both you, and your love interest are of the life path of 8.

The life path of 8 is associated with longevity, financial success, breaking free from restriction, and oppression, and liberation.
For this reason, it is very likely for number 8’s to enjoy freedom, travel, new adventures, and also their independence. Number 8’s may appreciate change very much, although they are quite structured and prefer for things to be done a certain way.
The number 8 has a fear of failure, and a fear of vulnerability. They would rather wrap up their emotions and keep them close to their heart than share what is going on with them. A number 8 stuck in a stagnant and unfulfilling may very well just disappear, leaving their partner guessing, and leaving them wondering what happened to the relationship.
This is because the number 8’s are not one for confrontation. They may appear self assured and structured on the surface, but beneath they have long struggled with self expression, and standing up for themselves.
The number 8 is caught in a strange world. Trapped between a deep sensitivity, and a deep desire to shield this sensitivity.
I believe that your love is on the dawn of a new horizon. He is experiencing and undergoing life trials and tribulations that are causing him to look within himself and take a greater guess at who he might be. This has been a difficult year for him, with a lot of growth. I see travelling in his destiny. So perhaps if he has not yet already travelled this is something that he will be doing so.
He is feeling slightly hopeless, and boxed in. Not necessarily by you, but by forces beyond his control. His career. His finance. And his joy. He is not fully satisfied within himself, and right now his focus lies on getting himself out of this pickle. It is not that he does not want your love, rather love, is pretty much the last thing on his mind right now. 
You also may be feeling on the edge, as if you are nearing a monumental life change, and this is true, you are. Sometimes, the reason why we try to cling so feverishly to the past is because we know that we are about to embark on a brand new journey, and that can be frightening by any amounts. In your heart of hearts, you are aware that you were beginning to wonder if this relationship had any particular pattern, or purpose, or if it were simply a case of breaking up, and making up, in a cycle. 

Although, your familiarity and comfort ability with the scenario would have never allowed you to question your heart.
Your heart is ready to expand, to take on new imprints, places, and experiences, and it needs the safety and the reassurance of your heart to do so.
My best advice; let go.

Letting go does not necessarily mean moving onto the next person that you see, or suddenly declaring that you no longer love your lover. But letting go is all about surrendering to the universe, and to divine will.
You have issues regarding needing to control the outcome of things, and needing constant reassurance, this is a trait of the ego, and now we are trying to slip back into heart consciousness. I believe that you are very sensitive deep down and have a lot of love to give, and you probably felt as if this space that you held with him wasn’t large enough to give and receive all of the love that you desire.
Surrendering is about not holding on to one, or any outcome for that matter. Anything can happen, at any time, for any reason. And that is beauty. That is the ultimate excitement, and ONLY promise of life, – the unknown, embrace it.
I want you to live your life, I want you to be happy. I see how much it means to you to achieve your dreams, to grow, and to leave the old behind. He is apart of that ‘old’. But know, that if something is yours, it will always return, and the universe will arrange the necessary movements for them to be received. But our lives should never be put on hold, or pause at the expense of another. This habitual behaviour is unhealthy, and mentally, can be linked to the physical act of hoarding. We only hoard when we feel that we are in a position of lack, and cannot afford to lose anymore.
Your tarot reading-

What is in my heart/hearts desire?

Knight of wands.
The knight of wands is all a card about charging through, entering a situation with confidence and bravery, and exercising the strengths that we require to fulfil our dreams. You have big vision, and rightly so. You are creative, a natural leader, and can lead others into success also. You have a message that needs provision.
It is time to put your foot to the peddle and bring your plans into fruition. Currently, the only thing, and person standing in your way is you. You may find yourself continuously, and consistently on the edge, always making excuses for why now is ‘not the time’, why you are ‘not ready’, and how you are ‘not prepared’. Truly, you should know that all of this is not only utter nonsense, but just procrastination on your part. Let go of comfortable settings now, because it will not serve you any better than it has in the past.
Repeat this mantra, ‘I am ready to accept newness into my life with open arms. I will chase my dreams, no matter how far I may go, or where they may take me. I am my own safety net’.
What is in my loves heart?

The ten of swords.
The ten of swords is a card all about fulfilment, resolution, and seeing that our needs and goals are met. If one is currently undergoing a hazy, difficult, or confusing period, this card points to their deep desires to ‘make things right’, and find themselves.

The love of your life is not a bad person, no, neither is he an evil person. He may appear sometimes selfish, and inconsiderate when it comes to emotion, but this is because he has never truly learnt how to deal with these emotions, and his best response is to put them aside, much like he does with himself.
He is searching so hard for a route, for a way for him to take to escape the mental fog that he is feeling, but he does not realise that this fog persists for the very fact that he is casting his emotions aside, for it is his emotions that will lead him to his souls truth. I also gain the sense that he is here for a very special purpose, possibly to teach young men about some of the struggles that he has had to endure in his life.
Maybe even mentoring children with sport, or basketball. Though he must dig within and realise that the things that bind him also bind others just like him, and he must not be so hard on himself, or the world.
He is aware that he has a calling, he just does not know what this calling is YET, and this near enough keeps him up at night. He is ambitious, with many ideas, but none that he is necessarily sure how to implement. He sees others around him doing well, even you in his eyes, and he is just so ready to gain some sort of a foot in the doorway.
What is my greatest obstacle?

Ace of pentacles.
The ace of pentacles is the card of newness, new beginnings, new projects, and a new business or job venture that will provide long term happiness, and substantiality.
Your mind is abuzz, and your heart aflame with possible ideas, and projects. There are so many of your talents that you can merge to create something that will benefit others for generations to come. And you are not meant for mundane routine, you despise this, regardless of whether you have used it in the past to take your focus away from the emotional struggles of life. 
You are still Holding onto fears about being good enough, or about making it, and thriving in a world where there is so much competition, and so much talent. Understand that your own talents are unique. And the most high blessed no two souls with the exact same knowing, or execution of such knowing. Whilst there may exist similar projects of products to those that you wish to introduce, it is you as a niche, and your marketing as an individual that will make all of the difference.
Do not be afraid of a fresh start. It is perfectly okay not to know what happens next. 
What is the best course of action that I should take?

Queen of wands.
The queen of wands is balanced, happy, in control, and in charge. She has managed to balance the material realm, with the spiritual realm, and thus she is fulfilled both financially, and spiritually. It may have taken some time for her to cultivate this level of togetherness, but she learned to appreciate herself on every step of the journey, so that she was never too hard on herself.
The best course of action for you to take is self actualisation. Before you reach a period that you feel that you have gained success and happiness, it is still perfectly okay, (in fact advisable), to appreciate where you currently are on your journey. This will help to take away some of the fear that you are feeling. There is no fear of being a failure, if you recognise that you are already a success! Yes, you. All of the trials that you have endured on the way, and made your way out of, have turned you into a thriving success, and a fighter!
You must find, or rather create a profession in which you are fulfilled by all means. The life path 8 holds a ravenous appetite for financial success, and ambition, and the dangerous part is that they are often willing to sacrifice their happiness and health to achieve this. Do not be this side of the number 8. Understand that there are other things that matter just as much as financial achievement, such as soundness of mind.
What am I to learn from this relationship?

The king of pentacles.
The king of pentacles represents a man who is powerful, in charge, in control, masculine, but also generous, and giving.
When this tarot appears, it teaches you how to utilise masculine energies, those associated with power, drive, and seizing that which you desire. Often, we require life situations that challenge our growth, to knock us off our feet and focus on the areas of our life that we most need to tweak, and tune.
Instead of establishing your business ideas or chasing your goals, you may have remained stagnant instead choosing matters of the heart, and allowing this to disturb your willingness to proceed. Perhaps now with separation from your love, you can turn your passion and efforts into nurturing something that you can truly be proud of. This is also mirroring his desire to find this kind of drive and strength within himself. Understand that on the most fundamental level, the desire to be the provider, and to earn a living is more important to the male psyche than most can imagine. It is engrained into their DNA. This hunger could teach you a lot about stepping out into the world as a powerful source of change. Do not sit on your ideas, rather.. Prepare to sit on your throne.
I thoroughly hope that you have enjoyed this reading my love,

And I look forward to any comments/questions that you have for me at the end.
Kindest regards,

Seek Cindy.
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