Twin Flames (Divine love) Weekly Reading – 23rd-29th January 2017; Confession, redemption, and Resurrection.


Main theme, (Knight of cups), What is occurring for both twins – Ace of cups, Masculine – The tower, 3 of wands, Page of wands, Feminine – 10 of pentacles, 5 of cups, 7 of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 23 (5) – Change, transition, death//rebirth, freedom, adventure, travel, liberation – 29 (11) – Spiritual awakening, lessons learned through hardship, illumination, new beginnings, balance.

{For the disclaimer, I would once again like to state that the terms masculine, and feminine energy speak of energetic embodiment, and are not necessarily relational to men, and women. Also, because of the merging processes, and awakenings that are occurring ,the lines between who is the feminine, and who is the masculine are becoming blurred, and they both may relate to and identify with each side. This is the beauty of twin flames, and this is what we have wanted, all along..}

The knight of cups, is like the card of redemption. See how the knight kneels before the cup, and light emanates from above, down onto his heart chakra. An intense awakening occurs for the masculine at this time, one that challenges him to become more aware of himself, his thoughts, his feelings, his emotions, and his knowledge of the spiritual aspects of reality… A crown chakra awakening is all about one’s conscious awareness expanding, this may be God consciousness making itself known to him, the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, and his ability to fully understand which he did not formally perceive.. Understanding things with his THIRD eye, having new vision, information arriving to him without his conscious effort. He appears to just know things, and this takes us back to the high priestess card that was on his side last week.. This awakening that gives him a breath into the world of all that the feminine dwells in, is still happening within him. He has always been divine, as the divine masculine, but for a long time, he shut off his defenses to this side of himself, in order to be able to navigate in a world that he perceived to be cold, non-moving, and callous in itself – until he too became that way.

Last week was very much about the feminine, but this week, there is a strong focus on the masculine, and his awakening, and redemption process. Things are crumbling, and the masculine is being asked to re-build from a place of intuitive knowing. A lot of things have fallen apart for him recently, and he is ready, and willing to accept some fault for his actions. Karmic themes are playing a role for both he, and the feminine as they learn all about how decisions, and actions carry a weighted effect that we can not always take back. It is time for them both to use this new knowledge to transform their lives in a major way. Those who know better, do better.

His heart chakra is expanding, and he could be returning to the feminine this week in order to spill his guts, reveal his truth, and confess about some aspect of himself, or his being.. The three of wands is indicative of an individual who has set out on a journey, and is now returning. In the time of their separation, or perhaps even in his time of seclusion, he went in searches of some truths. He may not have known that his soul was searching for these truths, but what he was doing was collecting information, and gaining experiences that would expand his spirit, and his consciousness.. He set sail for voyage, and many experiences, a lot of them harsh, or eye opening have forced him to view things from a new perspective.. He returns with a message. He may be telling the feminine what he has gone through, or what he has been doing, and asks for her forgiveness, her blessing, her understanding. 

A more humbled version of himself is revealed as the tower shows his defenses crumbling down. The shaky, and uncertain foundations that he has built in his past, are falling to pieces. He could be telling the feminine about the transformation that he is experiencing, but he need not tell her, because she feels it too, she has always felt it, and she is actually going through the exact same.. Alot of his recognition, and epiphanies may be coming from the fact that he realises that he has hurt the feminine in some ways with his actions, as depicted by the 5 of cups on her side.. She seems to mourn something that is no more.. This is perhaps an energetic change. Because the feminine is so attuned to the flow of frequency, she can feel intuitively that something has died, that much has changed, and when the masculine does return, something about him is not the same. He has reached a peak of maturity, that much is certain, but the lengths in which he has had to travel to find this maturity may leave her with a bitter taste in her mouth. However, she will listen, and like water, she will yield to what it is that he is trying to show her.. The picture that he is trying to paint.

The ace of cups is new life, and new love.. Perhaps the masculine returns with news of a birthing of some sort.. He may have fathered a child himself, or he may be expecting a child. If this is the case, then the feminine can also take this time to view this as symbolic of his transition, and initiation. A birth can only occur when a death has happened. And he is in many ways transformed, as is the feminine – although there is still work to be done.

The ace of cups indicates a very intimate tone, and this is intimacy with the self. The cup of love that the masculine offers is very genuine, and authentic, and the feminine can feel this. Mass heart chakra awakening occurs in the form of Christ consciousness, and both twins may find themselves spontaneously bursting into tears, or feeling marveled, and simultaneously humbled by the grace of God’s love.. This is very much water energy, so if either twin is a water sign, then they will be  even more greatly impacted by these intense transformational energies. Spirit plays so heavily on the heart chakra at this time.. Both twins must expand so that their spiritual receptors are enhanced, along with their knowledge of what has kept them away from experiencing true love.. The realisations may not necessarily be easy this week, neither will be adjusting to the honest mirrors that are presented, but mourning is essential. They must mourn, and let go, and then draw closer to one another. 

The 5 of cups could also signify the feminine letting go of karmic attachments that have stood in the way of her, and the masculine’s union. ALOT is changing with the feminine this week, she is willing to let so many things go, including her own behaviours thoughts, and actions, but she mourns them as they leave because she realises all of the disturbance that they have caused.. In realising her set backs, she realises time that has been wasted, situations that have been sabotaged, times that were not as meaningful as she may have once thought. She is awakening to the reality that she is responsible for her own life now, and there is a sort of mourning of the inner child.. Although it is the wounded inner child, and not the tender part of herself.. That is still very much in existence!

Poetic energy is abundant, and fluent this week, and a great way for both twins to channel these intense emotions would be through creative work.. ESPECIALLY the feminine, as with the 10 of pentacles on her side, she could be creating some business opportunities for herself through the inspiration that she draws from this situation.

The ten of pentacles sees her projecting herself into her future. What will it look like? What will it consist of? She is reaching a pivotal stage of her life where she is ready to enter the next level of progression, and stability, and she does require a masculine counterpart for this. The question is, is her own masculine ready? Has he learnt enough from his travels? Or are there still power battles at play that stall time? She is VERY reluctant at this time to waste anymore time, and she could appear to share the energy of impatience, but what she really feels – is that she is ready to start living her life. She spent a lot of time in her mind, a lot of time with things on pause, and now she just wants to start creating. Re building, and structuring from the rubble that has been the loss, and the confusion of the former version of her who hardly knew herself. They are both starting to learn themselves, now that all of the false layers are coming off, and the shedding reveals their truest soul.

The ten of pentacles suggests that the feminine actually has everything that she wants in her life on her side this week, although she may not be open to seeing this, or may not see this because she is feeling the masculine’s spiritual awakening, and the intensities of it. He is going through a lot on his side, so although things are looking up for her financially, and her life is coming together in profound ways, she still may be looking over at the masculine thinking, ‘Is he okay?’ ‘Should I intervene in this?’ She is really fulfilled, and the picture of this perfect life that she has envisioned IS coming together, but there are still aspects of it that must be introduced, and perhaps this is why she looks to the masculine… There truly is a sense that he is not yet ready, although he has come so far, and with the 7 of pentacles this may just be true..

The 7 of pentacles is a period of patience, waiting, and observing.. I feel as if the time is NOT yet right. Yes, indeed they both have come along way, but there is still work that needs to be done on both sides, and a lot of this is to do with financial work, and facing poverty consciousness.. The feminine could be right in feeling that it is not yet time to have this dream union that she has envisioned, or that it is not yet time to reach out to the masculine. She may be battling herself back, and fourth. She does not want to do the work for him this week, but she does feel the need to console him. So what is to be done? She needs to surrender to the feeling of feeling vulnerable, and powerless, as these are where most of her defenses lie..

She cannot jump in and save the masculine, she cannot force him to be ready if he is not, she cannot substitute her own self work by attempting to run to him, and experience a love still not in its full stages of development.. In this period, much spiritual work is being done, many lessons being learnt, and it is important for us to watch over what we are creating… Almost as if we step outside of ourselves to observe our lives, this is the only way that we can change our patterns. It is not a time for the feminine to act.. Things are still coming together, and the page of wands suggests that the masculine IS coming with his message, and he IS building confidence with this more passionate version of himself, but he needs to address his own issues this week.

There is a lot that he needs to express, but he is still dealing with the blockages from that expression. Perhaps he worries about how his expression will come out. He is very intense, and he is cautious about not coming on too strong, or not appearing forceful, even though the feminine actually wants him to come on this hot, and heavy. They both have this very strange thing that they do – where they either give nothing, or they give too much, and this is exactly why they need to find their balance. The energetic dance that they do back, and forth this week is their attempt to try to establish this kind of balance.. Most of their focus lies with financial matters, and this is perfectly fine as when they finally, and fully come together, they will need to be set up in these ways. They will both need to be independent, and self sufficient, and free of co-dependent or restrictive habits.. So, I say go ahead.. In full confidence, in the direction of your dreams, and aims, as this will directly impact the fruition of the union.

The seven of pentacles can indicate that the feminine  does not yet have her perfect picture because her financial plans are still developing.. She needs to learn a little bit more about strategy, and execution. Which is her balancing her inner masculine. She should not feel this week as if things are not happening, or as if they are moving too slow, they are gaining momentum at a steady pace. And she needs to learn to trust what she cannot see, and what she does not know, because this is the story of her intuition.. She FEELS him there, she feels everything being fine, she FEELS everything coming together, but her mind does not.. And that is the issue. 

The masculine is going to be fine.. He’s facing his shadow, he is doing his work, but he is so strong, and his relationship with the divine has never been stronger. There is a beauty in seeking redemption from his higher self, because it draws him to the feminine.. She is a pivotal factor in his awakening, and he knows this now..He is coming to understand everything SO well, and it’s not scaring him as much as it may have a few years ago, or as much as the feminine would think that it would.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Healing in the twin flame union – Do I need to be united with my twin to be healing?


Whether or not, twin flames have reunited in the traditional, physical sense, the awakening, and alchemical transformation, has begun within the two of them, and will see to its own completion.

Once the twins embrace each other in the initial union that takes place just before the separation stage, a third energy is born, the sun (son) so to speak. Think of the immaculate conception. This third energy is what goes out into the world with both twins and brings healing, and ‘light work’ to their respective communities/societies.

The exchange in energy has taken place. Within the masculine energy embodiment, is now a divine piece of his feminine counterpart. Within the feminine energy embodiment, is now a divine piece of her masculine counterpart. This is true reunion. This is true oneness.

The process that takes place after the coming together of both twins, that feels like a dark night of the soul, and feels like soul yearning, is truly the spiritual, mental, and emotional body coming to terms with the invasion of a new energy, and integrating the birth of the third energy. The reason that this feels like such a strong, intense pull toward your divine love, is because it is their energy that you have borrowed for this process, and everything about its presence, reminds you of them. In this way, they are always with you. Therefore, there is no truthful separation.

– Cindy Anneh-bu
© 2016
All works published on this site are under strict ownership of the owner, and any re-destribution is strictly prohibited without permission, and necessary credits.

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Twin Flame WEEKLY Reading 19th-25th December – Karmic revelations/re-evaluations, The mirror to the shadow, & spiritual responsibilities | Happy Holidays my beauties!


Main theme – 9 of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Ace of pentacles, Masculine – 6 of cups, 10 of wands, 8 of wands, Feminine – 7 of cups, Knight of swords, Strength.

First of all, I would just love to say happy holidays to all of my enchiladas, and loyal fans, and followers, and readers.. It has been an amazing journey since I first began doing this weekly readings, to see my reader content grow, and to receive the repetitive support from my viewers.

Take this holiday season easy! We have the winter solstice, and we see a peak to the culmination of a spiritual 9 year – to check what this 9 year meant, check the bottom of this reading for the 2016 9 year forecast, that I completed at the end of 2015!

Numerological break down calculation – 19th (10) – Balancing of masculine & feminine energies, death & rebirth, ending, and beginning of a new cycle, transformation, and God consciousness – 25 (7) – Spiritual lessons, collective consciousness, the unconscious mind, wisdom gained through hard ship, creative genius, & occult knowledge.

The 9 of swords crowning this reading speaks of a spiritual revolution, much like judgement day.. The 9 of swords can represent the influx, and overflow of thoughts that arrive to us, when we are met with the reality of our shadow self.
A perfect mirror of who we have been, and who we can be – The dark side of ourselves that is.
This may include memories, or triggers of past scenarios, and events, where we have been less than responsible, or just in our actions.. Our worries, and anxieties relate to our increasing awareness of our empathic natures..

The journey from the ego, to the heart center can often be a tricky, and complicated one. Existing in our heart space means feeling compassion, and a growing sense of understanding, of your own thoughts, and feelings, and that of others. Sorrow, guilt, regret, or disappointment in self, and others can often occur when we are met with a mirror of ourselves.. The sometimes shameful, or harmful things that we have done.. But I do not believe in the energy of shame, as I feel that this is apart of a tactic used many years ago, through psychological, and religious invasion, about being unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption. Nobody is unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption, and that is the ultimate truth.. Holding on to pain, revenge, and existing in our trauma often causes us to believe that we, or others are not worthy of being reborn.. In order to be reborn, you must first know that you deserve to, and this is why both twins should let go of their concerns about themselves at this time.

The ace of pentacles speaks of having no regrets. It is not time to dwell in the past, or to dwell on what has occurred, understand where you have gone wrong, by all means, and take responsibility for each of your actions.. But forgive yourself, above all.. The ace of pentacles is a new chance of a beginning provided from spirit. This is the chance to start again, to reconnect with your own sense of value, and to remind yourself of what is at stake when you neglect yourself.. This ace is offered to you, but it is up to you whether to take it or not, to work for it.. To give up old ways, and to begin rebuilding. Anything can happen when you start from a 0 point.. Surrender.

The 6 of cups representing the masculine speaks of his consideration of past union, soul mate unions, and reconnecting with the feminine. The longing and the push, and pull toward her is definitely prevalent, but it is not separate from its own fears, and concerns..

The 10 of wands is spiritual heaviness, concepts, masks, and facades previously warn by the masculine, that have kept him separate from himself.

The 10 of wands speaks of the end of the road, a time period where we can no longer carry on as we have been, being dishonest, elusive, or trying to distract ourselves by going beyond our measures..

This can include juggling too many partners, or destructive behaviours in attempts to not have to deal with the dwellings of our soul, or what our subconscious mind tells us. The 10 of wands forces us to take a straight, and narrow path, as opposed to stopping along the way to accumulate more distraction.. Sometimes, people can intentionally busy, or overwhelm themselves, in order to escape, or exist in an illusionary realm.

This presents a new side of the masculine.. Maybe he has separated himself from friends, partying, drinking, or a life style that offered him some type of shelter.. As his week would have it, he can no longer rely on this form of escapism, and so, is now left isolated.. With nothing but himself to look at .. And his actions.

The 8 of wands is messages, and spiritual revelations that arrive to him as flashes of insight this week.. Understanding himself, and his karmic dealings, are apart of him working with a new template.. He may also be projecting mental messages to the feminine, understandings, & realisations about his own side of the picture.. About her own shadow self, whilst he learns about his own. There’s very much a projection of mental templates. When we let go, and surrender to what is, we receive messages far quicker.. This is why the ego is often so quick to attempt to defend itself, and come up with explanations..

Because if the heart were to always speak to us, we would not be able to commit half of the irresponsible behaviours that we do..
The 8 of wands is the butterfly that whispers in our ears, sent from the heavens, that let’s us know it is time to pause, and to re-evaluate… Consider this a time for redemption for the masculine, a maturing, and an understanding of what it means to exist communally, as apart of society, apart of a network, rather than consider himself alone, which is what fuels narcissism.

The 7 of cups on the side of the feminine, talks of indecisiveness, over imagination, and idealism.
Perhaps the feminine is realising this week particular times, and incidences where she may have been out of touch with reality, or refusing to see the truth.. This could relate to the way that people have treated her in the past, karmic attachments, family, friends, and even the masculine himself..

When we exist primarily in our emotions, it becomes easily to be pulled to, and fro, not really existing in truth, or careful thought, but allowing ourselves to be taken away on a whim of emotion.. Because of this, we may have been somewhat unfaithful, to ourselves, or others, at the drop of a hat, dependent upon which emotional state we choose to dial into.

This is not inherently ‘evil’, or insidious in a sense, but it can become that way when we attempt to punish others for double crossing us, or project what can be considered as emotional abuse. This is actually one of the deterrents to union, because the masculine is actually very hyper sensitive to criticism, just like the feminine..
Another sub product of narcissistic qualities, which because of the nature of healer’s upbringings, are often quite prevalent among them.

The knight of swords is a message from the masculine that comes in fast, and heavy, and this message is actually provided to both of them, so it may be projected as a mirror image, from one, to the other. This is a change of perception that arrives to us, clear communication that requires us to take fast action.. You cannot escape the nature of change that is coming, because it will permeate your thoughts.. You will be able to think about nothing else, other than the changes that need to be made.

Maybe the feminine holds an addiction to dramas, conflict, or even unfaithfulness, because of the changing nature of her emotion.. For the fearful masculine who abhors abandonment, any notion of erratic motion can be alarming..Causing retreat.

The strength card is the feminine gaining responsibility over herself, and her emotions. Taming her ego self, and the ‘catty’ nature of herself, is something that she does effortlessly, once she learns to relax into her heart space.. Forgiveness of herself, forgiveness of others, and understanding of the dual nature of existence.. Life will have ups, and life will have downs, and no amount of lashing out, or attempts of control will bring change to any of this.. We have to embrace this, and attempt to work WITH it.

Happy healing, my sacred beings |

Numerology report. 2016, year of the number 9, and spiritual advancement.

What separates the number 9 from some of the other numbers? Authenticity.

The number 9 is what a lot may refer to as the number of integrity, when the 9 is living in truth that it, otherwise the number 9 is quite bitter and unpleasant. For this reason, this year must be entirely about living in your truth, whether this means spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically, this is the year that any falsity, and lack of resonance will feel, and even prove painful.
This is especially vital for those who have remained silent for a large portion of their lives, lack of expression, timidity, loss of direction, throat chakra in-activation or otherwise, which tends to relate to empaths, old souls, and those who identify with being highly sensitive.
This year is all about remodelling the narrative of you being the meek, passive backgrounder who always gets passed by, and always misses out on the best opportunities. You will re-write this script successfully, with the self actualising energy of the number 9, who is truly, a natural born leader – to the right audience!

Famous revolutionary, and prominent, spiritual activist, life path 9, Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley.
Numerologically speaking, we are in the year of completion, resolution + wholeness (2+0+1+6) = 9. One of the most spiritually tuned numbers.
Isn’t that beautiful? Last year knocked us out with all of the fluttering and stuttering!
Last year, the numerological sum of the number 8, was all about spiritual growth through hardship, financial progress, and determination. Last year was very much about sacred unions also, as 8 takes the same form of the infinity symbol. Longevity, was the ultimate goal, and establishing independence from restrictive regimes.
This year, is all about tying up the loose ends – ‘nearly there now’, and reaping the rewards of hard earned work. Coming home, to you. To reach the number 9, and enjoy the intensity of its fruits however, requires patience, and cultivation of 3 (creativity) and 6 compassion.
#lifepath9 will do well to integrate both creativity and service to humanity if they are to live in harmony, and gain financial advancement. When self serving and bitter about past occurrences, the number 9 will remain stagnant, ungrateful, and will not receive its rightful blessing.
If willing to leave the past behind, and use painful experiences as motivation for human compassion and understanding, the 9 will prosper. There is great responsibility on the number 9, so for this reason, even in the early stages of this month, you may be feeling pressured, acknowledging that the heat is on, and you must remain more determined than ever. The expectancy upon this number can cause procrastination.
The number 9 is a test of faith, faith that inevitably breeds results. To whom much is given, much is required. The number 9 is also the spiritual channel. So seemingly spontaneous insights and realisations are to be kept, recognised as prophecy.
There is amazing energy, and opportunity now available for those who fully wish to step into the path to do so..
Was there a lot of death around you last year? This is really typical before rebirth processes, it welcomes detachment into our awareness.
And is also symbolic of the transformation we ourselves are undergoing. There is also no greater spiritual awakening than losing a loved one.


© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading November 28th-December 4th; Ascension, Change, Resurrection, and the inner child martyr.


Main theme – Wheel of fortune, What is occurring for both twins – 10 of swords, The masculine – Four of pentacles, The sun, Ten of wands, The energy that he projects to the feminine – Knight of swords, The feminine – The world, 6 of cups, 9 of wands, The energy that she projects to the masculine – 3 of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 28 (2+8) = 10 – Endings, new beginnings, the completion of a cycle, death/rebirth – 4th – Structure, stability, order, organisation, and security. 

The main theme existing as the wheel of fortune is indicative of karmic changing, and a new karmic cycle beginning for both twins this week. The wheel of karma is always turning, and always changing, and usually when it turns, it is turning our entire life upside down with it. This speaks of us embracing death, and with the ten of swords as what is occurring for both twins, it appears as if this death arrived as a painful ending to something. An ego death is revealed here, an old way that was no longer serving both twins is brought to a halt, potentially by a painful situation that opened their eyes to the reality of the karma that they were both creating, and entertaining..

At one point before this, both twins may have felt as if they were somehow cursed, and wondered why things would always play out in the same, or in similar ways for them, and this recent ego death is allowing them to see that, actually, they were NOT cursed, but it was their perception of feeling, and thinking as if they were cursed, that truly manifested these feelings, and experiences to them.

The 10 of swords speaks of victimisation, allowing others outside of you to have a little bit too much power over you, say over you, or control over your happiness. Giving their power away in this way was because of a lot of childhood concepts, and beliefs that they held about their worth, and their value, and upon looking within this week, however painful this may be, they are recognising this. Because the number 10 however relates to endings, it appears as if this one lesson delivered by spirit was so heavy, that both twins will draw a line in the sand HERE, and there is much thoughts about change on a grand scale, beginning with the changing of the pattern of thoughts that they conjure. There is a very, very strong desire not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and the universe, and God is assisting both twins in this process, through alerting them to how these karmic situations were made manifest in the first place.
The wheel of fortune is also the number 10 in the taro deck, indicating that this is a grand time of endings, and new beginnings, and both twins should be comforted in the knowledge that whatever is being taken away from them at this time, is going to be replaced by something of a more fitting vibrational match..

Both twins have successfully completed a MAJOR stage in their life’s journey, and they should be very conscious of this point of the ‘luck’ that is about to pick up in their lives. In reality, this is not anything that is necessarily new to them, it is only know that they have allowed themselves to witness that when their thoughts are channeled in a positive way, they have SO much power to manifest even more positive experiences, and opportunities.

Our karma changes, as we change our minds.

The cycle that is ending at this time is associated with pain, rejection, and neglect, and this has been a story that has followed both twins ever since childhood, and probably even further back through past life karma.

With the four of pentacles, this week, the masculine is exploring his obsessions with financial gain, and perhaps holding on too tightly to things out of fear of loss, or ridicule. In some areas, he has held on too tightly to things, in other areas, he has not held on tightly enough, and this is all to do with his perception of not having enough abundance. He almost feels as if when he gets something good, he must cling on to it with all of his might, because it will soon be taking away from him, and this has caused him in the past to be too controlling, of himself, and sometimes of others around him. This control comes from fear, and he could potentially be over working himself at this time toward his own detriment. He is very desperate to get everything together financially, and to build this sense of stability, but he must be very careful of over doing things, and STILL feeling as if there is some sort of point to prove.

He IS expanding this week however, and is a little more conscious and aware of his actions, and behaviours, and where they are stemming from. Once he realises that he is NATURALLY abundant in all areas, then he will not feel so much as if he has to take on more than his fair share – in all areas of his life.

The ten of wands speaks of him coming out of a period of feeling that he almost has to prove himself,and his worth, because naturally, and all on his own, he is not good enough. Perhaps he has been the yes man previously, trying to please everybody else, or over compensate for things, because deep down, his inner child did not feel good enough.
The sun card shows that his inner child this week is extremely reading and willing to burst out of these old models, and enlighten him to a new perspective, one that is filled with more light, and ease… He does not have to travel so heavily, and if he could cast his eyes back to a time when there was more beauty, and wonder in his life, he will realise this. So, this is about identifying collective thoughts, fears, and phobias that he picked up along the way, and letting go of the many pressures to fit in, or to be seen a certain way. There is a lot of pressure on the masculine about the ‘right’ way to be a man, and I feel as if he has internalised a lot of this, and tried to embody a part of EVERYTHING that he thought made him a man.. Perhaps he was role playing, (embodying several false faces & personas at once), displaying this false sense of self, and armour that he used to protect himself…

This week, he is recognising that, there is nothing to protect himself from, apart from his self, and his own thoughts..

The energy that he is projecting with the knight of swords, shows that he is a messenger, with a divine message, and he is REALLY stepping into that role this week..Because of what he has learnt, he seems to have a light about him this week, and part of him paying back his karmic dues involves him enlightening others around him, and teaching them about this new found perspective of his. One of his missions involves alerting other masculines of the flaws within their template, and he seems to be teaching others a thing or two this week. This could also relate to him providing the feminine with a new perspective, he has communicated something to her this week, and it is like a relay race, in which he passes this divine truth on to her, and then she passes it onto another, or onto others.

She may be seeing his truth this week, and tapping into him more easily, which helps her to understand more the struggles of the masculine. He has actually come a very long way to deliver this message, and to become who he is now.
For some of the masculine, this will see them reaching out to the feminine, perhaps to offer some sort of apology, or to explain things from his end.. Either way, the feminine does not seem to be as closed minded about hearing him out, or learning from what he has to say, even if she is not necessarily ready, or willing to take him back romantically..

There is an energy of friendship here.. SO perhaps some divine feminines are willing to start things off again as friends, before taking off into anything too hot, and heavy, and this to me, sounds like a fantastic idea!

The world card on the side of the feminine speaks of an acceleration in consciousness, mentally, and spiritually, she is currently out of this world! And I mean this because she is challenging all types of outdated 3D programming, belief systems, and indoctrination around the matrix. Whether this is in relation to old religious/spiritual truths, beliefs about love, beliefs about men and women, or beliefs about being deserving, she is moving past a sense of limitation, and seeking a truth that is more universal, that FEELS closer to God, and oneness… Alot of the teachings of our society is based on ego, and separation, and she is realising this week that this has only caused her further struggle, and pain, so she lifts herself from all of the drama, and welcomes this period of death, and transition..

Mentally, she is leaving the world, because she is entering a new world, one that is more balanced, in harmony, and more connected with the masculine, and feminine principles. This is the opposite of wanting to fight the male patriarchy, rather, it borrows understanding of WHY the masculine felt the need to protect himself so, and does not look to men, or their behaviours as inherently evil.

She has gained a deeper understanding of the masculine, because she can see how his struggles either directly spark, or are born from her own.. This is allowing her to piece together an entirely new perspective, and it sets her free in many ways.

The 6 of cups is a card of union, or rather re-union. This is a card of childhood nostalgia, and perhaps a little dreamy, and may point to both twins actually merging, and coming together on a spiritual level. Their inner children are clearing, heavily, and very fast, so that they can be more receptive of what one another has to offer, without so many road blocks, and adulthood fallacies.

In breaking away from karmic bonds, and shedding some of her belief systems, this week, the feminine is able to display a version o f herself, and her love that is more playful, innocent, and childlike. This is a pure love, not an expectant love. But an unconditional love, the love that we give when we do not have a fear of not receiving. . Because we know that the love is always returned to us somehow, and it is always received, so we do not need to look for outward displays of gratification.

She is also handing a lot of love out to the community this week, because she is so loving of herself, and this gives her a lot of time, peace, and focus to share with others. This is a challenging of old perceptions. Perhaps the feminine had a mother who had victim consciousness, and would never give without the expectancy of receiving. Perhaps her mother once taught her that to give meant giving until you are left with nothing. But this again, is a perception of lack. When we are bountiful, we can give, and know that we will always be returned to…
And the masculine does return, over, and over again, when he is given the space to return..Think of the prodigal son in the bible..

Because she opens the doors to allow this playfulness to shine through, the masculine learns through example, and also feels more relaxed, (the sun card), to display more of who he really is.

Her energy was once VERY heavy, and this is one of the reasons that the masculine withdraw himself, and became distant.. Because he felt all of this expectant, vampiric, and victimised energies radiating from her, (through NO fault of her own ofcourse)… But now? We know better.. So, we DO better!

Think back to the way that love was done as a child. If we were children who were fortunate enough to have a relatively good childhood, then we were taught that love was something that could, and should be given freely. This is before 3D adulthood templates are downloaded to us about courtship, who should have the power in the relationship, how love should be articulated, and who should, or should not be chased ..

When the feminine is in a relaxed state, not worrying, or having anxiety attacks about the masculine, he comes through because he knows that he won’t be judged, and too much won’t be expected of him too soon.

The 9 of wands shows the feminines utter STRENGTH this week! She is looking back on how far she has come, and my! How far she HAS come! She has come through a period of much struggle, and strife to get where she is now, and as she rests, she awaits for more answers, and profound realisations to reveal to her the truthful nature of this previous cycle of her life. She knows that everything was pretty fated, and everything happened to prepare her and sharpen her more… And now, she awaits for the answers to carefully continue to unravel themselves.. And they do.

There is an appreciation of her journey thus far, BECAUSE it has brought her so much knowledge, and spiritual depth. A sigh of relief is breathed, as she knows that a new period is about to begin for her, each with its own set of struggles, although she knows that this time, she will be FAR better equipped to handle things. She may feel slightly battered, and bruised from all the turmoil of recent weeks, but there is a strong sense that all was not in vain, as she stands currently, she has earned many spiritual stripes for bravery, and volunteering to embark on all of these soul lessons for the purpose of truth, and light.
A worthy warrior, if there ever was one!

The energy that she projects to the masculine speaks of her expansion, and how this radiates an energy of expansion, and newness for them both. In many ways, she has torn his old world apart,and is still continuing to do so. This is new opportunities, and new doors opening for him, because she is holding this space for new belief systems to be created on his path. She shows him this week the importance of team work, possibly community work, and NOT being so focused on the I//the self//the egotistical desires. Perhaps through sending him love, believing in his natural abilities, or being an example of growth for him, she is changing his world, and showing him just how much MORE there is to see, to feel, to know.. Financially, this also speaks of her being the bounty for him to manifest a new project, or career role. As she grows the financial baby in her belly, he too benefits from this.

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Twin Flame Weekly (belated) reading – 14th-20th November; Masculine growth, and healing, feminine sovereignty.

Main theme, (The empress), What is occurring for both twins, (The high priestess), Masculine – Five of swords, Nine of pentacles, Five of cups, What energy the masculine is projecting to the feminine – The king of wands, What energy the feminine is projecting to the masculine – Three of cups.

Numerological break down calculation. 14 (1+4) = 5 – Change, freedom from restriction, liberation, order establishment, leadership, the ability to control ones own destiny. – 20 – Balance, harmony, partnership (magnified by the presence of the 0), healthier relationships, gratitude, and balance of masculine/feminine energies.

The empress card as the main theme, speaks of our desires for beautification, luxury, and abundance. We are coming out of a thick spell of feeling as if we are not enough, we do not own enough, and we do not have enough. The empress card is the energy of the mother, the desire to look after things, to look after ourselves, and to treat ourselves to the best that life has to offer! As we grow, our search for the finer things in life grow. Have you ever noticed how people with depression tend to stop self care? Sometimes they put on weight, sometimes they lose too much weight, but their inner feelings, reflect their outside presence. Well, the empress card is the opposite of that – this is us moving towards the light, (like a seed), and growing into something beautiful. We may be changing our appearance to reflect this new found inner beauty, or deciding to take measures that cater to our body more – a better diet, a monitoring of negative self talk etc..This is also very fertile energy, the energy that we exhibit when we can make ANYTHING happen. If it is a new life that we seek, it is a new life that we shall manifest. The empress is like the divine feminine touch – anything that she focuses her intentions on, will become fruitful. So be careful where your focus is at this time!

The divine feminine standing in her power, also allows for the masculine to realise what a goddess she actually is! This is very much about the feminine stepping back into the role of the priestess, who heals, and guides, and teaches, and shows the community the way to go – specifically the masculine! AND this week, he is okay to taking heed to her lead,  because he is actually seeing that she has the answers – whatever the questions may be! This is very ancient energies at work here – reminiscent of who, and what the divine feminine used to be. The most fertile soil is typically the darkest, and it is during our inner turmoil that both twins have been through, that has enabled them to recognise just how much they deserve! This has also provided them with the light that presents itself with the high priestess..

The empress also speaks of certain responsibilities, and duties that we have to the home, and our family life. Maybe we are healing family issues, and healing the sense of not belonging that we once had. We are actually very vital, and valuable members of the community as twin flames, because of this new earth that we are healing to form! There are certain obligations that we must meet because there are others, a community of others who are reliant upon us. I feel as if the feminine recognises that a little bit more this week, and maybe walking away from the idea that she has to chase love, or neglect all her priorities because of love – the eight of cups is very symbolic of this cutting of karmic ties with abusive love, one sided love, or becoming lost in ideas about love.

The high priestess is a surge of intuitive, psychic, and emotive themes that we will be dealing with this week. This is very much the energy of Scorpio – thinking about somebody, and then they contact you, dreaming about somebody, and having that reveal something to you about them, or about yourself. Premonitions even, may be abundant. Much translation about what is, or has been hidden, is now coming to light at this time. A deeper connection with the unconscious mind is established, and we are really encouraged to go within, and seek our own counsel, as not everything is as it seems on the outside, and we cannot always find the answers that we need to, through asking others. The psyche may be forcing both twins this week to look back at a thing that they may rather not dwell on, because there was still healing there that needed to be put into place. 

The justice card suggests the feminine taking things in her stride. Though this is an intense period, and revelations may arrive erratically, and spontaneously, she is seeing the karmic lessons in all – so this is really helping her to let go, and to deal with things! What is fair, and what is just according to spiritual law, is something that she is learning to abide by. Yes, a lot of hurtful things may have happened to her, but there is a strong sense now, that even those things too served a purpose, within divine, or karmic law.

This may appear to the masculine, as if she is creating distance with him, but I feel as if any distance created is actually to help both of them heal. She is simply living a reality more in alignment with her truth, and if the masculine is still fighting his, and struggling with his, then yes, many of the feminine may be walking away from their masculine at this time…In search of higher truths, answers that he cannot provide. For this reason, many feminines this week will actually be battling with a third party situation – which is another divine masculine that presents himself in her life. This is not unusual in twin flame dynamics. There are lessons that both DESPERATELY need to learn, and if for whatever reason, one party cannot mature enough, or keep up their end of the soul contract, another counterpart will manifest themselves to teach the other twin the lesson that they need to know. In this case, if the divine masculine cannot step up to the level of spiritual and emotional maturity that is being asked of him, then yes, the divine feminine will likely have met another masculine counterpart with whom lessons will unravel.

The eight of cups is definitely the feminine going on a journey that seems to point away from the masculine. BUT, because there may be three parties involved, she may be walking away from a karmic attachment, into the arms of her actual twin, this karmic attachment may have mimicked a twin, and held this space open for him, OR she may be walking away from her twin, and into a soul mate union, with somebody who she perceives just might be her actual twin. Yes, this is where things may get a little complicated for some, BUT I assure you, there is a rhyme, and a reason still, and there is a lesson involved for every single party, and things will reveal themselves, and sort themselves out, as they should, in due time. Whatever happens here, the feminine does need to walk away, or take some time away from a certain situation, and this may be to do with the five of swords present on the masculine side.

The five of swords can represent an inner struggle for the masculine this week – change is happening for him, but I feel as if he finds this a little scary, and intimidating, because there may be some people, or some things that he has to walk away from, in order to stand in power for the divine feminine, and this can pose a challenge. This is why the third party situation may be so complicated. Some of the masculines right now, are willing to rise to the challenge, (all will eventually, though in their own time), and these are the ones that the feminine will be moving towards, because it mirrors her energy of elevation. SO much masculine energy is asking to be healed by her this week, and in the coming weeks – this may be brothers, fathers, uncles etc, who all seek her counsel, because they know that the divine feminine has this POWERFUL healing, and understanding energy- much like a mother to all!

The five of cups is the masculine considering some loss, and potentially regret from the past. He is digging into his past, and feeling sorrow over something that happened, something that went wrong. This could indeed be the third party situation, maybe he feels the feminine walked away from him, maybe he feels as if he will be letting someone, or some people down if he makes this decision that he needs to make – and yes this decision involves the divine feminine. Because she has stepped into her power now, he knows, and feels that she will not settle for any less, so this poses some pressure for him. Is he enough for her? Can he be enough? Can he be loyal? Can he deal with commitment issues? All of these questions are posed to him. He may be resisting the change because he does not quite understand where it is leading him. Some of the masculines will be acting out – because they are in fear, but I feel the feminine will not pander to it as much, because she will recognise it for exactly what it is! Fear energy! 

The five of cups may also relate to a third party situation that involves his past – perhaps there was infidelity in the past, and this has affected his outlook on love, and the amount of love that he has been willing to give up until now. Maybe somebody cheated on him int he past, this could have even been the feminine who hurt him in some ways with another, and it may be difficult for him to fully apply himself in love because he fears, loss, and change, and abandonment – and these are all themes, and perspectives that will be made clear to him this week! Perhaps, the third party situation relates to HIM, and the empress, and the high priestess may be representing two separate women in his life, – ‘The empress’, representing somebody who he already has a home with, or who is the mother of his child, and the high priestess, representing this spiritual woman, and huge spiritual lesson who has come into his life. He may be feeling torn in between the two, and with the justice card on the feminine side, along with the eight of cups, she may be deciding to walk away from this situation, because of the lack of balance, or fairness, on her part, as well as the other party. 

Lastly, there are many complications with the twin flame union – specifically dealing with this union being somehow taboo, or forbidden, therefore, the third party situation that the masculine could be mourning, may indeed relate to a community, or family who may be disapproving of his decisions to be with the feminine. Either way, this will mark a sign of manhood for him, and he will need to decide which direction to take, although any direction that he does take, will result in him letting somebody down, or  having to lose something. This is a right of passage. 

The feminine may be directly, or indirectly asking the masculine to make some sort of a decision about what he actually wants.  She is getting over some sort of heart break, or unpleasant situation by choosing a different route. The eight of cups represents her fall from grace. She no longer needs pander to everything, and everyone, before catering to herself. The eight of cups is her journey away from negative karmic attachments, not just in the sense of relationships, but also habits, belief systems, what she allows herself to receive, and financial consciousness also. She is allowing herself to receive further abundance, and this journey she is going on, sees her stopping along the way to enlighten people. But she surely is placing herself as number one priority from now on.  She is ready to board the ship of life, so if the masculine does something this week, like forgets to text on time, or does not call when he says he should, she will not be waiting by the phone anxiously – she will be out, living her own life. The feminine is turning away from co-dependency, and themes of attachment, at an alarming right, and so thankfully so! This attachment was an illusion, fueled by the idea that she had to belong to something other than herself in order to be great.

The nine of pentacles on the side of the masculine is indicative of things changing, and improving for him, even though he may not necessarily recognise this at face value. His financial matters are improving, and he is achieving a sense of completion in his career, little does he know, this is all because of the shining graces that the feminine has shone on him, and the abundance that she has shared with him through manifestation. If you look to the spread presented, you can almost see a light emanating from the divine feminine, and befalling directly on the knight of cups in the image, who appears to be kneeling, with his cup empty, waiting for her divine grace to be poured onto him – and it is. For the feminine, heals, and heals, regardless of whether she means to, or not. She shines the light, and holds the torch for others to see into their own darkness, and to transform their ways, and that is exactly what she has done for the masculine this week! The knight of cups is an offer of love – it appears the masculine may be at his weakest, but he is simply going through many spiritual and karmic lessons at this time, and is searching for a new beginning, that begins with love. This may also be representative of multiple masculine energies that are seeking the feminine compliance, and guidance at this time, and she does give to all – not sexually, in the way that the masculine may fear..

The energy that the masculine is projecting to the feminine at this time being the king of wands is actually indicative of his growth, and spiritual break through around the ending of the week, or the beginning of the new week. He emerges from his soul searching, and shadow self victorious, stronger, and he is dealing with issues to do with sexual dysfunction, lack of energy, and lack of belief in self. The energy that the feminine is projecting to the masculine, as the three of cups, speaks of her efforts to re-integrate into the community, for the purposes of self healing, and healing of others. This could even be family relations improving for her. If she appears distant, or as if she is off having fun somewhere, this is because she is. But the masculine is not to worry, she is just dealing with her former consciousness of being alone, feeling lonely, or fearing that she is not apart of something great.


The energy for this current week, and the next are absolutely explosive! And there is so much happening, and so much opportunity for transformation, and elevation! What a fantastic time to be a twin flame on a mission to construct a new earth… There is such heavy focus on the masculine at this time because he is doing all of the work that the feminine has always done. Confronting issues, learning how to manifest, and finding his place in the world, in terms of emotional responsibility to himself, and others.

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NEW moon in Scorpio, Themes of death & loss; The mother wound, the womb,depths of darkness, and what the next few days can teach us..


In Numerology, the number 10 holds very special, and divine weight. This is the number of the all that is. God. The beginning (1), and the end (0). The masculine (1), and the feminine (0). The feminine is the darkness, the absence of light – which is also very much representative of Scorpio energy, which is all about this darkness. It is the masculine energy that brings to us the desire to create (sperm), change in our lives, the clarity, and understanding of what it is that we must do. But before the masculine principle comes through,  we need to wipe the slate ENTIRELY clean, get down to the 0, the nothingness, the silence, the emptiness, the pain.

Scorpion energy rules darkness, depth, and death. If you know any Scorpios, then you  may notice that underneath their natural charismatic persona, lies a brooding, often moody, and contemplative persona. Scorpio takes us very far into the darkness – the darkness of the womb. In the womb, we are submerged in both complete darkness, and silence, yet it is the most peaceful, most connected space for us to dwell. This very feminine energy is all about creation – what we can create from the bottom up, from the point of nothing – we may gain everything. 

The journey that we make through the birth canal, is a very traumatic one indeed. All that we have to do is think about the trauma of childbirth. The blood, the tears, the pain. Yet this is a shamanic initiation for both mother, and child. Especially the mother – who now takes on a new role of the protector, who’s emotions, intuition, and ability to love all expand. She becomes God. The ultimate creator, and watches over her child, the way the divine admires his/her own creations. The child is ripped from their comfort zone. This particular new moon, and the entire month in general have revolved around revisiting these themes of past trauma – the first ever trauma. Specifically in association with any trauma templates that have been passed down to us through the mother. This includes any abandonment by our mothers, or abandonment consciousness that is passed down to us from our mothers. This can even include a mother who was abandoned by parents, or abandoned by your father. 

Our childhood wounds are triggered heavily, possibly with words, situations, (especially in love), or memories that seem to return to us in the strangest ways, at the strangest of times. We are asked to view just how much our adult-life is influenced and impacted by our childhood experiences, particularly what our parents, and our childhoods taught us to believe about ourselves, and the world. 

Everything is affected by what we have endured in the past. Scorpio is the ultimate death. Disappearing into the darkness, and surrendering to our deepest fears. You may notice that this month in particular you may have been even more contemplative that usual – diving to a place within your mind, that only seemed to take you further into your mind. However this was not escape, this was reevaluation and revelation. 

When you are in this state – of stillness, and darkness, like I mentioned before, answers just come to you effortlessly, because you are not searching for anything in particular – you were just allowing your mind to roam, and roam it did.

The fear of being out there – out in the darkness, the abyss, with no safety, no comfort, no mother. Many who identify with the healer template have specific wounds associated with the mother//feminine energy – typically an imbalance of some sort, or a power struggle that exists internally e.g masculine vs feminine, and this often manifests within our relationships, e.g poor relationship quality. 

Scorpio brings all of these themes to the surface, and all of this information is invited to sit with us, ALL at once. This is absolutely no time to shy away from the lies that you have told yourself in order to control your urges to just fall apart. You HAVE to fall apart. Something tells me, that you have had this false notion of control, or ‘strength’ for far too long. 

Which brings me onto another theme of Scorpio energies. Control, is a HUGE factor for many of those carrying the energy of Scorpio. There is a lot of conflict between what the mind says, and what they feel intuitively, and as such, battles between what we know and can perceive in this 3d world, and the intangible things that we may KNOW, but cannot prove are plaguing us… 

For this reason, our lack of REAL, substantial control in situations will likely be triggered. The desire to control external events indicates a fear, a deep intense fear of things falling apart – as they always have, or previously have done. We can learn through situations arising at this time, that the desire to control comes ultimately through fear. Fear of loss. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being enough. Where does that emotion come from? What first made you feel that you were unworthy? And how true is it? How long will you carry this thorn? Ofcourse, it is time for burial, and that is where the death part of Scorpio comes in..

It is time to adorn yourself. Emotionally, mentally, and physically – with the thoughts, and the things that offer you fulfillment. Scorpio is all about the INNER world, it is time to work from inside, out. Only internally can you fix what is broken. Heal the mother wound. Whatever was broken inside of her, was gifted to you also. Yes – gifted. So that you could transmute these experiences. If your mother was repressed, then live a life of freedom.. If she was neglected, or abandoned, then make a CONSCIOUS habit of not abandoning yourself. Release the self blame. You could not control what happened then. There is NO control, only the illusion thereof.

The desire to have somebody CONSTANTLY prove to us that they will not abandon us, and that we are worthy of love can cause us to behave in less than desirable ways. This is also one of the ways in which we relive our trauma, because actually behaving like this, and trying to avoid this, is likely to push others away. Scorpio is very much led by this internal power struggle, and being persecuted; either for having too much power, or not having enough. The struggle of the feminine archetype. 

Too much power? And she is hunted, and persecuted, and ridiculed – to the point that her power is removed. And then? She is left defenseless. In this defenseless state? She either develops victim consciousness, or she swears never to allow herself to be vulnerable again. She as in – the feminine, not necessarily a woman!

As Scorpio also rules themes of sexuality, we are asked to see how sexuality can be used for both spiritual, and liberation purposes. Sex has been used to abuse power, and control for a long time – especially where the divine feminine is concerned. However, in metaphysics, we know that sex is healing – the vagina is healing – the woman is healing, and all this healing occurs within (the yoni), in the darkness, (the womb), so the very essence of feminine sexuality, is transmutation. Feeling sexually charged, and liberated, is actually when the divine feminine as at her best, and if she is to create the change in a new world, then she will need to be armed with some of this knowledge! This power of hers threatens the faithless, and the powerless, and has done so for many centuries, but that is no reason for her to back down now! Rather, it is time to rise up.

Persecution consciousness must be abandoned now. And the masculine needs to learn – that just because the feminine has all of these wonderful gifts, and is captivating, and sensual in this way; does not mean that she will abandon him, or leave him, as he so fears. This irrational fear may cause him to try to control the women around him, and in his life, because he fears the primal archetype  of Eve; who once deceived him in the garden of Eden, and then was exiled – leaving him feeling both betrayed, and wounded. For a long time, we thought that the feminine had the greatest of abandonment issues – but rather, it has always existed as the masculine. He just needed to go inside, (yes pun intended), to figure this all out..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 17th-23rd October; Shadow healing, and blocks on the road to love.


Main theme – Queen of swords, What is occurring for both twins – The hanged man, The masculine – Seven of swords, Four of swords, Ace of wands, Feminine – The star, Eight of swords, The devil. EXTRA CARD SPECIAL – Knight of swords.

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

Numerological break down calculation – 17th (1+7) = 8 – Karma, abundance, breaking of karmic chains, karmic realisations, and transformation – 23rd (2+3) = 5- Change, transition, freedom, breaking of bondage, liberation, adventure, and newness.

With the powerful full moon  in Aries that we experienced a few days ago, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are still heavy in the air. This full moon saw us exploring areas of our life where we once felt challenged, particularly in the form of the shadow self, childhood aspects, and  our fears, and conditions about love.

With the queen of swords as the main theme, this week, both divine lovers are assessing the blockages that lie between them, and the union of self, and the union between one another. The queen of swords can represent an individual who is harsh, or who places up walls, and barriers because of how deeply they have been hurt in the past. Look at the way that the queen sits, with her sword firmly planted in the ground, ever ready for an attack, and not with the embracing smile that the empress card holds, or even the sweet melancholy glare of the queen of cups. This is an individual who is stern, and who prefers to use the navigation of their mind, rather than their heart when it comes to matters of love. Both sacred lovers who are truly on this healing journey, and path, have been through so much throughout the course of their lives – particularly in childhood, so it is no wonder that they have developed these types of wounds, blockages, and defensive behavioural mechanisms;however, it is paramount to healing that these blockages be identified and released – which is the goal of the hanged man.

The hanged man arrives once again to dictate the importance of stillness. So both divine lovers are once again this week delving very deeply into themselves, and may seem withdrawn from others, or almost as if they are in their own worlds. Yes indeed they may be trapped inside of their minds for the time being, but actually – the best thing for them both to do at this time, would be to EXPRESS themselves. It is only self expression of what lies inside that will lead them to the pot of gold called love. It is important for the masculine this week to express his feelings towards the divine feminine, and it is important for the divine feminine this week to allow herself to be expressed to. She needs to get used to speaking her truth this week. Because everything that she holds inside tends to become toxic, and hostile, and manifests as dark thoughts, or feelings of helplessness. In order not to feel like the victim, she can often be overly defensive, of dismissive of the divine masculine, and others. If she is the one doing the rejecting, then it somehow makes her feel in control.

The queen of swords may also suggest to us the need for practicality, and proper discernment. It is important for us not to become caught in our fantasies of what we perceive the world to be like, based on past experiences, and get carried away with ourselves. The queen of swords can be the voice within our minds this week that reminds us, you do not have all of the facts. You cannot make harsh judgement, and decisions about things, and people just because you are feeling particularly insecure one moment, or overly vulnerable. Sit with yourself momentarily. Listen to what your thoughts are actually trying to tell you, and if there is revealing message to come through – channel it, into some form of creativity, instead of allowing it to engulf you this week.

The hanged man also represents both twins desire to release the ideas, beliefs, and actions that often cause them to appear cold, or stand offish. They both truly just want the best path to love this week, and that does NOT include passive aggression, rejecting one another, or playing mind games for the basis o power. The hanged man is complete surrender to any situation that presents itself in the name of love and emotions. There is only resistance to love when we exist in fear – and fear and love cannot truly co-exist, without one seeking to dominate the other. 

The queen of swords is also representative of the fact that the feminine NEEDS to speak up, and activate her throat chakra. If she does not? She will always be let feeling like the victim, and always be feeling like the masculine robbed her in some way, or did something to her. The moment that she does not like something, or she feels a certain way, she must articulate this, instead of burying it within, and allowing it to fester later as resentment, or cold words. The masculine actually deeply fears rejection – and this week, he is travelling very deeply into himself, to figure out why.

With the seven of swords on the side of the masculine, he is choosing..Well not to be so sneaky and avoidant anymore! This is particularly in regards to the part of his psyche that have previously been untouched. This may relate to his abandonment issues, his fears about love, and vulnerability, and his inability to commit to a person, thing, or situation. I feel like he knows that the feminine is at stake here, and if he does not address and confront his issues directly, he does stand to lose her – and also lose himself. This is not all even entirely about her, but rather him being fed up of living his life in this way, and feeling less than whole. The feminine shone the torch for him to acknowledge that he was holding parts of himself back, and parts of his soul fragments were scattered, and now he is fully taking the time and patience to peer into himself, and look closely at what wounds have become of him. The four of swords represents his period of solitude, contemplation, and healing, as he identifies what has been plaguing him, and tries to make peace with it. He may seem fairly distant this week- but he must be allowed this space for exploration. There is a lot to face at this time, very primal, ancient wounds, leading back to childhood and beyond, and he is actually being completely raw in his efforts to find out his own truth this week. 

His heart may feel very heavy at this time, so it is important for him to take the time to do his work diligently, so that he does not find himself breaking this work up into tiny pieces, and stretching out the healing process unnecessarily. It is  a lot to face when he has been avoiding facing things for so long, but he is there, and like the wounded soldier from battle, he is tending to his wounds. He may have played many mind games, or been too reactive in the past, or quick to let people go, because he did not want to appear as if he was emotionally dependent. Thoughts especially about being abandoned by the divine feminine may pertain to a mother wound, within him. A part of him may feel ashamed this week, because he still associates all these types of things with weakness, but for the most part, with the ace of wands, we can expect a powerful resurrection by him come the weekend. All of this hard work that he is doing in self exploration is strengthening his spirit, and he knows that he is about to enter a new phase of his life – as shaky as this too seems. The ace of wands represents his power to change direction. He is a very strong character, and he is realising that what does not kill you truly makes you stronger.. And there is more good, than harm in exploring what actually has hurt you. A new found inspiration and determination comes from him feeling purposeful – this is a re-connection to the type of humanity that will allow him to be the powerful light worker that he is destined to be!

The star card suggests that this week, the feminine is going through a rather hard time, along with her other cards. The eight of swords is all about one being trapped inside of their mind, and inside of ego consciousness. This is the shadow work of the divine feminine, and the masculine begun this a few weeks ago, the feminine has just been a little resistant because she held stereotypical thoughts such as, ‘I am the divine feminine. I am already enlightened. It is he who needs to complete all of this work. Not me. My shadow work is not as deep as his’. Oh yeah? Well it IS. Just as the masculine has a shadow archetype, so does the feminine, and this is to do with toxic expression – being passive about things, and then allowing those things to manifest as intrusive, self abusive thoughts. The devil card is all about how these thoughts attempt to trick her, and play with her mind. This week, they may have her feeling powerless, victimised, and abused. The red in the devil card also seems to relate to lower sexual energies – perhaps the dynamics of sexual abuse, sexual inferiority, or past sexual grievances. If there were any incidences in childhood where power was abused in this way, this too will rise to the surface this week to be cleared, although the clearing will not feel very much like clearing. Abandonment, and being left unprotected is the biggest fear of the feminine, and this fear is surfacing in a major way this week – so no wonder, she is so stuck in her thoughts, and her fears!

Perceptions, and societal expectations and requirements about what the masculine should be may be playing through her mind heavily this week. Perhaps this is the ultimate battle between heart, and mind. Her heart is very passionate about the masculine, and seeks to stay with him – her head however, is filled with programming, and ideas, and experiences projected from outside of her. In her reluctance to lose the masculine, she may have been playing mind games with him, and keeping him bound to her through low vibrations, sexual manipulation, or coercion. None o this is what love is about, and it is highly important for both sacred partners to cleanse themselves of the shadow aspect born of fear, if they are to truly know, experience, and radiate the love that they were sent here to gift. 

The star card actually suggests that this is a period of rebirth and renewal for her, and learning to balance what her intuition tells her, with what she has experienced on earth. Ultimately, healthy discernment will allow her to know what decisions to make. But if she is to grow? Then she has to learn how to listen to, and trust her own inner voice, despite what those outside of her may say/believe. This situation is NOT as bleak as it looks, and there is divine guidance at work here, but it is so, that during a dark night of the soul, we cannot see, nor feel, any of this. LET GO. Drop the things that exist in your mental realm that are limiting you and your beliefs about your worthy, and what you deserve. The eight of swords truly suggests that these thoughts are NOT real whatsoever, and the only reason that you feel stuck, is because your thoughts are surrounding you, and disallowing you to realise that, things are really not the way that you perceive them. Learn to trust your gut once in a while… The mind is filled with things that you have LEARNT, and been told, which is the experience of other people, not the experience of you. 

The eight of swords needs you to take a deep breath, and find the best outlet to release your fears, and thoughts about what is going wrong divine feminine. Things seem far scarier when they are trapped within your mind, and you cannot see the truth of a situation. If you are still operating from childhood fears, then you need to understand this week that those theories are outdated, and it is only your triggers that keep them alive. The masculine may be directly triggering you, (and you him), so that you can confront these issues once, and for all.

To me, the knight of swords always represents the masculine charging in, regardless of any walls, reservations, and hesitations that the feminine puts up, and offering her some kind of communication/information. Perhaps the sword that he is wielding actually refers to the ace of swords – clarity of thought, new perspective, or new ideas about herself, who her place in the world, and her love connections. He really wants to get a message across this week – and I do suggest that the feminine listen, because there is wisdom in his echoing. He is teaching her to let go, and to trust, that he will return, with more than what he left with. Abandonment, IS an illusion.

This week, we are expressing our truths, and letting go of what no longer serves us, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is time to drop all of the pretense. And just be who you are..

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flame (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading – 10th- 16th;The loyalties & disloyalty of the shadow self, abandonment consciousness, and Masculine rebirth.


Main theme – Five of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Two of swords, Masculine – Page of swords, Knight of swords, The wheel of fortune, Feminine – The lovers, The fool, Six of pentacles. 

Numerological calculation break down – 10TH – The alpha and the omega. The beginning, and the ending of the all that is. God consciousness – unity consciousness, and the acceptance of masculine-feminine duality, conclusions, and understanding – 16th (7) – Lessons gained through spiritual hardship and karmic cycles.

The 5 of swords this week, is representative of the shadow aspects of the self. This is all about the sneaky behaviours, and selfish interests that we embody throughout our desires to escape our emotional pain, possibly through manipulation of others, victimisation of ourselves, and failure to take responsibility for what we do.

There is a LOT of mental activity occurring this week within both divine lovers minds. There is a lot of back and forth-ing, and beating themselves up over the things that they have been struggling, or previously refusing to accept within themselves. As mentioned in the general weekly reading, this is introducing a process of anti resistance; the five of swords, and the two of swords, is the process before they settle into this anti resistance method, and actually give up all of the mental chatter, and calamity that is happening for/to them.

We find ourselves going very, very deeply within this week – perhaps deeper than we would have liked to, but this is very necessary for tapping into unconscious realms of realisation. It is like a rabbit hole that we must fall into, in order to be reborn, and revived. We have to hit our lowest point, for us to accept some home truths.

The five of swords is confronting the shadow aspect of ourselves that actually enjoys, and even attracts, and welcomes drama, and conflict subconsciously. There is much about the dark side thus far that has been drawing us, and I feel that it is more to do with our separation from self, and our misunderstanding about who we truly are – and what we deserve, and what others deserve from us. This is the type of dysfunction that is often born from growing in a traumatic childhood, or experiencing some type of childhood abuse. There is usually some pushing and pulling, polarity and division consciousness that occurs within us. In reality, the feminine, and the masculine aspects of ourselves, and the higher self, and the shadow self, should be united, respectively, as one.. But certain environments, and upbringings do not allow for the nurturing, or understanding of both.. Growing up in a culture where these two roles were very much separated, and exaggerated will also cause this type of conflict – such as heavily religious backgrounds, that regarded the shadow self in shame, and rejection, or patriarchal structures, that insist on men being hyper masculine, and women being reactive, and entirely submissive.. Hopefully now – we have all learnt, that hyper masculinity is just as toxic to the person embodying the masculine energy, as excessive submission, and powerlessness is to the one embodying feminine energies. The masculine who is hyper masculine is very much disconnected from his feelings, and therefore himself, brutalising him in a sense, whilst the feminine who is hyper feminine, is stuck in victim consciousness, and therefore grows spiteful, often hateful, resentful, and vengeful – psychologically that is. 

You have to be honest with yourself this week about the relationship templates that you create. These things are not just happening to you for no reason. You are not just falling into these situations. You DO play a vital role in this. For the masculine, he may be coming into the realisation that he has been ruled by his own selfish desires, and manipulative tendencies, with the wheel of fortune on his side. This is quite a blow in the face, because he is also realising how he has actually inherited these behaviours, if not directly from his father, then from somewhere in his culture, or genetic line. Perhaps his own mother, or other women who are important to him in his life, have faced the similar fate – of the selfish actions of the masculine template, and he is realising now that he too is embodying this toxicity. His fear of being abandoned – has caused him, to become the one who does the abandoning. 

Let us take a look back – all of the way back, to the masculine archetype. This is a very primal, carnal energy.. Right, the masculine had to hunt for decades, he had to face, and brave many dangerous situations, go to wars, leaving behind his family, and detaching from his emotions in that way. This was the original wound. The separation from source, (God). In order for him to be able to commit these acts, for the most part, he had to suppress, or relinquish altogether the feminine energy that existed within him, otherwise, the pain of these acts, would be too overwhelming. At this time, sexual intercourse, was the only way that the masculine could experience tapping into this feminine/divine energy once more, or feeling close/attached to something. Because his main drive was populating the earth – his desire to do so, coupled with his detachment coping mechanisms, meant that he pretty much became ‘promiscuous’, if you would put it in such terms. 

Now, what has happened is, as we have moved into higher realms of consciousness, been exposed to the new world, and elevate as humans, we are moving away from our primal, and carnal desires, and actually becoming more centered as a civillised, and aware species, which means, we should no longer be ruled by these primitive activation codes. A lot of the masculine templates, particularly those embodying hyper masculine templates, are struggling with this elevation, particularly the re-integration of divine feminine energies – which is granting them empathy, and self awareness. Yes, THIS is what is occurring currently this week! 

The feminine – had no choice, in the olden days, but to stay with the family – unprotected, and bound to her duty as the feminine – which first bred the abandonment consciousness, and the internal resentment towards the masculine; although, these were just the cards that they were both dealt. Now this wound continuously manifested over time, creating further division, and polarity among the masses – and ‘twin flames’, or sacred lovers, as you will, incarnated with the exaggeration of both of these templates, for a reason. Only those carrying the original wound, can transform it. Now, many believe that this wound goes back to the father wound, but it actually goes even deeper – it’s the entire masculine wound; The father, is simply the main embodiment of this, or rather, the materialisation of.

The masculine is desperate for change this week – through his new found understanding, and realisation, documented by the knight of swords. Perhaps things have recently blown up in his face, and he cannot afford to be the same person anymore. The page of swords transitioning into the knight of swords shows his rapid  mental maturity. Some sort of realisation or loss has definitely kicked him into awareness, he is more aware now of what is at stake – and it really is a battle for his soul, because he will NEVER be fulfilled, unless he confronts these issues. 

With the two of swords, there may be a decision that he is making this week, possibly, based on the third party situation that was previously discussed. He will have to let some people down this week, but this means maturity, especially if one of those persons, is him. Breaking away from things & people who serve his selfish desires to feel wanted/needed. 

The knight of swords charging in could represent his fast return/message to the feminine, after he has made up his mind about what he wants. However, with the fool card present on the side of the feminine, it appears as if she too has a decision to make, and very well could be walking away from him. There is a sense here however, that she is not at a loss, because she has taken something from this situation, most likely lessons, and wisdom. She has a sense of direction now, has learned and grown from her mistakes, and is actually, no longer the fool.

The six of pentacles on her side, also calls fairness into question. Is/Was this love fair to her? Is it equal? Or was one person carrying all of the weight? Does she have enough energy/resources to put into this situation? Or is she bleeding herself dry? Perhaps there has been a part of her subconsciously, that has enjoyed victimisation in this way – because it allows her to lash out at the masculine, and demand, over, and over again that he proves his love, and devotion – further exhausting the both of them!

The lovers card also on the feminine side, is her re-assessing her past relationships. Karma rears its head again this week to say, ‘AHA! You see this pattern? This is going to keep appearing unless you do something’. Perhaps the page of swords is revealing to her that she is attracted to this baby boy syndrome, the wounded, narcissist lover who has not quite faced himself, and his issues fully – because she too is unwilling to be fully honest, and truthful with herself about some things – particularly in regards to self worth, and being deserving. It has been easy for her (her shadow self rather), to attract these types of lovers, because then she can just sit back, and fall into her victim-hood, and say, ‘You see – I knew he was a bad guy. I knew he was going to leave me’, instead of taking responsibility for her own shadow. Subconsciously, she knows that if she entered a relationship with somebody who was more balanced, they would soon notice that she was imbalanced, and she would have had to make more of an effort to heal – which her shadow self was previously unprepared to do!

There is a reversal in karmic energy this week, that is so primal, and so many centuries old, that I do not even feel like I can articulate it.. If you are feeling strange this week, it’s okay, things are being rearranged on a cellular level. Times have changed now. Spiritual consciousness has made it so that more and more of the masculine souls are becoming more in touch with their spiritual/emotional self, whilst the feminine souls are no longer bound financially, or for safety purposes, and can now walk away from a situation that depletes their soul…This shadow work, particularly of the masculine, is clearing karmic templates for the feminine, of pain, distress, helplessness, and abandonment. 

I would once again like to affirm, that forgiveness is SO key this week! Please feminine, be the strength that I know you can be..Without forgiveness, the karmic cycle will recycle itself.. And you have great work here to be done to not allow that to occur!

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flame ( Sacred lovers) Weekly Reading -3rd-9th October 2016; Awakenings, Patriarchal illusions & Feminine responsibility.

The terms masculine & feminine are used here to describe energetic templates & are not necessarily limited to those identifying as male or female. Also, the term twin flames refers in this case to the highest vibrational frequency of divine love (love typically expressed in a empath’s/healers relationship) & therefore is usually also applicable to soul mates of this kind, & not just limited to those with a belief, or identification with this term.

twin flame weekly oct.jpg

Main theme, (Four of wands), What is occurring for both twins – Two of cups, Feminine – Justice, Queen of wands, King of wands, Masculine – Eight of swords, King of swords, The devil.

Numerological break down calculation – 3 – Creation, manifestation, communication, Birthing – 9 Resolution, karmic closure, Closing chapters, Healing abandonment consciousness, Duty & service to others through past experiences.

With the main theme being the four of wands, it appears that both sacred lovers this week are consumed with thoughts about the future, and establishing solid foundations for the future. Perhaps this arrives in the form of thoughts about marriage, settling down, long term goals, & the way that we would like to sculpt our future based on our long held dreams about what the future should look like. Both lovers are enduring their own forms of powerful awakenings, & the two of cups arrives to suggest that the main theme of their awakenings is based on balance – Well duh! Ofcourse it is, after all balance & inner alchemy is the entire goal of sacred love itself. The two of cups is also harmony between lovers, perhaps there has been much thought or discussion about what is fair & what an equal, or sustainable partnership consists of. Divine lovers – the sacred two, and what the two can build together. With the devil card on the side of the masculine, I interpret that perhaps he may be having a little difficulty with the ‘two’ part – perhaps this is an issue once again of the third party situation & challenging belief systems that he holds about the way that love & partnership should be cultivated. He is definitely exploring themes this week of the dark masculine – the masculine archetype that is the shadow, associated with abuse, internal conflict, & control issues. Yes, this may appear as if he is experiencing a dark time & is plummeting, but he is actually elevating himself & his consciousness, as the feminine fully steps into her role as the divine feminine, & holds open the door & the sacred space for him to heal & spiritually evolve. 

Establishing a family dynamic has lately played heavily on the minds of both twins, & this is because as we draw closer to our mission, we are more determined that ever to leave a lasting legacy through the birthing of the third energy – whether this is creatively, or through the physical manifestation of a child. Our mission has existed on a spiritual level for the longest time, & right now, the feminine in particular is concerned with physical manifestation, & perhaps this is why the notion of getting love right & love being fair, stable & just is more important to her than ever! I mean, who in this day truly wants to bring a child into this world on shaky grounds?

Questions are raised about which way to turn, as both twins delve deeply into their subconscious, & attempt to retrieve their truth. It appears with the queen of wands, & the king of wands that the feminine has experienced some type of spiritual awakening through sexual, or creative stimulation. Something about her feels more powerful this week, even though she still has her doubts about if the masculine can make it through & show up for her – somehow, this is not concerning her too much, what is really drawing her attention this week is the part that she plays in the action of the masculine. Internal balance is the goal – because AHA! She has finally realised, that self love, is the basis of all romantic connections & their validity. 


So, it goes, in nourishing herself & recognising that her power can lie with her being this awakened, sensual,  enlightened & powerful being, she can beckon the masculine to her. And believe me, love is coming – even if he has to fight the desert rains to get there, (& he is currently doing something pretty similar), it is the divine feminine energy that guides, heals & leads a man back to his soul.. She is remembering this, & he may be fighting this, because patriarchy has taught him that he needs to take the lead – which he does, in many ways, but this is just one of those things that he will have to learn – to release control, to know that the divine is the true hero here, not him, at least, not for now. 

Unification, with the grand,great spirit is the ultimate practice this week & it appears that the feminine may be taking this merging a little better because she has been doing shadow work & trying to heal actually for quite a long time now. Remember that the masculine is fairly still new to this type of healing, soul searching & honesty with self. It has only recently been introduced & he needs time to accept what these changes mean. For him, his shadow self has helped him to survive in a world that constantly challenges his masculinity, so he begs the question, what should happen if i should release these walls? Won’t I be more vulnerable?

With the Justice card, & the queen of wands on the side of the feminine, she has borrowed much soul truth from the recent New moon in Libra – the energy of Lilith, the rebellious, sexually awakened feminine is rising through her like the Phoenix. Even if the masculine does make an offer of love to her, if she deems it not enough, or it does not meet the height of the current seat at which she sits upon, she will reject it. Because she is now balanced enough to know that it is not about the lover, but about the love that you receive. 

The eight of swords relates to his ancestral karma & stress associated with trying to break free from & challenge these old concepts that exist within him. He is overthinking a LOT this week & he is trapped between what he has been programmed to believe that he desires & should have, & what the feminine is asking him to be & rise up to. The queen of wands is the torch that she holds for him to see into his own darkness, yet she does not do so in such a judgmental way, rather she says, ‘Look, see..All that you could be!’

With the King of swords opposing the queen of wands, there is a beautiful exchange in feminine & masculine energy continuing this week…The queen of wands has her head in the clouds, she exists with God, & she easily illuminates the path of others just through her being, & her vibrational resonance..This week, she leads the masculine even deeper into the depths of his soul, whilst he teaches her to be grounded, & balanced in her masculine side.

‘The masculine pulls the woman down, (to earth), whilst the feminine pulls the masculine up ( to higher realms), until they both find one another existing in the middle – the balance of two extremes’ – Cindy Anneh-bu.


A role reversal means seeing things from the point of view of one another. This cures ancestral karma because a lot of our family’s karma is rooted in abandonment, & specifically, the way that we perceive we have both been abandoned, or neglected by the opposite sex.

The king of swords is the masculine being pushed to achieve a state of mental maturity, when his mind does finally clear, he will be more forward thinking & less ruled by the little self. He will come to acknowledge that his duty is about service to others & the desires of his little self will actually hold him back in this mission. There is shedding to do, but it is truly up to him how much of his shadow self he is ready to let go of, & how much of it he actually perceives to be of nuisance. 

The queen of wands & The king of wands is the feminine constantly tapping into the birth of the third energy to create & excel – say whatever you would like about the feminine, but right now, she is ever the opportunist! Lol

This is the ultimate shattering of patriarchal illusions & directly deals with the wounds that have been set in place by societal programming & expectations. The feminine is healing her core wound – abandonment, through emotional deprivation, whilst the masculine works on his core wound – abandonment, through psychological deprivation – the face of strength that he has had to wear, that caused him to want to exist only in his mind, because it was less painful, than existing consciously, in his entire self.

The justice card is all about fairness, so the feminine actually heals the masculine by not judging him harshly – she truly understands this week that he is going through this battle & he is not directly trying to hurt, or abandon her – this comes with recognising that the abandonment that she perceives is an ancient lie told to her, by her.She has this vision of love – but it has to be fair, & it has to be give & take, & stepping into this self confidence & belief about who she is will most certainly enable her to attract her soul vibrational mate – whether this is, or isn’t the person that she once thought it may be.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


© Seek Cindy.

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So, what do you know about pain, dear? ‘Her twin flame love’, how death, and the loss of the past helped me heal.


2015 had nothing particularly special, nor alarming about its beginnings, and I pretty much thought that it was going to be a year much like all others, pretty brisk, informative, but none the less flat, and rather passive – boy was I wrong. Only a few months into the year, I received the news that my best friend from childhood had died, had been shot, and that I was going to have to deal with the prospect of my worst fear. Endings. And the ultimate ending. Who would have thought it? The girl who lived her life through fairy tales in her mind, that never included any endings, and never really allowed herself to experience the depth of her pain. Well now, the most high said, ‘you have no choice’. I will package this pain in such a way that your only option is to take heed to it, to surrender, to know it, and in turn.. To know me.

This was the beginning of a spiritual evolution, and Revolution, that I had absolutely no idea, nor awareness of. I didn’t know it yet, but my life was never to be the same.

This month, was the same month that I connected with my twin flame.. And there were no surprises there. This was only one of the synchronicities that followed our sacred Union. He too, was an old friend of the friend who I had lost, and we found ourselves gazing eyes at one another, in the cemetery, whilst our final good byes were said. It was all too surreal for me. But he was there. His love was there.
A few weeks/months after this had happened, after the ‘bubble love phase’, began to bubble over..we received even more news. Another friend of whom we had both known since childhood, had also died, in another fatal, tragic accident. I also found it rather symbolic that both of our friends who were lost were very active members of our past. We had to understand, the past was slowly crumbling around us. This caused not only much self reflection, (I being life path 7, and he being life path 11), but it also caused us to sit with, and re-visit our past selves. What was happening around us? Why was there so much death? 

Why, because there was so much rebirth.

So much destruction born, so many intense feelings, so many new discoveries, so much new depth.. And then he ran.
And all of a sudden, all of my worst fears stared me in the face. Challenging me to face each one of them. One, by one, by one.