A song, only for you; why you cannot talk to friends, family members, or even bestfriends about the twin flame Union. 

The twin flame Union is a distant tune being hummed lowly, deep into the night. It is a call of two harmonies, calling, and responding between one another, out stretched into a space between them, but never around them.

This music is attuned to such a frequency that, it goes unheard by anybody whom it is not meant for, yet to the souls that press their ears firmly against it, it is at times most deafening.

On the outside, the twin flame Union appears quite messy. You may frequent yourself with comments such as, ‘he/she is not right for you’. ‘It’s just not meant to be’ ‘find somebody who is more right for you’, all when you have attempted to seek counsel about this sacred Union. To which at times you may have even replied, ‘yes, you are right. ‘I’ll try, thank you for that’, only to find yourself returned weeks/months later, with the same impending angst, and inability to retrieve your heart.

Nothing will do. Not telling yourself that you imagined this whole sacred Union. Not telling yourself that you will be happier with a relationship that makes much more ‘sense’. Not even telling yourself that if your love truly cared about you, they would show it. Nope. Especially not that. Because even when you do not think that your love truly loves you still, you KNOW that they do. It is this internal knowing, with this mental un-knowing that drives you to constantly seek, counsel, answers, frantically racing through multiple search engines, maybe even racing through my own works. And it is comforting, indeed it is, but still, does not take away from the internal push-pulling.

And this is bevause this is a song, ‘only for you’. Only you can decipher what your soul is trying to translates to you, as it fusses, and erupts during the ups and downs of this Union. As you uncover greater levels of yourself, it will feel as if your pining for your twin flame is only growing stronger, this is because the song is getting louder.

Won’t you stop to hear it?

What is it trying to say?

Silence the mind, play the tune..

My twin flame book is currently in the works of being finalised. Full twin flame account, twin flames through childhood, and each of the stages, experiences broken down.

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