Twin Flame (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading – 10th- 16th;The loyalties & disloyalty of the shadow self, abandonment consciousness, and Masculine rebirth.


Main theme – Five of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Two of swords, Masculine – Page of swords, Knight of swords, The wheel of fortune, Feminine – The lovers, The fool, Six of pentacles. 

Numerological calculation break down – 10TH – The alpha and the omega. The beginning, and the ending of the all that is. God consciousness – unity consciousness, and the acceptance of masculine-feminine duality, conclusions, and understanding – 16th (7) – Lessons gained through spiritual hardship and karmic cycles.

The 5 of swords this week, is representative of the shadow aspects of the self. This is all about the sneaky behaviours, and selfish interests that we embody throughout our desires to escape our emotional pain, possibly through manipulation of others, victimisation of ourselves, and failure to take responsibility for what we do.

There is a LOT of mental activity occurring this week within both divine lovers minds. There is a lot of back and forth-ing, and beating themselves up over the things that they have been struggling, or previously refusing to accept within themselves. As mentioned in the general weekly reading, this is introducing a process of anti resistance; the five of swords, and the two of swords, is the process before they settle into this anti resistance method, and actually give up all of the mental chatter, and calamity that is happening for/to them.

We find ourselves going very, very deeply within this week – perhaps deeper than we would have liked to, but this is very necessary for tapping into unconscious realms of realisation. It is like a rabbit hole that we must fall into, in order to be reborn, and revived. We have to hit our lowest point, for us to accept some home truths.

The five of swords is confronting the shadow aspect of ourselves that actually enjoys, and even attracts, and welcomes drama, and conflict subconsciously. There is much about the dark side thus far that has been drawing us, and I feel that it is more to do with our separation from self, and our misunderstanding about who we truly are – and what we deserve, and what others deserve from us. This is the type of dysfunction that is often born from growing in a traumatic childhood, or experiencing some type of childhood abuse. There is usually some pushing and pulling, polarity and division consciousness that occurs within us. In reality, the feminine, and the masculine aspects of ourselves, and the higher self, and the shadow self, should be united, respectively, as one.. But certain environments, and upbringings do not allow for the nurturing, or understanding of both.. Growing up in a culture where these two roles were very much separated, and exaggerated will also cause this type of conflict – such as heavily religious backgrounds, that regarded the shadow self in shame, and rejection, or patriarchal structures, that insist on men being hyper masculine, and women being reactive, and entirely submissive.. Hopefully now – we have all learnt, that hyper masculinity is just as toxic to the person embodying the masculine energy, as excessive submission, and powerlessness is to the one embodying feminine energies. The masculine who is hyper masculine is very much disconnected from his feelings, and therefore himself, brutalising him in a sense, whilst the feminine who is hyper feminine, is stuck in victim consciousness, and therefore grows spiteful, often hateful, resentful, and vengeful – psychologically that is. 

You have to be honest with yourself this week about the relationship templates that you create. These things are not just happening to you for no reason. You are not just falling into these situations. You DO play a vital role in this. For the masculine, he may be coming into the realisation that he has been ruled by his own selfish desires, and manipulative tendencies, with the wheel of fortune on his side. This is quite a blow in the face, because he is also realising how he has actually inherited these behaviours, if not directly from his father, then from somewhere in his culture, or genetic line. Perhaps his own mother, or other women who are important to him in his life, have faced the similar fate – of the selfish actions of the masculine template, and he is realising now that he too is embodying this toxicity. His fear of being abandoned – has caused him, to become the one who does the abandoning. 

Let us take a look back – all of the way back, to the masculine archetype. This is a very primal, carnal energy.. Right, the masculine had to hunt for decades, he had to face, and brave many dangerous situations, go to wars, leaving behind his family, and detaching from his emotions in that way. This was the original wound. The separation from source, (God). In order for him to be able to commit these acts, for the most part, he had to suppress, or relinquish altogether the feminine energy that existed within him, otherwise, the pain of these acts, would be too overwhelming. At this time, sexual intercourse, was the only way that the masculine could experience tapping into this feminine/divine energy once more, or feeling close/attached to something. Because his main drive was populating the earth – his desire to do so, coupled with his detachment coping mechanisms, meant that he pretty much became ‘promiscuous’, if you would put it in such terms. 

Now, what has happened is, as we have moved into higher realms of consciousness, been exposed to the new world, and elevate as humans, we are moving away from our primal, and carnal desires, and actually becoming more centered as a civillised, and aware species, which means, we should no longer be ruled by these primitive activation codes. A lot of the masculine templates, particularly those embodying hyper masculine templates, are struggling with this elevation, particularly the re-integration of divine feminine energies – which is granting them empathy, and self awareness. Yes, THIS is what is occurring currently this week! 

The feminine – had no choice, in the olden days, but to stay with the family – unprotected, and bound to her duty as the feminine – which first bred the abandonment consciousness, and the internal resentment towards the masculine; although, these were just the cards that they were both dealt. Now this wound continuously manifested over time, creating further division, and polarity among the masses – and ‘twin flames’, or sacred lovers, as you will, incarnated with the exaggeration of both of these templates, for a reason. Only those carrying the original wound, can transform it. Now, many believe that this wound goes back to the father wound, but it actually goes even deeper – it’s the entire masculine wound; The father, is simply the main embodiment of this, or rather, the materialisation of.

The masculine is desperate for change this week – through his new found understanding, and realisation, documented by the knight of swords. Perhaps things have recently blown up in his face, and he cannot afford to be the same person anymore. The page of swords transitioning into the knight of swords shows his rapid  mental maturity. Some sort of realisation or loss has definitely kicked him into awareness, he is more aware now of what is at stake – and it really is a battle for his soul, because he will NEVER be fulfilled, unless he confronts these issues. 

With the two of swords, there may be a decision that he is making this week, possibly, based on the third party situation that was previously discussed. He will have to let some people down this week, but this means maturity, especially if one of those persons, is him. Breaking away from things & people who serve his selfish desires to feel wanted/needed. 

The knight of swords charging in could represent his fast return/message to the feminine, after he has made up his mind about what he wants. However, with the fool card present on the side of the feminine, it appears as if she too has a decision to make, and very well could be walking away from him. There is a sense here however, that she is not at a loss, because she has taken something from this situation, most likely lessons, and wisdom. She has a sense of direction now, has learned and grown from her mistakes, and is actually, no longer the fool.

The six of pentacles on her side, also calls fairness into question. Is/Was this love fair to her? Is it equal? Or was one person carrying all of the weight? Does she have enough energy/resources to put into this situation? Or is she bleeding herself dry? Perhaps there has been a part of her subconsciously, that has enjoyed victimisation in this way – because it allows her to lash out at the masculine, and demand, over, and over again that he proves his love, and devotion – further exhausting the both of them!

The lovers card also on the feminine side, is her re-assessing her past relationships. Karma rears its head again this week to say, ‘AHA! You see this pattern? This is going to keep appearing unless you do something’. Perhaps the page of swords is revealing to her that she is attracted to this baby boy syndrome, the wounded, narcissist lover who has not quite faced himself, and his issues fully – because she too is unwilling to be fully honest, and truthful with herself about some things – particularly in regards to self worth, and being deserving. It has been easy for her (her shadow self rather), to attract these types of lovers, because then she can just sit back, and fall into her victim-hood, and say, ‘You see – I knew he was a bad guy. I knew he was going to leave me’, instead of taking responsibility for her own shadow. Subconsciously, she knows that if she entered a relationship with somebody who was more balanced, they would soon notice that she was imbalanced, and she would have had to make more of an effort to heal – which her shadow self was previously unprepared to do!

There is a reversal in karmic energy this week, that is so primal, and so many centuries old, that I do not even feel like I can articulate it.. If you are feeling strange this week, it’s okay, things are being rearranged on a cellular level. Times have changed now. Spiritual consciousness has made it so that more and more of the masculine souls are becoming more in touch with their spiritual/emotional self, whilst the feminine souls are no longer bound financially, or for safety purposes, and can now walk away from a situation that depletes their soul…This shadow work, particularly of the masculine, is clearing karmic templates for the feminine, of pain, distress, helplessness, and abandonment. 

I would once again like to affirm, that forgiveness is SO key this week! Please feminine, be the strength that I know you can be..Without forgiveness, the karmic cycle will recycle itself.. And you have great work here to be done to not allow that to occur!

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading. 8th-14th August; Creation, destruction, and truthful Revelations.

twin flame weekly reading.jpg

Main theme – Empress, What is occurring for both twins – King of pentacles, Masculine – Page of pentacles, Page of cups, Wheel of fortune, Feminine – The fool, Five of wands, King of wands. 

This week, with the main theme being the empress, we are dealing with energies of creation, and birthing. There is  alot of newness going on, we are dealing with very fertile soils, the ability to make almost anything, and everything manifest. What both twins are experiencing being the king of pentacles, shows some success for us in financial areas, and matters of abundance. Together, these two energies are symbolic of the divine feminine, and the divine masculine working together to create something new – like the big bang theory. There is a balancing of both energies going on within, although I feel as if the masculine is going through this transition, MUCH smoother than the feminine, who is being a little bit messy this week if I am quite honest!

This week, both sacred lovers are focusing on building, building themselves, building who they are, their self perception, and working to bring their talents out into the world. This is truly a week of self determination, and actualisation, but for some reason, it seems as if the feminine is a little bit threatened by the masculine’s desire to expand and explore. This is probably touching on a core wound that she has to do with abandonment, and she is being asked to look deeply into this wound as it is attached to one of the reasons that a lot of her past relationships have not worked out.

The fool card suggests a willful ignorance on her part. She is walking away from the masculine who seems to be walking in the other direction towards financial, and career opportunities. On his end, he is like ? ‘What’s going on? What are you talking about? What have I done wrong? I am just doing my own thing, I am just making some money. I am trying to change my fate, our destiny’ – as depicted by the wheel of fortune, and really, and truly things ARE changing for him, and the feminine should be proud of him, and happy for him, but she is quite threatened by his elevation. A part of her thinks, ‘will he still choose me?’ .. This is much more to do with her insecurities than anything, and this week we take a harsh look at the divine feminine, for her not so pretty side, and how she herself blocks union, SO much more than the concept of the masculine being the runner. In truth, she has existed as the runner for so long..

She’s like this week, ‘I’m going to go this week, and I’m going to do my own thing. Because you are not behaving in accordance with the way that I desire, and this is not making ME feel good’. Me, me me, this is her song, her battle cry.. Can you please see this week feminine, how toxic, and borderline abusive that is? Nobody lives to serve you entirely, relationships are a partnership, not just about somebody making you feel good. What about the other person?

Manifestation is at an ALL time high right now, so it is important to watch one’s thoughts, particularly for the feminine, her mind is so powerful that anything that she conjures (even the negative), will manifest, and take root – and this is what has been occurring for her for so long.

The five of wands is representative of this inner conflict within herself. Everytime that she conjures up an irrelevant argument, everytime that she is passive aggressive, what she is truly doing, is fighting herself, and manifesting this struggle outward. She needs to learn how to deal with her own emotions, or she will always drive people away from her. This is a huge lesson in love, and over coming blockages. I do not understand this week, the need for her to have so many fears, because the empress card shows that her empire too is being built, and things are also shifting for her – but alas, we get down to the nitty gritty of the problem – the feminine FEARS happiness, she FEARS change, and she FEARS success, and she is doing everything possible to make sure that she can somehow sabotage it.

However, the king of wands on the feminine side, is very strong, very determined masculine energy. Where previous partners have fallen, this masculine, is not about to take her shit lying down. He is not going to get up and desert her, because despite the abuse, he is actually far more secure, and settled within himself now. He has taken one of the wands that she is using in conflict, and set it down in the ground, and is saying, ‘I am here. I am not going anywhere’, but the real danger is…Nobody can put up with this type of behaviour, and abuse forever, and this is a call, for the divine feminine to change – to awaken.

Over on the masculine side, he comes with an offer of love, the page of cups sees him confirming, and yielding his love in his hands. There is an innocence about him, that should not be abused, he is exposing himself..He is really here saying, ‘Here, this is the love that I have to give you. Maybe it is not much, but it is what I have. I do not understand the need to fight, or argue, and it does upset me’.. Whilst he is dealing with his issues by surrendering, the feminine is FIGHTING for dear life. Perhaps centuries of the feminine template being associated with victimisation, and persecution is coming up in a major way, for release.

This is encouraging him to step up in some ways however, and to refine himself, because this woman is crazy (lol), and if he wants to be with her, he is going to need to learn some proper expression techniques, because clearly, she takes his silence for neglect, and abandonment. It is very important for her to acknowledge this week how she sets herself up for pre-meditated conflict.

Her insecurities are ravenous, and this week, she needs to turn ‘Alllllll the way, down!’.

This is a perfect opportunity however to finally identify, and bring about an end to these karmic struggles that have been occurring for as long as she can remember. This fight, exists within herself, and she needs to deal with this – not berate, and infringe upon others.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading 4-10th July;

twin flame weekly reading

Main theme: Ten of pentacles, What both twins are going through – Page of wands, Feminine – Page of swords, Two of pentacles, Nine of cups, Masculine – Eight of wands, Eight of swords, The sun.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, BOTH sacred lovers are dealing with themes of abundance, fulfilment, and financial longevity. Whatever they have been working towards, it is about to pay off, and in a big way. This may feel a little scary, and they may experience infrequent bouts of anxiety, but this is just because what they are experiencing now, is about to challenge any and every previous notion that they held about not being enough, or being good enough. The ten of pentacles is everything that you could have ever wanted. Your life coming together full circle. A group of loving caring friends, the partner that you desire, money in the bank, and safety, and security in the home.

In conjunction with the page of wands, which represents what both twins are going through this week, this speaks of the re-awakening, and revitalisation of the spirit, particularly the inner child spirit. They are becoming more playful, loving, light hearted, and forgive, and let things go far quicker. This is a much lighter energy. They are not taking things so seriously anymore, and I feel that this is because they have gone through a cleansing period. They are actually lighter because they have got rid of a lot of the things that they do not need, mentally, and emotionally. They are also prepared to allow this new spirit of freedom to seep into their work, which will see them reap many benefits, because this is the added OOMPH that they needed to propel them. Something was missing from their work, from their drive, and it was their desire to just not give a fuxk. This is also representative of inner child healing, their inner child is not so sad anymore because it knows now that it is loved, it is desired, it is cherished, and it can go out there and explore the world without fears of danger, or not being protected.

Over on the feminine side, this week, she is really healing a lot of the qualms that she has about past relationships, and members of the opposite sex (energy). Maybe this is because she has taken the time to explore, and understand trauma a little bit better, and now looks back at her past relationships from a fresh stand point. Maybe she meets somebody new, or has already met somebody who is vastly different from her past lovers, and past experiences that she has with love  – suggesting she has broken this karmic chain of misery, and victimisation. The page of swords shows somebody entering her life who is clear in his intentions, sure about what he wants, and ever ready, and willing to prove it to her. This could also represent her becoming more sure, and assertive now in the type of individual that she desires, and refusing to settle for anything less.

The two of pentacles speaks of her desire for balance at this time. Yes love is still very important to her, and very much on her mind, but she wonders, how can she truly live a life that is fulfilled and not dependent upon external factors? And the only answer, to be self assured, and sufficient. She is VERY focused this week on her dreams, and her goals, and I can see why, because things are actually really taking off for her.. In the past, she may have neglected her ambitions, or suppressed them because she held on to ideas about true happiness only coming from a loving partner. Well now? She is completely throwing those ideas OUT of the window.

The nine of cups is truly about this sense of completion for her. Everything is coming together – better than she would have initially hoped, but this is just the beginning like I mentioned. There is far more to arrive for her!

The masculine this week? Is ALL about liberation. He is acknowledging with the eight of swords that so much of his unhappiness, and his negative life circumstances came from the way that he THOUGHT, and the intangible things within his mind, that he eventually made tangible. This is freedom from dogma, belief systems about himself, about what a man should be, and about where he should currently be in his life. With the sun? He is learning to enjoy the ride..Perhaps he has even taken a holiday, learned through other cultures, and customs that masculinity, and what is expected of him is pretty fluid, and lucid – and he does not have to limit himself so much, or be so fearful. The eight of wands shows that these messages are travelling to him very fast! And life is also moving at a pretty fast pace for him. I feel like all of these realisations should be pushing him further into the direction of the feminine.

He is shining a light on the things that need a light to be shone on them. This is the mental, and psychological freedom that he always needed.This is rapid change, movement, things occurring pretty fast for him, but I do not think that he is fearful, in-fact, he is very, VERY excited!

As you can see this week, both twins are healing some of the core issues, and factors that kept them at arms length away from each other. I do feel as if this is SUCH a positive experience, and actually, the energy for both is much, much lighter this week. I feel as if they have completed years of work, in a very short space of time. They may find themselves feeling a little fatigued this week, but I guarantee you, they WILL be glowing, and this will not necessarily translate on their faces.

Well done my amazing sacred lovers ~ Mama is so, SO proud of you! Keep up the good enlightened work — And I have the BEST news for you! Very, very soon..My weekly readings are going interactive, so please look out for updates about my coming youtube channel…

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Father’s cot.

fathers cot.jpg

Afbeelding Albert Neuhuys – Watching father work

Time is always ticking inside of my mind.
I do not remember a time, when i was sound.
Maybe in childhood, definitely not adolescence,
the last time that i was present,
not prone to self negligence.
Before all of the strenuous, tumultuous lessons,
visions of love, and trust, rolling in the dust.
Is it not too much to ask for something that is non reminiscent of love?
Last night, i had a dream of my father, through muffled whispers,
I told him..You hurt us, you deserted us, and now I am perpetually nervous,
hyper sensitive,
does this man love me so?
Will he too go?
Will we never ever get to grow?
Will i never ever know, is the fault mine,
or is he the very foe?
And he too,
and not to forget him from last year?
How long?
Before I call them all a villain, perhaps the villain lies within myself,
my own hell,
the world that i created through my father, i said to myself,
if he loveth me not, then why should any other of his kind not leave me to rot?

Fathers cot.

Cindy Anneh-bu

The truth about sex.. Is it good? Is it bad? And can it truly determine our worth? Women and ‘snake’ healing.


The original story goes, the more partners that a male has sex with, the more validated he is, socially, physically, and in every other respect amongst his peers.
Whilst, the less partners that a female has sex with, the more validated she is, physically, and socially, usually amongst masculine standards, though we have induced a society where many women slut shame one another.

 However, it is important to note that these stereotypes and labels carry greater weight within the heterosexual community, and the dynamics of sexual intercourse appear to be far more lucid, and free flowing within the LGBT community. (Throughout this article the terms he and she may be used interchangeably to describe those embodying mostly feminine, or masculine components).
Well, why is that you may ask?

And I think we will find the answer if we dig a little bit deeper, in to religion..

Religious doctrine in some nations is just that – doctrine, another way of governing the particular country, that doesn’t hold much truth, or much evidence with many people.

However, there was a time within the western society where religion was not so much a choice, or an alternative way to living, but a commanded, demanded, and required of living.

Under Roman Catholicism, the church, and the state could not be seen as very much autonomous from one another. What the church said, went. It was not a matter of speculation, or freedom of choice, this was provided, and supported as concrete truth, and the guide lines by which people were to narrowly live, for fear of multiple types of back lash, not just in the after life, but also holding very real consequence in this life, including an exile from the community, perhaps we do not have to go so far to learn of people, (women in particular) being stoned, and suffering other types of torture for not adhering to religious doctrine in regards to sex. 

It is fair to say that this treatment of them, and the perceptions held of their sexual freedom, are still very much embedded into the subconscious, of both men, and women.

This belief system regarding women being somehow tainted, or faulted after engaging in sexual acts with somebody, (other than their husband, and under the permission of their father), was ofcourse limited to heterosexual relationships, as these were the only ones recognised at the time as validated by this group of people. Which I find pretty ironic, considering there are multiple stories dating back of homosexual play among the Romans! (But that’s a story for another day)- 

The same rule was not present for men. Who were viewed as having complete sovereignty over their body, themselves, and their actions, not to mention over hierarchal systems, and societal/governmental placements.

It was just as patriarchy had stated in the new world. Men were meant to be in control. And women were meant to be controlled.

You only control what you fear will unleash an uncontrollable force.

Why do we lock people in prison?

Why do we ground our children when we fear that they misbehave?

Why do some partners hide their other half away from the light of waking day, so in fear that they may be taken by another?

Well, when you fear the potential of something, and understand the threat of it, you will do anything, and everything, within your ‘power’, to tame it.

This is exactly how it goes for women, and sexuality. Think about it. In a patriarchal society dominated by men, (quite anti women men), why would they place a set of rules and laws down that would protect women, and save their greatest good?

The perceptions of women surrounding sex, and the desire to minimise them in this sense, is nothing at all to do with protecting the woman, and everything to do with protecting ‘the order’.

In all religious institutions, especially abrahamic religions, all order must, and can only be obtained if the persons involved are somewhat submissive to a certain extent. There is no room for questioning these beliefs, as that would be ‘UnGodly’, and ‘blasphemous’. There is also no chance of rebelling as this would be accused of devil fraternising, and living in sin.

I mean, let’s just look at the case of the Salem witch trials. Perhaps this was not about women, and sex, but it was still about women, and power, and the desire to stamp out, ‘burn out’, that power.

Could it be, that those in power knew then, that a woman owning her sexual prowess, and not cowering away in shame, could awaken something not only in her, but in the men she lays with, that no longer allows them to be so subservient, or obedient?

The key word being – awakening.

Everybody knows how liberating sexual intercourse can be. You’re entirely uninhibited, some would say belonging to realms outside of existing time, and space, a place where only you, and your lover exist. An outer body experience in essence, an experience that would allow one to understand that rules, and dogma, have no place within our society, as they have no place within our conscious awareness.

Sex may seem, purely physical, but it is so much more than that! And there is far more than meets the eye, If it were merely physical, the simple act of sex would be just that – sex. It would not involve the interference of merging spiritual auras, chords, and the sometimes resulting creation of a third energy (a child).

If sex was purely physical, then, why on earth is it so internal? So biological? Check out my article here for further insight –

Which brings me onto my next point. Sexual energy, is creative energy. And twin flames who have experienced Union in the physical, will agree to this. After the awakening of both bodies, and the birth of a third energy, they will find themselves open to a creative world that did not necessarily exist so freely for them prior. This is their awakening. 

In my opinion, it is within the female that this creative energy is born, nurtured, and manifested, whilst it is within the male, that this energy is sustained, and focused enough for creation (manifestation) to take place. 

Whoever a man chooses to lay with, determines what he is trying to create more of. If indeed, the woman is a bad, sad, or ‘mad’ woman, this is more of this energy that he fuels, and creates, within, and for himself.

She holds the power to magnetise this energy. In the same way that she may magnetise his seed, to create an embryo. 

So, why would any society, or religious institution seek to put tabs, and essentially restrictions over this? Proclaiming her damned for such manifestation.

Well, in a patriarchal society that is run by the belief that men are the most powerful gender, the last thing that you want is a woman going around evoking the essence of God, awakening, and manifesting visions. Not only does she awaken herself, and grant herself spiritual awakening, but she articulates to those around her, that she truly is as powerful, as she thinks. 

This is not to say that anything that a woman manifests and brings to light into this physical reality is positive. And this is where sexual responsibility comes into play. Now, this article is not to say that women should actually be out there fornicating at 100mph, with any, and everybody in attempts to raise their consciousness, or manifest their goals. Whilst people can live how they choose to live, this would also be harmful. This is merely allowing women to finally drop the shame, and the beliefs of ridicule associated with them being sexual beings. This is one of the ways in which the divine feminine has been bruised. Shame is an incredibly dense energy, that keeps one from accessing higher realms of self belief, and self actualisation. To believe that you are not worth such divine light, robs you, of the achievement of such.

Rather, this article hopes to draw attention to the sexual choices that women do make. When engaging in sexual behaviour with somebody who is of lower vibrations, or whilst the female energy experiences low vibrations herself, she will manifest this ten fold! This is why it is so, so vital to be cautious, and careful with those we choose to allow into our sacred space. It is more than fleeting enjoyment. It is responsibility of energies, it is responsibility of access, to a higher plane of existence.

Are any of you aware of Meagan Good, and her husbands current book? They speak about waiting until after marriage to have sex, and state that premature sex can sometimes mess with your life, control your focus, and deter your visions. This is very true. Not in all cases, but it is very true for those of us who view sex, is just a passing thrill. We can find ourselves in less than satisfactory situations, and we can also become so motivated by the pursuit of such, that we alienate, and forsake all matters.

Now, I do not believe that sex should only be experienced within the confines of traditional marriage, however, I am an advocate of it being reserved for divine partnership. One may experience divine partnership at different times, with different persons. And it is likely that when we connect with somebody on a deep soul level, the most high pulls as both together to experience something, to learn a lesson, and to grow in multiple ways, which inevitably could be achieved through sacred sexuality.
However, their sentiments are pretty accurate in my eyes. It is also the notion of ‘the sacrifice’, when you give something up to the divine, and show that the love that you are cultivating takes precedence over physical joys, once the two actually do join in sacred sexuality, their manifestation potential will be greater – as seen in their lives, and achievements since.

Can a woman’s worth then, truly be determined by sex?

Well, yes it can. But not in the ways that you may think. It is determined by her, and the decisions that she makes, and the thoughts/beliefs that this conjures within her mind. Low vibrational sexual partners will leave a woman feeling unsure, and uncertain of herself. Ofcourse, women are naturally more emotionally, and therefore spiritually inclined. To separate these aspects from sex, will create a complex, that leaves her wondering if the age old templates of the feminine, and sex may actually ring true. Is it truly shameful? Why is she feeling this way?

Most likely, she is feeling this way because her mind, and her feminine sexuality, are not in sync. In her mind, she may have falsified the belief that having sex with this individual is harmless, and encouraged, but in her sexual presence, she is aware that her potential suitor is not going to provide the tools for positive, and expansive manifestation. If she is not secure in her feminine power, she will go on, and lay with this person regardless. Choosing instead, to ignore her intuition, and deny herself.

In sacred sexuality, the woman holds great responsibility to be aware, and cautious of the man whom she lays with. Whatever he provides, will be the basis for what she will store within her for an undisclosed period of time, (unless actively cleared by her), and for what she will from then on experience, and manifest into her life. This is not sexism. We could say that the man also holds this great responsibility, but let us be honest, it is us women who truly decide if sex is going to happen, or not.

This takes us back to feminine power, and standing firm in our power. If a woman has given her sexual power away in the past, then this will feel wrong. It may be associated with feelings of victimisation, intense passiveness, and exploitation. This is a by product of women not knowing, and not owning their positions of power in sexual dynamics. 

This is not to be confused with women who chose to engage in sex with somebody, are fully aware of the implications of their actions, and want to share in their energy. This relates to women who have not been so aware of the chords formed through sex, and have used sex for escapism, or to feel validated by another.

So what role does the man play, and should he too be so cautious?

Without a doubt he should! Unless he is comfortable with running around manifesting God knows what, with who knows what, and then severing those chords abruptly, effectively confusing both his, and her own aura, then ofcourse, he too must be cautious. This third energy needs to be nourished by both parties, If it is to manifest correctly. If it is not, and one, or both parties are unaware of its existence, (as tends to occur in a hook up culture such as our own), we may find that we slowly begin to experience soul loss. 

Feelings of inadequacy, and emptiness. This is similar to somebody who has a child, and then abandons that child. Though they have chosen to turn their back on their child, this child is still very much apart of them, and will reflect them, and reflect their frequency of being abandoned.

This is why you will find many who have turned into sex addicts. No matter how much sex they have, they are still filled with an internal void, and therefore require more, and more, in attempts to quell this insatiable thirst. They are searching for the third energies that they have neglected, and put so much of themselves into. Little do they know, the more they proceed with this frivolous behaviour, the more that they will experience feelings of soul loss, and discontent.

In ancient times, people were much more conscious with sex. It would be a time of honour. They would light candles, schedule ceremonies, play music, and turn it into a time of truly conscious activity – acknowledging the sacred energy that they would be unleashing. Sex was used in alchemy, to achieve maximised manifestation ability, and also for healing and restoration purposes. Once again, like all spells, and magic, this is done using intention, belief, and awareness.

Effectively, sexual energy is about nurturing yourself. And believing in yourself enough to choose the best potential partner to host your third (creative manifestation energy). Sex does tend to go hand in hand with self worth, whether people do like to believe this or not. This is the most intimate and private part of yourself that you are sharing with another, and if you believe that you are highly valuable, you will ensure that the person you are intimate with, shares in your high value.

For women who fear that they have given their sexual power away in the past, this is not a determining factor of your worth, or validity as a woman, or potential suitor. This belief, actually prompts many women to gain rebellious attitudes toward sex, and start behaving in careless ways, that many would associate with defamed terms, such as ‘hoe’, and ‘slut’. The idea that she is already tarnished, and damaged may lead her into the belief that she may as well continue to inflict self abuse, and a disregardful attitude toward the sanctity of her frame. This is how, and why many women who are sexually abused go on to take jobs in which their sexuality is at the forefront, and is commodified, for many, or other purposes. 

“The more somebody suffers from low self esteem, the more likely they are to be involved in hyper sexuality + self inflicted sexual abuse.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – more than likely that person that you refer to as a, ‘hoe’, has experienced some type of sexual abuse or sexual malfunction during their childhood. This experience(s), usually occurs before puberty, may spurn off premature puberty, and permanently alters the way in which the individual views intimacy, trust, sexual health, and relationships. If this act was committed by a trusted member of the family, or family dynamic, the individual may grow to have difficulty with establishing sexual boundaries, having been taught by their experiences to believe, that there truly are none.

The sexualisation of a child from such a young age, also stirs impulsive sexual desires, and behaviours in them that they may be desperate to act out, in attempts to seek the same ‘euphoria’ associated with the feeling of sexual arousal. As they are aware by the secrecy of their abuse that the actions that they are involved in are wrong, they may also develop unhealthy attitudes to sexual Behaviours, believing largely, that anything goes.

As low self esteem is a trait also associated with sexual abuse, it is very likely, if not a certainty, that they will go on to have a complex relationship with sex, where their former abuse continues to re-surface, well into adulthood.

You see why, ‘slut shaming’ doesn’t work? No amount of shame can account for that which people already carry..

I encourage any woman struggling with this complex to reach out to me, and also to purchase a womb cleansing kit from my loving sister.. @melinatedbeauty on Twitter aka khemmy flowers.

Once that has been complete, I will also talk, and guide you through the process of conscious cleansing, and shifting your thoughts toward a place of healing, and self forgiveness. 


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Woman, like myself..

I find it funny, (I say funny, but I truly mean appalling), how the female body is only regarded when it is being used, or viewed for sexual pleasures/purposes, and society pretty much over looks it in every other respect. Mention pornography, and you will find a multi billion pound/dollar franchise, that only continues in growth and expansion. However, mention breast feeding, and menstrual cycles, and the many ways in which the female body changes and evolves after child birth, and nobody really wants to know.
So much so, that there is hardly any information readily available or even taught about how women can appropriately cater to their bodies, whilst protecting themselves from energetic and sexual invasion. Penetration is not the only way that a woman’s body may be dishonoured.
Did you know that the Yoni was self cleansing? That the very narrative of a woman’s vagina being ‘loose’ based upon sexual activity is invalid, and in concrete because the vagina is designed to maintain elasticity. 

Did you know that the act of nipple stimulation is not only a sexual act, but releases oxytocin, (a bonding chemical), that releases feelings of love, relaxation, and comfort within the woman?

So, it is more than merely stimulation, but within her you are awakening a deep pool of love, that mimics the intimacy between mother and child..

I pray for the day people stop seeing the female body as merely a sexual function, and appreciates it for the multi dimensional facet it is. Perhaps, this will change the way that we view sexuality also.. 
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