General weekly reading overview – The path to passions beyond me. The feminine & the hierarchy.

Main theme – The high priestess can speak of persecution that’s existed in the past for centuries & currently against women, or feminine energies who have been healers, visionaries, priestesses, & shamans, & this talks about not only trusting ones self, but the potential threat that also comes once you do.

How trustworthy is your knowing?

Only you can answer that for yourself.

Is your knowing so frail & fragile that if somebody else were to question what you know, your world would simply fall apart?

The high priestess is unmoving. This is what becomes when the subconscious mind no longer dictates the conscious mind – for all become one.

What realisations about yourself are currently coming to the surface – both of your own reflection, & how the world around you operates?

The high priestess relates to documents & information that arrives to you through your inner world, or deep, intense contemplation.

The judgement card is all about the wake up calls that come to you once you have made these acknowledgements, & also arrives with a willingness for change.

New found determination is born once you can recognise & accept your own weaknesses.

The chariot is not concerned with being good or bad, right or wrong – but rather self improvement/advancement. Which may include putting your ego aside in order to meet your targets.

The death card is the surrender that arrives when we stop fighting self, & others, & show a willingness for growth, no matter what it may come with.

For some of us, we may be going through changes with sexuality, & sexual libido, particularly where the full moon in Sagittarius appears causing us to refocus our priorities & where we are placing our energy.

There should be a healthy balance between following your inhibitions/natural desires, & expressions, & not being so led by them that your ego & taste for pleasure is in the drivers seat, as this is also a sure fire way to lead yourself into self destruction.

Your sense of self is not about the things that you do, but in actuality, what you believe about yourself. However, the things that you do? Are a reflection upon what you believe about yourself.

This week, be willing to be malleable.

There is also a strong sense this week that the feminine energies may be going through changes & growth spurts associated with who they are, & who they are expected to be. Through the ages almost everybody has held opinions about what it means for a woman to be a woman, albeit, successfully be a woman & how she is to go about this, & unsurprisingly many of these instructions & perceptions have come from everyone – but an actual woman herself.

A mother – The Madonna.

A whore – The Magdalene.

A child – The version.

But what happens when all three archetypes fight for dominion?

Usually? One or more are suppressed, & as we all know? Suppression leads one to illness.

Time, as well as patience should teach you moderation, as well as wisdom.

You may be trapped up in thoughts regarding doing what you want to do vs feeling shamed out of your natural expression, but understand that you have the power to control the way that you create an imprint on the world, & this has less to do with what other people say/think.

It is a mental illusion that you cannot do, or be something, because of what other people say.

The ultimate judge is yourself. Internal peace should lead you into choosing the path of least resistance.

Divine lovers weekly reading overview (purchase details available below).

This week, divine lovers divide their focus between self advancement, & advancement of their relationship goals. The full moon in Sagittarius casts a reflective & pensive light on our lovers this week as they wonder, ‘Where now?’ ‘Where do we go from here?’

Structures & foundations are changing & shifting, particularly for the divine feminine within us all who currently seeks new breath, & shudders in the face of suppression.

How will the masculine handle it this week? Allowing the feminine to discover herself in a powerful way that at times may make him appear insignificant?

Will he be along for the ride as a support system?

And how patient can she be with him in her advancements?

Preview — The feminine this week confronts her fears of pessimism, whilst helping the masculine to deal with his own. She may superficially wound him this week, but she does so in a way that helps him to break down his ego. The feminine tries to introduce the masculine to a new way of relating to this newly emerging world, but needs to be patient with herself in understanding that she is also part of this new world, & need not to at a pace that frightens her. Grounding is important.

Perhaps researching information or double checking with those who seem more experienced, will help the feminine to offer the masculine the help that he needs.

She appears to be helping him to mature, & she does this because she’s a little fed up with his reluctance, & is ready to progress to the next level/stage of her life.

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Marriage, Modernism, & me – love in the 21st century.

I couldn’t seem to shake the sense of the feeling that I had somehow been ‘saved’, and as much as it made me feel emotional with gratitude, it also made me feel very vulnerable, a little helpless, & somewhat pitiful. I don’t know. I guess what they don’t tell you about marriage in the 21st century is, as somewhat of a dying concept, you sort of feel a little cliche when doing it, ( as a woman that is), & it uncovers every single nostalgic archetype that you have about love, romance, & marriage. All of the depictions that you held as a child through television indoctrination. Most typically sitcoms or cartoons with the doting wife who seemed to be the level headed voice of the family – who cooked, & cleaned, & loved. And you admired her, for the ways that she always seemed poised and ‘done up, how everybody in the family would always look up to her – including yourself. You just never knew that this time would come all too soon.

Now personally, I do not see myself in anyway as a traditional housewife, (despite the many ways the feminist citizens of social media have referred to me as a ‘pick me).

The way I see myself is, I’m a little quirky, edgy, independent, wild & untamed. None of these descriptions strike me as relatively ‘wife material’, but in the short few months I have found out that I am about to become a wife, some shifts have seemed to take place almost instantaneously, automatically, & many of these have been very much instinctive – my priorities have shifted, & ive been welcomed lovingly into the bosom of my friends who have done this walk before me, sort of like an initiation school. They met me with happiness, congratulations, reassurance, & a sort of unspoken certification as if I have ‘made it’. Almost as if my value as a woman lied with this moment, which made me – unspeakably uncomfortable.

So in the end the question remained, could I still be just as quirky? Edgy? Independent? Wild and untamed? And what would this mean for my husband? That he had somehow failed in his masculinity in the eyes of society? Because he could not turn his bride into a subservient devotee with only him in mind?

Or could he?

I cannot deny that my priorities have shifted. As mentioned.

Ashamed to say, my career had to take a back seat these past few weeks because I was filled with gushing thoughts of being there for my husband to be – at every turn. This isn’t like every other time I have fallen in love. This is a kind of love that gives me a purpose, & everything in my bones & in my life screams that this is right. That this is for me. Yet I cannot shake the sinking feeling, that my entire world is about to change, because thats just the way that it has to be.

You become a wife, & you leave much of the old world behind.

You forfeit your last name (partially – I am opting to go double barrel), & you don a suit that many before you have adorned themselves with. It is a right of passage. A new stage of womanhood that sees you prepped & fussed over by the women who have gone in before you. There’s this sense that you are actually being given to someone, (sort of like a belonging), aside from the fact my father is actually GIVING me away, & accepting a traditional African dowry (bride price) for me – cringe on an entirely different level might I add.

But back to me theory of feeling as if I am being saved. One of the things that have stuck out to me the most within this short period of the new beginning of my life, is the vulnerability of women, & it makes me want to shed tears – many, uncontrollably. No matter how we wish to look at it within the feminine progression movement, many women are saved by men, many women are saved by marriage, as as many are destroyed by these very notions & concepts.

Many women in the modern & anti modern world do not have much of a fighting chance, talkless of the Ones from poor homes & abusive families/childhoods. The narrative of the knight in shining armour or the prince coming in & sweeping you off of your feet isn’t too far off, & my name being Cinderella seems all too much a cleverly constructed cliche.

Here comes this man into your life. Promising to give you a better world. For me, that was everything. My world was – bright, I guess. I am young. Beautiful. A successful career. With the whole world in front of me. Yet a part of me always felt empty. A long line of family trauma, & neighbourhood friends in traumatic, abusive relationships – some nights I stayed up wondering if this was it. If this was the colourless life we had all been damned to know. I clung to my career feverishly.

The reality for many of us modern women is, (even the ones who claim to choose this lifestyle), we will end up in a series of sex centric relationships, lacking the depth, vitality, authenticity, & substance that we both desire & deserve. We are living in such a hyper sexuality society that most so willingly agree to engage in frivolous sex, with values of love, marriage, respect & normality dying by the moment. HELL – utter hell for those of us who are highly empathic, emotive, & enamoured with fairytales.

In the search for love, so many of us betray ourselves & are betrayed by men, who see us as little more than a transactional scenario. You scratch my back if I scratch yours.

No matter how much we in the modernist movement like to discuss ‘free love’, & ‘sexual liberation’, the truth is – women are a little different from men, & for most of us? This type of lifestyle slowly destroys us from the inside out, leaving us feeling more & more unworthy as time proceeds.

Imagine coming from a loveless family, into the arms of a man ready & willing to love you, into the arms of his family, (who aren’t riddled with as much trauma, ready to start a family that you will love. It’s filled with such bittersweet love, & appreciation, & consideration, that it’s left me feeling so – emotional.

The good & the bad.

The everything.

And that is where life has currently taken me.

On my journey to becoming a wife.

General weekly reading – The journey that lay in wait.

General weekly reading – The journey that lay in wait.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 30th (mother energies, healing the mother wound, a new karmic rebirth for the divine feminine, born again, forgiveness, redemption, acceptance) – 6 – healing the inner child, childhood wounds, friendship wounds/complexes, healing the family wound. Leaving the past behind).

The judgement card presents a wake up to our true calling & purpose this week.

Making the divine a priority in our lives once again means detaching from earthly desires & philosophies that seemed to serve us at one point in our lives, but are now unsupportive of where we are currently headed.

The judgment card asks us to sort through what in our lives is truly important, & what has remained superficially important.

It’s easy to stray away from your purpose when you are easily distracted by lesser things on the path, but it is as if God calls you home this week.

The judgement card advises you to come as you are. It does not matter how imperfect you have been on this journey, know that you can don a new skin, & you can become somewhat ‘saved’ from the old tarnish that you have known.

Understanding that everyone deserves a second chance, as long as they can repent & acknowledge, is the most important thing.

With the 4 of cups, your faith may have been recently tested.

There is definitely more life & opportunity being offered to you, but at the same time the archetypal devil, or rather oppositional energy tries to distract you by poking you with a stick, or disorienting your life in such a way that you are left feeling hard done by, & excessively focusing upon the things & the people that keep you entrapped in cycles.

The key to freedom is mental evaluation this week. Only you can break the spell. You have the choice. To tear yourself away from the charade of these falsities.

Allow those who are fighting themselves, to continue to fight themselves. The battle is not for you to do.

Let everyone fight their own battles, it’s time to understand that you are needed elsewhere.

The page of swords is all about seizing an opportunity once it’s presented to you. It may seem as if there are those around you trying to sabotage your opportunity, or play for your throne, & the page of swords energy rises up with, ‘I know what I deserve’.

People are often misinterpreting by believing that becoming more spiritually cleansed & closer to God means becoming excessively passive. However, many scripture talks of God’s soldiers being spiritual warriors, & the page of swords is very much reminiscent of this energy.

You need to rise up against the distractions in your life this week, & the energies that attempt to keep you seeing the glass of half full, & life as all dull.

It’s time for you to develop a larger world view & image of what the world truly is, not just in relation to the battles that you have been fighting.

There is so much more life out there.

The page of swords rises up with determination, & there is very much a strong wind that is pushing us towards making this change & achieving our goals with the 8 of wands.

The 8 of wands is all about messages & symbolism alerting us that our inner impulses are indeed true, & we are not being disloyal, reactive, or disruptive by choosing to rise up against the distractions, & making the distinction between what is actually holding us back energetically.

The king of pentacles is like a future projection of yourself.

Sometimes when people know that we are destined for a great future, including great wealth, or recognition, it can cause them to feel reflective or even insecure about their current life placement. Remember, this is also not for you to be concerned about.

If you spend time fending off all of these energies, then you will be taken off track in regards to building your own empire.

You do need to remain focused on the mission & in a way see the lesser energies that are trying to distract you as juvenile & beneath you. This is the only way that it will be easier to fend them off.

Stand in your truth.

You may have to make some sacrifices to get to where you need to be, but this was always going to be a given.

If you really want the cream of the crop? The best & fastest way is to open your eyes. To protect your assets.

The page of wands prepares for the journey ahead. Get ready. But ensure that you are travelling lightly, as it seems that you are uncertain of where you are going to stop.

A new found spirit is not afraid to test new heights & to see what exists outside of their old world, as they explore lands far & great.

You may be making adjustments to the ‘vehicles’ that take you from point a to b, so likely your methods & habits are being pulled into question & tweaked.

A sense of excitement, & slight nervousness, is far better than anxiety & fear.

Know the difference.

Feel the difference.

Divine lovers weekly reading – Can you let go, & trust?

There is the opportunity for immense growth that’s presented for both divine lovers this week, but as such, there is set to be some feelings of anxiety, or any inner turmoil that we have not dealt with, rise to the surface.

Any time that we are met with opportunities for growth, we are also met with our personal blockages, these are the things that stand in the way of our growth, including our reluctance or willingness to accept new information into our lives.

The masculine in particular is presented with a challenge this week. The freedom & the reign of his inner child is put to the test, & he is either to mature, & become the great man that he is destined to become, or shun the obstacle at hand, & instead resort to lower tactics & underhand behaviours.

If he’s presented with an opportunity to grow up? Then this could mean leaving home, or dealing with his mother issues of abandonment.

It’s time for him to stop being the small child in the playground who is the last to leave because he has nothing else to do. Now he has the feminine, as a priority.

The feminine is to grow through a process of personal power this week that sees her finding the balance between fully surrendering & trusting the masculine, & also being comfortable with relying on him to always come back & always provide for her, & working on cultivating her own empire & giving to herself in the time that he is occupied with his preparations, or for some reason not available to do so.

It’s a fine line between the two. But the more that she gains trust in allowing the masculine to build her an empire, the more she also takes the time & the devotion to build up her own.

Cultivating trust at this point in the journey, is the best way that she can clear past reside of distrust, that was always met with reciprocity.

Faith is the biggest theme of the week.

In more ways than one.