13th-19th Nov – REVOLUTIONARY – The number 13, The witch, Understanding Ophiuchus & persecution consciousness.

What is persecution consciousness, & how does it effect our growth?

The number 13 somewhere along the lines in history came to be associated with bad luck, or misfortune – most notably Friday the 13th, although in other cultures it is regarded as a symbol/totem of good luck.

Whatever way we look at it, this number has been associated with so much mysticism, speculation, fascination, & like all things that contain these 3 – fear.

One of the most popular scandals & conspiracy theories with this number, is its association with Christ himself. He had 12 disciples, meaning that he would have made up the 13th number, & actually, the 13th member of his disciples has usually been dubbed as Mary Magdalene herself, Ofcourse hidden from traditional church teachings because of obvious outrage – how could a woman be one of Jesus chosen few?! Aren’t women unclean, unholy, & untrustworthy, as unfolded by Eve herself, only earlier in this bible..

For me however, the most interesting association with this number, has been its connection with the goddess, or the witch, & how this ties in with my sunsign – Ophiuchus.

Now before you all cut my head off, I know that people typically have a very love/hate connection with the idea of a 13th sign being introduced, & shoving the other signs out of the way, however, I seem to have this weird theory, (with no way of proving Ofcourse – yet), that many of the traits/characteristics held by those within the 12th zodiac Signs, are not very nearly much as affected, as Sagittarius is.

In other words, yes, likely most of you even with this inclusion, still very much embody the same traits that you always have.

The real distinction here, belongs to the Ophiuchus members, who never truly or quite felt like a Sagittarius.

Who FELT all of the freedom, & agreed with the higher learning, but never quite identify with the portrayal as consistently charismatic, fiery, & out going/sociable.

Because the deep secret, for many ‘Sagittarians’ is the fact that beneath the surface, & often hidden from the prying eyes of their infatuated audiences, there is a very broody, extremely deep, & often sullen/dark element of themselves, very generously gifted from their Scorpio traits.

Because that’s just the thing about crossing this threshold. They now become equal light, & equal dark. They ARE the fire (illumination) element that Sagittarius provides, but they are also the death & the depth that Scorpio is.

Ophiuchus removes sagittarians from just being the light/care free energetic versions, & invites them to explore the demons within not only the crevices of their unconscious/subconscious mind, but also that of the collectives.

(Note how the snakes spiralling upward also mirror the DNA helix, & can also be brought into association with the kundalini awakening serpent).

Ophiuchus IS the shadow & the shadow work. 13, is the collective darkness, & the collective darkness coming to an end, especially in association with the persecution, degradation, humiliation & eventual burning of the witch – the inner feminine occult goddess, the sacred, secret, hidden elements of womanhood, sexual persecution/perversions, & the birth of something far more encompassing of her holiness, her holy mess, the holy grail itself.

It is no coincidence that all of these stories & accusations are coming out about Hollywood directors. Hollywood is deeply entrenched in the occult, & making occult sacrifices/ritual donations for the entities & the beings that govern these changes & turnings of event. The named & shamed directors & producers are simply sacrificial tokens to the entities – usually dark, that feed off of whatever transition or exploration the universe is going through. This may be the dark side of the goddess Kali, or any other dark goddesses that may have been formed through the pain of persecution. The humiliation & public scrutiny these producers/directors face, is the great sacrifice. It’s the purge. So that the rest of the elite, can continue in their dealings. They offer others over. So that they do not have to answer to the dark goddess themselves.

What happens when light & dark meet at equal points in the sky Ophiuchus? Since you are making an appearance to us in JUST few days…

The shadow obstructs the light.

And this is the 9 of swords. The feeling that this purge? Is just TOO purgey & not enough heal-y, (indeed I just made up my own words).

The queen of pentacles is representative of nurture & growth. Being given a gift that one finds beautiful to cultivate, & find joy & pleasure in doing so.

The feminine within us all is being asked to open ourselves up to become more receptive to receiving, & allowing ourselves to feel/become blessed.

This is likely to feel very uncomfortable & to create friction because a lot of us sadly are not used to people genuinely caring for us, & making sacrifices on our behalf. And this is a very typical Ophiuchus trait, feeling betrayed, let down by, or unable to open up to others, as Ophiuchus is the burned & persecuted witch – although typically associated with the image of a serpent toting male!

She was burned for her gifts, for her ability to practice natural healing & magic, inexplicable to the male dominated patriarchal hierarchy that was beginning to sweep through like the intense, engulfing wave that is religion, Christianity to be specific.

Tucked away in the akashic consciousness of the divine feminine, is abuse, it is lack, it is persecution, it IS feeling exposed, & it is vulnerability that fears & perceives the next incoming attack.

There could be a real dichotomy that presents itself at this time between self expression/finding ones self through spiritual freedom, & the polarities of religious order, structure, & indoctrination.

For more info on that, check out my latest article – https://cindyannehbu.wordpress.com/2017/11/15/help-i-am-damned-for-eternity-how-do-i-cope-a-spiritual-initiatory-cross/

It is the feminine feeling abandoned by the masculine. Where was he whilst she was being burnt, raped & persecuted? How did the Scorpio king allow her to face death in such a way that he now holds deep seated guilt, & feelings of insecurity & inadequacy, for not being able to protect the feminine?

It can ONLY be a happy family if the feminine exists there. The whole is not whole at all without her, & many people may begin to feel as if they are longing for ‘the one’, or their soulmate, because of this internal desire for the masculine & the feminine within us all to experience unity & healing once again. The empress oversees everything that happens within the 10 of cups. Divine mother holds so much power & honour as the true head of the house hold. The masculine has to release this illusion of control. No, he does not truly have it. He never does. Because control itself is an illusion to a universe built on chaos & unpredictability.

But if he accepts the feminine, & honours her just as she is, it is only ripe fruits she will bear.

The 6 of swords is the journey of healing that sees the entire family moving toward a new calmer state.

Both counterparts are tired of fighting with one another, but the king of pentacles must know that his financial stability means nothing, if there is nobody for him to share it with, with love.

He needs to learn to work for the feminine, & not just for himself, seeing her as an extension of himself, & when he does, the feminine will feel secure enough to give, & give, & give…

‘It is safe for you to love’.

So much of the heavy work you have been doing, is done. You do not have to display the same level of burden, or heaviness that you used to. The 4 of pentacles is simply an energy of doing too much. There is over attachment or a sense of loss present. It’s rigidity, a fear of movement & acceptance. It is the masculine fear. If I let go, I lose everything.

It is holding on too tightly because sometimes we believe that things will just leave anyway.

This is a contrast to the queen of pentacles who sees multiple avenues opening up just from nurturing this ONE thing.

The 3 of pentacles negotiates with new parties. We become more comfortable to accept community support, & responsibility.

A life of handling everything in isolation is far too draining, because this isn’t the way that we are to live.

Greater responsibility is given to us through the divine with the king of pentacles, especially the accountability that we have shaded ourselves from in the past.

The 10 of cups & the empress speaks of matriarchal responsibility.

Welcoming the feminine back into the collective bosom.

Back into her home to attain harmony once again.

She watches over the community as it grows & blossoms, adding her own nurturing, to both self & others.

It is the end of sacrificial donations.

As much as it is attracting, it is also allowing.

You can only be in a position to give, if you are receiving.

The 6 of swords meeting the 6 of pentacles talks about a shift in the way that we relate to others. Accepting more means holding yourself accountable to what you do & do not allow from others in your life.

Divine lovers weekly reading — 13th-19th November – Shame, possession, & Karmic residue. (LATEST UPDATES).

The 5 of wands is the card of, who knows best? Has it been all of the voices outside of us? Or has it been us? Who knows us best? Who OWNS us best? There is a part of the journey unfolding that is challenging both divine lovers to stand up in truth & decide the rest of the journey for themselves. There are likely many outside theories & forces at this time attempting to guard the journey for them, particularly those who represent the old world & the old fixed structures & routines, but in their very pioneer natures, they are being challenged to discover what the true voice of reason is & has been..

Further shadow work inspires them to take greater action on the decisions made. What is brought to them at this time is knowledge of what has not worked & why. The feminine may likely revisit themes of obsession, addiction & darkness as the new moon in Scorpio brings to the surface her worst fears – all of the things the centuries of persecution accused her of being. Alone. Unlovable. Faulty. Whilst the masculine is presented with a huge life lesson that shakes & awakens him, to slow down, to think twice, to know that the divine is far mightier than he could ever be. Humility at its finest.

To purchase this amazing reading & utilise my teachings this week regarding darkness, death, & resurrection, you may do so using the usual method — PayPal £6.66 to PayPal.me/seekcindy & then send me a confirmation email directly after to cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk

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Help. I am Damned for eternity. How do I cope? A spiritual initiatory cross.

Perhaps this piece had been a long time coming, & I had wilfully buried it underneath the surface.

I don’t know. But I felt it was needed at this time, even though so many things were brewing underneath the surface, for quite a while.

Long before I picked up my first set of tarot cards, or ever held a crystal to my name, I had to deal with the sometimes concealed, sometimes very outspoken, blunt, hard, & disregardful comments that were passed down from people in my family, about how awful my lack of belief in ‘God’ was.

Now, this was problematic for a few different reasons, yet at the time I did not understand why I felt so outcast, so shameful, & so sinful.

Whenever an organisation or an entity seeks to do its bidding on earth, not only does it place seeds that ensure the growth of enslavement will be rampant for generations, but it also hands out mindframes & ideologies that ensure that the citizens of the earth will carry out its message & different modes of oppression, so that the entity or organisation in itself, does not have to do much work.

Just like any business man, it has recruited others to do the work for it.

I do not mean to offend anyone with my words. And it needs to be noted that I am a gnostic. I do not claim religious is bogus or has no truth. Neither am I in any way shape or form an atheist. The thing that many religious people & Christians especially find hard to understand, is that none of my reservations about the teachings come from a lack of belief in God.

I very, very much believe in God, and have dedicated my life to doing so.

I am an avid prayer who prays daily, if not momentarily with my meditative thoughts.

I fast, as I believe in the power of fasting, & not only do I study the bible & other religious texts, but I also quote it in order to teach my students even more about the nature of the divine.

However, I am not a slave.

I am not a slave to the idea that every single thing quoted in the context of the bible, taught my Sunday preachers, or passed down in religious mythology is the ultimate truth, should never be questioned, & can be held up in the court of law as indisputable.

I have never been able to live in this way. And it is perhaps the reason that after several schools/colleges, I finally realised that this entire thing was not for me.









And group thinking.

And this is not me trying to sound like some new age pseudo intellect. Like ‘oh, look at me. I am so cool. I abandoned religion, & replaced the word God with ‘universe’ & believe mental illness can be cured with positive quotes & loced hair’.

And oh yeah – by the way I’m not a prude who judges that type either, (she says half believing herself).

The point is, this isn’t about slating religion, or even believing it. This is about the way that religion, (the one thing supposed to be indicative of God’s love), is used as a hierarchy, & form of superiority to bash those who cannot or will not conform.

You are going to hell.

You’re a devil worshiper & a sinner.

And I’m better than you because I’ve interpreted sacred texts literally, & visit a building every week that strips of my autonomy.

Hey – I don’t knock church. If I found one that generally broke down bible concepts & did not have a west African pastor who was sleeping with multiple members of his congregation, I would probably totally join – (probably). Well, I don’t do routine, but I would at least turn up few times per month!

Some people prefer a medium to God.

That’s okay, and everybody’s different.

Which is the point I am trying to stress.

When I first began to become ‘conscious’ of the idea that there was more beyond the veil than we had been taught, I began rejecting traditional ideals about God & religion. Particularly because mixed with culture, it had its roots in being dangerously & devastatingly sexist, & my body & emotions were just coming into the realisation that most of the trauma that had been inflicted on me over the years was very much gender based, & rooted in concepts about female inferiority, & shaming.

So forgive me if I sounded a little ‘anti Christ’. But the reaction of my family members as I attempted to discover myself, was more than enough to have me creep into the shell I had crawled out of.

Luckily, I wasn’t about to be beat down that easily – & the divine had a plan for me.

I was berated, laughed at & mocked for being ‘ignorant’. It was all, ‘poor her – if only she knew’, with head shakes & the kind of pity that could make your rib cage lurch forward from your stomach, & crumble in a pit before you.

It was stomach turning. The fact that in my dedication to free myself from years of trauma & abuse, I was being further abused by being informed that my methods for salvation were wrong, & that it was because I didn’t have enough knowledge or sense that I began to think these things.

I was traded in, very casually & automatically for my other sisters, who decided to take the very conventional route of being dedicated to bible bashing, condemning anything remotely indigenous spiritually system seeming, & prided themselves on saying astrology, crystals & sage were down right evil.

Not of God.

And not for Godly women.

And then there’s me…

Who has made a very successful life of reading taro cards, & teaching people about spiritual based concepts very south of traditional religious concepts.

And damn proud of it too –

I mean the fight has not been easy. And anybody going through this same transition, I must stress that there’s no immediate need to tell your family members about your new discoveries, or how you feel about the old teachings.

You’re perfectly justified to keep it to yourself.. At least until you feel well versed enough to explain it.

I’ve had my alter mocked. Been accused of my buddhas housing evil spirits, (yes really), & been told the reason for my excessive thoughts was because I was dealing with too many ‘spirits’ in the taro industry. Yes really.

And yes, a lot of this has been hurtful because for the first time in my life I found something that gives me meaning, joy, & purpose, but it has also taught me that the spiritual journey is very much about you, & nobody else.

It’s very much personal to you as a person, & perhaps sometimes is not meant to be shared by a large congregation of people, or even those who you grew up with.

As a sexual assault survivor, one of the things that have helped me deal with my trauma immensely has been learning about chakra work, learning about sacred sexuality, & also about unblocking my creative power centres, (associated with sexual expression), in order to free myself of the psychological restrictions that sexual assault places upon you – very similar to that of religious indoctrination. And actually one of the punishments for women who would not succumb to what man wrote to be ‘God’s rule’, actually did used to be rape.

So it does sit down very uncomfortably with me when I have to have conversations with my cousin about how ‘evil’, & wrong ‘fornication’ is – in other words, enjoying sex outside of the confines of legally recognised, governmentally approved marriage:


Your sexual life is only sanctified if the government have it on record that you are declaring that you & somebody else are legally entitled to own one another.






And you may wonder, why am I writing this? I’ve been on this spiritual journey for years, surely all of these things cropped up before. And you would be right.

But as we delve further into the depths of what I can only consider to be true spirit & soul discovery, it becomes painfully excruciating to sit by & see these archaic myths be perpetuated.

Everybody is entitled to their own thoughts & feelings, AND beliefs, & I never come for religious folk.. But somehow their hierarchal ego always sees them coming for me – especially when I’m minding my own goddamn business lmao.

I love my family, deeply. And I won’t deny that our intuitive & perceptive gifts arrive by lineage, & religious devotion has not cut them off to prophetic dreams or unconventional methods of ‘knowing’, but I cannot deny that around them, I am a fraction of my truest self.

As I’ve grown more comfortable in both my spiritual & physical body, I have opened the door for not only them but others to see closer traces of who I fully am as this being, but the traces of oppression, & judgement that trail in the air with such intense religious devotion, is far too intoxicating not to inhale, furthermore exhale.

The death of the inner child, healing family issues & a timeline overhaul – *Current* Last weeks energetic revelations.

The children oracle & the death card are symbolic of a transition that took place in regards to the inner child this week.

The numerological aspects of this week speak volumes about this transition that takes place & that portal that opens to excrete the last & the most potent of our childhood wounds.

‘Your love life is being affected by children’ can manifest as an energy in one of two ways.

Main theme – (Children/Death), 9 of swords, 7 of swords, 6 of swords, queen of cups, Crowning – I let go of all pain & tension as I float in the sea of divine love, Outcome – 8 of wands.

Numerological breakdown calculation- 6-12 6 – Childhood, innerchild, mother wound, motherhood, lovers, past life karma, 12 (3) – the holy trinity, understanding, acceptance, oneness, family, community, creativity, communication.

Overall (9) – Healing, abandonment consciousness, the wounded healer, service, completion, resolution, endings, conclusion.

For many of us, a relationship has ended, or is ending that includes the children that we have produced as a result of the relationship, & this is hitting many of us hard as far as our concerns about not recreating the childhood we wish we had are concerned.

There are likely to be fear, doubts, worries & anxities about the nature of this ending, suggested by the 9 of swords.

Perhaps we held on to this situation longer than we knew was necessary because we had an idealised fantasy of what we wanted the truth to be, & the death card arrived to penetrate that fantasy, & bring us back to the reality that is ourselves.

Our inner child.

Our raw, vulnerable & honest self. The duty no longer belongs to anybody, & it becomes our responsibility to parent ourselves.

Especially those of us who have still been holding the past accountable for why we are the way that we are now.

You cannot get much done with the mentality that because of your childhood life does not allow you to move forward. And this enables you to stare death in the face, as well as the prospect of endings.

The 6 of swords suggests that the healing of ideas & beliefs built during childhood are main orchestrating factors in this stage of your journey.

It’s vital for you to concentrate on the nature of your thoughts, specifically focusing on what is conjured in the present moment, as opposed to the past, or the future.

It is the way that we motion in the presence, & the way we write others in our script that reflects our overall mood state.

The 7 of swords is common avoidance from making the unconscious & subconscious parts of our mind – conscious. This is the energy of an individual or a group who continuously avoid doing emotional labour, as the queen of cups does.

She sits with her emotions. She does not run from them, neither does she over analyse or try to attribute reason or cause to them. She just exists inside of them, and honours her own sensitivity.

Perhaps because of societal structures & beliefs about what it means to be emotional, emotionally sensitive, empathic, or intuitive, many of us have hidden this very sacred & tender part of ourselves, only to have situations during the course of our lives bring this very raw nature to the surface – usually in ways that cause us embarrassment or franticness.

This is what tends to happen with a shadow self. It is the dark part of our subconscious mind that takes all of our experiences & traits that we deem undesirable for societal eyes, & it hides them. It’s like a compartment in our mind that documents a file of the things that we cannot do & say, that we are not to let others in on, for it is shameful.

But the 7 of swords only fools himself. Just because that part is ‘hidden’ from everybody else, does not mean it does not manifest in often emotionally unsettling ways – anxiousness, rage, emotional outbursts, victimhood, abandonment consciousness, BDP symptoms – JUST to name a few.

The 8 of wands is a message that strikes the heart hard & fast, almost like cupids arrows.

This is answers that seem to come all at once, some to questions that we did not even know we had.

The 7 of swords may have held an idealised vision of childhood, or children, & it is the part of us that frequently finds ourselves revisiting the past & asking, ‘why couldn’t this go this way?’ Or, ‘why did this have to happen?’

But as you can see, these types of thoughts only hold the figure back, as their head is tilted towards the back of them, although they ‘appear’ to be moving forward.

The death card actually presents a gift to the queen of cups, an ending that brings her emotional satisfaction, & wellness.

It could be an ego death, as death is like her knight in shining armour this week, almost courting her for her affections, & she gives in to him this week. She does not resist. She honours her new emotions & looks into them as a gift.

Death is pleased with her acceptance, & carefully moves on..

For many this represents the feminine nature of our inner child dying off, & experiencing a rebirth. The purity of a child. The clear understanding, of a child.

Still, death is not something to be feared.

Maturity, is death.

Written on 9/11..

Today will be a deeper entrance into this weeks portal opening for the recognition of karmic/childhood/family wounds – 9/11 a date periodically symbolic of entering new worlds, diminishing old stories, & allowing the past to remain in the past.

We then move on to 10/11… By this date, we have already begun to experience the benefits of living a life w/ less expectancy, & greater focus on being present… 10/11 puts our nearly learned skills to practice – 111

Culminating in 11:11 – the portal that exposes us to awakening. Many will unite in love on this day, especially if they’ve followed the time table of the week, learning, releasing, as we go along. 11111 – 5 (change). 7/11 – the universal pattern/lesson is learned (9) – 8/11 – the lesson begins integration by the vessel learning of cause & effect (10) – 9/11 – the pattern is identified. The vessel is ready to move into a new timeline/to shift realities/perceptions & enter the new body/ (11). People ask me why I’m obsessed with 7/11.. well there are endless reasons. I find the life path 7, & 11 to be insanely similar (FIRST OF ALL), for the simple fact that both of their lives are marked by spiritual illumination after every harsh lesson.

They are both shamans, either challenged or rewarded by their ability to perceive Godly truth & revelation in their circumstances. Their life isn’t theirs. It belongs to the collective. They sort of have to move out of the way, & allow spirit to happen.

They both represent the powerful dynamics of masculine & feminine energy working in unison (7) – 3 (feminine) + 4 (masculine), whilst 11 represents the vaginal walls – birth (composed of both – masculine & feminine). 7 is the death (once the lesson has been learnt & the individuals ego has been penetrated enough for them to give way to more soul), whilst 11 represents the rebirth. The walkthrough from the old self, to the new self. You’ll typically find those with these lifepath numbers meet at pivotal points in their journey.


Divine lovers weekly (those who have already ordered are still within the processing of receiving).

This week, the inner child faces annihilation at this time, in the face of union/separation & how the two are forever intwined.

‘Separation’ can only exist in the idea of union, & if the idea of ‘union’ exists.

Not following?

In order for us to perceive there is separation from our love, we must first become attached to it & become attached to the idea that it is something that can be lost.

I know that does not necessarily make sense. Things can be lost, can’t they? Things are frequently lost.

Well yes, & no.

Things do morph yes, & take on new form, & inner child work this week shows how our inner child is still very much alive in us & motivates most of our movements.

When we begin to identify with something or someone & the way that this thing outside of ourselves should relate to us, we block ourselves off from its full experience & capacity.

What does union look like to you? Constant interaction, & connection?

It seems our divine love may actually be keeping us away from our inner child work, especially if we’re still holding onto fears about being lost, & left behind, instead of embraced.

The masculine toys with power displays & the fear of being toppled, or compressed by the feminine energy – internally & externally, whilst the feminine works on healing the family issues & disputes that keep her from experiencing freedom & joy in her life. Who is the feminines ‘self’ not centred around this constant, perpetual journey of healing.

Healing that does not look like a trial, or is not met with resistance from generational curses.

To purchase this amazing reading & utilise my teachings this week regarding patience, divine timing, & why union is already here, you may do so using the usual method — PayPal £6.66 to PayPal.me/seekcindy & then send me a confirmation email directly after to cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk

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Last weeks spiritual updates//energetic lessons: Full moon in Taurus – The waiting game, sacred spiritual marriage, & the breakdown of karma trauma.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 30 – Birth, creation, acceleration, Big Bang theory, 5th – Change, exploration, freedom, adventure, breath, newness.

The main theme this week, chemistry & the 3 of pentacles sees an alchemical process taking place, that is guided by the impact of Monday, the 30th. This day represents another giant spiritual reboot, similar to the one received on 10/10/10.

The 4 of cups being at the root of the reading is suggestive of the nature that we are in, when we are disconnected or unattached to our Godly nature. The switch from victim consciousness to empowerment consciousness has been ripe these past few months, & the 4 of cups sees a perspective change that stops us wondering why our lives do not look the way we would like them to, & takes us on a journey to creating this life that we do desire…

With the 4 of cups, you were very much focused on a stagnant situation, & for this reason not much shifted, or was changed.

The chemistry card talks about what happens when there is a sacred & sexual marriage between the two energies – masculine & feminine, culminating in something new being created. A third energy, which is often discussed by me in my twinflame (divine love readings), & in my twinflame novel.

You can see the figures in this card looking on lovingly at this energy

I feel the feminine opening up her heart more & allowing herself to be more vulnerable, (which leads to powerful manifestation).

It’s like she’s holding this thing in her hand & she’s showing it to the masculine & he’s looking at how delicate it is & they both admire it. This is the feminine in her most authentic, most natural body – however, it is also what offers her so much strength.

It’s like in the day, or the night, these 2 – masculine & feminine meet up & confess their love to one another.

But by day, they need to get up & work, they need to get up, & to graft.

They must create.

This week very beautifully presents the balance between love, & stability, duty & joy, masculine & feminine.

The feminine especially this week, many seem to be waiting for a message, either from the masculine, or about a job, & it appears that the key is believing in your own magic this week.

The marriage between you, & the self.

The feminine energy within us all this week needs to develop the kind of self safety, & security that allows us to be at our most vulnerable self, safely, yet freely.

You see how she adorns a red robe, red symbolising both bravery, danger, & the root chakra.

If there is something special we’ve been working on, then we need to get confident with sharing it with the world.

This is also about building new ideas about love, & the world around us.

A strong message regarding soul mates is also relevant here.

A message relating to the past, & past relationships, potentially even a past life, where there was too much ‘chemistry’ – a reaction of chemicals – physical, sexual, emotional, or mental, & not enough 3 of pentacles – which is reasoning, diplomacy, understanding, & grounding.

A message of self love that follows this weeks powerful full moon in Taurus that encourages a type of beauty & love that is untapped.

Remember that the 3 of pentacles is not void of this light, or of this spark of energy that’s present in the chemistry, or in the lovers, or in the balance, OR in the love, it is a COMBINATION, or the accumulation of the chemistry & the discipline, coming together.

It is a sacred, sexual, & chemical union.

And it asks you to take this 3rd energy out into the world, to do something with this 3rd energy,

It’s not just present so that you & your lover can sit there, & kiss all day, & be cute.

It’s so that you can create something, it’s so that you can use this spark to come alive.

And this very well could signify creative work.

In the 3 of pentacles, this light is being turned back on the two – the lovers, by this 3rd figure who appears to be impartial yet involved in their affairs.

This is like a Godly figure for many who appears to be intervening in day to day life in order to bring order & realisation to what demands our attentions.

What are your past relationships shining a light on for you at this time?

In the 3 of pentacles there’s negotiation with our higher self.

What are you willing to do to experience the harmony that exists when you do not deny parts of yourself.

And for many of us, the 4 of cups exists because we have been put in this momentary pause & many of us are sulking this week, or finding ourselves finding out just that much more about own perceptions & projections.

It’s like spirit days, ‘if I gave you this chemistry, or this love, what would you do with it? How would you put it to work?’

The 5 of wands stands as the fight, between us, & our best selves.

Between what is natural, & what we attempt to control.

It could be you attempting to change or shape events & feeling insecure or dissatisfied because you have all of these external voices in your mind.

Patience is a valuable & highlighted lesson to us now according to both the 7 of pentacles, & the temperance card, suggesting behaviour modification.

You have to stand still in order to bear witness.

The 5 of wands truly is the ego battling finally against itself, instead of outside forces.

There is also a strong indication here that we should be mindful of prioritising our romantic relations over our relationship with self/ with God, or more than you honour your relationship with the physical.

The interconnectedness of the 3.

The higher intellect of the temperance energy knows that there is a divine, non moving stream between the realm of the physical/material, & the spiritual/emotional.

This energy may seem somewhat detached, however it is more so a reluctance to become lost in a sea of hopeless emotion.

The 6 of cups articulates a past grievance that is brought to our attention to be corrected this week.

There is likely past life & childhood issues that are corrected with forgiveness.

Yes, we have experienced soulmates & they have played valuable & vital roles in our lives, but it’s time to let many of them go.

It could be a conversation this week with a soul mate who particularly hurt you, (even if only telepathically), to say, ‘I am sorry. I did not know better’.

Divine lovers weekly preview — To live a life, sublime.

This lack of faith is the foundation of all of our scarcity & poverty consciousness, & stretches far beyond just our romantic relationships, however, as twinflames lead so much from the heart space to do their work, it is essential that we look at how our interpersonal relationships are affected by this lack of trust that we have.

Perhaps we learned at an early age that we cannot trust those around us. That we cannot be open & forthcoming & disclose the deepest most intimate parts of ourselves.

We may have been told who we have to be from a very young age, & identity or identity loss is a big theme for us this week.

It is indeed time to lose your identity.

But not in that terrifying way that is suggestive of BPD, (borderline personality disorder), or having no clue who you are.

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