Divine Lovers *Daily* Reading – 24th-25th April 2019

Main theme – The fool/SoulMate, Masculine – 8 of wands/past life relationships. Feminine – The world/Let your friends help you.

The fool card & the soul mate card as the main energy shows that there are conflicting energies or motions being experienced between both divine lovers.

Whilst the feminine seeks her emancipation & enjoys the time she is currently taking to explore herself, it does appear that a part of her mind is still on the masculine or still on the relationship & she finds herself having to merge a world of independence, joy & exploration, with a world of knowing & understanding that she met the masculine for a reason & whether she admits it or not, the masculine means something to her.

The fool card represents what happens when we attempt to navigate & take a new beginning, whilst the soul mate card is representative of the invisible wire that connects us with others, especially those who have touched our lives or are meant to touch them.

Yes this is your soul mate is not indicative that divine lover’s are the one & only people that can ever be with each other, but the soul mate card rather recognised that both divine lovers had a very specific message & soul lesson to teach to one another & this message should not be forgotten & in some instances? This message should not be forgiven either.

There may be a temptation in these next 2 days on the part of the feminine to think about what life with my masculine may be like if he ever were to change or do things differently, but there’s also a part within her that knows that this is wishful thinking.

Grief happens in stages.

Death happens in stages.

And the feminine currently finds herself having to let go all over again. The journey towards breaking free from codependency happens in stages & yes there are moments when the feminine will second guess herself, but she is assisted in the process by reminding herself that her feelings are valid. Her experience with her masculine was valid. And her having any feelings of missing him or reminiscing about being in his company, are entirely normal & not necessarily symptomatic of her moving backwards.

With the 8 of wands, it appears that the masculine is going to be communicating with the feminine at some point during these 2 days & it does suggest that he may be hot & heavy when he does so. The masculine appears to be coming in strong & direct & it appears as if he has little to no time to waste. Perhaps he has been biding his time, considering his approach, or feels as if he has wasted enough time not going after the feminine.

Some masculine’s may be wondering if it’s too late & they want to get to the feminine before her freedom leads her into the arms of another. For many masculine’s their worst fear is that the feminine will find somebody who she falls hopelessly in love with, somebody who’s interested in the same things that she’s interested in, somebody who she is more in alignment with. There’s a sense that he is going to begin taking their period of separation or the boundaries that the feminine has drawn, a little more seriously within these 2 days & as so he should, so should the feminine continue to reinforce them.

Boundaries do not have to exist in the absence of still having feelings for the masculine, feminine. You can still have feelings for him. You can still think about him. You can still miss him. But this is no excuse to give up or become lenient upon your boundaries. You’re doing this more for yourself than anybody else & remember that. This is about you building trust within yourself. If you never learn to trust yourself with others again, how will you ever love again?

With the world card the feminine is shown to be enduring an ending that is taking a process. She looks over at the masculine whilst she’s going through these changes & apart of her wonders what a life in which he doesn’t exist would be like/look like for her. The attachment is difficult, yet the show must go on.

With the past life relationship card, it appears the masculine also spends these days thinking about his past time with the feminine. Something in him knows & believes that the feminine is one of a kind & that losing her would mean losing a part of himself.

The masculine counts on the past, on the memories, on the feminine’s softer encounters with him, for him to be able to win her back. Even though he fears her moving on with this newer counterpart, he also believes that nothing can make up for the time he & the feminine shared & he doubts she may truly wish to start all over again with another.

If only he can revive the past & make the feminine remember how things were in the beginning, he believes that he can win her back. But this is no game masculine. The feminine must make this declaration to move forward & it has nothing to do with finding loop holes to get her to change her mind. The feminine needs to be set free. Nobody knows what that will mean for the future. But for now? It’s truly what she needs.

With the let your friends help you card, the feminine is inspired within these 2 days to spend some time in the company of those who love her the most. Perhaps she will not feel like smiling so much or will not find their jokes so appeasing, but it’s helpful for her to be around positive energy & those who are full of life & luck. The feminine is reminded to look on the brighter side of life & appreciate the simpler things. There will always be people around to help pick her up when she needs it. And she should never be in doubt of this.

Divine Lovers Weekly – Preview – 22nd-28th April 2019 – April Showers

There is a large focus this week upon building & gathering resources for future use. The feminine feels particularly lucky or charmed this week and she gets a message or an omen that she’s been needing about how to move forward & when to proceed.

A lot of seeds are being manifest this week so it’s a good time to go after any projects, ideas or business ventures that have been at the tip of their minds.

The builders will be shown from the talkers this week & foundations are being set to promote independence, as well as equality.

There’s a lot of movement this week, but there’s also a lot of intense thought that goes into the movement.

Back and forth communication is sent between both divine lovers, almost as if they’re communicating about a vision or two separate visions that they are trying to bring into manifestation. It’s a busy week for both but I do feel as if they bounce ideas & thoughts off of one another, even if this is to do with the way in which they conduct themselves.

There are also periods of pauses in action this week as knowledge comes to both parties as still as they can be. Observation is a necessary tool not to repeat some of the same mistakes as in the past.

It’s a very attractive week & the feminine finds that the more she can be still, the more that the answers that she needs can come and greet her.

The feminine must take great care in this week to watch not only her mouth, but her thoughts. There’s an intense energetic streak of thoughts manifesting into things & her finding herself bound to objects & targets before she could understand the consequences. It’s a little bit like the energy of mercury retrograde & I am not so sure about current planetary alignment, but I find that this is a time of more listening, than doing.

The decisions that the feminine worries about are still finding themselves in a final process of closure in this week as she navigates new ways to let the decision make itself.

The masculine is finding himself going through a transition period, such as a spiritual boot camp & the feminine has to be able to stand back & let that happen.

The more that the feminine teaches herself about her own healing/reconciliation process, the more she receives information to allow the masculine to attempt his own healing process.

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Divine Lovers *DAILY* Reading – 17TH-18TH April 2019.


United energy/Main theme for both – Judgement/New love, Masculine – King of swords/Wheel of fortune, Feminine – Strength/2 of pentacles.

The judgement and the ‘New love’ card represent an energy that I’ve been discussing for the past 2 weeks regarding the feminine awakening to the truth behind this union and engaging in a shift because of this. There’s the strong energy from Mary Magdalene coming through, suggesting the feminine is working on forgiving herself for past transgressions whilst witnessing or coming into the awareness of a masculine counterpart willing to see her and treat her as pure.

In these next 2 days, the feminine is very much a pioneer for this new energy and begins to live life in a way that suggests that she’s no longer under any illusions about life, or about who she is. This energy feels light and fluent, particularly taking care to rid herself of all those who posed a threat to her inner peace – especially those who did so passively or insidiously.

There’s a new found confidence within the feminine because of the heavy karmic baggage that she’s dropped. The judgement was the ending towards this energy that kept her stagnant and blinded by obligation, as well as manipulation.

Being able to see and witness the truth clear as day not only helps her to improve her relationship with the divine, but also reinforces her right to demand and expect more for herself. Once you remove the trickery and deception, all that’s left to experience is life.

The ‘new love’ card can be relating to the feminine finding, meeting or speaking with a new person who becomes more and more of a potential romance on her mind. A lot of feminine’s have relaxed into the idea of a new template in love where they’re treated with more patience, sincerity, care and genuineness.

Whilst some feminine’s think about opening themselves to experience this reality in love, knowing and understanding of it’s possibilities, for other feminine’s their own masculine is stepping up and attempting to prove himself as a new man playing a new role in her life. For feminine’s looking and thinking of a new masculine, there’s a fun, light hearted energy about his approach. The feminine could be finding a partner who already exists in the new energy that she’s making her way towards.

The judgement card shakes and awakens everyone. So if the feminine is indeed looking towards a new love interest, then this is awakening some masculine’s to recognise that the feminine is not as complacent as she once was.

The king of swords for the masculine is representing two different energies, dependent upon which masculine is speaking. Because for many feminine’s there’s a new masculine energy that’s coming in, I have to read this reading through the perspective of both, as they’re both really saying or expressing two different things. There’s definitely a new energy that the feminine is ushering in after the recent purges and rebirths she’s been experiencing and this directly cultivates a new world for the masculine alone, especially with his sense of understanding relationships. Whether a new masculine counterpart is being brought in to match the feminine’s new vibrational alignment, or her old, traditional masculine is stepping up to the plate to formulate a new self, the feminine will be experiencing this change in love, especially being born within these next two days. The divine lovers weekly will go into this new energy that she births in detail (Purchase details below).

The king of swords for the new masculine is representative of somebody who appears to be focused, intellectual, driven and direct in their pursuits. This is really an energy that will benefit the feminine well, especially as this individual appears to be a very strong masculine energy in response to a very feminine and playful energy that’s being reignited inside of her. The king of swords as the new man or masculine that the feminine is dating strikes me as somebody who’s interested and investing in not only exploring, but also impressing her. He appears to wonder about her, who she truly is, how she moves, how she lives and may be watching her on a low key scale, invested in showing her over time who he truly is.

If representing the old masculine, the king of swords can be somebody who watches on from the side lines and vows to let the feminine live the life that she is living. Although bitter, this masculine seems to return to a life that feels safer for him, perhaps choosing to reserve his emotions or emotional expression and instead go back to work, studying, or go back to the life that he knew prior to the feminine. He seems to watch her and understands that her life is going in a new direction, yet still feels some annoyance and defensiveness about her rejection. A lot of the masculine’s are just waiting or hoping that the feminine will make contact, so they can express to her everything that they have been thinking/feeling.

The wheel of fortune is all about change and in any case points to the masculine maturing. The old masculine who is stuck in his wounded state is trying to fathom the lessons that he is to learn through the feminine growing in this way. Many of them are still seeing it from the point of feeling sorry for themselves and he focuses on plans and ambitions that he has for the future and appears to change his course of direction. One way, the old way hasn’t been working. So perhaps it is time for him to move, travel, or knock on other more fulfilling doors. A life lesson has caused for him to withdraw and potentially become more cautious within himself. Some wounded old masculine’s are thinking, ‘Fine. I’m going to take this on the chin and live my life’, but they fool themselves if not doing it from an authentic place. They will surely come around and meet the feminine again, or a woman just like her if they’re still not confronting themselves.

The new masculine’s who some feminine’s are dating and who are approaching their lives are interested in investing in this change with the feminine. There’s the energy of excitement to enter her life and to show her something new. He also has new skill sets and experiences that he’s willing to put to the test. This masculine is a little more mature, in age or in emotions and wants to do things differently with the feminine than he has done in the past, perhaps he’s learned a lot about women and would like to show that side of himself.

With the strength card in these two days the feminine is heavily focused on karma, particularly her own. There’s an understanding of how her own behaviours play and have played a role in the situations that have manifested particularly within her love life and the feminine spends these days having a much-needed conversation with her lower self. She recognises what got her in loops of experiencing the same low vibrational energy before and a lot of it was to do with her wounded inner child. The feminine is being more aware and conscious of her lower self or perhaps her impulsivity and becomes very careful with what she says and does. It’s as if she is maturing also in these days and she doesn’t want the only thing getting in her way to be herself. Any issues to do with low self-esteem, victimisation or jealousy are also being tackled with the feminine as she seeks now to become her best self, especially if she is truly transforming and not willing to end up in a similar place as before in the next few weeks/months.

The 2 of pentacles shows the feminine juggling quite a few different areas of her life in these 2 days. When things have remain relatively untouched for a while they tend to pile up and it may seem like the feminine has more on her hands than she can handle, but it’s important for her not to lose faith, hope or belief in herself for this part of the journey. Some feminine’s are completely rebuilding themselves from scratch, trying to accomplish things they have not done alone before and generally trying to get their life into order. It may seem lonely at times, particularly if detachment from co-dependency is at the root. She’s really determined to show that she can do it, mostly to herself, and is willing to take on new challenges in order to integrate a higher level of living into her consciousness. The feminine tries to handle more responsibility and to be less one track minded. Some feminine’s are distracting themselves with busy work intentionally, whilst others are determined to have more in place this time when embarking on romance with a new person. Having emotional soundness in combination with financial stability and strength is a skill in of itself. But it definitely shows others that you know your worth. This time, don’t slip and remain attentive. The divine is showing the feminine what she has to do in these two days to get on track and as she listens, she completes these tasks conscientiously.

Divine Lovers Weekly – 15th-21st April – Changing faces (PREVIEW)


This is a big week for the feminine in terms of defining herself and who she would like to be. Before now, the feminine has very much had her life defined and dictated for her, including where she would go, what she would do and what she would experience, but this week, the divine is asking her to take a little bit more control over her life and the direction it goes in. Will she listen? Because the masculine seems to be coming in with his own plans and ideas for her and it appears he’s been working on his swaying or convincing potential. Will the feminine go towards this direction, or can she see now how wide open the path in front of her is. This really comes down to an issue of co-dependency and both divine lovers know this. This week the feminine will be asked just how much she loves her own independence and can rely on herself alone to make the right decisions. It’s time for the feminine to step out into the big, wide world and a lot of feminine’s are feeling apprehensive about this. Usually to make it big in life or make it bigger than your surroundings, you have to be willing to say no to a lot of things, including experiences that seem good, but just do not resonate with your spirit journey. It’s a test of self-preservation as well as seeing how far the feminine has worked to confront her karmic wounds to do with guilt and obligation. Do not think that this week is any less a test than the previous past few weeks, it just all seems more worth it and more purposeful somehow this week.

Both divine lovers this week are being instructed to let go and to move forward, especially of the past. A new mind frame is being born and there is a desire within both to move and to begin changing the ways and the things that no longer serve them. Clarity is being delivered and it calls for us to clean up our life and our surroundings. This is the week of detoxing. And it does not require so much feeling, as it requires doing. There’s a necessary energy of moving forward coupled with an understanding of what needs to be let go of. There’s also a mercilessness to the swift change being taken under this week and it’s very much a spiritual journey that requires trusting what you are guided to do and the messages that you are to carry out.

There does appear to be a conflict of interests for divine lovers still stuck in the old paradigm of good vs evil (especially the masculine), instead of just accepting that some things are necessary.

There’s a lot of emotion to be explored and it appears that the feminine is experiencing it all this week.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading 10th-11th April 2019.

Main theme for both lovers – The devil/Temperance. Masculine – 3 of wands, Express your love. Feminine – 5 of cups/The wedding.

The devil card alongside Temperance suggests that these next few days are spent with divine lovers learning the importance of detoxification after a process of intoxication & this detox appears to be led mostly by the feminine.

The devil card represents a routine or state of events that have taken place over a particular period of time, that the feminine now grows tired of.

It does appear as if over the course of this week many relationships may be enduring processes of endings or re-modification, particularly as far as the feminine is concerned.

The devil card represents the many ways in which the masculine may be expectant of the feminine & the cycles that have been created of the feminine falling in line, complaining about what the masculine does, yet allowing him to do it anyway.

The breaking of cycles takes centre stage at this time as the feminine recognises how she is being used for personal gain & why it has been allowed to continue for so long. Self awareness, honesty & self reflection allows her to see the full magnitude of the picture of events. Although it is self responsibility that will see her out on the other side of this & complete her journey of transition.

The joke has been on the feminine, cause although she has seemingly blamed something outside of the masculine or outside of the union for the issues they were having, these next few days she spends communicating or understanding what has been keeping the masculine so expectant of her & it reveals to her that she is not trapped at all & neither is the masculine, he just knows what he can get away with because the feminine has previously bought into the illusion of entrapment.

This is for feminine’s who have spent so long making excuses for the masculine, convincing themselves that he was unaware of the magnitude of his actions & continuing never ending cycles under the illusion of ‘change’ or improvement.

The wake up call is slightly softened with the appearance of the Temperance card which suggests the feminine trying to call time on the situation by introducing a different dynamic, experience or pattern into it.

The feminine tries to break the pattern of chaos & disruption by working on centring herself & pouring back into herself.

Some feminine’s will be taking time away from the masculine & isolating themselves in such a way that they do not have to be in contact. Some fear falling back into a codependent pattern, whilst others appear too disappointed with his behaviour to utter a response.

The Temperance card is the process of healing that is facilitated by the divine. The feminine is not alone in this cleansing process, although she may wish to acquire extra assistance through visiting a holy place or consulting with somebody who is skilled in understanding possession or lower energies.

With the 5 of cups, part of the mourning process sees the feminine having to face & accept what’s happened & gone wrong here. Apart of what keeps individuals in toxic settings, is not understanding the full detriment or damage that’s being done. The 5 of cups sees the feminine facing the truth & whilst this may sometimes be an emotional time for her, the 2 of cups behind the 5 of cups figure suggests that there are people in her corner, those waiting & wishing to support her & a life after the pain.

The 5 of cups is a process, like all. So do not worry too much feminine about slipping into a depression. This is not like the last times.

With the 3 of wands, the masculine watches the feminine from afar. Some masculine’s will be coming from a great distance to deliver a message to the feminine. Perhaps they’ve been waiting & biding their time. Perhaps some are waiting for her to ‘calm down’. It appears that they recognise what damage have been done & there does appear to be a desire to reappear at the feminine’s side, though be aware that this is not the masculine trying to reignite the devil situation – his comfort zone, taking & not giving & seeing the feminine stay put.

The 3 of wands could be disingenuous & could be synonymous of the masculine trying to get the feminine back within his control. It’s almost the energy of a child who’s had their toy taken away from them & either waits for it to return home or makes an anxious journey over to attempt to retreat it. The masculine definitely knows something has changed here, but does he really believe it’s permanent this time?

With the wedding card the feminine thinks about a future time or projection. Apart of her wonders about the life that she planned to build with the masculine. Whilst there’s a feeling of a ‘lucky escape’ for many, there’s still the regret of wondering why they couldn’t have seen it earlier. The wedding card involves the feminine looking back at certain memories over these 2 days & understanding & remembering moments where it was evident the masculine was not ready, not present & not steady. For many? Recognising the masculine needs healing as much as they do is the key to release.

The express your love card suggests an attempt from the masculine to get the feminine back to routine. He plays his move carefully but is very set on a direct outcome. There is the feeling that he believes he can sway the feminine easily with a little effort, perhaps viewing her as vulnerable (because she has been) or carefully waiting for a time she’ll melt back into him.

The feminine’s given a promise or a future goal he advocates. Does she take it, or can she leave it?

Divine Lovers Weekly Preview — Much Ado About Everything – 8th-14th April 2019

This week, we have an immensely karmic cycle coming up & coming to a close. This is ancestral. This is generational. This is what many have been waiting for. When I first saw the numbers associated with this week, 8 & 5 (14), I knew that things were about to be MAJOR in terms of changing waves of perception, existence, doing & believing. A lot is coming up to the surface for cleansing & so that we are able to see what it is that has been hidden in our thoughts, beliefs & behaviours, essentially karma.

Karma is the unseen inter generational experiences, thought patterns & confirmations that you have taken on from your family line & downloaded through the Akashic records (the place where all of humanities thoughts, fears, wants, desires & deeds are stored).

We get a chance to see this week what it’s like for the masculine to be met by his own soul & what it’s like for the feminine to reach a cross roads. She’s specifically given sacred, divine knowledge this week of what different paths she’s taken & where they all lead. The trouble is, the feminine does not always trust her vision.

If given the chance to love or given the chance to live, where does she turn?

Something that the feminine has experienced life time over life time, seeks to end. But like all things, destiny is paved with good decision…

‘With the world card, the masculine’s faith is being shaken. Before now? He thought that his world was so predictable, he thought that it was a place of numbers & laws & facts, but he forgot- that the feminine rules everything that is progressive & transformational. His soul is tugged at this week & this is actually for his own benefit because as the feminine chooses to be reborn, it creates a ripple effect that also shakes what he believes he knows so well. The feminine heals & both saves this week, but she does so in a way that appears selfish.

She does so? By making a deal with the divine. Which to him? May seem like betrayal… This is an amazing week for rituals & I have included a personalised one for this week’s weekly homework!

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