Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 26th-28th September


Main theme – The world/Selenite, Masculine – Ace of cups/Calling in your soul mate, Feminine – Judgement, True love.


The world card in combination with the selenite energy speaks of the current climax stage that divine lovers have found themselves apart of. The world card represents a rapid awakening process that is asking divine lovers to abandon their usual routines and matrixes, and sacrifice and detach from some things and some people in their life, usually without particular or specific reason, but with the nagging feeling that if they do not, they may find themselves repeating a tedious cycle that they themselves know that they have outgrown. The spiritual body is ready to leave; however, the physical body appears to be stuck in its qualms about loss and what it means to move on and start a new world in its entirety.

Perhaps this week speaks about the divorce or the pieces that we have to pick up after the breakdown of a relationship. Some divine lovers may find that they are being called to step away from someone whom they have grown attached to in their lives, specifically through co-dependent attachments. The world card is about the difficulty that arises when we know that we have a decision gnawing away at us to make, though we still wonder why things had to be this way, with things could not just work out another way.

I do believe that free will is indeed an illusion. And with the decision that divine lovers are being pulled to make, even if they take the route of inaction and decide not to make a move in the direction of detachment, from this point on, their energy has changed. Their viewpoints and understanding has changed, specifically over the past few weeks. They will not look at these people the same way they have, even if they decide to stay.

With the world card in combination with the judgement card the feminine is awakening to her own truths about the places that she has been overextending herself as well as wasting her time. The feminine spends these next few days waking up from the spell of believing that she could earn peoples love and approval through self-sacrifice and martyr ship. She’s being asked to put in her big girl boots and in doing so she has to remove her rose-tinted glasses and no longer choose to remain blind to the truth right in-front of her. If the feminine has felt stuck for a while or kept complaining about lethargy or a lack of movement, then she is asked to remove the ‘dead weight’, because spirit has something else for her, that’s practical and tangible for her to experience, but this cannot be born if she is still holding onto illusions, especially about who the masculine is or what his intentions are. In many ways this does represent the feminine’s spirit guides and they are getting a little frustrated with the feminine in a sense because they do feel as if they have given both the signs and support to her that she needs to begin making this decision to no longer buy into illusions, but begin to experience reality from a more balanced and well rounded perspective. A new destiny awaits, whilst the feminine still wonders what if. How romantic are you about love itself feminine? Don’t you like your love, true?

With the ace of cups card, it appears as if there’s also a decision that the masculine has to make that the feminine has to leave him to make, not attempting to influence or manipulate his journey, because this destiny is his too. Perhaps she may feel compelled to reach out or try to offer him extra ‘support’ in a bid to hear from him, but listen to your intuition feminine, as you are asked to let this choice be his. I do feel as if this relates to a 3rd party situation, although the 3rd party may not be so much the other ‘woman’, as it is the other ‘entity’. The masculine appears a little clouded and confused, although some mercy is offered to him in the form of the ace of cups. The ace of cups represents a clean slate for the masculine, but he has to be honest in order to get it. He likes to act sometimes as if he does not know what he has to do to break his spell of bad luck, or as if he is so confused about why this is happening, when what he does need to do is admit to his participation, through his own weaknesses. There are some ways that the masculine allows women to control him, or perhaps does not speak up and tell the truth about not being happy where he is. This is not work for the feminine to complete for the masculine. He is the only one who can face himself and has to stop running from his truth.


Divine Lovers Weekly Reading Preview – 23rd-3rd October 2019 – The great fire; The purge & the urge.


There is a wave that’s sweeping divine lovers this week and attempting to leave nothing in its midst. A clearance that takes the form of exposing all of the energies and spaces that divine lovers have been doing themselves a disservice, is headed to town. It’s as if the grim reaper comes knocking on the door and divine lovers are urged to surrender some of their oldest survival mechanisms or programs, as they seek to stand a threat towards the life that divine loves truly seek to embody and become alignment with. This week focuses on burning away untruths and because of the nature of change and destruction as being rapid, there may be underlying currents of anxiety or the sneak suspicion that everything that’s coming to them must be done urgently and accomplished immediately. But the fire does not exist to intimidate you divine lovers, it exists to make you aware of just how precious time is. The fire does dance in wait for you to join it, however if you continue to put it off and say that you have a thousand other karmic wounds to attend to, you’ll never dance a dance with life. This week focuses on breaking free and it appears that the feminine is receiving strength & support from some feminine deities in her generational line. This is the week that the feminine must surrender her need to be there for everyone, doing everything to keep them afloat at all times. The feminine is currently being taken through the lessons of boundaries and may find seemingly tiresome situations cropping up with the intention of activating her throat chakra and causing her to completely revamp her environment, including her goals and directions about life and herself. If anger is the language that she is looking for this week, then it’s probably passion. Passion, enchantment and creation simply misplaced into the wrong person/direction.

The masculine appears to be tripping up over some mistakes that he made in the past that shaped his current reality for him this week. He’s taking a walk down memory lane and perceiving how differently his destiny may have shaped itself if he had been a little bit more patient, as it appears that he took a short cut that led to him having to be deceptive. He may find himself going backwards, attempting to deliver a message, even an apology, but the divine isn’t quite done with him yet. Just when he finds himself asked to experience humility, he’s also asked to go on a new ride, this doesn’t look like death this time, but rebirth. Will the masculine shed an old skin, for an old soul, not the feminine, but to save his own?

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