Divine lovers daily reading – 24th-25th July

United energy – Let your friends help you/Green, Masculine – 7 of swords/Emperor, Feminine – 3 of pentacles/8 of pentacles.

The daily these next few days speaks on the troubles we all have with intimacy, vulnerability & rawness & the often awkward way that we approach the emotions that we do not wish to face, including developing codependent bonds, attachments & dependencies.

The feminine is confronted today with the ways in which she may attempt to run or escape from

The emotions that she finds overwhelming & even underwhelming, including the masculine’s participation or often lack of proper conviction in her life.

The feminine does not need to rely on anybody else to provide her with the information or comforts that she may seek in these days, but to trust that they’re there to ask her to redirect her energy back into herself.

The let your friends help you card can also speak of the feminine learning to process or deal with the fall out of the 7 of swords situation from the masculine. The 7 of swords represents the masculine creating the illusion that he’s moving in secrecy or with discretion, but both parties neglecting to acknowledge that they’re both very much aware of the masculine’s motives & behaviours & there may have existed an equal lack of responsiveness on behalf of the feminine when it came to holding him accountable.

Compassion towards self must be practiced by the feminine at this time & she’s asked to cast aside & away harsher or judgemental voices from her field. It becomes ever more important for her to conserve her energy & resist the impulse to seek guidance or validation elsewhere. Past experiences exist to teach the feminine that not everybody is so happy to receive her information nor have good intentions with it. It’s time for you to work on forgiving those who you feel have hurt you, by taking greater responsibility over protecting & responding to yourself. When you refuse to give others the power over your emotions & your emotional regulation, you no longer give them the power of tainting your story.

The 7 of swords with the masculine may demonstrate that he’s still partially caught up in some cycles that he’s given the impression that he has healed or is trying to heal from. The 7 of swords represents a lack of resistance as well as deterrence from showing self control. It’s almost as if the masculine just cannot resist or almost develops a thrill out of believing that he’s getting out of some situations. For some feminine’s, they may have discovered that their masculine has been intimate with a friend of theirs or that somebody was intentionally giving them jaded advice because they were secretly envious.

The feminine is to spend these next 2 days purging the energy of disingenuous friendships, the energy of deceit or the energy of jealousy. The feminine works to clear her heart of being guarded against or being in anticipation of this energy by re-positioning her energy back towards herself so that she can slowly begin to decipher who & where to give it to.

The let your friends help you card also warns the feminine of replacing one codependent bond with another, when the goal is to break free from them completely.

With the emperor card, the masculine may also be feeling the effects of the feminine taking some time to work on her own self development & interests. He may feel as if he’s been wronged somehow or as if his ego has been bruised if he witnesses that the feminine has changed the beat of her drum in anyway. This is where you may see the childish or immature nature in the masculine. Even though he often gets away with things right in front of the feminine’s eyes, if he feels the feminine is losing care or vim for the situation, then he’s likely to be throwing a tantrum, or trying to get the feminine to see/understand why he feels as if she’s overreacting or why he feels as if she doesn’t have a true reason to ‘leave’ as she may be thinking of doing, or this is rather how he perceives her detaching more to focus on herself.

With the green card he may also be experiencing difficulty opening up &

Processing emotions that he may be triggered to feel from the feminine, such as loss or the fear of abandonment. So long as he does not work on healing or

Communicating this, with the 3 of pentacles the feminine becomes more focused upon sorting out her own goals & making connections that will help

To further where she wishes to be in life. The feminine may be thinking more practically, in terms of choosing people around her who have positive influence, even though they may not initially or necessarily be an emotional connection of the same dependency as she’s known previously. She’s willing to try to move within new circles. The 8 of pentacles is all about working diligently within these next 2 days. Once she recognises just how much energy these codependent situations absorb, she’ll return to making a conscious effort to nurture her own self

& water her own crafts.

It’s not that emotions or her desire for intimacy take a back seat now. She just becomes more confident & comfortable with her masculine energy – who seeks balance in both love & war.

Divine lovers weekly reading preview —The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This week, divine lovers are dealing with the themes of disappointment & betrayal, particularly the aftermath of giving something or somebody a chance, particularly a second chance, particularly if it means placing one’s self in a vulnerable position. This week deals with the age old question we typically ask ourselves & others – do people ever change?

The masculine appears to have made or be making a bid to get back into

The life of the feminine & back into her good graces but I do see that this week he is having

to earn her approval or earn his

Place back into her life because although the feminine may love him, she’s being seemingly

More cautious & thorough about the screening process, because this situation has brought the feminine pain before.

The feminine is taken on a journey through greater levels of self love this week as the masculine is asked to become

clear on exactly what it is that he wants. He’s given another opportunity this week to spin his destiny & arrive to the feminine, entirely open & ready to be raw. It doesn’t appear as if she’ll settle for anything less.

The most delicate, valuable part of the feminine’s heart is at stake here & she is asked to pause before making this decision about her next move. There’s parts of the masculine that he’ll have to confront that he does not wish to, if he is to understand why he can have everything he desires with the feminine, yet often lack the will to keep it.

Raw honesty is required of lovers this week & this means for both to confront themes that recurrently have been playing out in their lives. However this week goes divine lovers, you’re asked to look inward. This week’s lesson is in the message that the other has shown you. Don’t let projection steal that rhythm from


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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 10th-11th July 2019 – The princess, that goddess, the witch..

Main theme (United energy) – Dandelion, Masculine – 6 of cups/The star, feminine – Queen of Wands/Knight of swords, Outcome – Express your love.

The dandelion energy speaks about the life long search for peace & preservation of man. Both divine lovers at this time are concerned with how to live a life that is most in alignment & most fluent with divine graces.

Many may say that this year has been turbulent, though one thing Divine Lovers are recognising is how the first half of this year has shaped them to understand all of the karmic cycles that they’ve been dealing with since 2015. The dandelion card is a current desire for them both to put all of their lessons & understandings into practice at this time & use that to live a life that is more blissful & more allowing of them to experience pleasant opportunities that please the senses.

The dandelion card wants the finer things in life & so do divine Lovers in these two days. This is a very Taurus energy because Taurus does appreciate physical beauty & joy. The senses are really being stirred & there’s a taste for life that’s awakening for both that I don’t think they can ignore. If people were previously feeling depressed, then these next two days sees them actually wanting & making an effort to enjoy life more thoroughly.

The dandelion energy demonstrates them wanting to lay in the shade, play in the grass, sing sweet nothings to a lover & enjoy this all over a whisper & the finest cuisine/wine on a trip abroad, somewhere beautiful…

With the 6 of cups card, the masculine wants to come in & treat the feminine, perhaps he seeks to take her on holiday away somewhere & the star card can speak of his frustration because maybe he doesn’t currently have anywhere to take the feminine or he’s a little short on money right now so he cannot fully perform for her in the ways he needs to, but this dandelion card does show him thinking of ways to work toward being able to present the feminine with something.

The 6 of cups is like an apology but it’s more like correcting, it’s more filled with action than it is with conversation & this suggests when the masculine is coming in, he does not want to talk about how much he’s changed, he does not want to talk much to the feminine at all this time, because he’s done that before & he could not live up to it, this time, he just wants to begin by showing her what he’s been doing & what he’s created & he wants there to be this safe space for the feminine to be able to escape to. At this time he just thinks of how to cultivate that space. (To read more about the masculine’s situation, purchase the masculine mayhem reading for this week – purchase details below).

The star card shows the feminine healing & the masculine having an awareness of this. He knows now that the feminine is healing & he understands how she is healing so he really does want to come in & Match that vibration as opposed to taking away from it. These next two days are pretty cool because I am seeing how he recognises more just how important it is for the feminine to have & indulge in this space where she can recharge. The more seriously she takes her own energy & her own path, the more seriously she guides the masculine to do the same of her path & her energy, it becomes a mutual respect & co-creation, as explained by the ‘express your love card’. This energy speaks of there being more than enough love to go around, because the feminine caters to herself first.

The queen of Wands is just that. What does the feminine’s world look like when she is more in charge of it? The feminine works in these next two days to become more confident & comfortable within herself. She may be working alongside particular colours & making a conscious effort to wear more reds, pinks, oranges & yellows, or perhaps she’s deciding to be more daring & putting herself out there in situations that she usually would not find herself in, just to see how she copes & how she adjusts to this new energy & vibration she’s also trying to align to.

The feminine is realising that people do truly treat & relate to her in the ways in which she treats & relates to herself. And the queen of Wands shows her trying to dawn a new crown/gown. The feminine works on waking up & recognising more of who she is – the powerful feminine, the sexually awakened feminine, the creative feminine, the feminine who’s skilled at manifestation, the feminine who’s fully confident & aligned. All of the parts of herself that were taken away by patriarchal programming & abusive brainwashing, the feminine seeks to reclaim at this time. ( To read more about this in the divine lover’s Weekly, view purchase details below).

And she truly does need to hold herself up to the highest standard & hold up her glory because she needs to be the one receiving in these next two days. Feminine if you reach out prematurely or your energy appears too desperate, the masculine is going to know that you’re not being serious about your healing journey & this is just what he’s going to mirror towards you..

The knight of swords is like a race & it’s between the feminine & the masculine who will achieve first place. The feminine may be feeling anxious. Perhaps she seeks to reach out to the masculine or to say something to him because she may experience moments of emotional weakness or triggering, but she’s asked to wait & just trust in herself & believe in her slay.

Let him come through.

He’s the one who should be making that effort to move forward. And when he sees that you’re perfectly placed & comfortable & confident where you are? Believe me, he’ll move mountains to reach you.

Divine lovers Weekly preview — ‘The choices & pathways that lead me to you & the ones that guide me away’. –

There is a powerful week ahead for divine lovers when it comes to taking charge over themselves as well as their own happiness. It does appear as if there are some decisions for the masculine to make, particularly difficult ones, but the feminine works this week on not becoming so heavily influenced & afflicted by the masculine’s decisions, or what he does or does not do.

It’s not just enough to want something this week. It begins with how deeply we are able & willing to begin the tasks that draw us closer towards what we truly desire, including love & it takes a lesson of the last puff of frustration for the feminine to come into the understanding of this rule.

At the heart of everything this week requires careful contemplation as well as a dedication towards the path of happiness. This week won’t be without it’s tests & triggers, especially flash backs of the past, to see what has changed now. How will they act differently this time, spirit asks?

The feminine is asked to step further more into her role as the divine feminine this week. It’s not that she waits for the masculine to make a move or a decision before she can. It’s more so that she plays the part of the queen in chess. She isn’t moved. She allows the masculine to play all of his other pawns & his pieces, seeing where he goes with it, what he does with them, understanding that all things reveal themselves to her in time.

Do not interfere with the masculine’s processes or try to sway him the week feminine. Let his story play out for him, how he’d like it to..

It doesn’t have to include yours too..

If the feminine has been awaiting an answer about what to do about the masculine? She’s finding it this week..

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