Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 14th-15th August

Main theme – Unrequited love/Full moon, Masculine – Justice/Queen of swords, Feminine – 10 of pentacles/Page of swords.

The unrequited love card in combination w/ the full moon as the main theme suggests divine lovers coming to a close with & rounding up many of their karmic interactions. These days may represent an energy that has been on going for a while now & clearance is beginning, or they may represent the energy of a person who awakens to this information & begins to process it at this time.

It’s time for divine lovers to enter into the timeline that has been available to a particular set of lovers for a while, yet has remained shielded from divine lovers who were lost & caught in karmic cycles, karmic relationships & karmic patterns.

In life, we must become comfortable with the fact that Change is the only consistent & with that we can begin to work with becoming more comfortable with cycles & the natural

Passing of moments & portions of our life as they come to a close.

The unrequited love & the moon card grant peace to a situation that could not have, neither can it, go another way. It’s about the final acceptance of a situation that’s been lacking for some time & I feel as if this is about divine lovers surrendering to

That truth & moving into that new timeline where they are able to attract a new cycle & a new partner who is more of a vibrational match. The feminine particularly may be thinking about walking away, especially as she comes into the recognition with the ten of pentacles that this situation with the karmic masculine is & has been tedious for some time now. Perhaps she also recruited somebody to try to speak with him or this time she has the support or the acknowledgment/participation of somebody else who the masculine has breached boundaries or a contract with. It’s almost like the masculine has been going in between two people & telling them both different stories, or this feels like the energy of a child who’s been playing both their teachers & their parents (two dependents) against one another & both are wising up in these next two days.

With the justice card there is the sound of the bell for the masculine. This is about finally calling time on a situation because the karma, the lesson or the message has played out & it’s time for the situation to be released or recycled into a new experience.

The justice card however isn’t such a bitter pill this time because it’s supposed to teach the masculine something.

The queen of swords represents boundaries & this is setting a clear example or a clear line for the masculine of where not to cross or what will no longer be allowed to be tolerated. The divine/the universe seizes the feminine to use her as an example of divine law or a message for the masculine to clean up. The message isn’t about punishment or even scolding the masculine, even though it may appear this way. The energy in these days simply exists to point the two into the acceptance & surrender of the power of cycles & rebirth. The justice card is a nudge to let go, whilst the queen of swords is a future vision or idea of what may go wrong if he does not take heed this time around.

The page of swords may demonstrate harsh words or harsh actions from the feminine, particularly if she’s grown tired of Merry go round situations & cycles. Some feminine’s may be refraining from cutting an axe into the masculine, because they recognise how it serves no purpose, others are unlikely to unleash a reign, once more for old times sake, if not anything else..

Divine Lovers Weekly Reading – A game of chance – 14th-21st August 2019

This week represents a karmic reboot for divine lovers that sends them scattered into a new direction. It’s like a fertility dance or an act of fertility, they are seeds thrown haphazardly that scatter, yet happen by divine matter to land in the exact right place, at the exact right time.

If only they may see the hand of divine grace & witness this. A chance & a dance at new love & life introduces itself this week as the divine seeks to get a little playful, yet a little poetic.

The beginning of the week contradicts the second half which picks up with a fiery vengeance. A week that experiences both the death of the old & the acceptance & delight of the new.

Things come to pass or begin to

Materialise this week that the feminine has dreamt of or imagined at a previous time, though they exist at the other end of what she currently wants or endures.

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Divine Lovers Daily Reading – 5th-6th August 2019

The feminine finds herself in these next 2 days taking some time off carrying the emotional burden. A shift occurs for the feminine in which she becomes inspired by authenticity & seeks to uphold a mirror for others too to meet her in this place – her emotional space, her place of resilience here, not so wavering & chaotic as it has once been, but purified, explored & given an open space to exist.

Water speaks of the feminine’s desires to explore emotions & her emotional

Self at this time without judgement or suppression. The feminine is interested in cultivating a space in which all of her needs are met, most importantly her need to be fully accepted for the emotional & often complex being that she is. The feminine is not interested in being one way or in to one thing & she’s beginning to understand the importance of having the masculine see, accept & represent her in her entirety. Not in exchange for her emotional expression, but in combination with.

The feminine is to work on accepting how she is feeling without having the need to question or second guess it.

The high priestess represents the feminine no longer running from

Herself or her emotions. She becomes more honest with herself about what feels right & what feels wrong & works ok no longer allowing the masculine to scapegoat his share of the work/journey understanding.

The introspection theme continues for the masculine at this time as the 10 of Wands & the water card consists of him beginning to or being challenged to do his emotional

Inner work.

The 10 of Wands is the masculine being asked once again to confront the parts of himself that have grown accustomed to relying on others especially the feminine to do the inner work. The water card represents him making the emotional journey across himself, over to the side of the feminine, which means learning & being


To seeing the feminine as a human being in her own right, seeing her feelings, honouring her emotions & creating a safe space for her to do the same.

With the full moon card, the feminine takes priority with learning & learning to understand & accept her emotions at this time, which means honouring her intuition & not challenging or second guessing the thoughts & perceptions that she has about herself & others. For the feminine to be able to be completely transparent, it’s important for her to surround herself with people who are the same & she’s beginning to recognise this. The masculine’s resistance to change doesn’t hold

up very well with the rawness & complete openness that the feminine is pushed towards. What will she do? The full moon reveals all & all things return to the surface to be seen at due time. But the feminine has arrived at a crossroads & she’s asked to surrender some of her baggage to death, to the divine, to another life time. Somebody else can wear that karma now that’s been ever so heavy.

With the 4 of cups, there is the emergence of the stubborn or child


Masculine who expects that the feminine will fold to his will & bend her rules a little for him, though she appears not to budge in these next two days. With the 4 of cups the masculine may wait, or try to

Play mind games to bend the feminine to yielding to his call or his attempt

To receive what he wants, without having to be emotionally vulnerable.

The high council card represents a group of elders or star soul beings who

May be watching over or at times interfering with our events/destiny here on earth & they appear to either be manipulating the masculine at this time, (I speak about this in my baby boy syndrome book – available here – ), or attempting to extend an Olive branch to the masculine to communicate & become more honest & open with the feminine, if he can fight behind his self anger, resentment & shame enough, then he will know how & when to approach her. If not, he will continue to be both motivated & haunted by these exterior & interior entities. Even if the masculine finds himself under the influence of his past trauma & mental programming, if he can become entirely honest with himself about what hurts & what feels vulnerable, he can break free from the manipulation of sinister presences.

Divine lovers Weekly reading preview — 5th-11th August – Changing lanes.

Photo credit – princessinthetower.org

This week, divine lovers are being activated to take more chances, risks & opportunities in their lives, specifically if they are interested in turning their lives around &

Coming into contact with a life that’s far more fulfilling & enjoyable, as well as sustainable. This is a week where both are thinking about manifesting more abundance into their lives & opportunities will be presented for them to build a more comfortable & Lucrative future. The feminine in particular is asked to move away from poverty consciousness & begin accepting more for herself by clearing through her ideas of what she deserves & what is available to her.

Divine lovers are still learning this week about what it takes to run a functional home & for some this is because they just had children, whilst for others they have been thinking about starting a family & are being called into awareness about all of the variables that they must ensure are taken care of first.

The feminine is being asked to challenge her own perceptions about self this week. It’s time for her to take more responsibility as she recognises how the only thing/person who can truly hold her back, is herself. It’s time for a direction to be chosen. If she does not choose, spirit will just decide that she wishes to remain where she is (small).

The masculine continues to fight against the conflict & confusion in his mind & in his heart this week, yet he is being shown that if he cannot keep up the work & cannot keep up the pace, the feminine is willing to hurt both of them this week, by pulling away. No person will be spared in this week’s pursuits.

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