Twin Flame; A lesson in love. 

When the twin flame Union finally arrives, you will have endured so many failed karmic relationships, that you will both doubt its validity. It will take the complete death of the ego, and the ascension of the heart to give you true perspective. You can not fathom something so sacred, so special, so electric existing in the 3d lower density realm, neither of you can, and you are right, because it is beyond it. The female in the twin flame Union will have played a key role in sabotaging these previous relationships with co-dependent behaviours. When the tf Union does take place, it is the females desire to control, combined with the males lack of control that cause separation. As we all know codependency forms from a lack of self belief. The male twin also lacks self belief, but this manifests as false independence. He behaves as if he does not need, or require love, and prefers his freedom, this is his ego, truly, his heart has always wanted nothing more or less, than love. Whilst the female twin believes that chasing her love will protect her from the abandonment she so fears, the male twin believes that running will protect him from it. Of course the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ refer to the masculine and feminine energies, and these may belong to either man, or woman. In some cases, it is the man who embodies the feminine aspects of this Union. 
“Love without expectation. This is how we set ourselves free..Do not romanticise the notion of love. Just be love, and let love be. I experienced great discomfort for so long, yearning for my twin because of the false depictions on the net about twin flame reunions. My entire focus became surrounded on cultivating or waiting for this moment, almost to the point of unhealthy obsession..I forgot about me. If you are finding this process particularly difficult, try sending your twin some love and well wishes, but do not anticipate a response. Do it from the genuine love of your heart. Show yourself that your soul has grown, that it can now love, without expectation..That your worth is no longer dependent on receiving external love. That you can give, without immediate return, because you are whole.”

Twin flame poetry;  By Cinderella Anneh-bu. 


“Thank you for keeping me safe tonight, and all the other nights that I needed you. Thank you for being my guardian angel, and catching my pains on a silver leaf, everytime that they pained me. 2,3 and 4 am in the night, you would arrive and nuzzle your head between my neck, and stroke my front, and poke at the flesh on my stomach, and ask me why I was so perfect. I never believed it, but boy, did it make me feel worth it. I never loved you before I loved myself, for I could not, so I pulled the both of us through hell, fussing and fighting, and ripping at the seams, but you recognised me as the one, through your midnight dreams. Although it seems, we have lost too many crowns to deceit, and conceit, and cognitive defeat, we are fully on the journey to becoming complete, and all pains and templates of rain, will become obsolete, my sweet, take a look at my feet, have you ever seen an angel touch the ground this way? Alas, we are both here to stay.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

“It was the moment, that I looked into your eyes, that I realised all of the pain that you have ever been through, because it existed inside of me too. And you taught me, that you can’t save anybody from their past, because it is a gift. And you cannot safe anybody from their path, because it is a given. And so the most delicate thing that I could do in my love, was to work on myself, so tirelessly, in hopes that the next time that I saw you, this would exist within you too. Patience, divine waiting, you taught me.”

Cindy Anneh-bu (via spiritualpoet)

My twin flame book will be available for purchase next month, November 2015. Including full twin flame science, advice, poetry, and insight.  

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