Twin flames; Week of shadows and mirrors.

Hello once again all of my soulful, and beautiful twin flame companions! As per usual, I would just like to note that although this article is directed toward twin flames, highly sensitive, highly empathic, old soul-ed healers will also benefit from this!

Now, before I begin, I would just like to once again touch up on the fact that in the days leading up to a full moon, those most sensitive to earthly and planetary sensations, (most notably empaths) will be aware of the emotional, and mental effects.

Full moons are a very luminous time in our lives where light is constantly being shined on all of the darkness that remains in our soul. For those of us who are, ‘called’, this is most notably the inbuilt fear systems that we are still holding onto, and any energetic blockages of that kind, that keep us in a denser energy. 

Each full moon, and each major numerological/astrological event has brought us closer this year towards purging, and cleansing, and you could say that everything going on in the world right now is pointing to old systems of power and corruption erupting, and a people losing faith in a failing system.

Yes, I am quite sure that you would have noticed, even those whom you once thought would never see the light of day, are finally awakening to minor truths about the way that we see things, and the world that we live in. It won’t be long until they realise the extent to which the wall has been pulled over the eyes, and once they do, this sets the plan in motion for an absolute epidemic, and pandemic of a revolution of consciousness.

So much is going on behind the scenes, we have seen fear tactics being used heavily by the media in recent days to try and manipulate the energy flow of the collective conscious, and turn us away from the light codes that are being downloaded upon us. Everywhere we look, we are to be victims of callous energy, and division/ separation consciousness, which is exactly what we have been trying to Pull away from! 

So what does this mean for twin flames and old soul-ed healers? Well, since they are all so very receptive to universal energies, right now, their own fears of separation and division are being magnified, and amplified. Much like they are among the collective consciousness.

You are separate from your fellow brother. You must fear attack, defeat, and betrayal, are all of the messages being subliminally fed to the earth right now… And in return, twin flames and healers everywhere would have experienced intense moments of doubting, and judging themselves.

Who is the self? 

Is the shadow the self?

Is there truly any light at the end of the tunnel?

These are all of the doubts that have been made apparent. More so than ever, as they find themselves on the brink of destruction, and creation, these beautiful souls are taking one last glimpse into the past, and pondering the possibility of a new future. They know they are on the edge, but they just do not know what of. 

Your lover, is your mirror.


So, you wonder why your twin flame or soul connection does not make contact? Does not attempt to ‘fix’ or ‘patch’ things up, even considering the distance..

Well what are you doing? What are you feeling? And what are you experiencing? 

Do you still suffer from feelings of low self worth? If you have the crippling fear that your love may be uninterested in you because they have found somebody who makes them happier, then perhaps you are still feeding into the notion that you are somehow inferior. In which case, it is very likely that your twin can not bet on long lasting Union, because they also are experiencing feelings of inferiority. Typically, the runner twin subconsciously feels as if they are not good enough for the remaining twin. 

So if you find that during this time your shadow self is ravenous, so is that of your twin flames.

Always listen to the messages that your soul are trying to bring to you. Try to look deeply within, and never without.

Letting go, death and the ego.

As this full moon looms, and asks us to think about our feelings, it also asks us to truly consider the feelings that we have for our twin. Do we still find ourselves in a deep state of misery, fury, anxiety, and loneliness? This Union was never intended to be punishment. The universe would never send you a piece of your life lesson in order for you to remain in a place of excruciating pain. Be very weary of twin flame advice that tries to paint the pain of this Union as, ‘just another part of the process’. Whilst it very much is, this pain is not intended to remain festering as pain, but rather to draw your heart toward God, yourself, and wholeness consciousness.

The only reason this Union and longing will still feel excruciating, is if you are still hanging on to ideals about what love should be like, and what you need to experience to make you feel loved, or worthy. 

Do not go through your pain, grow through your pain.

Let Go.

Let God.

You do not have to let go of your love to practice non attachment, or to experience the death/rebirth process. 

You simply just have to let go. 

Stop taking everything so seriously. 

Stop worrying so much about the past, just let go and see what happens.

As we prepare to enter the zodiac of Sagittarius/Ophiuchus, we are asked to use the wisdom attained to illuminate our path, and use our pain to teach others. We are asked to look deeper within, as we journey toward the bigger questions, who are we? 

Why are we here?
Blessed be, Cindy ~

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